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  1. The world is a dangerous place. Tragedy is never more than moment away, and death never further than a thought. Evil men roam the land, and devilish demons live among us. All that stands between the monsters, demons and otherwise, is us. We are the Demon Slayers, sworn with the duty of eradicating every ounce of evil that plagues our lands.

    Some work for more personal rewards. Money. Fame. Pleasure. Sometimes all of the above. Some, claim a nobler purpose. To protect the innocent. To avenge the fallen. To save the world. Some of us work in groups, many work individually.

    We are armed with a variety of weapons. Blades, Magics, Martial Arts, Faith. Justice. Some of ys are blessed with great power, others, entrusted with powerful items, and some, have mastered great feats of skill.

    We face many dangers every day. Evil men threaten to destroy our way of life, and demons kill our loved ones. We have encountered many demons, all more terrifying than words. Some with more teeth than we can count, taller than buildings, strong enough to move mountains. Still we do not cower, amd we face our foes, because no one else will.

    So, knowing all of this, will you still join us?


    In this concept, players can be Slayers, Regular Humans, or Demons. Bear in mind, this is based on Chinese mythology, and as such, the demons and such may be different than you'd expect. However, I would allow some foreign concepts.

    Slayers (open)
    For the most part, slayers are human. They often are stronger, have unusual powers or gifts, or are blessed with a magic item. Slayers are the main protagonists of this story concept.

    The Demon Slayers serve a council directly under the emperor, and assign orders to the various groups and individuals. Individuals have a more difficult time receiving order, so, often only act independently, slaying those they hear about or just encounter.

    Some villages, have a small group of Slayers that live there and protect the village when not on assignment. Typically, there is a pecking order, a single slayer or two commanding the others. However, most commanders give free leave to their subordinates as long as they aren't on assignment.

    Demons (open)
    Demons come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and abilities. Many are like animals, but can disguise themselves as humans. Often, they have noticeable traits that would give them away. An example would be a tail or a highly strange voice. Demons are usually formerly human souls who were corrupted because of tragedy or anger. However, some were something else entirely. An example would be Sun Wukong, whom was originally a regular monkey. Demons will likely make up most of the antagonists.

    If you want to play a demon, I must emphasise that most demons in this world are essential twisted and more dangerous versions of already existing things. Think of it as the old belief in giant squid tearing down ships at sea, or, a gigantic wolf tormenting a country side.

    They're usually formed when the souls of humans who died tragically become twisted with hate, fear, or sorrow. However, some demons were humans who were already evil, and their souls simply grew to reflect that.

    As demons, they are typically purely evil and commit atrocities beyond their prior morals. A similar principle to a ghost going mad over time.

    Demons can be good, at first. But, over time, they become more corrupted and twisted until they become fully demonic. This is partly why many demons can appear human. Although, sometimes its just through their magic. So, be careful.

    Slayer Sheet (open)




    Motivation: (Why are they a slayer?)


    Weapons: (These would be ordinary weapons.)

    Powers: (Gifts, Special
    Abilities, Or "Superhuman" skills.)

    Artifact: (This would be your magic item, regardles of what it is. If you dont have one, you can leave this blank or exclude it.)

    Strengths: (What are they good at? Good qualities and traits.)

    Weaknesses: (We all have them. Try to avoid flavor ones, unless you already have enough ones that can actually be effective.)

    Appearance: (Image or description is fine.)

    Bio: (Short reflection of their life. Paragraph or two.)

    Demon Sheet (open)


    Age: (Approximate, Literal, Or Appearance)


    Origin: (How did they become a demon?)


    Weapons: (Actual Weapons, Claws, Fangs, etc...)

    Powers: (Abilities, Magics, Monstrous Capabilities, Etc...)

    Strengths: (What are they good at? Good qualities and traits.)

    Weaknesses: (We all have them. Try to avoid flavor ones, unless you already have enough ones that can actually be effective.)

    Human Appearance: (The form they assume as a disguise.)

    True Appearance: (The demon's true appearance. For those less twisted, this can also be the "Human" Appearance.)

    Bio: (You can include both life and after, or as you so choose.)

