The Demon and the Angel

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  1. Okay, so this is was a roleplay created between myself and another, but they dropped out before it started.

    Basically, a demon ends up with an angel in his care and the two while natural enemies end up falling for each other. I just need someone that would like to play the role of the demon

    Name: Clarissa (Goes by Arissa.)
    A rather large group of demons surrounded a red haired woman who was currently on the ground and glaring at the creatures around her in defiance. The pure white wings on her back showed just why she was glaring at the demonic men that surrounded her and why the men had such an interest in her. She had been captured while they were out scouting for warriors of her kind, and had gotten lucky in finding an unarmed angel in her. That didn't mean that she was unable to fight, it just meant that she had been in a location that angels had control over and she was spotted before she could find one of the warriors.
    Turning to the closest man she struck out with a bit of holy magic only to end up getting hit by one of the other demons hard enough to make her head spine. She winced and thought she could hear a ringing in her ears. "Why don't you just get it over with and kill me? Isnt that what you creatures do to angels anyways?"
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    Name: Judas (Prefers to be called Virgil)​
    A stern voice pierced through all the noise the demons were making in their frenzy from capturing an angel, something that was rarely accomplished around here. "STOP!" It commanded, the voice belonging to a demon that could almost be considered human if it werent for his horns, or his particularly large wings, and if one were to look closely, one of then was slightly bigger than the other. The other demons didn't look too content with listening to him, and one raised a fist about to punch the angel again "I said. STOP!" he commanded again, flames seemed to flare up in his eyes, this time, they turned his way, looking a little fearfull. "The angel comes with me." He said, his face showing no emotion what-so-ever.

  3. Arissa looked at the new demon that told the others to stop not sure what he was doing. Did this one plan do to something else to her that would cause her more pain then what these ones were currently doing? She could think of a few things, like removing her wings that would hurt and prevent her from returning to heaven if she did manage to escape them. The female had caught the fear that the creatures around her expressed when this one walked up to the group but she wasn't afraid of him. She couldn't be afraid or she would give up hope of getting away. Since there was only one she might be able to make a run for it.

    She pretended like she was going to go willingly with this male but as soon as they got away from the rest of the group she threw a bit of magic at him and tried to fly away from him.
  4. As the magic hit him, the demon stopped for a moment, seeing another group of demons flying towards her. His anger from letting himself being hit by the magic seemed to ignite fllames of pure rage in his eyes as he shot forwards towards the angel with a surprising amount of speed despite being weakened by the magic. Grabbing her arm before she could fly too far, the other group of demons were still flying towards them so he gave them a menacing glare, and they scattered, regrouping once they were past him. "Escape is not so easy." He told her curtly, before he dove down towards a cave opening jutting out from the ground below, his wings flapping occasionally to slow their descent, the bigger one on his right behaved slightly differently when it flapped than the one on his left. They descended into a particularly large cavern, there were 3 tunnels connecting to 3 adjacent rooms, and he began dragging the angel rather roughly towards the one to their left.
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  5. Arissa tried hard to flap her wings and get away but he had caught her and ended up dragging her into some kind of cave system. So they lived in caves like animals? She didn't want to know more about the demon even as he dragged her down one tunnel. She continued to fight him knowing that if they ended up wherever he wanted to take her it would be far harder for her to escape. As it was she was hurt which probably made it a bit easier for him to actually catch her.

