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  1. Zan is a 25 year old silent asshole and Isabella is an 'old as fuck' bitch. With Zan being a human, who's life goal is to kill everything non human related, and Isabella being a demon, who's job is to just look hot and kill shit in order to live, their worlds collide when they cross paths. With both attitudes exactly the same, it's hard to see why they wouldn't clash and cause somewhat of an uproar. All in all they have the same goal, to kill the demon king. When one fight together goes SO WELL, it causes them to team up in order to kill the bastard who's trying to take over. With many surprise twists, the biggest has yet to come.















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    NAME: Zan

    AGE: 25

    RACE: Human

    GENDER: Male

    LIKES: Sparing, Killing non-human creatures, Cigs, Rain

    DISLIKES: Love, Sun

    WEAPON: Lighting dragon sword.
    A giant, talking, sword that stands about 5'6 from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle,
    clean cut and a sharp edge to it. The blade, hilt,
    and handle colored black with the hilt in the shape of a dragons head.
    Its crystal blue eyes gives the blade its power and only works when its raining.

    OCCUPATION: Hunter


    PREFERENCE: Female

    PERSONALITY: Zan is quiet.
    He likes to work on his own because he really is an anti social asshole.
    When come across someone who finds the need to talk to him, he tells it like it is, which is "Shut up".
    He tends to speak in small phrases and when he does it's something rude.
    He rarely ever curses but his rude remarks are just as annoying.

    BIO and INFORMATION: Zan is a 25 year old anti social dick. He stands about 6'4" and is well built. His light selection of clothing helps him move
    around his target when fighting. He is silent and prefers not to be around anyone. He lives in an old abandoned church outside the main town where
    he generally hangs out around when hes not at work. The church is in the forest, its not falling apart, its actually pretty sturdy, its just abandoned because
    of the rumors within the forest, the rumors that Zan found out to be extremely true when one of the night crawling bastards killed his parents and his wife. The
    first couple years after his loved ones death, he sulked inside the church and didn't bother to speak to anyone or show his face during the day. he migrated around town
    after dark, getting his food from the local grocer in town who supplied him food and left it outback so he could take it without bothering or talking to anyone. Upon his migrate out of the forest eh had come across a vampire who's intent it was to kill him for his first meal of the night. That's when Zan got out of the pouty wagon and took it upon himself to kill whatever might be a threat to him and the town he grew up in. He came across a sword a year later after deciding his destiny. Walking deeper into the forest then usual is when he came to know his Master who entrusted him with the sword, he wears now, on his death bed. His Master was the only one Zan had spoken to since his family died and with him dead, cause of a werewolf, Zan promised to not let himself get close to anyone every again...



    Zan looked down, at the dead target that laid on the damp ground of the dark forest of which he called his "Hunting grounds". The black wrap, that usually hung around his neck, covered his nose and mouth and hanged over his head, acting as hood to cover him from the falling rain. His teal colored eyes, lost in a day dream, staring at the decaying corpse that had just been burnt to a crisp with the specialty that made Zan a...special...type of hunter. "Shall we get going?" The deep male voice said silently. Zan nodded and turned from the corpse of the male demon and migrated further into the woods, sheathing his sword as he did so. "That's your 2nd one tonight Zan. You okay?" Zan didn't answer the talking voice that came from the dragon on his sword. His name is Doragon, he a 1000 year old sword given to Zan by the dead Master that trained Zan in the ways of killing the non-human creatures that Zan came to know as 'Evil'. Doragon is the only thing that kept Zan from going insane from loneliness and was the one that had given him the element of lighting when it rained. Doragon had a mind of his own and spoke freely. He was usually the one to kill off the silence between them by telling the stories of his adventures with the Master. Not tonight though, tonight was the anniversary of the Masters death, one of two days that Zan hated. Zan longed to go back home and sit in the courtyard of the church. He longed to look up at the full moon that hung over the land and allow himself to drench in regret of that the day that he left the Master by himself. Even if he did, Doragon wouldn't let Zan, Doragon would constantly remind him, when they got there, that his Master would hate to see Zan sulking over the past. Something Zan's Master hated was when someone fucked something up because they are too busy sulking and swimming in the past. It's the present and the Master would remind Zan of that all the time. Zan walked through the forest with his head down, sensing the many creatures that roamed around him that he didn't bother going after. He didn't want to kill anything unless he had to, unless something came to cross his path. His boots stomped through the thick mud that covered the grounds of the forest that he walked. The stains of the mud crawled up the sides of his boots, giving Zan a job to do when it became sunny again. Zan stopped in the circular clearing within the forest. With the full moon shinning down on himself, and the clearing that he stood in, the dark skies above let out the cold rain that fell on the male human. Zan pulled the wrap off his head and away from his mouth and nose, so it hung back around his neck, he titled his head back and allowed the cold water from above fall upon the many strands of white hair that covered his head and onto his pale toned skin of his face. The water rolling down from face to his neck and then to his open chest. Allowing his narrowed eyes to close. He took a deep breath in and then released it with relaxation as his mind traveled elsewhere, somewhere far from where he was now. "Company Zan..." Doragon said silently. Zan looked forward, the sound of Doragon's voice snatched him to reality. Zan narrowed his eyes and quickly covered his head and face again, like it was before. He got in his regular fighting stance and gripped the handle of Doragon, ready to attack and kill whatever had to nerve to come his way, purposely or not.
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  3. NAME: Isabella Strifer
    AGE: (unknown) Appears to be very early 20's
    RACE: Fire Demon
    GENDER: Female