    Feel free to ask questions, and I'll include more info! Also, of I missed anything. Lol

    Note: There is a chance that this rp will be highly adult oriented.


    Luna Starlight - @Arius LaVari

    Alradur Chira - @Azathoth
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  2. Name: Luna Starlight

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Motivation: As a mysterious woman her motivation is unclear but she seems to be motivated most by seeing others in trouble and tends to intervene.

    Personality: Luna is quiet and reserved, but always seems to move with some sort of purpose. She's also very mysterious and usually keeps a large black cloak on to hide her appearance, only taking it off when she's seriously fighting someone or something. She is intelligent and tends to read a lot, as a result she can read many languages ancient and otherwise, she rarely speaks but when she does it's wise to heed her words. Now on the other hand, when her cloak comes off and she's in a battle she turns talkative and somewhat cocky testing the grounds of their conviction and trying to anger them, she is somewhat sneaky though and can be seductive when she thinks someone will benefit her. There in lies the flaw of her personality, she can be a user of people with a silver tongue and isn't the most loyal of Slayers, no she can be quite fickle and tends to have a rather short temper when the right buttons are pushed.

    Weapons: Blades, Katanas specifically, and she duel wields them.

    Powers: She is what people refer to as Blade Dancer, she is strong and light on her feet having a certain rhythm to her fighting style and literally dances with her blades showing her gracefulness when in a fight.

    Artifact: N/A

    Strengths: She is a charmer, graceful, strong and fast, her intelligence is one of her strengths as well. She is good with her blades and is quite good at mixing herbs into medicines.

    Weaknesses: Her own heart and inability to tell a lie from truth, tales of suffering catch her off guard and tragedies that she learns of can make it impossible for her to fight the person who told her the story, fiction or fact. Her tendency to be fickle leaves her without allies as well so she often fights alone. Her temper can make her lose focus of an opponent angers her as well, she needs a clear head to use her blade dancing skills, or she could hurt herself, if she's angry she will sheathe one blade so as to not harm herself.

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Bio: Luna has always been a quiet girl mostly to keep her feelings in check as best she can because when she was young children tended to pick on her for her pale purple hair and bright yellow eyes. This is what made her begin to wear the black cloak this in turn caused people to become fearful of her because why would a completely normal human wear such a concealing thing, causing people to think her one of the demons which she slays. Her home life wasn't any better, as a babe she had been abandoned, nameless and alone to be raised by the Demon Slayers, she knew what she would do all her life and it was only after she aged to five that she named herself, Luna Starlight, for her obsession with the night. It wasn't until she was a teenager that she began to read all the time and from there absorbed information from books like a sponge, proving to have a high intelligence and understanding of many languages and herbs, her history is nothing special besides the aforementioned list of things that made her a Demon Slayer.

    (Let me know if she's okay or not. If there's something you want me to change just say so. I hope she's good though cuz I'm excited for this~)
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  3. Great character concept. She is nice and balanced, doesn't have powers, and just uses her skill alone. I like that. Well done, you are approved. ^_^
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  4. Yay! I'm happy cuz I was seriously thinkin hard on her and she is an old character of mine~ thank you I'm excited to see everyone's characters.
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  5. No problem, and I am as well. You've been added to the cast list. I'm still deciding on my character, but, it should be ready before long.
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  6. Name: Alradur Chira

    Age: Twenty

    Gender: Male

    Origin: Alrad was murdered by cutthroats while patrolling the slums.

    Personality: Alrad is a hardworking, honest individual. When he was alive, he worked diligently to complete whatever task was assigned to him and he still carries these traits. However, since dying he has become short-tempered and distrustful.

    Weapons: Alrad’s preferred weapons are a broadsword and shield, but he also carries a parrying dagger in case he can’t use his shield or doesn’t have it, and in his demonic form he has sharp fangs.

    Powers: Alrad’s senses are slightly better than a normal humans, as is his strength, speed, and endurance.

    Strengths: Alrad has been trained to fight in close quarters, both on his own and as part of a formation.

    Weaknesses: Alrad is vulnerable to ranged attacks, and has no special resistance to magic. He also has poor control of his demonic abilities, including hiding his demonic form.

