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  1. So I've been doing a bit of browsing around on general articles on what is called "The Deep Web" and decided I'd download Tor and take a shallow dip. After the many warnings, stories and other content described within the deep web, I couldn't say I was surprised in the least. It was as if the filter were turned off for the internet and everything was exposed, revealing a massive web that I could barely comprehend; it were as if I'd stood on an abyss' edge for a moment to long and realized just how endless it were... and just plain fucking weird.

    It took some digging around but I found a forum consisting of five people who discuss in detail... well, anything. There were no bounds to these conversations (most of which I won't name out of courtesy). Found a site which had the strangest pictures and products I've never even imagined could have been produced. After glimpsing a few sites here and there, occasionally seeing something that I wish I didn't see (shouldn't have turned ON the JavaScript) I figured I'd check out the well known sites. Had a look at SilkRoad and was amazed; it's no joke that you can buy anything and I mean anything on this site. Looked at the homepages of some 'mercenary' sites and found a video site that has some of the obscene, dark comedy and extremely obscure videos that I may never forget.

    I will say however: There are quite a number of interesting things on the Deep Web and even more questionable things that most members of society will probably never see or even hear of. For anyone faint of heart, for the love of all that which is your sanity, do not randomly go browsing there. Otherwise though, there is a great deal of information to be found and is a treasure trove to those looking to find whatever there may be hidden in the Deep Web.
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  2. Been there before, it's not for everyone. Most people aren't ready for what is there. Most would enjoy never knowing.
  3. I can never unsee any of that shit, I am all for freedom in all its forms but some of this deep webs stuff takes it a touch far. I mean at the end of the day there must be some self control, some sense of morality. I never thought I would say this but perhaps every single person in this world deserves a tracking chip implanted into their head. Every single moment of their lives watched over by some Big Brother if you will. Because if that is what you do with you freedom maybe you don't deserve it.
  4. I won't go there. O__O There are things I would not be able to unsee and they would haunt me for the rest of my life. I have a hard enough time avoid disturbing things that I stumbled over by accident, so I sure dun wanna go looking for it.

    I do, however, love that the internet is wild and untamed. I wish it would stay this way forever. Even though there's some scary stuff out there, there's just as many awesome things. FREEDOM FOREVER!
  5. Oh yeah, there are some amazing things out there within the confines of the deep web. Though you can find alot of rather... questionable content; you can also find alot of things that just won't end up on the surface web. In all honesty though, I feel the deep web is a more accurate portrayal of the world than we may realize. As an example, we American's are generally sheltered from the violence of the rest of the world and have it spoon fed to use through small traffic ways via news networks or blogs across the surface net, but we never actually see any of the major bits or hear of the worst of the worst. Just after spending a few hours reading various news articles from other countries, I realize a part of the reason why the world seems to hate America, we're ignorant as fuck in the way of world events.

    I've seen videos I'd never see through those evil bastards at Fox news or NBC or whatever news station of the streets of China, Ukraine, SW Russia and other areas of the world. Why? Because our search engine we typically use such as Google, Yahoo, Ask or Bing only index so much of the web pages on the internet. I truly find it remarkable in what little time I have spent searching around, it feels almost enlightening.

    Hisoka: I'm half-half on your opinion, though there are alot of sick things out there I'd personally never condone tracking chips in every last person (despite it already being in our phones, tablets, etc). Yes, we do alot of crazy things in this world, but much of it has been going on for thousands of years, this is just the next step we can witness. Its that form of pragmatic thinking which demonizes that area of the net, hence, causing others to take the same opinion without ever having seen or explore it themselves. But of course, I respect your opinion, but its a bit harsh is all.

    Diana: I don't blame you though, if you run across the wrong web page, you will see something you'd never see in your normal routine daily life. I do thank you for recognizing freedom, for we cannot sacrifice any of it for a little security; despite how ugly it may get sometimes.

    The Butterfuly: Simply put and well said. It really isn't a place for the average person to gaze upon.
  6. @DGraves

    Perhaps I was a bit too harsh but I stand by my opinion. The sort of freedom the Deep Web offers should not be so casually offered like the merest of trinkets. I honestly believe that sort of freedom should be earned not a given right. The drug dealers and what was most likely an arms dealer is one thing but child porn and what I am pretty damn sure was a snuff flim is completely another.

    I never had much faith in the human species and that is just from the crap you find on the normal web. I had hoped though we left some our baser instincts in the Dark Ages though. But the Deep Webs seems to prove it seems to only gotten worse. And hiding it underneath this candy coating of Freedom of Information and whatnot doesn't justify it nor make it more palatable.
  7. Hisoka: Point taken and I couldn't agree more that much of what is within the deep net should be eliminated. As for drugs, arms and other materials (or information) I feel it is still relevant to our society. I know some people who own automatic weapons just because they have a love for firearms. The same goes for a certain variety of drugs hard to come by in some cases; specifically organic drugs such as Cannabis, mushrooms and Dimethyltryptamine. But that's kind of a different subject to delve into. As for any other materials, the free flow of information and goods is vital to our society so that we may better ourselves through the actions of others. It is a flawed logic to do so, but it has indirectly kept many good people from living such lives.

    As for faith in the human species, that's the only thing I have faith in when it comes to a matter of faith, but that too, is another subject.
    But yes, when it comes to 'freedom of information' it is a massive grey zone. All information online is treated equally, despite its content; in a sense its the same as a stance on journalism, "everything is okay to write about or none of it." Problem is, there are some things people simply aren't ready to know about or can't even stomach and its all but a few clicks and url's away within the deep web. I can't condone what happens there but I don't feel I've the right in any case to suppress any of it either; these people will do what they do and they will always find a way to do it.

    As said by Hemingway and changed in the script of a certain film 'Se7en":
    "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for,
    I disagree with the first part."
  8. I'm there on a daily basis, probably explains a lot of things about me :|

    But I do have to say this, the deep web has been around for a while and those of you who are thinking that all you will see is horrible unseeable things, you are wrong. There are quite a few great things you can find like Free text books, paste bins,freedom for the people forums, and many other things that are not as negative as one would think, also the search engine basically will put you in the to the swept web according to what you search for, browsing the dep web is like trying to browse THE WORLD and everything In it.

    As dismal as the news makes the world seem, there are very important and good things on the deep web as well. You can't always have the good without the bad, especially with something that is this open and unowned, the deep web is a globally shared knowledge. Google has control over mostly all that is found on its engines, the deep web isn't exactly run by anyone person it seems more of a large group of people spread across the globe.
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  9. I refuse to believe the good can not be filtered from the bad. And anyone who does is either lazy or part of those who would sully what it means to be human. No matter how vast a battlefield may be there are always choke points. Not to mention there is always somebody in charge you can off. That's been true since we decided to start wearing clothes and build houses.

    I am not for cutting off acesses to the Deep Webs. I happen to agree there is a lot of good, a almost unexplainable amount of good. But that does mean we should accept the meth lab around the corner to speak. After all it only takes a lighter to solve the problem.
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  10. I have never heard of this Deep Web before.

    So, how does it work in relation to normal searches? How do I access this Deep Web?

    I want in. Give me the goddamn red pill, Morpheus.

  11. The red pill is only a download away, just look up the tor project.
  12. Okay, thanks.

    Don't worry, if Homeland Security break down my door, I won't tell them you told me about it.

    I'm no cheese-eater. I'm no rat, homies.
  13. Just a tip though, don't expect a whole lot of flash content to work.
  14. No need. My interests include certain data that seemed to disappear within minutes of me noticing it in 2008.

    Oh, I have not forgotten NASA!
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