    - The sun
    - Annoying the shit out of people
    - giving insulting nicknames
    - Talking

    - Being told what to do by people she doesn't respect.
    - Tripping in front of people. (She does that a lot)
    - Standing still for long periods of time.
    - People who frequently make her feel confused
    - Nicknames, Silence, and flying.

    It seems as though she does not like to rely on her magic
    to much, rather her man-made object. A short scythe-like weapon
    that could probably pass for a farmers tool if the blade wasn't blue.

    OCCUPATION: Doing what ever she feels like~
    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Go fuck yourself. Literately.

    - Hot-headed
    - Reckless (to a stupid point)
    - Sharp-tongued
    - Independent
    - Confident
    - Impatient
    - Talkative

    That will probably slip out eventually, knowing her need to talk and fill the silence.

    Standing at an awkward height of 6'ft nothing -rather small for a fire demon- without her boots on Isabella tries to make herself come off as intimidating. Although she works on her build every day, she's on the lengthy side and is clearly built for flight instead of fight -not that she wants to be, on the contrary she seems to think of herself as a powerful unstoppable force. She has long feathered wings, a deep red with dark brown tips that are coated in scales on the inside main instead of feathers. Her claws, which are retractable, are short and curved like a cats. She has a long flexible tail with a short blade on the end of it that is rarely used and curled black horns that resemble a ram's. Her red hair is Isabella's most dramatic characteristic, A natural brilliant shade that goes nicely with her yellow eyes, unless you get her really mad. Then her eyes go coal black. Whoops. Run. She does not seem to care about it too much, her hair that is, so it is often messy. Her habit of running her fingers through it or scrunching it up when she's nervous doesn't help. Her cheeks are dotted with light freckles and she is known to flush brilliant red when embarrassed or thoroughly pissed.

