The Demon Hunter Academy (Devil May Cry)

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  1. Welcome ladies and gentleman to my very special search for people to play as demon hunter's, students, demons, humans, teachers. The story is set at the end of Devil May Cry 4. Even if you have not played all the games is fine, or haven't played them at all, the rp will be set in such a way it won't matter.


    I am looking for another person to help me run this, preferably someone who knows the games.

    I have a few rule's of the bat I wish to share, if you cannot succeed in following them please do not apply to join.


    - Be friendly with other players.
    - No killing other students or teachers.
    - Be capable to suggest ideas than just ride the plot train.
    - No God moding in any way.
    - Be Mature, I would like to have the rp open to everyone, though that may change from past experiences.
    - No one liners. It's unfair on the others.

    Basic plot:

    I will only share the minimal information so far.

    A new Academy has appeared far in the outskirts of town,it is taking in students with special abilities and skills. The headmaster is a man known by some as Dante. He opened the establishment for hopes in helping children who have abilities or are different have a place to learn to control them and have a better life.


    Pre Existing characters from Devil May Cry:

    - Dante
    - Nero
    - Lady
    - Trish
    - Vergil


    - Humans
    - Demons
    - Angels (if you would like to play one tell me your reasons why since normally they are not present in the original Devil May Cry world)
    - Half Demon
    - Possessed

    Character Sheets and extra information

    Position: (teacher, student, demon)
    Appearance (image)

    Body details (that we need to know eg demon arm)
    Weapon of choice:


    Spots Available

    So far I have a limit of fifteen people to start with (not including myself), that number may increase if there are more people interested.

    Comment below and we can get started. I will hold spaces for a few days only.
  2. Definitely looks promising.
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