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    The year is 5052 A.D, Day of Eden, Falsmonth 3rd, 9:30 pm. Three hundred years ago, on this very day, Humanity met spear-to-spear with a galactic force of evil we now know as the Maelstrom. We have commissioned an army of Machines to combat this threat, and so far things have gone well. But the Maelstrom grows more powerful by the week, TeleGov is corrupting as we speak, and the planet's biosphere is collapsing. Until the Explorers find a new habitable world, we will die, and the Maelstrom will win. But... there is a chance, I think, that the Defenders may defeat this threat before it reaches out doorstep, and that is all I can hope for.

    I just don't want to see my home destroyed.

    Doctor Telkein, Defender Coordinator, signing off.


    In 5052, the Maelstrom unleashed the first attack in over two hundred years. The attack was devastating, bringing many of the planets largest nations to their knees and leaving the entire planet in utter chaos for entire months. On this degenerating Earth, there are few resources and no one is sure how long they can hold out before the entire planet risks annihilation and the extinction of the entire species.

    You are a Defender or one of the many adventurous human explorers, setting out to not only find the Maelstrom homeworld, but to defend your planet from the looming threat of destruction. The entire Galaxy is your playground.

    Basically, there will be main plot posts that will guide the story, but it is up to you how your character responds and acts, whether it is against the good of the people, or for the good of the planet. It is a sandbox with a loose story that will eventually tie together into a continuation. You will control one or two characters: Either a Defender and its human counterpart, or a regular human doing whatever he or she wishes.

    This is Arc One.

    First, you should know what a Defender is. A Defender is a hyper-intelligent machine built specifically to fight against the Maelstrom. In order to keep in good relations with the human populace they are to defend, each Defender is paired with a human of any age, mentally linked to provide a more human way of thinking of things. Each Defender type has its purpose, arsenal, and skills, and each individual has its own fleshed out personality.

    The Insectoid (open)
    Stealth-oriented Defenders. They are designed for tracking criminals, Maelstrom Renegades, and are the only Defenders capable of taking on steal missions. They are called such due to their tracking insect-like antennas. They often stand at eight feet tall, with blue or green coloring and kyratanite skeletons. Their moulds come in both male and female varieties. They often wield plasma blades and energy pistols, as well as cloaking devices.​

    Angels (open)

    Image is beneath top logo.

    The Angels are aerial Defenders, focused on taking down whatever threatens the surface. They wield enormous plasma based spears and are among the physically strongest of the Defenders, even in the sky where their wings must carry them. They stand at eight feet tall and come in light crystal blue and white with kyratanite skeletons. Their moulds are ambiguous.​

    The Rogues (open)

    The Rogues are the most talented on the planet, and should enemies escape through the barrier of Angels, these are the guys to handle it. They exhibit "magical" abilities, such as draining energy, supercharging their scythes and other weapons, and plasma manipulation. There are very few Rogues left, and some are physiologically more human than others.

    The Explorers (open)

    The Explorers were originally built to withstand the pressures of underwater, and existed long before the Defenders came into being. Now, they swim through the void of space, searching for a new home for their human creators. They are not built for battle, thus lack in strength or weapons, but they are also the only ones who can explore space on their own. Their moulds are ambiguous, and their skeletons are made of light steel.


    Earth is a technological powerhouse, full of luxury and entertainment. Every year, a new Defender is commissioned and paired with their human, every year two million people take a quick visit to Pluto for their children's science field trips. Life has been extended by two hundred cycles. Any disease can be cured, all freedoms are assured.

    The Earth is governed by TeleGov, a council of three hundred. These are noble men and women who have led Earth into prosperity, even against the Maelstrom, and they continue to do their jobs for the good of the people.

    The Maelstrom, however, does not let comfort blossom. It is a chaotic force for evil, known only by the destructive black discs that fly through the air at night, causing havoc should they get too close to the surface. It is a malevolent force to be reckoned with. It showed up two hundred years prior to the current date, and yet scientists still can't discern just what it is.​

    1. Standard Iwaku rules apply here. Follow them to the letter here as you would anywhere else.​
    2. Goddmodding, killing another player without their permission, or powerplaying is not allowed. You control your character, and yours alone.​
    3. Decent grammar is expected, and at least two paragraphs are required to count as part of narrative. ​
    4. Interact! Especially with people who seem like they're being ignored. You can have more than one interaction going at a time.​
    5. Swearing is okay, but please keep it PG-13.​
    6. On that note, gore is alright as well, but considering these are machines, you'll probably have to be creative. Or bloody up your human character. It's up to you.​
    7. Each plot post must be recognized in some way or another. While you are free to develop as you see fit, you are also part of a story here. ​
    8. Harassing other players, being a general nuisance, or bringing OOC drama to the thread will get you kicked.​
    When you've read the rules, please fill out the below sheet and post it accordingly. Keep in mind that it doesn't have to be long, just enough that I get an idea of who your character is. A descriptive image is alright.

