The Demon and The Boy

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  1. I had a roleplay with someone a while back and it was quite fun to watch the story unfold and so I decided to try this storyline with another person. All rights go to the person who thought up this storyline I just want to use it.

    -A human boy had always been abused by his parents, ever since he was little. The only friend he has ever had was imaginary. Or at least he thought his friend was imaginary. After all no one could see him except for the boy. Not his parents, not the kids at school that had bullied him, not anyone but the boy. His imaginary friend tries to help but the abuse is becoming to much. Can his imaginary friend help him in time?
    I was thinking the 'imaginary' friend could actually be a ghost, vamp, or demon etc. Only the boy can see the 'demon' and he can do little to help unless he makes a contract on his life but the boy doesn't know this. The boy and demon eventually fall for eachother ditto ditto etc etc.

    Would anyone care to join me in this roleplay~?
  2. Just wanted to stop by and ask if you have already found a partner for this yet. Yes? No?
  3. No I have not, would you like to start this roleplay with me?
  4. I would be interested, yes. :)
  5. Okee cool~ ^~^
    Would you like to take this to a private conversation to create characters and begin?
  6. Sure! We can do that.
  7. Are you still looking? If so I'd be happy to do this idea.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.