The Deep End

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  1. With a jingle did the bell ring, crying out to alert the clerk within the establishment that a customer came calling. The agency was familiar with his face but not so drastically so that questions could be raised and police would be called to begin a lengthy investigation to probe around the business. That was the last thing that they needed. Nosy busy bodies sniffing around trying to find the next lead that might bring them that much closer to their raise and a greater worth among the people.

    A single woman short and portly stood behind the counter looking as bored as she probably felt, her lips pulled apart to reveal a welcoming grin, "It is so nice to see you so well, Mr. Grieves." Round in tone and soft in reflection did the brunette greet him, "It has been a while, I began to think that perhaps Mister Silverstone was unsatisfied with our former help we had sent to you."

    Sliding across the counter top came that of a worn clipboard, a sign in sheet before they could continue into the depths of the facility; his pen coming out from the breast pocket of his coat to scribble James Grieves across the top; "Nothing of the short, just most of the fine workers have moved up in the world that we are needing a new maid to come in and take over." Hazel eyes moved to observe the woman with a gentle appreciation while she in turn seemed to be waiting for the but at the end of his statement. It wouldn't come of course, he had been in this business too long to go about revealing anything that wasn't permission-able by that of the master of the estate.

    "A maid is what you are looking for?" Fingers lifted to rub her second chin, fingernails manicured into a exaggerated stretch that looked exactly what they were, fake. "I think we might have a few young ladies that could fill that position."

    "I would be grateful if you would lead on then Mrs. Day." A vague nod was extended to him, "Whenever you are ready." The whole thing was so repetitive that it was a wonder that he didn't just walk in and take over the entire process with a grin having become so familiar with the entire process. But that would be rude after all and he wasn't aiming to tarnish even loosely the name of Silverstone.

    Hands smoothed along the hem of her skirt, "This way please Mr. Grieves," A single white door would lead them inside the facility and to those the woman had thought best for this potential offer. Knowing damn well that this company and the estate took extreme care of whomever came into their care. They had one of the best reputations for any worker to advance while being famed for going up and above any call for the general worker. It was a luxury that was literally only once in a life time offer for many.
  2. Another day, but yet the same routine in the same facility. The same sights met Seraphine's golden eyes as she watched the other girls move about silently. They soon fell in order and lined up, indicating that a customer had arrived though Seraphine was a bit reluctant to get up. Currently, she was nestled in a makeshift bed made up of eight fluffy white tails and a ninth one curled around her waist. Reluctantly getting up, Seraphine smoothed out each if her tails as she walked over to her spot, ignoring the strange stares she was receiving. It wasn't anything she wasn't used to, being the only kitsune in the entire facility. She got these looks often but she wouldn't let them get to her because she liked being different.

    Holding her head up high, her ears perked up as she heard Mrs. Day's knowing footsteps draw nearer and nearer to the door. She turned her head, looking towards the door as she curled one of her tails around her waist and gently combed through another with her fingers. The white door budges open at she shirt lady walked in with a 'customer' of sorts and she straightened up, uncurling her tails and fanning them out as she had been told to do. Her golden eyes stared ahead, waiting for any kind of order to do anything. No one thought she was good enough to get a job based solely on the fact that she had never uttered a single word since being in the facility, but every time someone came along, she was determined to prove them wrong.
  3. Straightening the measure of his coat tucking his hands into his pockets hanging at his side following the steps of Mrs. Day, barely catching the movement of the women coming into the lineup as if this was something of a military camp. Something he couldn't fathom even on a good day why such theatrics were required but were entirely out of his reach. Not that he wanted to busy himself with that sort of mess, not when he was already acting like an assistant to a man that had more favor to lock himself away in the deepest reaches of his own house or business.

    Neko girls were common in this place and he had no discrepancy for or against them. As far as he was concerned they were just as normal as anyone else in this neo earth. "Have a look please," Mrs. Day stopped a few paces behind him, "Girl's best behaviour please." Some wiggled in anticipation, others began to preen in a way that was suppose to lure him into a false hope. He had been in this business far too long to be so easily fooled.

    In that military fashion he moved slowly through the line, stopping sometimes to ask a question to one or make some idle chit chat before politely grinning and moving on. The process would come to happen a few times before he found more of a interest sparking into his awareness. Pausing in step before the white haired kitsune, James blinked more than a handful of times and smiled gently. "Well, aren't you a lovely young lady. I haven't seen many kitsunes in the city, do tell me what is your name dear?"
  4. Seraphine remained silent as she glanced around, noticing the girls trying to seem as attractive as possible as they always did. Really? It's a facility for others to find workers. Not a whorehouse. These thoughts ran through the kitsune'a head as she took another deep breath and listened to some of the answers the girls gave to the questions that he asked them. Most resembles the same answer, but there were several different variations. Working hard, working diligently, get things done, etc. She stared ahead of her just as the man stopped and faced her.

