The Demonlution

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    Grass didn't grow here, not with the constant parading and trampling of claws and feet alike to pressure it down. Instead what seemed like natural gravel covered the outskirts of yet another resistance camp, it ran through the run down city as well were the roads had once been asphalt to hold cars and trucks, it had crumbled to nothing more then scattered rocks in such a short amount of time. With no one to care for it the city had also taken a downfall. Buildings smashed by ravenous demons stayed that way, always threatening to tumble even though their supports were made to last much longer. It had never been a big city, perhaps that's why it wasn't affected as much by the conflict between races. There were dramatically larger places not far from its reaches that were in much worse shape, tall buildings that had once reached up to the sky had long since fallen either safely or not. Places like that were a danger to all, floors gave in wherever you stepped and curious plant life had taken over when people left there homes behind. It had only been a year, but the human race had fallen silent in fear of the opposing side once things took a turn for the worst. It seemed that ever since the rift had opened, time sped up and ticked away faster then ever. With each passing month the place did a number on demon minds, turning them violent and feral. What was supposed to be a year was treating these buildings and cities like whole generations had gone by, only places with crowded fighting populations seemed to be able to stay up- and barely at that.

    As it would happen, Isabella knew this was one of those places that humans had inhabited hoping for safety from the aggressive world they now lived in. It was easy to tell, at least for a demon, because of the presence of her own kind- or rather the lack of it. Not even a beast in sight as she skimmed the outskirts, walking on silent feet despite the usual crunch of the gravel. They stayed away for a reason, this must have been a strong little group. Uggah. Human clothes, they clung uncomfortable to her tough pale skin but were necessary. The elements had not treated her kindly upon arriving as she had been introduced to the horror that was rain and even worse, snow. The thought made her shiver. What a disgusting place, the man made structures were all either too dull grey or too unnaturally bright and she deeply missed the reds and brows she remembered. Isabellas bright amber eyes and long gingery hair matched her home land, as many demons did although she was what the opposing race would call on the more 'humane' side in the way she looked as well as the fact that she still had her mind in tact. The thought made her snort. "Right, humane." Just because she had the tall soft structure of a human girl and a clear resemblance didn't mean she similar to one. If anything, humans looked like her. Save for the long split thin tail, clearly animalistic canines, sharp feathered wings, and spikes that flecked her shoulders and ran down her spine.

    Why she was here, Isabella didn't really know. She was hungry, looking for something to catch or maybe a smaller demon to pray on and that's what had lead her to the structure seen in the distance at the time. Now that she was here, it was clear this was a dangerous place to be. Maybe that's why she stayed rather then take off. Red wings were tucked in tightly against her back and her tail was held just above the ground were it wouldn't make a noise. She had been wondering for at least an hour now, in the city, out side of the city, it was all so fascinating and at the same nerve wrecking- no sound could be heard as if the place itself was fearfully hushed. Places like this drew her in, she knew it very well. Were she could observe in silence and try to figure out what some of the things pebbling the ground were, such as the colourful metallic alien-like creations pebbling between buildings. She often found strange things in them, sometimes food and sometimes belongings- they always carried the strong stink of humans so she never spent too much time in them. Isabella was generally well knowledge about the human world -for a demon that was- but certain small things still tended to perplex her.

    A sharp noise snapped Isabella out of her thoughts on the inside of the city were she had been walking, instantly she dropped slightly into a feline-like crouch and whirled around to the source of the noise. Within a split second after her eyes locked on the target she leaped forward with a strike like a snake and grabbed the slashing snarling thing by the tail lifting it up. It was a demon, that much was easy to tell because it had an open wound that was dripping thick black blood. "Let me go!" It snarled at her in demonic tongue and Isabella was surprised to see it had a mind in tact- at least enough to speak. She didn't obey its command, instead lifting it up eye level as it was rather small. "Were in human territory!" Isabella snorted. Humans didn't have a territory, they had small residences and weren't a problem. Perhaps for this small thing they were a slightly bigger threat. "You should go back to the rift," She said matter of factly and dropped it none-to softly. The small demon hit the ground with a slight thud and hissed at her, to which point she hissed back reviling long canines- she definitely wasn't in the mood to deal with this thing. At that point Isablla would probably have eaten it, but something it did caught her attention first. It turned away from her and lifted its head sharply, large black eyes going wide and ears perked. It was easy to tell by its reaction that the creature had heard something, and in turn Isabella looked around with careful ears and wide eyes scanning around for the source of the sound.
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  2. Shaine had been fighting for the humans since the war began- Since he was fifteen years old actually. He had learned to use a rifle and had been drafted into the army for combat against the demons. He grew up on a mixture of propaganda and hatred for the demons- His friends being killed all around him until things took a turn for the worse and the remaining humans hid away deeper and deeper into their own territory and underground. Some groups of survivors were extremely strong- Consisting of soldiers and their weapons, these groups were the most dangerous of them all and some simply hid away like rats, hoping they wouldn't be found.

    And then there were the groups in the middle who had a mixture of civilians and soldiers and it just so happened his group was that way and just strong enough to send a message- Leaving poles with demon heads impaled on them about at random as if daring any demon to even venture forth into their territory. The group had been hesitant at first to conduct patrols but for a while they did until they got lazy.. Now it was mostly Shaine conducting patrols. Not for the safety of the group but for his own safety. If they fell he would likely fall either way and he was definitely a force to be reckoned with- Carrying with him a US Made M16A2 Semi automatic rifle and wearing full combat ACU's- The dark, green and grey camouflage pattern almost perfect for every situation in a forest.. But not for the city. Either way it comforted him to wear those and his chest rig which carried two hand grenades, two flares, and a hand grenade plus six magazines holding ammunition for his rifle. Paired with his thick, Kevlar helmet he looked like how an American soldier used to look- If only the humans still had actual standing armies.. Most had just hidden away.