    ----- First post -----

    Isabella leaned back with her hands behind her head, humming lightly. Sleep had been impossible in the chattering forest, even during the night noises of owls and night predators kept her awake until the sun had demanded she stay that way. Normally now, these things would not bother her the slightest. But for some reason lately her head had been pounding to the point of tears- often throwing her into destructive fits. This was also why the left half of the forest was burnt to a crisp. But now it had settled down so Isabella sat rather high up in a nice pine, hoping if not sleep she could at least relax a bit to think. Maybe even remember the way home?
    She wasn't... lost. Isabella Strifer did not get lost. Simply confused as to the way back, she couldn't even remember how she got here after all. This forest was unfamiliar to her, it had been for days now but finding a way out was proving rather difficult. Flying was a burden, definitely not necessary. She would be out of here in no time, and sure of that fact Isabella closed her eyes for some relaxation.
    Oh my god, are you serious?
    Instantly furious, Isabella swung down silently her eyes searching and trying to grasp something through the tree leaves. Well, at least she might get a meal out of what ever had just disturbed her. Hopefully human. Unfortunately, she couldent see much through the thick foliage of the tree. She was rather used to moving silently in the forest and today was no exception, hardly making a noise as she scrambled down into the thick undergrowth just at the edge of the clearing. Isabella was a hunter, a stalker. Not one to run right after prey but rather asses it first, size it up and look for the right opportunity. So when the human came into view, naturally the first thing she 'Assessed' was the huge fucken weapon he carried.
    Male, young, blue eyes. Hmm. Demons loved blue eyes and Isabella was no exception, naturally they were brighter and clearer. Easier to read the fear before the kill. She pushed aside a rather large fern as it brushed her nose, scowling at how big he was. Oh well, she had taken down bigger. It would be easier to go around from the back, try to catch it by surprise. Hopefully it put up a good fight. With a slight russle as the fern slipped back into place, Isabella started moving around the edge of the clearing again.
  4. "6 foot, demon, scythe as a weapon, gender unknown" Doragon whispered as Zan stayed in the same stance, eyes shifting from left to right. "Assumption, male" Zan noted all the accusations that Doragon made to him, giving him a mental picture of what he would be working with. "Doragon..." Zan whispered under the face covering. "I know Zan, I can't pinpoint its location. It's moving fast" Doragon said irritably. Zan grunted and his head quickly shifted upwards. "Damnit..." Doragon cursed. Zan noticed it to, the rain had stopped. Zan looked forward again at the sound of the slight sound nearby within the trees. "Northwest...804 meters...a half a mile. " Doragon calculated. Zan nodded softly and with one swift movement he pushed off the muddied ground beneath him and with the calculations given to him he knew that the demon couldn't have gotten that far around the outskirts of the clearing. Zan knew that from past fights, most enemies thought it'd be easier to attack from behind that's exactly where Zan was headed. With the quickness that his speed gave him he dashed south of where he had been standing just moments before. He jumped in the first tree and pushed off the branch he landed on and moved to the next, repeating these actions so he would now be jumping from tree to tree in search of the demon male that wanted to make Zan his dinner. Zan's blue eyes scanned the area around him as Doragon happened to be scanning behind him. Sure enough his baby blue eyes spot strands of red hair flowing from a few tree's in front of him. Now he was the one chasing it. "Zan!" Doragon shouted.

    ~Zan nodded and if the creature had looked back to take notice of him, he would jump down and run forward and into a tree ahead of his prey in an attempt to cut it off. Once successful, he stopped in a stance with only his eyes visible he faced the enemy. Zan would now wait to see what it would do, ready to counter its attack or listen to it if it stopped in its tracks.

    ~ If the demon didn't look back to take notice, Zan would merely pick up his speed in attempt to reach her at a well enough distance so he could raise Doragon and give him one hard swing in an attempt to cut it down.
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  5. Isabella skidded to a stop, she had allowed herself to look away from the man just a moment and now he was gone from sight. She had to bite her lip to stop from cursing out loud, something that would probably give away her location. This forest was not familiar with her and it made her all the more uncomfortable. Her head snapped to the side as a bird noisily took off in the clearing and back in front of her again. An edgy feeling ran down her spine, something was off. She no longer felt in control of the situation. Her tail curled tightly around her from nerves and to stop it from making a noise although she had stopped moving. Her wings pressed tightly against her back and she brushed a few strands of red hair behind her ear to calm herself down.