    She couldn't help the slight blush on her face when he mentioned her being lovely. However, the moment he asked her name, she froze, knowing she would have to answer. She hesitated for several moments before glancing over at Mrs. Day who gave her a knowing, but stern, nod. Returning her eyes to the man, she hesitated for another moment before opening her mouth. "My name is Seraphine, Sir," she said softly as she gave a short curtsy, her tails swaying ever so slightly with the movements.

    When she straightened back up, she perked her ears back up and fanned her tails out once more. "At your service," she added quickly as she placed her hands behind her back and waited, silently hoping that he would choose her to be a maid. She didn't want anything really but to work for someone which would be her answer if she was asked the question. It wouldn't be she was a hard worker like everyone else had said. She wanted to be different just as she always was.
  5. Yes she was quite lovely though that had nothing to do with anything, as far as he could consider any of the women here could be as ugly as a fresh clump of dirt; the job didn't require looks to be completed efficiently.

    Catching how she paused and threw a look towards that of the presiding Mrs. Day - an inner grin can to settle upon his mind where it was only privy to that of him- he offered a low nod at gaining her name. "Seraphine, quite the fitting name." A thought came as he rubbed a finger over his chin, "Burning Fire, if I recall the meaning-" He was that sort of person that knew that sort of useless trivial information, but it made for good ice breaking commentary.

    "Now I suppose dear Seraphine, may I ask what sort of duties you are commonly accustom to working? I am not looking to hire for myself but for my own employer that is far too busy to come down here; we have recently lost a very good maid and we are looking to replace her." James paused taking a side look to the other women that were attempting to look like they weren't paying attention but were; "My employer is a fickle man after all but we hold a good record of being one of the best employment opportunities; but we aim to bring on the best of any employee. Do you think you have what it takes to fill that role?"
  6. The kitsune nodded ever so slightly at the meaning of her name, though she knew the meaning of her name had nothing to do with the position being offered. As the questions kept coming, Seraphine remained in a respectful silence, not daring to answer a question until the man had finished speaking which was perfectly fine with her. When he finally did finish talking and asking her questions, she still remained silent, not really wanting to answer a single question though she knew that wasn't an option if she wanted to get out of there. With a small breath and her head held high, Seraphine finally decided on how to answer the questions.

    "I would be lying if I said I was accustomed to completing specific duties, Sir. I honestly have never been anything close to a maid but I do enjoy obeying orders and cleaning for others. I have a wide variety of duties I am able to fulfill such as dusting, cooking, sweeping, mopping, rearranging, etc. Everyone else here may the k that I wouldn't be suited for a job of this magnitude just because I'm different, but since you're asking me if I think I'm up for the challenge the my answer would have to be yes, but not because I think I'm the best choice. to be honest, though, I don't know why I think that...I just do, Sir," the kitsune said before closing her mouth and bowing her head respectfully. "I apologize if I overexplained myself," she added softly as she looked back up to the man in front of her.
  7. Whatever he was trying to accomplish was privy to him alone. Silence within his own skull seemed pungent and mirthful listening to the woman continue on. A sense of merit was created and in turn he could see that some of the other women in the room were unpleased that the kitsune was gaining so much attention.

    He'd been here enough times to understand that some preferred to be the best knowing that their ticket was just outside the doors. Others wouldn't care and it showed with their lackluster intent.

    "No apology necessary." Lips turned into a warming smile, though ever present in the hazel of his eyes. Perhaps he was being presumptuous with this one, but he had a feeling. And so far none of his hunches or feelings or ideas had been wrong. He wouldn't have kept his own job as long as he had, if that were the case. "You make a very valid statement, dear."

    Without another word to that of the girl did he turn to look directly at Mrs. Day. Nothing was said but that of a nod which in turn seemed to create a weight of disapproval. A clap resonated from the facility leader, the girls spun upon their heels removing themselves from the scene before anything else had the potential of happening. "I'll leave you to gather everything," Mrs. Day nodded coming closer to them both, "I will see you shortly then Seraphine, the car is outside. Gather what you need from here and we will see fit to get you ready into the estate."

    There was no need for anything more to be said on his part, just the polite tip of his head to that of Mrs. Day before excusing himself out. Only once he was fully out of sight did the other look to that of the kitsune. "You'll be the envy of them all," A chuckle was granted, "Is there anything else you need Seraphine before you leave?" Just like that, everything seemed to happen before one's very eyes.
  8. Letting out a silent breath of relief, Seraphine nodded at the man and waited until he was completely out of sight before breaking out into a wide grin and wrapping one of her tails around her waist. She moved around and gathered up her few items in a bag: a few clothes, a brush, and a toothbrush since that was all she needed. Looking to Mrs. Day, the kitsune shook her head as she looked at the bag. "No ma'am, I don't think so," she said with a small smile as she gave the woman who was like a mother to her a hug.