    "What do you want with me? You cant possibly mean to keep me here. You should have let your friends kill me, I wont make it easy for you to kill me alone." She said glaring at him. She was actually surprised they hadn't blocked her magic, but that must not be a common power for demons. At least they hadn't thought about clipping her wings to keep her grounded.
  6. "What makes you think I'm killing you?" He spoke, his voice was harsh, but not as loud now that they were away from the other demons. Continuing to drag her into the large tunnel he had turned towards, and as they drew closer the room was made up of a fairly large cell with stalagmites and stalagtites forming it's "bars". The demon raised a hand and the "bars" receded into the ground and ceiling of the room which they seemed to be growing out of enough so that he could thrown the angel in, rising back out of the ground to shut her in the rather large "cell" she was currently in. A few pillows lay around, along with a stone slab with a few "chairs" around it carved out of stone, there was a toilet too, which was noticeably unused. After standing there looking at the angel for a brief, he walked out of the room heading towards the tunnel to the right of the entrance, which lead to a sort of "bedroom". The bed also had a few pillows, but the "mattress" was made of a hard stone. He lay down, somewhat awkwardly on it's hard surface resting his head on a pillow, and started to think. Normally, if she had been a human, he probably wouldn't have been this easy going, but she was the first angel he managed to acquire alive, the others had been taken by other groups, and what was being done with them wasn't exactly in his tastes. "So, what SHOULD I do with her?" He asked himself deep in thought...
  7. "Isnt that what you demons do to the captured angels?" She asked though she thought she knew the answer. Of course she had heard of a few angels that had been turned to demons to escape death and whatever the demons had done to them and she shuddered to think such a thing might happen to her. As she was brought into the cell she gave a bit more fight but it was useless, she was tossed in and trapped. No matter what she tried to do the stone wouldn't break and she was weakening herself by trying. She had to keep up her energy for if he came back. At the moment she wasn't sure what he would do with her and she really didn't want to know. She had a bad feeling about it though as he had fought other demons just to bring her back. This situation couldn't get any worse in her opinion, well it could, but she wasn't going to think about that.
  8. After a while of pondering, he got himself out of his "bed" partly because curiousity was getting the better of him, and partly because laying there was starting to make his back hurt. Walking to the room where the angel was, he figured he'd ask her a few questions, starting with some simple ones. "Who are you anyways?" He asked her, his voice had a more curious tone despite still being rough, as he hadn't met an angel himself before, he was curious what names an angel had. Countless other questions riddles his mind, but he only selected a few which he deemed important.
  9. "I don't have to answer you. Afterall why should I give you my name when I don't even know yours. I am an angel and that is all you need to know." She said after a few minutes. She could tell he was curious about her and wanted to know more, but she wasn't going to give him any information about her kind if she could help it. As she stood there she stretched her wings out slightly her soft feathers brushing against the wall as she stood away from the bars that formed her cell. She didn't want to get near him, though he could probably cause her harm if he wanted from where he was.
  10. "Fine then, my name is Virgil." He said irritably, something about her attitude was different than his conception on how an angel behaved. Though Virgil wasn't his real name, it was the name he preferred being called over "Judas", he noticed she was backing towards the wall. She seemed to be rather unwilling to get close to him, which wasn't surprising, even other demons were like that seeing him. He clenched his fists waiting for an answer, he was growing impatient, but he decided to keep his annoyince in check for now.
  11. "Arissa." She said after a moment not giving him her full name but a part of it. She had seen the irritation in his stance and she figured it would be safe enough to give him a bit of an answer even if it wasn't the full answer he was after. She wasn't actually afraid of him, she just didn't want him to touch her or anything. As she stood there she folded her wings once more and looked at him. "I don't think you have me here just for conversation, so what are you really doing with the angels that your kind find? I don't see why you didn't just get rid of me at the same time you found me. Im not going to help you learn about my kind so you can forget about asking me anything more."
  12. Virgil sighed in frustration, on the bright side he at least got a name out of her, but it was quite clear she wasn't going to talk much more today. He turned around, and headed out of the room heading for his "bedroom" once more, he figured he'd leave her alone for now as much as he hated being bored; there was little else to do in this literal hell hole. He lay down, putting a pillow under his back this time to minimize the pain the hard bed would cause him if he slept on it like this, though he was used to it, his back sure didn't settle well with a hard surface. Then, closing his eyes, he slowly started to doze off, the angel constantly popping up in his stream of thoughts which baffled him just a little...
  13. Arissa watched as eventually the demon turned and left her alone once more. She sat on the 'bed' for a moment but she wasn't about to fall asleep in such a place and risk being caught off-guard. She might be tired then, but she couldn't sleep in this place. Besides, if she did who knew what would happen. She couldn't be comfortable in such a place, this was hell and she was an angel!

    After what felt like a few hours she stood up and started to look more closely at what was around her. Perhaps she could use something to her advantage in the cell. She didn't think it was possible, but it was worth a shot.
  14. That night, Virgil's dreams were odd ones indeed, they were as they usually were, with him flying through an seemingly endless column of flames, but this time the angel seemed to pop up here and there. He woke up with his head hurting a little as he had probably hit it on the stone "frame" of the bed at some point in his sleep. Getting up and stretching, he figured he'd go question the angel again, and like before; he didn't get much in the way of answers... The cycle of questioning, pondering, and sleeping continued on for a few more days before things started to change...
  15. Arissa continued to avoid answering his questions about her kind only giving him answers that he already knew about. It seemed that he was starting to see she was stubborn and wouldn't give in easily, but at the same time she started to trust him a bit since he hadn't done anything to actually hurt her. Even what he fed to her was something she could actually enjoy and she figured that had to be hard to find in such a place.