    Then Isabella looked back and saw only the bright blue eyes. She took a step backwards and stumbled, turning to face them and instantly pulling out her weapon but made no move to attack. She was still in shock of how quickly and quietly he had managed to sneak up on her, humans being clumsy and hopeless weak creatures.
  6. "A girl..." Doragon whispered to where only Zan could hear him. Zan's eyes widened and he straightened his back to stand once Doragon's fact was spoken. He scanned her, indeed she was a female. She was a sight for sore eyes. He was quick to shake that thought from his head and his wide eyes narrowed, staring her down with a cold glare again for just a moment. He closed his blue diamonds and turned to where his back was facing her, sheathing Doragon. "Wh-what are you doing?!" Doragon whispered. Zan didn't respond to him. He stopped with his back facing her on his guard he waited to see if she would attack after his words "You aren't worth my time" Zan said coldly to her, in a tone that seemed to be so surprising that it was hypnotizing. Most would assume he had a deep tone, by the way he acted, but he didn't he sounded as if he was 20. It was soft yet somewhat deep to where he was obviously a male. The cold nights wind pushed the wrap off his head and down around the back of his neck, the wrap still covering his nose and mouth. The long strands of white hair flew wildly around his face as he turned to look over his shoulder and at the female demon that caught him off guard with her gender. "Zan...What the-" Zan gripped the handle of his blade after reaching behind him to pull the cloth back over his head to cover the thin strands of white hair. "Enough Doragon..." Zan whispered, waiting for her response, if she was going to give one.
  7. Isabella's grip tightened on her weapon when he moved his own but stared at him in shock as he sheathed it. If she was caught of guard before, now she was just confused. She stood there for a moment, waiting for him to make a move or say something. Upon first glance she only took in a few noticeable characteristics, his white hair, blue eyes of course, and the hood. Before she could further examine him her thoughts were cut short by the glare he gave her, returning it with her lip drawn back into a silent snarl just for him.
    When he didn't make a move, Isabella thought to make one of her own. This was the first even faintly interesting thing that had crossed her path in a long time so she shifted her weight onto the balls of her feet and was about to say something cocky when he cut her off. You aren't worth my time. She took absolutely no notice of his voice or tone, just the words which set her off. "Excuse me?" Her own tone was sharp, hostile and aggressive. "Not worth your time? Your the one who decides to come parading through the forest catching the attention of everything in a five mile radius with that noisy side step of yours, wake me up, and I'm not worth your time?" She shifted her sythe and snorted, tail un-coiling around her and swishing lightly just above the ground. "Baby blue, you weren't worth my time. And now I'm going to take you out for wasting my time."
  8. "Attitude check" Doragon mumbled under his breath. Zan turned around as she began ranting about nonsense. Zan was sure that it all meant something and that it was leading somewhere just by the first couple of words that came from her mouth. He sighed and turned to face her, digging his hands in his pockets his listened with an emotionless face, not that she'd be able to tell cause of the black covering. He blinked a few times as he listened. Her voice was annoying and her attitude made her got from hot to fucking ugly in a matter of seconds. He sighed and closed his eyes as she finished ranting about the 5 words he had said just moments before she started talking with a voice that made even nails on a chalkboard sound pleasing. The nickname at the end caused his brow to raise under the white hair the hung wildly over his baby blue eyes. Baby blue? He thought to himself, going over his new nickname even after she stopped talking. After a second of silence, Zan turned his back to her "Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of.". "Get some help and maybe guys will want to fuck you." He said going to walk away but he stopped mid step. Eyes narrowed, he felt the same feeling that he was sure that the demon felt. He gripped the handle of Doragon.

    "Zan...." Doragon growled. Zan nodded and turned his body to the left, his back facing the clearing and his eyes narrowed, facing the darkness of the forest, attempting to catch even the slightest hint of what was out there. it didn't take him long, he knew that smell from anywhere."How many?" Zan mumbled, loud enough for even the female demon to hear. "It's a pack of 20, damn wolfs will eat anything" Zan cursed himself. Without the rain all he could do was cut them down with Doragon, and even though he was a skilled fighter, he couldn't take on this bitch plus 20 wolfs. He leaped forward one tree and stood on the branch, unsheathing Doragon. "Zan theres-" Doragon whispered. "She's going to have to wait..." He said quietly
  9. Isabella snorted at his comment, already shifting her weight again to go after him. The grip around her blue blade tightened and- Stop. What was that? Instantly she sunk her claws into the trunk of the tree and climbed higher, not feeling safe so close to the ground. The human male was pushed from her mind at the moment. She breathed in slightly, the scent playing on her tongue and making a scrunched-up expression register on her face. Mutts. Oh god, she hated wolves. Scratch that, hated any type of dog. Taking a few of them down would definitely brighten her day, and while her confidence was telling her she could definitely take on the whole pack and baby blue, her logical side was telling her to get the hell out of there. Her ears perked at Zan's words, so he had sensed them too. Now she was stuck with a dellema.