    Glancing around at the others, Seraphine couldn't help but smirk at their disgusted looks, knowing they were jealous of her. Picking up her bag, she gave a single nod towards the woman before walking through the white doors and ultimately the entrance to the building.

    It took her only a moment to find the car that the man had mentioned, and once she did, she placed her bag in the trunk before hesitantly climbing into the backseat so she could spread her tails out. She laid one ear back close to her head though the other remained perked up so she could hear better as she buckled up and rested one tail across her lap so she could gently run her fingers through it. It was a nervous habit she had and she found it completely calming since it helped get her mind on other things besides what she was nervous about.
  9. Sliding the phone into the breast of his pocket once finished with whatever business there was to be had, the narrow of his mind molded around the understanding that their were items to be carefully attended too. It wasn't as if everything was already in place mind you, just they needed the right bit of attention to make it that way.

    A room would be tidied, readying for the woman's arrival and orientation created so that they could efficiently welcome that if Seraphine into the homestead. Requirements were easy. Mostly.

    There was the head of staff that controlled most projects but even then this position was more prone to being in closer proximity to that of the man of the house. Yet to ask anyone of the staff, none would be able to honestly say what the man looked like. Perhaps it had only been that if James that had seen the man. Even that brought a smirk to his face, only due to the knowledge that Archimedes Silverstone was decently present when no one thought he was. What did that mean? Well the boss was generally among the staff but no one ever really knew it was him. He did have an impish humor afterall.

    The door opening caught his attention allowing his line of sight to direct upon the kitsune with an honest look. Business was business after all, "Any questions Seraphine, please do not hesitate to ask as we go to that of the estate." He offered that of a polite smile, "Arrangements have been already made to welcome you aboard."
  10. Glancing over at the man who's name she still had yet to receive, Seraphine curled her tails back up close to her as to not disturb him. She turned toward the window, she allowed her mind to wander, her ears slightly flicking occasionally with each thought. "What can I expect from the owner of the household?" she asked softly, her voice soft like velvet as it penetrated the silence. "Is he nice, mean, strict, relaxed...not that it would make a difference. I go to work and that's it. Ignore the question entirely," she said softly as she returned her gaze out the window.

    As the car began to move, Seraphine remained silent as she allowed her thoughts to wander all over the place. She watched the scenery go by, deciding not to utter a word for fear of asking and/or saying the wrong thing.

    Finally figuring out what exactly to say, she turned towards James. "Tell me what I need to know," she said softly as she crossed her arms, resting one hand on her tail that was still draped gingerly across her lap. Running her hand across the fur, she forced herself not to smile at the softness of the white fluff. "Anything and everything you can tell me before we get there, I want to know," she said quietly with a soft, respectful smile.
  11. Whether or not he answered her first question would be something of an amazement. He knew Archimedes but he didn't know how to rightfully give the girl a response that wouldn't have her balking. To say the owner was relaxed was one way but he had a frightful temper on him which suited to get his way if need be. Truthfully one had to engage the man of the estate to gain an idea what sort of person he was. But that would be if someone could tell who he was among the open.

    But, the question was quickly discarded and he smiled as if trying to lightening the situation.

    It took a bit as they drove coming up to the higher levels of the city, metro turning into suburban's into the posh houses you seen on tv but never had enough coin to visit. Looming in the distance was the stone work that appeared like it could have been a castle at one point in time, James found a light laugh at the back of his throat.

    "Well firstly my dear I have been rude, I am James Grieves. Gives a whole new meaning to 'take me home, James'," He loosely teased, "But you will be in direct employment beneath a woman by the name of Isadora. Charming woman really but quick to find faults, she is everything that labels a perfectionist. Unlike most of our staff, your duties will be requiring a closer contact with that of the man of the house, a Mister Archimedes Silverstone. Though even some of our experienced and veteran staff had yet to ever see the man, he is quite aloof. " Slowly they made it up an incline as a brass gate opened to welcome them into the yard, "Do not believe a word what the cooks say, they are young and have superstitious minds making false claims about everyone and anyone they could."

