The Demon and Her Trap

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  1. A young women spent the summer with her familiy after a long year of college. She felt close to her familiy and rather protective over them since a young age. When the vacation was over they head back home before she would head back to her college for another year. On the way home though he father drove and a intense storm hit as they drove. The father didn't want to risk driving any longer then he had to so when he spotted a large building off the main road somehow he turned down the winding drive way and up to run down manor. Though decrypted it was shelter and the family quickly ran into the manor.
    Little did they know this manor would forever seperste them.

    Once inside they realized the manor was well kept inside. Surprised they called out for the owners. But, to their dismay a young demon came down. A female reviling much of her perfect body along with her mass of 9 white tails that swayed behind her.

    This demon a nine tailed fox demon what been traped for hundreds of year with in the manor devouring the souls of human who found their way in. The young girl begged for her parents and sisters lives and the demon seemed to take a like to the girls body. So she agreed to free her parents if she stayed traped with her forever as her new slave and toy or until she finds a way to free the demon from the manor. she The girl agreed and her familiy was released but their memories of their eldest daughter were ripped
    From their heads.

    I'm looking for someone to play the demon. Right where the girl first finds her and her familiy in the manor. Comment her and I'll message you more details and a CS. We can disscuss the rp.
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  2. I am intrigued, intrigued indeed.
  3. Sorry i have someone talking in the works about this already I will let you know if it falls through?
  4. Alright, that's fine. Thanks for the heads up.