    Sure, she could just take off. Baby blue would probably end up getting ripped to shreds, but that did not bother her. After all, he had no wings and it was rather doubtful he could outrun the wolves. What might bother her, the other hand, was the fact that she would not be able to do it. Hmm. And she would miss out on a meal to. Well... you've really got nothing better to do, A sly little voice reminded her in the back of her mind. She glanced to the human again and noticed he was drawing out his sword. Ah right, the huge sword. Maybe this could be fun after all. And besides, nothing would stop her from getting rid of him afterwords. He would be a nice little play thing for the next little bit.

    "Hey human, feel like going mutt hunting?" She called to him with a grin, her wings opening slightly.
  10. "Don't get in my way" He snapped immediately after her words. He was the first to jump back in the clearing to allow himself better fighting area and before she had to time to respond the wolfs had already made their way out of the trees and had surrounded him, and eventually her once she got out of the trees. With his knees apart and the right side of his body outwards, his back was against hers and he held his sword low by his abdomen, both hands clenching the handle. "lets go...." Zan whispered to Doragon. The Wolfs growled, licked their lips and jumped out one by one. Zan grunted and stabbed Doragons blade in the ground, he shifted his right heal outwards and one dagger came from the tip of each boot. With one quick, swift move he jumped up with his weight on the tip of Doragon's handle he extended his body outwards, doing a full 360, with his round house kick, Zan sent the blade attached to his boot to the the first wolf that jumped out at him, piercing deep into the wolfs neck. Finishing the 360, Zan slammed the pierced wolf into the next one that came flying his direction. Once the 2nd was hit, Zan tossed the two to the side where he created a pile. He was now back on the ground , taking the handle of Doragon and swinging the bladed end at the next 3 that darted his way, cutting their heads off in one slice. He looked over his shoulder at the next one that come to him. Once the wolf was close enough, Zan did another round house kick, the bladed tip of his right boot smacking into the dead center into its eye jerking him into the pile with the others he had killed.

    Zan moved fast, very non human like. He had good stamina and a quick pace. One by one he had knocked out his 10 and in a matter of 2 minutes. The 10 piled up wolf corpses laid beside her pile of 10. She finished a couple seconds after him. Zan waited with the blood on the blade disappeared, devoured by Doragon, till he sheathed it. He turned to face her again, his hard deep breaths fading to his normal breathing pace. He looked at her. "What now..." Doragon asked. Zan didn't respond he had to wonder the same thing. He felt the energy between them and together they defeated the pack of wolfs in two minutes equally. He stood with his face covered and his baby blue eyes staring her down, he waited for her to make a move.
  11. Isabella snorted at his comment and took of right after, hitting the ground softly. By he time the wolves had surrounded her, rather then wait for them to jump she made he first strike. Her movements were quick, animalistic in nature and almost always one step ahead. Rather then use her weapon she seemed to enjoy the use of her claws, wings, and tail. She snapped for the first one, taking it head on and grabbing it around the neck to stop its snapping jaws inches away from her face. She gave it a sharp twist and smashed one back that jumped her from behind with her wings. Now they were really coming. Not having the brute strength Zan did, she relied on her speed as she was much quicker then these mutts. She slammed her tail into another one as it jumped her and sunk the end blade deep into its skull. This caught her mind long enough for one to finally get hold on her, her arm to be specific. It sunk its teeth into her and she simply slashed at the exposed throat, shoving it off. The bite wound ran blood down her forearm but it did not seem to faze her as she took the rest on, one by one. She had no time to see what Zan was doing.
    In the end, her victims were scattered around her rather then neatly collected as Zans were- but she only counted nine. With a glance over her shoulder she noted number ten making a run for it and made a lighting strike, throwing her weapon and sticking it in the back of the mutts head. "Ten." She stated out loud and glanced over to Baby blue. Were his were neat and collected -and some of them decapitated, quite a few of hers were twisted at odd angles or slashed at the throats. Isabella raised an eyebrow, cracked her neck, and smirked. "Not bad for a human, now were were we?"
  12. He didn't bother responding. He looked at her mess and shook his head. He went to turn away but the sight of blood that dripped from her arm and onto the floor beside her, caught his attention. He walked over, closer and closer he closed the distance between them "Idiot" He said and grabbed the injured arm. he examined the amount of blood that stained her skin and sighed. "Useless" He mumbled irritably as he pulled the covering from his mouth and nose, revealing his face, he pulled it from around his neck and looked behind him and unsheathed Doragon. He pressed the end of the long wrap against the sharp blade, causing a small tear. Zan sheathed him again and gripped either side of the tear and pulled it apart with one quick tear. He took the large piece and rapped it back the way it was, the wrap covering his face as if nothing was even torn. With the large scrap piece, he grabbed her arm and began wrapping the wound tightly to secure the wound from bleeding anymore than it has.

