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  2. This guy's a very, very great poet. One of the best I've seen.
    I'm not sure if I fully agree with everything he's saying, though. But that's a problem I have: the better something is, the more likely I am to nitpick (because bad things aren't worth that attention, and good things are). For example, depression is an illness like a cough. It's alright to consider medication as part of a treatment. He's right though, that it doesn't solve everything.

    The title also is something of a misnomer, as this wouldn't stop a bully so much as cheer up a bullied kid. In fact, it doesn't do much to talk about the root causes of bullying or how to prevent it.

    It is very, very good though.
  3. I think that's because a lot of the time people look at bullying in the forms of "I am the innocent good guy, the bully is just some asshole".
    Where although sometimes true, it is rarely that simple. A lot of the people who turn to bullying are those who are being or have been bullied themselves.

    Now you'd think this would cause a lot of them look at something like this and go "Oh my god, I must be making others feel awful".
    While in truth people have a tendency to constantly look at things through their own bias lens first, considering other perspectives second.

    And people generally feel so bad for people being bullied they don't always want to stick their neck out and say that maybe some of these victims are part of the problem as well.
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  4. I don't really think that this poem has much anything to do with preventing bullying or understanding why bully occurs. While the title does a bit of disservice, I don't think the poet himself decided to upload and title the video himself. In any case, as I understood it from listening, this poem is more about finding strength of self while struggling to resist the impact of hurtful words, over looked and under stated cruelties of child life and the various slings and barbs of life. The poet doesn't go into the perspective of the bully because that's not what's important to the narrator, and even if it were, it would be out of place to attempt to speak for them. The narrator is struggling with self so taking on another person's self, particularly that person who is operating as antagonizing presence isn't plausible. The limits and powers of spoken word poetry come from a cohesive narrative as well as the personal message.

    Anywho, thanks for sharing the poem with us.
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  5. Oh I know that the reach of one poem/presentation is limited.
    I wasn't trying to knock the guy who made it down for not covering enough group.
    It is a far too complex topic for one poem to cover it, and for what his poem did cover he did it beautifully.
    Even if I might not agree 100% with what he said, though I would say I agree with around 90% of it.

    I was just commenting on that in general when we as society look at bullying and our past cases of bullying, rarely do we step back and consider what might be going on in the bullies life that drives them to bully (and note I'm guilty of this too). We almost always just band behind the victim of the bullying, and treat it like a traditional hero vs villian tale. Which although I completely agree that in the act/moment of the bullying it is the victim that everyone's concerned about, once that initial incident is over we should also be aiming to give some attention to the bully themselves, and see what might have caused it and how we can prevent it.

    Because more often than not, someone who bullies others is a sign of:

    1) A lack of confidence
    2) An abusive home
    3) A victim of bullying themselves
    4) Just in a shitty life situation atm
    5) Parent's might have neglected to teach their children manners
    5a) And play dumb when news of their child being rotten get's out

    Granted they could just be a legitimately bad person, but even then we should still try to aim for preventative measures (within reason) when possible.
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