    Human Appearance: Alrad’s human form has an unblemished, youthful visage, with a mop of wavy dark hair that falls nearly to his shoulders, but his charming smile no longer reaches his dark green eyes. He is fairly tall, and his lithe frame is supported by dense, lean muscle. Just as he was in life.

    True Appearance: His demonic form is nearly identical to his human form, but there are a few differences. The color is fading from his hair and skin, his teeth are replaced by a mouth of fangs, and his skin is tougher and more leathery, with whirling patterns becoming visible across his torso. The rest of the differences are in his stance, hunched forward and predatory rather than tall and proud, and taut as a wire.

    Biography: Born in the city Castorias, Alradur Chira was the son of a guardsman and a housewife. His childhood was uneventful and he had few aspirations beyond supporting his own family one day, so he joined the guard at sixteen just as his father had. He learned discipline, how to fight, how to mete out justice. His father was a respected guard lieutenant. He had drilled the ideals of serving the people into his from a young age, so Alrad was appalled at the thought of abusing his authority even though that attitude alienated some of the more opportunistic guards. After four years in the guard he had been through many incidents without suffering injuries or sacrificing his ideals. He had seen violence, theft and a host of other crimes, and brought them to an end.

    Then, on a routine patrol through one of the shadier parts of the city a knife met his throat and his body was hidden in a channel filled with refuse. That was when he became a demon, his outrage incited by such a shockingly meaningless death. After acclimating himself to the new changes, he returned to his physical body and stripped it of armor, weapons and possessions, then returned to the guard barracks. There were questions, but he explained them away by saying a vagabond had pushed him into a ditch and he'd been knocked out. Within a couple days he had resumed his duties, with a thirst for vengeance welling inside of him.
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  7. So, he just works as a guard then? The village this will start in us one that's a home to Slayers. Do you want him to be in that village or another?
  8. How large is the village?
  9. Its pretty small. Farmers and such. What kind of village would you like to make his home? I'll give you the option of creating the village. Same to everyone.

    I'm leaning towards picking up more characters for my protagonist over time. Make a team.
  10. Oh, well his history isn't plausible in anything other than a significant city with tens of thousands of people.
  11. Legit. Very well. Xian, is a large city they'll visit. You can start there. If you'd like, I can portray NPC'S for you until they get there. If we don't get enough people, at least. Lol

    Or, we can start in Xian and move to the Slayers village. Hmm... I'm honestly pretty loose on where we start. The significant events won't change.
  12. How about I make a slayer as well?
  13. That works just as well. Lol
  14. Name: Sammael the Pyre

    Age: Twenties

    Gender: Male

    Motivation: Fire, any excuse to burn things, and excitement.

    Personality: Eager, excitable, and rash. Sammael jumps head first into situations and assesses them as he goes long.

    Weapons: None

    Powers: Sammael was blessed, or cursed, with the power of the flame. His body burns hot and he can ignite and manipulate flames around himself.

    Artifact: The armor which suppresses and directs his heat.

    Strengths: Words. Sammael is clever, verbose and good at improvisation.

    Weaknesses: Sammael cannot extinguish fire, at least through conventional means, so if he becomes overzealous or ignites flames in close quarters the conflagration can quickly become a problem. He also doesn’t have any training with material weapons, so he can’t dial it back or fight to suppress, his only form of attack is fire. He cannot remove his armor safely which narrows his vision and can weigh him down, and water is anathema to him and his powers.

    Appearance: Sammael doesn't typically take off his armor since he can burn others with a touch, so nobody knows what his face looks like.