    But the day was going as it normally had. He patrolled the outskirts, finding nothing and no demons and was just about to make his way into the city when he heard the snarl in demonic tongue- Demons! FUCK! The now 19 year old man drew back the charging handle to his rifle before charging into the city and his instincts kicked in instantly. He hugged the ruined walls to the buildings- Rifle raised as he looked around the windows and half crumbled foundations of the buildings- Did they know he was there? His human scent was definitely permeating the air by now and as Isabella looked around she would catch a brief glance of the built, stocky man moving along one of the ruined walls with his rifle raised. A soldier. There was a soldier near her with a loaded rifle- Looking for the demon she had surprised and likely even her so that he could kill her and likely shove their heads down on a stake outside of the city as a warning but.. He hadn't seen them. He had only a general location of where the noise came from and she could hear him- She could see him. She could hear every single soft 'Pat' of his boots as they connected with the gravel-like road he stood on, she could hear every breathe he took in almost. He was nervous. very, very nervous and even jumpy at the moment and who could really blame him?
  3. As soon as Isabella caught the flash out of the corner of her eye, that source of movement that caused her senses to come alive, she silently crouched low to the ground and pressed her back against the wall. The smaller demon was one step ahead, scampering away through a small crack in the building beside her and almost made Isabella wish she was that small so she could fit. Shit! He had a gun, she had seen that much and it was a human weapon she was all-too familiar with. Still, it seems the human hadn't seen her yet so she closed her eyes half way and listened instead. He was loud, much louder then she had been. She could practically count his every step and... a racing heart beat like a feild mouse that almost made her want to go after him. Natural predatory instinct of course, but she knew he was probably not alone and an armed human was not the best for hunting.

    Eyes flashing open Isabella brushed her hair back over her shoulder silently leaning on the balls of her feet. It had been an hour within the cities reaches but she was certain she knew a way out. Flying was no good, he would shoot her down in no time so she had to find a way past the panicked thing... Her lips parted slightly tasting the air and picking up scents, he wasn't the only one around but he was the only one close. Isabella watched him move along the wall and realised were she was crouched he couldn't see her- but in the direction he was headed that wouldn't be for long. She bit her lip almost hard enough to draw blood before making the decision to move forward, tail wrapped around her waist to stop it from hitting anything as she darted in his sight line for just a split second and out again slipping into a building. How he reacted was lost to her because now she was out of sight moving on swift feet that padded lightly through the building she had explored earlier.

    Isabella had come through the rift later then the rest of the civilised demons, only a few months ago but caught on quickly to the situation. Many of the leaders of her race had long since been killed off or lost there minds trapped in this world, it seemed only the beasts could easily slip through as they pleased. And they did, continue to slip through as there numbers grew. What she had gathered so far was that most of this weak race had given up, save for a few small groups such as this one. She should have known they would be out and about, but the silence of the city had tricked her. Oh well, she knew now. She could hear her human hunter moving just on the other side of the wall, there steps matched pace but his were much louder covering her light ones up. She stopped suddenly, looking around rather confused. Wait, this didn't look like the building before... Panic and fear flared inside as she realised she didn't know the way from here and unfortunately her mind was focused on that rather then were she was going because as she turned again Isabella found herself coming face-to face with the human. Her wide eyes grew startled and still but the encounter only lasted for a moment as she darted quicker then he ever possibly could away back into the grasp of another building her tail trailing behind her. She had no intention to fight unless necessary, especially with that gun.
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  4. He spotted her "Motherfucker!" The startled words were suddenly shouted as she darted in his sight briefly and the sharp crack of his rifle pierce the air four times as he fired after her- But the shots weren't well aimed. They were shots made from surprise and almost panic- Slamming into the walls near her with solid thunks that sent a spray of grey dust up into the air as he suddenly.. Wait.. What? Was he going AFTER Her? Most humans would have ran away by now but he had been trained to hunt them down- That and well.. He didn't wanna stay in the same place. If there were any other nearby demons they would most definitely have heard his rifle firing but at the same time he was throwing himself into an immensely dangerous situation in trying to chase after her into the building- He was sloppy. He didn't check his corners and he was tunnel visioned on her and anything else that moved in front of him, not to his sides or his back.

    Step for step she could hear him pounding behind her- His boots resonating around the building as he struggled to follow her around and exerted himself immensely- His breathes coming out in short, strained gasps as he tried to regain his breath and keep up with her before he cursed and ran right back out to where he had been- Glancing around before swinging around and- SURPRISE! He came face to face with her- A gasp of surprise rolling outwards as she turned and darted off and she could hear the loud whizz of the bullets slamming into the ground near her feet as he fired but.. Then she heard something else- A loud, metallic 'Shlink'. His gun.. Had jammed. Now -she- had the upper hand if she chose to take advantage of it "Fuck- FUCK COME ON!" his panicked voice rolled outwards- Left hand slamming into the receiver of the gun only to have the shell eject out the side but it was even worse. A metallic 'CLink' also rolled outwards as he tried to chamber a new round in the gun and.. Oh boy.. His gun was broke. The old, very well used M16A2 Rifle had gone under and left him defenseless and now he was on the run.

    The rifle was quickly abandoned- Thrown down against the ground in his haste to get a way- He had only one other weapon that was deadly being the hand grenade on him but that would kill him too if he threw it at a charging demon and so.. The game begin. He darted straight into the crumbling structure of an abandoned sky mall parking lot- RUnning up the tiers of parking spaces for cars until he found himself standing in the middle of a lot in pitch black- The blackness that was disturbed by a sudden eruption of hot, red and orange sparks as he drew a flare and used the strike on its' tip- Igniting the cardboard tube into a bright, red glow that emanated outwards and formed a small bubble of light about two feet in all directions around the man "Allright.. Allright.. Allright deep breathes Shaine- Lets calm down now.. She likely didn't chase you- Demons are cowards anyways right..? You're fine man.. You're fine- Calm down, calm down.."
  5. Isabella jumped, a single bullet skimming dangerously close to her foot just as she darted out of sight with sharp breaths but something else caught her attention. The metallic cling and his frantic panic made the demon skid to a stop and straiten out, listening. His tone was thick with obvious distress and panic and it confused her, why was he panicked? She really shouldn't have been dwelling on something like that but it sparked her interest and curiosity as well as her need to hunt. She crouched for a moment before jumping up with a supportive thrust from her wings to the rafters above so she could see what the human was doing.