    Once tied he stepped away from her, his head tilted back, looking to the sky he noticed the moon wasn't at it highest point. It was about to be day soon, he had to get home. He looked at her. "Look, I don't like you. You're annoying and a pain, but if it wasn't for you I would be dead..." he looked at her form, she was too skiny for an average sized demon. "I have a lot of food at my place. Don't think this is a charity case. This is a one time thing so if you want to eat then come on. if you wanna stay on your high horse and starve then stay here and we will fight the next time we cross paths." That was it. He turned away and walked in the direction of the church, a place he called home. The church was hidden past a cave, behind a wall of hanging vines. The church was hidden in the rest from the forest, deep in the back of it where no one dared to pass. He led the way, weather she followed him or not was her choice.
  13. Isabella look a step back and growled at him when he came closer, the blade on her tail curved up threateningly. Still, she was a naturally curious soul and allowed him to close the distance. That was until, he grabbed her arm. Isabella didn't like being touched, not by humans, not by demons, not by anyone, but especially not by this human scum she didn't know that had just called her a useless idiot. She instantly tried to jerk away, snarling and spitting her words in a vicious tone. "What are you doing?! Unhand me right now, you filthy-" She stopped when he unsheathed his sword and in one quick jerk pressed the blade of her tail to his back as a warning. However, his movements after that confused her.
    If he had been a demon, he wouldn't have been half bad to look at. He had a sharp face, but the most appealing aspect was the blue eyes, which drew Isabells in. She was still scowling deeply when she looked back to her arm, surprised with what he was doing. As soon as he let go she jerked away taking a step back and rubbing the bandage. "I can take care of myself..." She mumbled quietly before he started to talk.

    "Look, I don't like you. You're annoying and a pain in the but if it wasn't for you I would be dead..." Well yeah, no shit. Isabella thought arrogantly and smirked, crossing her arms while shifting her weight. Were was he going with this? Was he actually thanking her? The word food caught her interest instantly. Of course she wanted to eat, how long had it been since she last had anyway? Still, it took a fair amount of consideration. Despite the wound he had just wrapped up she would much rather kill him. Although she had taken none of his insults to heart, they still ticked her off. Probably would too, kill him that is, if it wasn't for that sword. Bloody thing looks like it could take my head right off.

    And then there was the offer of food, still drawing her back in. Eventually, after he had started walking Isabella quietly stalked after him. Instead of walking on the ground with him, Isabella took to the trees and only light silent shakes indicated her location as she followed. They were thin here so he could probably see her, and rather quickly she stopped in front of him just a few feet above him. Her tail hung down, probably in his way but she didn't seem to care. "Do you have a name or should I just stick to Baby blue for the time being?"
  14. "Zan" he mumbled as he stepped over the large roots that stuck up from the muddy ground. After passing the secret, vine blanket that hung infront of the entrance to the cave, there was a large circular clearing that was surroubded by trees a whole other forest unlike the one they just came from. It had a brighter feel to it even though it was night. He removed the face covering from his mouth and nose and let it hang around his neck. He approached the tiny church that stood sturdy and somewhat pleasing. "Home!" Doragon cried out. Zan walked up the couple steps it took to approach the small wooden door and pushed it open. The creaking sound echoed throughout the large place , as well as the tapping sounds of zans boots against the hardwood flooring inside . He walked down the asile, between the multiple rows of wooden benches, and to the front stage where a ton of food was nicely lined up, did that could last him 3 months easily. He Lord over his shoulder once reaching the stage. "Go on" he said coldly believe retreating to the back of the stage, going through another door that led to whatvhe had made into his bedroom. He took off his damp clothes and out on new ones.