    Biography: Born in a foreign land as the son of a pair of scholars, Sammael was raised with books in his hands. He grew up reading the legends of the lands, tales of slayers and demons, great heroes and mighty battles. Although his parents were pacifistic in nature, he was always drawn to the romanticized notions of combat that the youth dream of. His aspiration was to learn the ways of magic and become a powerful hero, renowned throughout the lands. After he was old enough, he left home to pursue that path, following notes in ancient tomes to sites of old glories. His adventures led him to a realm far from home where he was on the verge of uncovering the power he sought. However, he made a mistake. In his pursuit of arcane might, he discovered and then enacted a ritual with unintended consequences. His body became alight with flames, an effect so surreal that he was mistaken for a demon and pursued. When the truth of his situation was uncovered by the veteran slayer who hunted him, his uses became apparent and a suit of arcane metal was fashioned to contain his heat, after its success became apparent he was inducted into the demon slayers. (Sound good?)
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  15. Looks good. I imagine some pretty good psychological effects of such a "gift" as well.
  16. Yes, he's quite manic and has a bucket load of practical weaknesses.
  17. Name:
    Jin Xiu



    Jin strives to help everyone he can, and remains largely pacifistic. He believes everyone deserves forgiveness or redemption.

    Jin is naive, but respectful and polite. He always sees good in people. He strongly prefers non-violence, but will defend himself if need be. He is often nervous around people he finds intimidating, as well as women.

    Ringed Staff

    Purification Rituals allow Jin to purify demons of their corruption. They must be subdued, otherwise they will attack during the ritual.

    Additionally, Jin can use Buddhist rituals to heal wounds, treat illnesses, or empower allies. These spells are restricted heavily by the Buddha, and turning on his beliefs can strip him of the gifts.

    Rings of the Buddha

    Golden rings on the ring of Jin's staff. These rings are holy, and fuel his magics as a direct influence of the Buddha. The rings can generate barriers, only one at a time, and usually only around himself and the staff.

    Dedication, Loyalty, Kindness

    Naivete, Pacifism, Nervousness, Fear of Women


    Jin was born in a small fishing village, his parents very poor. His parents sent him to a monastery, in hopes that he would lead a greater life, where he was raised as a monk. During his youth, he was impetuous, but, grew out of it as his brothers taught him. Occasionally, he still shows signs of his youthful mindset, often in displays of ignorance.

    One day, the monastery was attacked by a demon, and many of the monks were killed. The demon was seeking something, an artifact said to be able to give demons eternal life. An artifact known as "The Essence of the Buddha". During the attack, Monk Houtzu, the eldest monk, gave him a necklace with a glowing orb, telling him to flee.

    Jin left the temple, following his elder's instructions to the nearby village of Lian Yu, known to be the home of a group of Demon Slayers. From there, he was told he would receive guidance, and he would need to begin a great journey. After arriving, he was welcomed, and now is awaiting the sign he is looking for.​
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  18. Yay a healer who is non-violent! He's really cool btw.
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  19. Why, thank you. I have some ideas in mind too.
  20. (Please excuse my lack of cool formatting. I am a little challenged. :boxedin:)
    ((Please let me know if you have any constructive criticism. It has been a while since I have done this.))


    Name: Neera Shadows

    Type: Slayer

    Age: Twenties

    Gender: Female

    Motivation: Passion for justice, and revenge for the death of her mother.

    Personality: While she is quiet and emotionally driven in most aspects of her life. When dealing with friends that she is close to, she jumps in with her heart on her shoulder. Her work ethic is strong, and she approaches it with cool detachment until her temper flares.
    Powers: None

    Weapon: Enchanted sword. She carries a large broad sword at her hip at all times. She has named it Wind, because the enchantment allows her to handle it as though it were as light as air.

    Strengths: She has a mind for battle and strategy. She anticipates her enemies moves, and acts accordingly. She is able to put aside emotion in order to do what needs to be done and is easily able to hide in the shadows when needed.. Her loyalty is strong and steady.

    Weaknesses: Her physical strength and her temper are the things that will really get to her when she needs to focus most. Her blind rages have been known to scare even the strongest men, but her strength is moderate at best.

    Appearances: Neera has long black hair, normally worn down or braided back and ice blue eyes. She of medium height, and low weight which attributes to her lack of strength. She normally wears black clothes, and a black leather jacket so that she can more easily blend into the shadows.

    Bio: Neera was very happy as a child until a demon came and demolished her town, and her mother with it. She was found by the elders of a neighboring town, and taken in. She was raised with strict attention to her studies of demons and war in order to make her what she is today. Eventually she left in order to pursue slaying on a wider basis.
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