    He was running. Immediately this made her eyes lock on him slightly slitted and claws dig into the wood of the base she was clinging to. The gun was strewn aside and although she wasn't sure if he had any other weapons, as soon as she saw the dangerous thing free from its owner a sharp grin twitched in the corner of her mouth. So it seemed the tables had turned. Her mind was already made up, her claws clicked and scraped as she adjusted herself before jumping down and moving after the human. Without his weapon her confidence had sky-rocketed and now she was looking at a thrilling chase as well maybe a meal. She stuck to the sides of the structures following him down into the darkness before pulling herself up again onto the ceiling using the large metallic beams that had once held working lights but were now simply struggling to stay up. High up was always better then on the ground, she moved along it slowly occasionally jumping from one to the next and when she did it would make an echoed clang.

    She couldn't make out were he was so followed him through his breaths, each one loud as if he was practically calling to her. His heart was racing now faster then before, then again hers was too now pumped with adrenalin. She stopped as he did, tail wrapping around a metal beam so she could swing down to try and see him in the dim light -which she was certain was complete darkness for his eyes. The bright light fuled by his flare caught Isabella off guard and she pulled herself back up quickly sure it was some sort of weapon. However it did nothing more then envelop the human in a dull light, so she watched him for a moment. He was talking to himself, she didn't have the time to listen closely and try and figure out what he was saying as the language had always been rough on her and hard to understand- unintelligible babble unless she really tried. Still, it was time to take advantage of this light. Watching for a moment more before hand, Isabella swooped down were his light did not reach into the darkness and landed on soft heels. Her wings then tucked tightly back and her tail tapped the floor, just on the edge of his light source to draw his attention. The reaction she got made her smirk. It was time to toy with this thing, although she didn't think she would now that the time had come Isabella was certain she could have fun with him a bit first. She slipped around the edge of his protective bubble, clicking her tounge to watch him jump. He was certainly male, seemingly young like her although with humans you could never be sure about either. His protective clothing getup would do him no good, with that thought Isabella decided it was time to stop playing. She paused for a moment before drawing her lip back into a dangerous snarl and leaping at him.
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  6. Things were not going good for him. Things never really went well for him and this was just proving everything right as he stood there- Staring around into the darkness and that's when he heard the tap of her tail. She followed him. "Fuck!" He'd shout the word in shock- He was screwed. Unless he could find a way to over-power the demon he was in some big trouble- That rifle was basically his life line. Demons had learned the destructive power of human weapons and had learned when to take advantage in the lulls of that destructive power and it seemed like this demon was doing just that- Taking advantage of the lull and something the man no longer had on him. To make things worse for Shaine he didn't even have his bayonet or combat knife- The only other option he had was that hand grenade on his vest and if it came down to it? He would sacrifice himself to take her with him without even hesitating.

    Clicking is all he heard. The demon was taunting him and teasing him- CLicking her tongue in what seemed like well.. All around him she seemed to be almost everywhere and for a moment he just froze- A memory seizing his mind. A memory that brought forth the nightmare of an event when his own Squad had become surrounded in their military base when the electricity went out and the floodlights died. He could remember the growls of the demons all around him- The mocking clicking, tapping, the occasional rock thrown in, and then the sudden scream as a soldier was abruptly snatched away from their protective huddle and the horrific screams of agony as the demons tore him apart. He remembered the panic of his squad firing all around them blindly into the dark as one by one they were snatched away until they managed to make it back into a corner with a roof over-top which well.. Gave them the half advantage and for that moment he just remained frozen.

    Until that dangerous snarl knocked him right out of the memory lapse- Yanking him back to reality with a sudden battle scream that would leave his lips- Shrill and high pitched and that's when he felt her form slam into his "FUCK! YOU!" he'd shout loudly but he was knocked over and she would very likely be ontop and his instant muscle reaction was to try and find her throat- His hands gripping all over her- SIdes, hips, legs, chest, until unless she took her advantage, his hands would hopefully find her neck and try to keep those deadly fangs at bay- HIs only goal now, survive and put up as large of a fight as he possibly could. There was no way in hell she was going to take him down without a fight and not a chance in hell he would just let himself become her next outdoor barbecue dish without giving her as hard of a time as he possibly could.
  7. Isabella slammed into the human, she was small for a demon such as her breed but large wings gave her the leverage she needed to hit him hard enough and they both went down. The flare fell to the ground and clanked when his hands reached out for her, but it continued to burn on illuminating them both in dull red light now. It reflected the gold in her amber eyes and made her hair seem scarlet rather then red, she looked positively deadly in this light while with her long canines exposed and claws swiping for a grip. This is what she had been hoping for, but his scream was so loud it made her sensitive ears hurt and she had to shake her head and hiss at him. When his hands started to move her own darted out grabbing his wrist in a thin but firm grip to stop it, her other was on his shoulder claws digging in. Her tail wrapped around his leg to prevent herself from being thrown off in the panic as he hit the ground. Isabella didn't hesitate to lurch forward as soon as they did, going to snap at his throat but she was stopped by a hand reaching up and wrapping itself around her neck.

    Humans, pathetic frail creatures. It was no mystery fact that demons almost always had the upper hand, with there sharpened senses and quick abilities. The only reason this opposing race had lasted this long was because of there advance in technology really, guns and other weapons of destruction that could match and over power her species. Without such a tool at hand, they just became another thing to hunt. Although instinct played a large part in the fact that she was hunting this male down, Isabella had a special distaste for these soft skinned dull minded creatures. It was resentment really, that they blended in so naturally to the environment around them when her race couldn't any more. Of course this was there home land and they had evolved to do so, but what they had done with this world was disgusting and inexcusable. When the demon tide had taken a hold her kin had quickly found this world suited to there liking -aside from the rain- and set out to make a home of it rather then stay in there own were beasts roamed freely. Humans were a minor drawback, easily dealt with. That was of course, until the most advanced of her race realised the effects of staying in this world. And then that they couldn't go back. They were stuck here, after only a few months it started to turn there minds inside out making them mindless animals. A few remained unaffected, the few that also contained the knowledge on how to travel between worlds and how to open more rifts- as well as close them. This information had been pushed to the back of her mind for the longest time because even now as her target tried to strangle her Isabella was certain she would rather live in this world then return to what once was her home- it was almost nothing as much as this one was now for her so there would be no point.