    Coming out from the room he wrote a loose, white V neck shirt and black pants. He had Doragon strapped to his waist and his hair combed and dry. He looked to her for just a moment before sitting down on the bench in the first row to the left of the stage. "The demon king," he began "where is he"

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  15. "Odd name." Isabella noted, wondering if it was short for something. She smacked him on the shoulder with her tail and continued on, having a great amount of fun moving through the trees.
    The church was... perfect. It seemed to blend into the forest itself. Green and grey stones that made up its walls reminded her of the forest floor and the roof had small cracks in it, were the remains of light rain dripped through. Instantly comfortable, Isabella ignored the food for a moment to look around, walking on the benches down the rows.
    The rain hadn't bothered her, up in the trees she had stayed mostly dry. Her clothes were damp but would dry soon enough. So instead Isabella focused on her hair, running her fingers through it to de-tangle it and pick leaves. Having done this all her life, she made quick work of it and soon it hung strait from the rain wet down her back ending just below her shoulder blades. When Zan left to get changed she was preening, smoothing out the feathers on her wings. Feathered wings were so much work, but it gave her hands something to do while her mind wondered. He probably knows the way out of this forest. She chewed the inside of her cheek while thinking.

    When Zan returned, she was sitting up in the rafters. She had eaten, noticeable for her ravenous appetite of a demon, and was tossing an apple back and fourth in her hands. Upon seeing him, Isabella wrapped her tail tightly around the wooden structure and swing down to look at him. She looked a bit like a cross between a monkey and a bat, hanging there. "I've decided I like baby blue better." She said with a sharp grin, tilting her head back and exposing thin long canines. Her wings curled in and she blinked at his question, thinking about it for a moment. Why is he looking for the demon king? "If I did, why would I tell you?"
  16. He looked at her long and hard, she didnt look like most she was very independent. Most demons that he had passed seemed to be like robots, they said nothing and just attacked him without a second thought. Male or female. Both genders of the demon race seemed like they didnt have a thought process. It bugged as to why she was different. He stood up from the bench, took a waterbottle and walked to the arch shaped window, he looked out the glass window pane that was covered with little vines, that happened to decorate the sides of the curch, and left over rain drops. He sat on the little ledge within the window and fiddled with the sides of the bottle. "I can give u something In return" he looked back to her, the sunlight peeking out from the tree tops in the tiny clearing the curch sat in, the hole in the top of the cave was where the sorce of light came from, the sorce of light that let Zan know when it was time to go hunting again.

    "I need to find him..." zan mumbled. He clenched the handle of Doragon and looked down. "if I dont find him before he finds me and takes Doragon away from me" he smirked and tapped the top of his waterbottle "tsk, forget it. You aren't smart enough to know thar kind of information" he stood up and walked to the exit. "Help yourself"

    He walked out of the church and around back to the small shed. " you didnt even give her a chance to reply" Doragon said. Zan didnt reply, he walked into the wooden shed and took the map out from the shelf above the desk. It was a map if the whole forest and was marked with red X's and lines that signled out where he had already looked for the king. "Zan don't be like that, shes hot. Annoying but hot" doragon joked. Zan shook his head and X'd out the clearing from earlier and drew a line through the path he hsd taken from the last X.
  17. Isabellas brows furrowed as he left. Doragon? She swung back up, lying on her back on the old wooden board thinking. Humans are complicated creatures, her mother had always told her. Not to far from us, but enough so that it is very hard for us to work together. You see, they have a much more complicated array of emotions and feelings, and strong ones at that. Many demons avoid them because of this, its hard to relate. But remember Isabella- "We're special." She mumbled out loud, absent-mindedly twiddling the apple in her hands. She let it drop and then speared it in mid-air with the blade on her tail. Her curiosity picked at her, asking a million questions about the man. His actions up until now bothered her. Why had he been in the clearing in the first place? If it had been to look for the demon king, he clearly had no idea were to look. In which case her help would be very appriciated.

