The Demon and the Daughter (OOC) (ConstructPylons x Sansa Stark)

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  1. Alright, so we'll post our two main characters here, also info on other characters and miscellaneous bits of lore if necessary. Most NPCs won't merit a sheet to themselves, but the more important ones might somewhere down the line, if only for reference. As far as 'Allegiance' goes, since we decided on having two kingdoms, it'll be between either the Loyalists or the Rebels, comprising the western and eastern kingdoms respectively.

    Anyways, here's the template.

    Character Name, white

    Name: (Including nicknames and titles)





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  2. Princess Aurelia de Highlier of Lunaris, #CC99FF
    Princess Aurelia de Highlier

    Age: 15

    House: Highlier of Lunaris

    Allegiance: Rebels

    History: Born as the youngest child and only daughter to Lord and Lady Highlier in the noble city of Lunaris, she was given a very privileged life. While she was raised to be kind, sweet and compassionate to all, everything changed as the political dramas in the capital city of Gryphon's Roost began to effect Lunaris directly. Outraged with the passing of new, immoral laws and the treatment placed upon House Highlier by the king and queen, her father launched a full scale rebellion. It lasted for three years, all with bloodshed and loss and hearbreak, including the murder of one of her elder brothers, leaving only three left. Her father and mother were crowned as the king and queen by their people's choice, hoping to become a sovereign nation. Still gifted with her innocence and love of all, she takes that with her to the neutral grounds where the kings and queens will make peace and end the war once and for all.

    King Eddard (54, father)
    Queen Esmeralda (45, mother)
    Prince Roylan (23, brother, m. Princess Ilia, 21, i. Prince Karston, 2)
    Prince Kilian (21, brother)
    Prince Tallard (19. brother, m. Princess Jeyne)
    Prince Julian (18, brother)
    Prince Osten (7, brother)

    Indirect Family:
    Taurus Ghent (68, grandfather)
    Yenna Ghent (DECEASED, grandmother)
    Torrey Ghent (62, great-uncle)
    Elson Ghent (39, uncle)
    & various cousins.
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  3. Darion Blackwell - The Demon of Ender's Reach, blue

    Darion "The Demon" Blackwell

    Age: 32

    House: Blackwells of Ender's Reach

    Allegiance: Loyalists

    Renowned throughout the two kingdoms as a fearsome warrior, the 'Demon' earned his nickname by being a veritable force of nature on the battlefield, seemingly at his happiest when spattered with a copious amount of his enemies' blood. He's infamous not just for his prowess, but for supposedly being a merciless killer as well, offing men, women and children alike if so ordered. Some more far-fetched rumors claim Darion quite literally has the soul of a demon, the discolored left eye he's bared since birth being a mark of damnation from the gods.

    The youngest of five brothers, Darion was always an outcast, even among his own family. He has little in the way of friends, and though his house is sworn to the ruling family of the kingdom, he doesn't fight for them out of any sense of loyalty; it's just another reason for him to kill, as he so loves to do.

    As a personal guard to the head family's household, The Demon has been summoned along with his siblings as an escort for the loyalist king at the peace summit, added security in case negotiations were to break down. In reality, that was the plan all along.
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  4. Endrik Argus - King of Revelle, gold

    Endrik Argus, King of Revelle and Keeper of the Peace

    Age: 29

    House: Argus of Gryphon's Roost

    Allegiance: Loyalists

    The second son to his predecessor king Martyn, Endrik was raised in the lap of luxury, never knowing true hunger or fear. To the common people, he appeared a benevolent spirit, making public appearances to the masses to donate gold or food to the poor, showing genuine concern for the less fortunate of the realm. The money put into these efforts was a mere trifle for his ludicrously rich household however, and In truth, his dealings with the common folk was nothing more than a calculated political move on his part, one of many. He fraternized with the noble families, said prayers with the faithful, and drank with the men of the military, slowly building the good will he would need when the time was right.

    When his sickly father finally succumbed to illness, Endrik seized the moment, deposing his older brother Rorik as a sinner who lived a life of debauchery, claiming his sibling conspired to take the throne, that he had been poisoning their father all along and was responsible for his death. With the people on his side, a highly impartial trial was held and Rorik was swiftly deemed guilty, sentenced to the chopping block and his punishment carried out within the night. With his brother out of the way, Endrik was next to the succeed to the throne, claiming he was 'reluctant' to do so after recent events, while indeed that had been his aim all the while.

    But just taking the throne wasn't enough for him. Power hungry as he was, he instituted several laws that would serve to strengthen the sprawling capital of Revelle while leaving the remainder of the country in nigh poverty. After an incident where one of the lord of Highlier's closest friends suffered an unrightful execution at the hands of the king's knights, the men of the east called their banners, taking up arms against the despot king in the west.

    Three years have passed, and the war has taken its toll. Now the two kings will meet on neutral to discuss peace, both sides weary from a long and brutal war with no end in sight.
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  5. Ser Taurus of House Ghent, green
    Ser Taurus of House Ghent

    Age: 68 yeara

    House: Ghent, a lesser house in Lunaris

    Allegiance: Rebels

    History: The father of the queen, he has served House Highlier loyally throughout his life as a knight. He was knighted by King Martyn, and shortly afterward his wife gave birth to their first child, Esmeralda Ghent, now known as Queen Highlier. He was a kind and loving father, and after the death of his wife due to fever he raised his two children on his own. His daughter wed Eddard de Highlier at age 18, and the two have been happy ever since.

    Taurus is now the head of the queen's guard, and his house is among the most honorable in the East.

    Torrey Ghent (62, brother)
    Esmeralda de Highlier (45, daughter)
    Elson Ghent (39, son)
    See Aurelia's family information for more.
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  6. King Julian de Highlier of Lunaris, purple
    King Julian de Highlier

    Age: 18

    House: Highlier

    Allegiance: Rebels

    History: King Julian is the fourth-born son of King Eddard and Queen Esmeralda. He was always a quiet child, keeping to himself most days and avoiding too much social interaction in favor of books, maps, songs and the like. He is an accomplished philosopher, poet and artist, he has studied the stars and knows the human anatomy quite well. He is adequate at swordplay, though it is certainly not his strong suit. He cherishes wisdom over physical prowess, though of course he stays active to keep himself healthy.

    After the slaughter of his family, he inherits his father's crown and is filled with a desire for revenge to bring his family's murderers to justice.
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