    Back to reality, the hand clamping around her neck made Isabella jerk back and rake her claws down his arm with her free hand- the second was still holding his wrist. She snarled splattering the mans chest with his own blood as well as her claws. When the tight grip did not let go Isabella started frantically slashing at the hand around her neck, eyes wide and full of fury but also panic- she couldn't lean down to bite at his neck now like this and if she removed her hand from his she was certain he would simply squeeze hard enough to snap her neck. "Get off of me you filthy creature!" She spat in demonic tongue having no mind for his language right now and struggled to stay on top as well as restrict both his hand movements.
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  8. "LET'S GO MOTHERFUCKER! YAAAHHHH!" That war scream rolled outwards again as one of his hand (His right hand) Was grabbed by her own and pinned right down at his side- HIs free hand gripping her throat and trying to push her backwards and away from him. The humans she may have been used to being dull minded and just well.. Soft, weak idiots in general were nothing compared to the human she was facing down now- He was a warrior in a sense. Unlike many he had that warrior mentality in him- Meet everything head on if you can. If you're cornered, fight back just as hard and meet them head on further.

    Of course that mentality didn't always work and it seemed more like Isabella had met him head on and she had the advantage at the moment- His leg being held back from bucking her off of him thanks to her tail but oh no.. Blood. She could smell the coppery tint in the air as her claws dug into his left shoulder- The wet, scarlet liquid welling up all around those claws and staining the cloth of his ACU's with its scarlet hue and that seemed to only infuriate him further. That was after all his source of power. Things that pissed him off made him stronger and even more defiant and boy she had -Really- pissed Shaine off- Blood splattering across the floor and his face as her claws tore through his arm and soon enough her claws were tearing at at his hand but he wasn't letting go!

    This was.. A special human to say none the less. He was different in every way and he never screamed in pain even as he bled from his shoulder and the horrendous up the length of his arm and from the slashes on his hand. The only scream she was given were those shrill, terrifying to most, war screams he had conjured up but blood... Blood would be his downfall. The blood of his hand seeped into his grip on her neck and just like that his grip slipped and his hand jerked to the side- Giving her that brief window to shoot straight for his neck and hopefully, unless she had changed her mind, she would get the shot right. Shaine on the other hand didn't even seem to realize the threat- He was curious. Enraged, his hips bucking up against her own roughly while his entire body pressed up against her own- He was doing anything he possibly could to try and get away from her or dislodge himself from her. He couldn't expect mercy from a demon either way- They were all savages and.. The only way this would end would be one or both of them dead it seemed to be in his mind.
  9. Each time the human screamed Isabella would hiss back in response, at him snarling and showing off her razor fangs, but also in pain. The shrikes were too high pitched and out in the open would be no problem, but in the underground parking lot were they echoed and boomed in volume it was a sharp pain every time. The hand around her thin neck gripped tighter and she clawed at it more, trying to pry the fingers away or at least hold them at bay. He was choking her at this point, pressing hard enough to turn her breaths into rough gasps. The blood had no effect on her other then it gave off a scent so strong it almost boggled her senses, this was not turning out the way she had expected and was never good at hand-to-hand combat. Striking quick and taking out prey was what a small demon like her did, all she needed to do was get to his throat and that would be it. She had no simpathy for this thing, no pity and even if she did he had enraged her to a point were she was just mindlessly furious.

    When the hand slipped Isabellas eyes immediately narrowed and she lurched forward only to draw back sharply in pain as the sound of another battle cry left his lips and echoed in her ears. "STOP IT!" She finally cried in his tongue so he could understand, faster then lightning her tail unwound itself from his leg and curled around to slam against his hand, slamming it down onto the ground because both of her were now occupied cuffed around her ears protectively to block out the noise. She was beyond furious now, beyond just hunting and predatory instincts- this was personal and all she wanted to do was rip his throat out but her head pounded so bad it brought her to tears. Stupid human, why couldn't he just snarl back or hiss at her instead of those horrible cries. "Stop wailing, what are you a spawn?!" She spat, her tone of voice almost sounded like a russian accent and she screamed it at him filled with pain and hatred. With the blood clogging her senses and the screams piercing her mind Isabella would be unable to tell if they were alone any more- his screams were so loud it was bound to draw attention and she knew she had to get out of here, and fast. Her tail pressed against his neck but without it to stop her from being thrown off Isabella had to pull her hands from her ears to grab onto his waist and shoulder, choking him out.
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  10. It was almost the end "LET'S GOOO MOTHERFUCKER CHOKE TO DEATH ON MY B- The fuck?" The scream was cut off as she dove in for his neck and then suddenly jerked back to cover her ears and for a few seconds he just laid there- Baffled and confused but that's when the mocking, asshole side of Shaine came out. NO matter how much danger he was in this side was ALWAYS there and it showed as he pointed his bloodied hand up at her- Though he was weakening due to blood loss- And just.. Laughed. Maybe he was a spawn because.. He was like no other human out there- He pointed and LAUGHED at her before his hands were slammed back down by her tail "Get some demon bitch- AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! LET'S GO!" the war whoop went outwards but he had no hopes of getting out of the situation. He was pinned down and weakening because of his own blood loss but.. By the racket he was making? The group has organized and the rumbling sound of.. A tank? Oh yes.. The group had five tanks. Maybe that was a HUGE reason as to why no one messed with them. The tank came rolling down the street but it was still far away.

    Luckily.. It would likely not come back to her as her tail pressed against his neck and his hands gripped her tail tightly- A choked, gurgling gasp leaving his lips as his breath was cut off and then.. He blacked out. Everything went black and the warrior human went completely silent. He was effectively choked and knocked out- HIs muscular, toned form completely limp beneath her now and he -was- left to her mercy. What more could he truly do..? He was weak due to blood loss and pinned down- he had made every single mistake in the book possible with the exception of his war screeches and those would probably only kill her if he trapped her in a metal room and he was screaming them into speakerphones all around her, It wouldn't surprise him however if that did kill her, he had always been a wild spirit and during the war that was his only signature mark. Every single time before battle he'd do a war scream- Almost like a native AMerican as if he thought it would give him some sort of extra power over his adversary when in reality well.. It gave him no extra power and jsut tended to piss everyone off. Not that he cared of course!
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  11. Isabella couldn't believe the human was laughing at her. It was laughter after all, but not the happy carefree type she was used to as she had never in her life been laughed at. With a snarl she pressed down harder against his neck until his frantic bucking stopped. She gave a satisfied smirk and curled her tail around her waist again tucking her wings in. He was still alive, that much was clear through the breaths but wouldn't be for long. At the rate he was bleeding out, she was surprised he wasn't already dead. She lifted a finger to her mouth sucking on it for a moment in thought, the scarlet coat was sweet as usual. "Tsk tsk..." She smirked down at the human, listening for a moment to see if they were still alone but heard nothing to suggest otherwise. "Not so vocal now, are you?"

