The Defender of the Weak

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    I stand for the rights of America and all the people that America shuns away from its community and loved ones because they don't fallow the same things as every other American or any other nation belives in.


    America and other nations need to lean that just because one one is different doesn;t mean they are a threat or they should be exculded by certain things. I am a female and i support gay rights completely WHY ? because its the right fucking thing to do. NOTHING in the bible states no one should be allowed to love someone they love.

    I am in SPED thanks to coing to the USA from Ukraine and I was immeditaly different from others, i didn't learn as others did and I was not liked for that and often times excluded from activities and often got bad grades. I also have deep depression whcih I am fighting off and I hope that this site won't treat me like a pile of shit because I am different. I love everyone equally and i am very nice to a point. Once you brake my friendship its almost impossible to get it back.

    So hello new family of mine I am advanced human and I am the one that stands for those who the world excludes. I am your friend and family and welcome to my home and life.


    If you ever see a child that needs more then a regular student or has a spiecal need, don't you dare laugh or think they are weird. In reality they are one of the nicest and loving people you shall ever know and your a jerk if you don't think so. because in the end we all bleed red and we all have a brain and heart and emotions. Some show it in a different way and need more love, but they are family and friends.​
  2. Welcome to Iwaku where our entire staff is either transgender, gay, or in need of serious therapy? 8D

    That was certainly a way to make an entrance! >:3 Welcome to our abode. I don't think you're going to have a problem with any of that kind of stuff. We're all about the roleplay and funtimes here. <3
  3. That's great. Thank you for the warm welcome I hope I fit in. =^_^=