The Demon and the Damsel.

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Ningenkai, Late Summer:

Maysuki Tayashi emitted a soft sigh as she locked the door to her personal apartment behind her. As one of the students attending Meiou High School, she had the priviledge of of living in a student - only apartment complex, as at the eight of eighteen, she'd proven to be a very responsible young adult. Not to mention, her parents were several miles away, in the next city, so living at home wasn't really much of an option, considering how much it would cost her every day to commute. School was beginning in one week - she had just turned eighteen, and this would be her final year at Meiou -- Maysuki, better known as May, had mixed feelings about that knowledge.

Currently, she was off to do her shopping for the week at the market.

She wondered if she'd see that boy again - Yusuke Urameshi...

Though Maysuki would rather eat nails than admit it, she had found Yusuke attractive the first time she had seen him, before his apartment had caught fire, some years ago. She occasionally saw him now and again - but hadn't in quite awhile. It wasn't until she thought of him that day that she realized she missed him. Which was absurd, seeing as from what she saw, not only did he have a girlfriend, but...she didn't even know him. Shaking her head, sending her long brown hair flying, she firmly set her mind on her goals for that day instead of some distant boy who didn't even know she existed. Dwelling on Yusuke would do her no good, after all, even if it did make her feel a little less lonely. She wasn't outcast, but she wasn't overly social or markedly well-liked. If anything, she was ignored, which was better than being teased but...

It got lonely, being in a town that was home, but wasn't.

She knew the town well, by then, and it had definitely been worse when she first got her apartment four years ago - but it was still often a shock to look out her window and not see her familiar hometown sprawling around her. Deep blue eyes focused on the sidewalk ahead as she walked, in faded skinny jeans and a simple blue t-shirt. Her sneakers made minimal noise on the pavement as she let her mind wander, peering over the shopping list in her hand one more time as she clutched her purse more tightly to her body.

There had been an unusual number of muggings in the area lately, she'd have to be extra careful --

She was suddenly thrown into a nearby alley, her head bouncing off the stone wall, before she fell, disoriented, to her knees. A dark chuckle greeted her, and she looked to see her assailant, eyes wide with fear.

Were those...horns?!!?
(OOC: I'm going to Brush up on Hiei More but I want to get this Party Started, I'm going to do my best for now and I will certianly make the next one Longer. Hope I get it right. ><)

The demon hid himself far away from humans as possible. He hated these useless creatures. They were weak and just made a mess of whatever they started. This city for example...or town; whatever they called it. There was flith ridden allyways and always some stupid warm-blooded beast making noise. He scowled to himself and jumped down from his spot as he heard someone come by. With his red irisis he glanced around, senseing someone around him, lurking through the allyways near by. With his speed and stealth he quietly stalked the creature. It was a tall beast with horns that from what he had heard from human as he passed them, had attacked them. For what? He didn't know but it was pathetic if a another such as himself had to attack humans for the essentials. Hiei had a quick way of coming about them himself.

Suddenly he heard a loud THUD and he pressed himself up against a wall, peering invisibly into the ally. There he was...the mindless, pathetic creature. He was attacking a human woman by the looks of it. Her deep blue eyes were full of disorientation and fear as she looked upon her attacker. Hiei stood silent for a few moments as He looked upon the seen. He smirked as he thought of just letting her die. After all, he had no reason to expose himself to this human. But the stupidity of her attacker compelled him more. Like a silent assaian he dashed forwards and drew his sword; slicing through the attackers midsection like butter. The body toppled to the ground in pieces before he turned to the woman and looked at her with cruel red eyes. An evil scowl sat on his lips. Now...what was he to do with this human? She had seen him after all...he took a step closer to her, sheathing his sword. Hiei looked over her, his eyes narrowing.

Useless...He thought.