    It was a mystery how these things had even evolved to the top of the food chain, before the weapons. They were so weak, so easily killed it was ridiculous and it complexed her. "How is your race even still alive? Honestly, I could have closed up the rift ages ago and you would have still ended up dying off by a stronger hand. Such a weak creature..." She didn't expect a reply, he seemed out cold but she didn't quite finish him off yet or get up. Her ears were forever listening now for the slightest indication that they may not have been alone, she leaned back and sat up on top of him. Her tail still rested lightly against his neck ready to snap it at a moments notice if he made any sudden movements, but her hand trailed up to push his head side to side. She was curious. In all honesty she had never been this close to a full human before, used to travelling with other demons who got there feed first. His lips were slightly blue from the choking and his cheek had a scratch along it, but other then that it was slightly unsettling how much he looked like her. Hmm. Her anger was slightly faded, replaced by self admirence and pride that she had managed to take him down. Her hand trailed down his cheek digging a claw into the skin so it cut thinly and trickled blood. They bled so easily, it was stupid. Demons were hard to wound, so it fascinated her as well as the vibrant red color. She clicked her tongue, pushing his head to the side again and examining him- now that he was silent and there was not a sound to be heard she felt slightly calmer. He was probably already dead, too. "You are a strange creature."
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  12. It was amazing how a race as soft as humans could truly survive in the world. How they had come up to the top of the food-chain was obvious in their weaponry but with how many wars they had with each other? How many times they clashed- Fought, and killed each other and with the weapons they had? Weapons that could wipe out the entire planet if they were all used in quick succession- It was quite a feat they were still alive and generally breathing. If at all it was amazing that the planet was still able to function with the way the humans abused it and took what they wanted from it without giving back- Maybe the age of the demons would be a good thing for the planet. Allow the planet to repair and heal however it wasn't certain that would be the case- But one could surely hope it would end up being the case considering if the planet eventually fell all the fighting and resistance from the humans would be for nothing anyways

    And now one of those humans struggling to survive had become her toy- Her plaything. It was probably good he was knocked out as she tasted his blood- Its' sweet, coppery tint flooding across her tongue and seeming almost appealing to her taste buds while he rested beneath her and she well. In a sense, explored him and even tested hum by cutting him with one of her claws. Humans were soft- Tender creatures with surprising ferocity it seemed- Some humans even had the ferocity that Shaine had well.. Had and despite their softness and vulnerability it never seemed to stop them from wanting to fight and meet things head on when they had a weapon to fight back with. She certainly deserved to be admired however and her pride deserved to swell higher than it had before. She had taken down a human- A soldier, a human with more ferocity than a wild, cornered bear it seemed who fight her until his very end until he lay beneath her limply- Knocked out and bleeding.

    Shaine wouldn't be alive for much longer though. He didn't have much left in him- He had worn himself out fighting the woman and it had taken quite the toll on his body paired with the blood loss he was suffering- The blood loss that had formed a small puddle of crimson blood beneath his torn up arm where blood seeped and congealed- HIs body trying to stop the flow but failing due to the well.. Horrific wounds that if he did survive, would definitely leave some pretty horrid scars. But if he did survive- He probably wouldn't mind them. Chicks dig scars right? Maybe he could start a little harem with the scars.
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  13. Isabella ran a hand through her hair red hair, the flare had gone out now leaving them in darkness but unlike him her eyes could adjust well to this. She could still make out his feint outline, and pitch black places were the blood pooled as if it refused to take in any light. Only a feint rise of his chest alerted her that the human was still alive, something that was rather surprising. Well, he certainly had held out for a long time but it was time to end this. She gripped the humans hair to tilt his head back and bent down an inch from his exposed throat, ready for the snap and... stopped. Hesitated.

    Why was she hesitating? This stupid thing had tried to kill her, caused her agony with its screams, shot at her, strangled her, and yet she was still pausing slightly for a moment. Perhaps it was because of all of those things, but she couldn't help but admire his spirit. His fight. Most humans she had encountered would scream and cry or close there eyes tightly and whimper- which only edged the demon on of course. This one however, had actually gone after her with a gun, attacked back when she leaped at him, taunted her despite his deathly situation. There was hatred, for the race and this thing but... hell, this human was one hell of a fighter. She pulled back again, examining and thinking. Hmm. She wiped the blood from his cheek somewhat softly with the back of her hand, thinking again about how weak the race was and wondering why this one was different. Her thoughts were jerked from the mind as an incredible sharp spike of fiery pain stabbed into her arm, the silent bullet penetrating and instantly causing thick black welds of demon blood to run down her arm. Isabella let out a cry of surprise and pain, jerking away instantly her eyes scanned to make out the figure before she gave a great thrust of her wings and darted up into the metal rafters.

    "Bullseye!" The militant roared and shot again as she darted up, missing this time in the dim light illuminated by the bright flare he had lit. His sights set back to Shaine on the floor and he swore, running over. "Shit shit! Shaine! Ah fuck, shoot that bloody thing down!" His order rung out as he lit another flare leaving the previous one on the ground, his were much brighter then Shaines had been and dimmly lit up the whole space. In seconds he was crouched beside the fallen soldier pressing his jacket to the seeping wound and swearing again. "Shit Shit Shaine, can you hear me? Look at me man!" A feint pulse told him the man was not dead yet but would be soon, the bloody thing had all but ripped him open. A moment later and he was sure that would have been it, of course when Shaine didn't return from his patrol a squad had set out to look for him and heard the commotion, the screams and the demon talking it was enough to scare any man shitless for fear of a friend.