    It had been over a week since her capture and while she didn't like being there, she started to make things more comfortable. Her bed was now soft and fluffy like a cloud and she could sleep peacefully knowing that he wasn't going to hurt her. She thought she could do the same for him as well and resolved to ask him about it when he came to visit her again. "I noticed you seem to be in pain, is it the bed you are sleeping on? I can change the stone, if you would let me to something a bit more comfortable."
  16. Virgil looked to be conflicted about the matter, and if this was still the first day; he probably wouldn't have agreed. Though admittedly his bed was quite.... Uncomfortable to say the least, soft materials were just hard to find in general down here in hell. Besides, Arissa was starting to grow on him if he were to be truly honest with himself, becoming quite fond of her stubborn nature despite his constant thoughts of denial against that. Reluctantly, he nods, and with another brief flash of orange in his eyes the "bars" confining her to the room receded into the cave, practically seeming like they werent there at all. He knew full well he could just grab her again if she did try to escape, it's not like she's make it far before another group of demons caught her if she did get outside anyways...
  17. Stepping out of the cell she was staying in she looked at the demon Virgil for a moment and waited for him to lead the way. She wasn't about to break a promise, even if she didn't promise anything to him. She was going to help the guy out since he was being kind to her. Besides, she would probably have bugged him until he would allow her to fix his bed for him.

    When she was brought to his room she glanced around a moment before going over to where he slept and plucked a single feather from her wings. Wincing at the feeling she shifted her wings a bit before setting the feather on the stone and watching as it melted into the surface before the stone started to shift slightly and change color. It was the same color as her wings now and just as soft. "There, try it out. It should be soft enough to make things easier for you to sleep."
  18. Cautiously, Virgil tested out the bed it was noticeably softer, even more so than his pillows were surprisingly. He lay down on it, his back not hurting him for the first time he could remember, closing his eyes a little lost in the moment. The he got up and looked at Arissa "Thank... you." he spoke the words as if he was making an effort to get them out of his throat, mostly because Demons normally don't thank each other. Despite his still quite rigid attitude, and posture he seemed to relax just a little, trusting her more than he did before. Perhaps it was for the best that he had left her alive rather than just kill her when he first saw her.
  19. "Your welcome. It is the least I can do for your kindness. While I would like to be free, that isn't an option is it?" She asked after a moment before looking back towards the tunnel that she had just come from. With a small sigh she looked back at the demon for a moment and shook her head. "I should get back to the cell. It wouldn't do to have one of your fellow demons seeing me running around."

    With that she started on her own back to the cell. As much as she wanted to go home she would never make it out alive and she was smart enough to know that. How could she get away with all those demons roaming around all the time? It seemed that there were more of them then there were of angels, and it seemed to make sense humans gave into their darker needs more then they let the good shine through. So more humans turned to demons when they died, and angels seemed to become demons if they were captured and turned, though she wasn't sure how that actually happened.
  20. Before either of them could say anything, a demon flew in, this one looked more menacing than most of the others... He had a particularly brutal looking spear in his hand and upon spotting the angel he charged landing a quite heavy hit on her before Virgil could react. Anger burning in his eyes, he struck back with all his strength knocking over the demon, but he got up quickly, turning his weapon and attention towards Virgil now "Didn't I tell you NOT to challenge me in my own living space Barbatos?!" He screamed, at him before he charged, his wings giving him some extra speed while the other demon did the same, he swerved around Barbatos before the spear could reach him jamming an elbow roughly into his back stunning him momentarily. As Barbatos's grip weakened on his weapon for a moment, Virgil srenched the spear from his hands, but not without a struggle. By the time Virigl was now holding onto the spear again, Barbatos had regained his composure, and rushed towards Virgil again. Virgil just pointed Barbatos's own spear at him and shot towards him managing to pierce his heart with the spear's long reach before he managed to land a hid with his bare fists. "All brains but no brawn, good thing he didn't talk this time..." Virgil thought to himself, turning his attention to the now heavily injured Arissa, thinking fast, he dropped the spear and kicked the body of Barbatos out of the way as he searched around for a few old clothes he kept around, finding them and tearing them into makeshift bandages and rushing back to the angel, carefully bandaging her wounds and lay her down on his own bed carefully.
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