    Its not like she would ever need his help. No, Isabella could get what she wanted on her own just fine, it had always been that way. It wouldn't so much be help as it would... an accomplice. A tiny voice reasoned in the back of her mind. She certainly was curious about him, Baby blue eyes with the giant sword who had invited a demon into his home. Hmm.

    With a great rush of wings Isabella came down from the rafters and exited the church, looking around for him. The scent after the rain made her smile, and she took a moment to tilt her head back and close her eyes. This was a lovely forest, keeping her prisoner for the last few days. As much as leaving was a priority, staying would be oh so nice as well.
  18. He looked at Doragon who was propped up against the wall next the his desk in the shed. Eyes closed and fast asleep. Zan sighed and looked back to the map. Almost the whole forest was checked and it made Zan irritated that he had no clues on where to find him. He took the map off the desk and walked outside, taking the lock from his pocket and locking up the shed after hiding Doragon under the floorboards. He walked around to the feont of the church only to stumble back at the sight of the demon. He grunted as he felt his face heat up. He shook his head and once he had calmed down he continued walking. He walked padt her and into the church, just to return moments alter with his wrap and a way smaller sword. "Im leaving for a bit. Do as you wish " he said, folding the map up and shoving it in his back pocket.

    Zan was off into town to gather more bounty in order to earn more cash so he could afford the equipment to cover more grounds within the forest, he was almost done clearing the foreat and once it was all checked out, zan would continue on past it snd into the mountains where he hoped to find the kings castle there. He walked to the exit of the little paradise he called home and looked back at her , wondering absent mindedly if she would be there when he returned. It didnt matter to him. He looked forward knowing he couldnt take Doragon with him on this tiny trip. Doragon was required to recharge (rest) for up to 6 hours in order for him to be able to help zan like usual and thats what Zan was letting him do
  19. Isabella glanced backwards just as he walked past and she watched him go. Do as you wish. Curious, she crouched for a moment before leaping up into the trees with a great thrust of her wings. Flying certainly was overrated, or so she told herself. Heights weren't her thing, how ironic. A winged demon uncomfortable with heights. Not afraid of course, just uncomfortable. She watched Zan walk, through the forest growth slowly and mentally noted that he did not have his large sword on him. Now would be a good time to take him out. Not that she would, having already made up her mind on that subject for now, but she could. If she really wanted to. The thought brought a smile.

    He probably knew she was following him, but Isabella was not trying particularly hard to stay quiet. Instead enjoying herself as she stepped lightly but just hard enough to shake the rain water from the tree leaves. Deciding it was much to quiet, she dropped down beside him and started walking on the ground. She walked a bit differently there, mostly on her toes with small steps careful not to snap or unsettle anything. "Were are you going?" Her head tilted slightly.
  20. He walked on ahead, covering his nose and mouth with the wra and threw the extra piece of cloth over his head like a hood, shading his eyes from the early morning sun. The ground under him was still muddy but he didn't care ge would clean off his boots when the ground was completely dry and free from the dampness from the rain. He noticed her, she wasnt sneaky at all and half of him knew she probably wasnt trying to be , if she was being this obvious. He continued to walk through the familiar path he took to thetown Iit was some time before she finally approached Zan. He sighed Iirritability and listened to her question, debating on if he should tell her or not. Either way unless he had somewhere else to go, she would end up following her anyway. " im going into town" he said.

    She was still following him and even without Doragon, zan was just as steong and could easily take her within the amount of time it would take him with Doragon, give or take a few minutes. He looked back at her "dont you have somewhere to be? youre rather irritating." he snapped. The forest was huge and it was possible for someone to get lost if they didnt know their way around. It would take Zan a whole day to get to and from the town, plenty of time for Dargon to rest. Zan was smart though, he knew the foreat like the back of his hand and most people wouldn't think to head to the darkest part of the forest in order to reach the end, which was where the exit was. The darkest part of the forest is a tiny section that had got no sunlight, no one knows Why, but it was always shaded during the day and the darkest part at night. It was a long walk through tha path but it led to town.
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