    ----- Feel free to control any of the other militants if you wish ------
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  14. Another soldier had come running in after the shot 'What the fuck ma- AHH WHAT THE HE-' As soon as Isabella darted up into the ceiling the soldier lifted his rifle up and released a long stream of bullets up into the rafters- Red tracers bouncing about the room as they slammed into the roof and metal from the man's belt fed machine gun- The loud clinking of brass shells rolling and jingling about on the floor tinting the silence after the man had stopped shooting and raised up his walkie talkie to speak into it 'We got a demon in the city! Tell the tank to lock hatches- We don't want that thing getting a hold of our beauty!' with those words he had rushed over to the other militant- Ripping his jacket off to help press down on the bloodied arm. SHaine was out. He was knocked out completely and gave no response.

    Luckily the militant's responses were better and in seconds after the second militant hissed a few words into his radio Isabella was suddenly in a very, very hazardous place. This group of humans were strong- Strong and they had some trained soldiers who had passed their training on along to the other survivors and it shows as a column of old ford and dodge trucks as-well as sedans came rolling down the middle of the streak- One of their four tanks at the very head of the column and as soon as they got to the building SHaine was in a stretcher crew could have been seen running inwards- All four men carrying that clean blue stretcher while the others dismounted and there ended up being at-least five trucks and three sedans parked out paired with at minimum twenty militants from the main camp all with rifles and other assorted weapons.

    Isabella in a sense had taken a rock and thrown it right into the hornets nest- The city would soon be searched and patrolled by the militants any time now and as the time went on it would be even harder for her to get out- Especially with a tank in the area who -could- see in the dark thanks to its NIght vision and thermal sights and a tank? That would be a very, very big challenge to get away from if it spotted her and rumbled after her. At the moment however, their main focus was getting their man out of there- They had a man down and nearly dead and it was sent out across the entire column- A few women with red cross on their chests running out from a truck to a marked medical truck to treat Shaine as he was lifted up onto the stretcher and carried out into the bed of the truck,.
  15. Fucking humans, they scurried in like sewage rats. Isabella moved like a wild cat winding through the metal beams to avoid sharply placed bullets. Her tail wrapped tightly around her despite the balance it would have provided- because it also would have provided an easy target. She did however use her wings slightly jumping from one to the other before she made a leap a bit to far just as the man on the ground fired a fury of rapid shots and missed most. Unfortunately, he didn't miss all and Isabella screamed out in shock more then pain at first as six bullets bloodily buried themselves deep in her left wing right next to the bone. The inside of her wings were probably one of the most sensitive parts on her body, and that's right were they hit causing her to draw her wings back and shriek in pain again upon doing so. She almost blacked out, the pain was incredible definitely the worst she had ever endured. Her thick black blood dripped from the red feathers to the ground below, letting everyone know they had hit there target.

    Her eyes vaguely met with the blue stretcher and she wondered if it was a weapon, before Shaine was placed onto it. Her lip drew back into a snarl, she should have killed the bloody thing and gotten out of there. So fucking stupid! In the rush she didn't have any more time to think about it as her opening was spotted and she swung up, slipping slightly without the balance of spread wings or a tail but managed to pull herself through the small hole. She could taste it, fresh air flowed through somewhere different from the warm cool darkness of the underground parking lot. There, she shifted around a bit in frustration and pain before finally kicking through some naturally placed rubble and pulling herself out of the sunlit hole she had formed, emerging safe for the moment in the mall above.

    What would have taken any human at least a few minuets to get there mind in tact took Isabella just a few seconds, running a list of injuries through her head before assessing the situation. One deep shot to the forearm, clenching her teeth Isabella dug her claws into her own bloody blackened skin and pulled out the bullet. She paused to examine it before tossing it aside in disgust. Six shots to the wing, no way she was going to be able to pull those out right now although it was so thin they might have gone strait through... unless they hit the bone... she couldn't even move her wing without the unbearable pain setting in, so she kept it awkwardly tucked it in. Her neck was sore, but that would fade. Time to asses the situation, but first to get to higher ground. She had no idea what was going on outside with the group but worked her way up the floors of the mall until she could make it to the roof. At this point she was struggling to stand up right, forever cursing the stupid beings and swearing the death of all of them. She leaned against an air vent on the roof for a moment, shutting her eyes tight and taking shallow breaths. Her arm and wing were blackened by blood, refusing to heal when she kept moving around. Breathe Isabella, just breathe. You'll be able to slip out of the city without your wings, just hold through this.

    Right, after the ineffective self pep-talk was done she stepped closer to the edge and immediately jumped back, in shock and horror of the sight she had just seen. This was no small group, or at least not a weak one as she had formally thought. In fact, the giant metal machines of sorts and tank -yes, she knew what a tank was. Every demon knew what a tank was- and god, the amount of armed soldiers almost made her start hyperventilating. That's it, slipping out instantly went from easy to how the fuck am I going to do this. With this cripple she was certain it would be a few days before she even attempted, if she could lay low for that long. Shit Isabella, why the fuck did you step into this place?
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  16. He hit his target- That's right! The shriek was both exhilarating -and- terrifying at the same time. The man knew that somewhere in there he had hit his target and wounded the son of a bitch who had nearly killed Shaine but.. Where was she? This was the scary part to everything. He didn't know where she was- The exhilaration turned to slight fear until they all made it outside in which case safety was quickly and easily found in numbers- Numbers which the humans seemed to have well.. A high amount of considering the way they could turn out and suddenly appear just out of no where- Well armed and ready for a fight despite their race being virtually smothered under the onslaught of demons.

    HOwever below she would hear a sudden scream and sharp gasp paired with a few voices 'SHaine- Shaine calm down! Calm down man!' Someone had jammed a morphine injector straight into his chest and woke him up with a startle- Why were they all so worried about the man? He was just a soldier right? Did he feel the same pain she felt when she was tearing the man apart? EIther way he was now awake but there was a hint to his ranking amongst the group of humans there. He was someone important wasn't he? It looked awfully interesting- ALl the men and women crowded around his stretcher protectively before slowly the armored column had began to pull out.