    Defender Name:
    Defender Type
    Human Partner:
    Physical Description of Defender:
    Physical Description of Human:
    Human's History:
    Defender Personality:
    Human Personality:
  2. This sounds awesome! I would like to reserve a spot for sure. One question: Would an explorer have any part of the story or are they just by themselves?
  3. Wow, didin't actually think anyone would jump on this since it's been a bit... dead. If it does get revived, then yes they'd be somewhat on their own-- with more or less a ton of freedom to do what needs to be done.
  4. Don't see why it's dead. Sounds cool to me ^_^
    Let me know when you plan on doing a reboot.
  5. If I do bring it back, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks for showing an interest!
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  6. I also have an interest. :3
  7. I was sooo excited on joining this... Then I found out it was dead. You should bring it back up, it seems like a really interesting plot.
  8. Haha, don't worry guys. How's about this: give me time, a few days or so. I'll bring it back and start accepting apps. But now I've got a bit on my plate. I would absolutely love to play this out with you guys, just got to give me time!
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  9. I'm just going to heap on the pressure by saying that I would also like to join this RP if it goes ahead.

    Can I please get a shout or PM if/when you do start up the RP?
  10. @SunsetBumpkin , @Miss Flufferbutt , @PinkTipi , @Disgruntled Goat

    Hey guys!

    Alright, since many of the group rps I've been involved with seem to have died out, I'll bring this back. I may send PMs to make sure you guys know later on, but until then, if you see this, go ahead and post apps. I'll be sure to check in later!
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  11. Question; Can I have two characters? (Other than the two we already control I guess.)
  12. I'm going to leave it up to you how many characters you can handle, so I'm not really putting a limit (well, a kind-of limit to prevent people from having up to six or seven characters active at once, because that's a bit overboard). What kind of extra were you planning on?
  13. I'm actually not so sure anymore, I might just stick with an Explorer. Might just make an ordinary human? X)
  14. Ah, well go ahead and do that. Since Explorers are the only Defenders without any real human attachment, I can see you making a separate human character if you want.
  15. Oasis/Zoey WIP, Cyan

    Defender Name: "Oasis" ZOI-100 Series
    Defender Type: Explorer
    Human Partner: Zoey "Zo" Lefelhoc

    Physical Description of Defender:
    Mainly a Midnight Blue mainframe with unique metallic violet counterparts. "Oasis" has more of an feminine characterized appearance with fin-like razors outgrown on the elbows that are capable deflecting minor attacks or dealing enough damage to stagger the enemy to flee. The razors are the only thing capable doing any sort of damage but is less than likely to use them. Also has bulkish sensors on the side of the head to help assist with detection of certain objects, the sensors on the head spread out like "elf ears". "Oasis"s lower half is similar to a fish or mythical mermaid with small fin gliders to stabilize balance.
    Image D (open)


    Physical Description of Human:
    Zoey is a sturdy formed human organism with violet features. Her hair has three different tones of violet in her hair along with brown eyes that appear to be over run with the violet feature. Highly prefers to keep her whole body covered at all times due to scars that run along all through out her body. Zoey metal implants in her face that start from the jaw line and another that starts from the cheek bone going into the left eye. It is unclear if there are other metal/machine implants on her body since it is almost always covered. Her average body suit is white and blue, or sometimes all black.
    Image H (open)


    Human's History:
    Defender Personality:
    Human Personality:

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  16. Wait so Explorers...Don't have human counterparts. I though I read they did?
  17. There's something I just need to clarify, do the "defenders" actually have their own personalities? When I first saw the thread, I thought they were some kind of mind-controlled robots, instead of being a separate creature, but the character sheet asks for the personality of each one.

    It's not going to stop me signing up, but I just want to make sure I know what's going on first.
  18. Yeah, the Defenders are a bit confusing. Each is their own individual, but most (excluding the Explorers for various reasons I can ago into if you'd like) require some kind of Human to both aid them in Defender-to-Human communication, and fill in the gaps (offering them information via link on the human world, translating what humans say to the defenders and vice-versa since only Defenders and their human counterparts can understand each other, etc.) so it kind of works like that.

    If you need any more info, let me know.
  19. No, sorry if I made that confusing. I ought to go through the entire thread and clear things up a bit, huh? I wrote this some time ago. But no, technically they don't. They can, but it's not necessary for them because they were built before the Maelstrom. More time was put into their design and thus a human is not entirely necessary. Can be useful, but not necessary.
  20. In fact mind control would be pretty interesting, but I'd like to see how people mold their personalities. Maybe in another arc.