The Demonic Bond

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  1. In the Underworld, there are creatures. Creatures that are made for corruption... But they're running low on the population.

    A demon is selected to enslave and corrupt a pure soul with this thing called a Demon bond. The demon drinks blood from the chosen soul, and a bind seal forms on the human. The human then must do whatever her new master asks, or the demon may use the bind to burn her with its mind. This may also be used as a punishment when she does something the demon doesn't like.

    There is no love here. Not on the demon's part... There is only sin and corruption.

    The demon must make her soul dark. There will be blood.
    There will be lust.
    So, I need a willing demon for this plot! I'd prefer a male demon.. This is my first partner request, so...
    My character's name is Harkey Simiya. She is eighteen years. She has auburn hair with natural red tint, candied apple green eyes, and large, round glasses.

    Harkey wears conservative shirts and jeans, and is very oblivious to innuendo and the like.
    She enjoys studying, but often falls asleep doing so.
    A partner would be great! Thanks!
  2. Don't know if you're willing to let me...
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  3. Sure I am! As long as you don't mind being an abusive character.
  4. LOL yes! I'll do it! And I'll start the neko when I get home!
  5. Alright. I'll start this after my doctor's appointment
  6. Thank you!!!!!
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