    "FUCK!" Shaine nearly screamed as he was set in the back of the truck- His Adrenaline was gone and his torn up arm was killing him- It felt almost like molten iron being poured over the entire arm as the nurses tried to clean the arm up and dis-infect it, serving only to anger the man and cause him to jerk around which luckily, was soon stopped by the two armed guards in the truck as-well who held the man down. He was fucked up.. He knew it. Dread washed across the man's body like a tsunami washing across a small island nation and for a few seconds he almost wished he was dead. What damage did she do to him? How badly was his arm messed up- Were the tendons all torn and would he ever be able to actually use the arm again like he had used it before? So many worries were flooding his mind and so many fears were threatening to overwhelm him but it was all dwarfed in the pain that kept pouring over his body- Relentlessly battering his nerves and sending red hot spikes of agony up his arm. This was going to torment him for some time now.

    Yet, He was still alive. THat was the main and most important fact he knew- He was still alive. She could have easily killed him couldn't she? Why was he still here when millions of others weren't as fortunate as him- What made him special enough to get to live? He was almost angry at still being alive. There were so many other more honorable- Loved, and respectful people out there to be spared and yet out of all of them who had been torn apart, dismembered, and decapitated he was still alive and in one piece- Save for his arm which was so shredded bloodied pieces of flesh were having to be pressed back in against the wounds to try and do damage control to his nerves and tendons. There would be some nasty scars if the man survived this horrendous wound/

    She was lucky when she peeped over. The barrel of the tank was just lifting up to get a better look at her when she recoiled backwards and luckily for her, a 120mm High Explosive shell didn't come rocketing up for her and that's when she heard something else "Don't search.. God don't search please just get back to the damn c- FUCK THAT HU- GRRRR!" Shaine's voice was so faint as the column pulled away paired with his growl of Agony but.. Wait- Did he just call their search parties off?
  17. Isabella allowed herself to lean against the air vent again, listening to Shaines screams with a mixture of pride and curiosity. She wondered if he was actually as tough as previously thought, but then again she had done a number on him with her claws. Both chest and arm, she half wondered how deep her frantic claws had gone on his arm. Probably pretty bad, to the bone wouldn't surprise her as he had been choking her. The thought brought her mind back to her own wounds -had it ever really left- and she knew she had to get out of here to check them over a bit better. However just as she was standing up the command rung out for the search to end.

    Isabellas brows furrowed for two reasons. The first and most obvious, why the hell was he calling off the search. Was he really in that much pain that he was delusional? Or maybe he was worried about the safety of his comrades... no, sure she could take down a few of them but it wouldn't take long to pick her off with their weapons. Second of all, was he actually in that position of power to be calling off a search? They had certainly made a big deal about one pesky -brilliant, cunning, amazing, beautiful and superior in every way to that stupid dim race- demon, why was it so important anyway? Its not like she had even the slightest intention to stick around if she could help it. She tore her mind from that, Isabella needed to get to a safer place were she could at least look at her wing and maybe get some rest. This was not worth thinking about unless it was going to help her, right now she needed rest. Somewhere untouchable by them, there were many places hidden away in this city that would provide easy cover but also would be easy to scan through and get a shot at her if they did a sweep of the city. No, she needed somewhere high up. Question was, how was she going to get somewhere high up without wings or the full use of her arm?

    In the end Isabella ruled out a few places she had passed and chose one of the low rises that were certainly unstable, but had yet to fall. With more then a few floors to check she would be certain to hear them if they came searching... if they came searching... why was the search party called off? Not relevant! It wasn't easy to slip into the building without being noticed but she was pretty sure she had managed it, tailing behind in the shadows until she was out of sight and climbing the questionable stairs to the fourth floor. They stayed solid, as she was a light weight but groaned and hissed threatening to give in.

    As soon as she found a place, a house with only a small window that she avoided for safely purposes, Isabella felt the exhaustion set in. Unlike humans, who could fight off sleep or even have trouble sleeping, demons bodies ran off of something of an internal timer. It ticked away giving them boundless energy one moment and shutting down the next for a full eighteen hours sleep, Isabella had been struggling with it for some time now until she got to somewhere safer and could check out her wing. It was bad. Three of the bullets had gone through the thin structure, but those weren't as near painful as the three that had lodged themselves in the arm strait to the bone. She prodded a tender finger and instantly had to hold back a scream, shaking hard. It was such a sensitive area, how the hell was she going to fix this. She sat back against a wall in what she assumed to be the sleeping room as it was the biggest room. Fuck. She couldn't even keep her eyes open, pain throbbing and allowed herself to close them for just a moment, almost instantly slipping into a deep sleep.
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  18. Shaine had simply wailed in agony with every single bump- The guards doing their best to keep him held down as the nurses shoved their fingers into the meaty, horrific flaps of shredded flesh on his arm to try and seal off veins or repair them and thank god these nurses had experience. They were practically running a triage unit in the back of an old Ford F150 Truck and fixing him up while the truck was moving despite his struggling until finally the pain was too much. No morphine- No drugs, nothing could have made that searing pain go away and finally his nerves and his mind were overwhelmed. Everything went black. Everything was black in his vision and for at-least an hour he was worked on even as they got to the base- Taking him into the under ground hospital to work and repair his arm further until his eyes cracked, pupils dilating instantly at the bright light that flooded his vision and.. Where was he?

    Wait.. He was home. It all flashed to him. 'YAAHHH!' he could almost hear his war scream in his mind again- See Isabella's face again, the pain came back briefly as if he were just receiving the wounds until he shook his head about and sat up in the warm, clean hospital bed. The nurses and doctors had done a good job and had managed to salvage his arm- Though he would have to go through physical therapy in moving it better due to the tendon damage but other than that it would all heal in time. That was the advantage of having experienced doctors and nurses who served in the war and treated the wounded- They had seen it all, delt with it all- Treated it all and knew what would happen and knew the psychological effect it could have on a man or woman- Shown by the fact when Shaine tried to turn he found his waist belted down to the hospital bed.

    A simply precaution. Men and women alike had gone crazy in the past after living through a Demon's attack- Living through an attack where they could see the Demon's face and hear everything. The Post Traumatic Stress took a great toll on their minds and more often then not they had nightmares and awoke with cold sweats- Twenty percent of these survivors went crazy and ended up stabbing or shooting people thinking they were demons or even shooting themselves and or slicing their wrists to make the memories stop. Would he end up being one of those patients..? The thought did bother Shaine to think of himself being that weak to allow it to get to him but who knew what could happen. He felt calm now but he could snap at any time right? Hopefully he wouldn't be the next human buried due to psychological causes. That definitely wasn't on his list on ways to die. But he needed rest. Rest mirrored as a sweet, curly brown haired nurse came up and pushed him back down 'Sleep Darling. You've been through a lot.' he had been through a lot and then he felt the exhaustion- like a wave slamming into his body he simply closed his eyes and fell asleep./
  19. Snap. It was that quick as if eighteen hours had passed in thirty seconds. Demons didn't dream or make sounds while they slept, it was an evolutionary perk. Keep silent when they were in there most vulnerable state. However it had not stopped there movement, so when Isabella found herself awoken in the cold room by an internal timer and the sharp noise she was lying curled up on her side. Her instincts and senses were just as quick to kick in, she pushed herself up and into a crouch scanning the sun filled room with wide bright eyes for what ever had been the source of the sound.

    "Your awfully jumpy." The smaller demon from before commented as he licked his back, sitting on the rubbled floor just a few feet from her. "Although, you seemed to have caused quite the ruccus here yesterday." Isabella snorted, she had not expected to see the little thing again but perhaps it was easier for him to slip in and out between the cracks of the city under hawking eyes of humans. "Why are you here, lesser?" Her tone came out perhaps more hostile then she had meant, as she brushed her hair back over her shoulder.

    "Just came by to see if you were alive, wondering how your going to get out." The thing have a sharp toothy grin, and it was immediately clear to Isabella that he was taunting her. "After all, there scattered like vermin around the city. I dou-" He was cut off by his own high pitched shreel as Isabella leaped for him, she missed unfortunately and he slipped away between the cracks he had probably arrived. "Bloody rat-vermin!" She snarled and spat, perhaps a bit louder then was safe at the moment but didn't give it a second thought and sat down. The short movement of leaping for him had been painful, she had grown stiff during the rest. Her arm was caked in dried blood, as well as the formally scarlet inside of her feathered wing. Both were screaming with each movement, although she learned her arm was in slightly better shape. At least she had pulled the bullet out, it was already healing slowly. The wing on the other hand, showed no signs of improvement. She couldn't even tuck it in, clenching her teeth so hard it hurt each time she tried. The pain was unbearable, the fucking human had hit his target alright. She straitened out, taking a few deep breaths but knew she couldn't form any sort of plan until the situation had been assessed so flexing her shoulders despite her body screaming at her to stop Isabella headed for the way she had come through and made her way higher up the stairs. The roofs, she figured, would be the safest bet at the moment rather then on the streets. Of course the fact that she couldn't fly away if things got bad slipped her mind, the loss of an ability she had had her whole life.

    Isabella found herself gradually getting looser in the joints, movement was easier after a few moments as her muscles warmed up after the long and painful rest. Her wing did nothing of the sorts, and continued to burn and drip with pain. By the time she had reached the roof Isabella had found herself with a fresh burning hate for everything that was ever created in this world. "Fucking humans, bloody disgusting squabbling creatures..." She finally slammed the door of the roof -probably not a good idea on the crumbling structure- and peered over the edge to see if the streets were anywhere near as empty as they had been the first few hours in this city.
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  20. The streets were as empty as they could be. Nothing moved and nothing remained but Shaine's broken rifle- Covered in a thin layer of dust and well.. it had been sitting there since he had thrown it down. Maybe the human did have power? Because none of the group had entered the city to search for her- It looked empty. Like a ghost city which wasn't far from what it was but the city very well could come back alive at any moment should Shaine suddenly wake up with a vengeance to send them in after her- However that was doubtful in his drugged up condition considering he was stuck on a cocktail of pain killers and herbal mixtures at the moment.

    Herbal mixtures were the worst to the man as he woke up and struggled to down the small, disposable cup of what smelled like mint and thyme bound by piss- It was gag worthy from the man and that's when he felt the rumble of his stomach. He hadn't eaten in four days at-least, busy the first two and the third day? He found himself being torn apart by a lovely looking demon and fourth? Hospital bed bound until finally, the strap was removed 'You were very lucky Lieutenant. Had she torn anything even further she would have disabled your arm and torn it to the point beyond repair in which case we would have had to cut it off. Cute huh? Remember that old movie that used to play before the war- FOrest gump? You'd be Lieutenant Shaine- The One armed wonder Hehe. Except you wouldn't have some simpleton who looks rather handsome in a suite dragging you off while you're flailing your one arm around with a handgun screaming about gooks and what not. Anyways- You're free to go. The commander has asked to have two bodyguards with you in base for your protection and for others protection in case you well.. get a little jumpy.' The man would only nod before sitting up fully with a groan- Legs swinging over the side of the bed and that's when something hit him..

    The savory, meaty smell of Salisbury steak wafting through the ward from the nearby kitchen- Was that the smell of potatoes as-well? It seemed like it! A hot meal? He wondered what made the chef so bold as to start a fire and suddenly make a hot meal for everyone and as he wandered down the dimly lit corridors to the hospital he found himself plopping down at a table near the food line and this is where being an officer benefited you "Hey Jer-" he called up to a dark skinned stocky looking man that probably could have been a MMA Fighter if he had tried before the war 'I got you bro' the words sounded so casual as he handed a tray over to Shaine- Heaped with mashed potatoes, Salisbury steak, and gravy- A fork resting in the middle of it "Thanks man." But he had other things on his mind besides the food- Shown as he simply took slow, large forkfuls of the savory meat and buttery potatoes- Staring down at the table in thought.

    He should go back shouldn't he..? Why the hell did he wanna go back in the city after nearly being killed? With a glance back towards the two armor clad and grey uniformed men carrying handguns at their hips he'd look back to his food and took another bite. He wanted to head right back into the city and look for that demon- His curiosity flaring as to why she spared him when many others didnt- Or did she spare him? Did he just get lucky?
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