    His upper lip stiffened, "In the end of things Seraphine, I am always around should you need to talk. I think the basic thing for you to understand is that when night time rolls around, we are generally quite stern about no guests. It has been that way since I've been employment and I doubt it will change any time soon. I'd just suggest to try your best and do your damnest to take pride in what you do." He offered a final grin upon pulling up to the wide mouth of the house. Two doors coloured in dark alm loomed before them, one open revealing an elderly woman close to the age of seventy watching them with a catty eye. "That is Isadora," James nodded with a shallow wave to the woman which she didn't seem fit to return, "Be on your wits. She will be tough for the first couple days but you will receive lighter duties once she believes you are capable. Just don't ever agree to go to the top floor of the house, that is the lord's area and he doesn't take kindly to anyone on that floor that is uninvited."
  12. Seraphine glanced out of the window silently, watching as the scenery changed to nicer and nicer houses. She turned towards James with a small smile at learning his name and gave a short nod of her head in acknowledgement, giving a soft giggle at his loose tease. She remained silent as she listened to his explanations about what to expect from Isadora and how she shouldn't allow any guests under any circumstances at night. She couldn't help the threatening smile that brushed across her face though it quickly disappeared at the mention of her work being much closer to the owner even though experienced staff have yet to even see him. It made her feel special in a way.

    "I don't have anyone to be honest that would come anyway so you don't have to worry about that. No believing the cooks and no top floor. Got it," she said as she nodded. "Take pride and don't take anything she says personally. But if she is a bitch to me, I'll be a bitch right back," she said truthfully as she looked out the window at the old woman. "No matter how old she is," she said as she opened the door and climbed out, situating her tails behind her as she moved to the trunk and gathered her bag out before closing it, giving the woman a slight nod.
  13. She had a strong spirit, it would honestly do it very well here. Holding her own. With her comment for the lack of a better word, eye for an eye to deal with Isadora, he found himself chuckling purely in amusement. "I think you'll be alright, still if you do need help please do not hesitate to ask. Most people here are quite friendly, just some are firmly cemented in their ways."

    Sliding out of the car, he leaned over the top so he might get a better view, Isadora ever vigilant eyes glued to that of the girl. For half a second worry claimed his mind but this was out of his hands.

    "Well, aren't you lovely." Isadora chimed, "Don't think for a minute your looks will get you special treatment. I give you a task I want to hear nothing less than yes ma'am. Any arguing and you'll receive three warnings. The forth will be your termination." Stone etched in her voice, "Come now, I'll show you to your room and then you will be expected to meet your fellow serving staff. Nothing more." Dark brown eyes considered him briefly, "He wants to see you. A note was sent down twenty minutes ago." With that she disappeared inside causing James to offer Seraphine an encouraging smile.

    "We don't have all day!" Came the bellow.
  14. Seraphine walked up to the door to be met with Isadora's strict demeanor. The kitsune held her ground as the woman said her looks would get her if she was trying to say they would. All she had done was walk up to her. She nodded shortly when the woman said she was to respond with yes ma'am and nothing else. She watched at she glanced at James and spoke, obviously giving away that "he" meant the owner of the estate. She nodded a bit at James' encouragement before following the woman inside. "Coming," she said simply as she followed her upstairs to her room.

    Walking inside, she wasted no time unpacking her bag and putting her clothes up before hurrying back downstairs and into the main room, silently hoping that she wouldn't get yelled at. She couldn't think of why she would since she hadn't done anything wrong but anything could happen with so much as a simple look, whether respectful or not. Seraphine found herself wondering if she would ever actually meet her employer but quickly discarded the mental question.
  15. Coming into the kitchen there were three people standing there, two males and a single female. Yet only two of them were dressed to uniform them as servants, the other was still classified as one but unlike the first two, his attire suggested he was located in another part of the house. Isadora strode in and all three of them jerked their attentions up to consider the woman with an even stare. Her dark eyes narrowed seeming unpleased to be looking at the misfit, him grinning smugly in return to her. "Shouldn't you be at your post, Archie?" He was a curious looking fellow with piercing green eyes. His attire suggested he worked in the office of the house, managing paper work but nothing too formal.

    "I grew bored there, figured I would indulge my time with that of Lucy and Gus." The other two fidgeted nervously not wanting to be pulled into the conversation.

    "Get out." She hissed causing him to just grin wider. "Such a pain in the ass you are, I do not understand how Regan puts up with you." Clearly the supervision to the likes of him, Archie disregarded the woman with a casual step only to halt curiously to look down at the kitsune coming up quick. "Don't you even think about it, out out out!" Her hands came up to shove him out of the room with no luck. The guy proved to be like stone, refusal to leave.

    "Well hello there," Archie side stepped Isadora forgetting her existence; "New meat for Isadora? Such a pleasure to met you;" He gave her a low bow cordial in affect as a spritely mischief existed in those alarming eyes.

    The other two snickered receiving a stern look from the older woman, but it became obvious that getting rid of Archie was excessively difficult.

    (Meet Arc, he is the owner of the place, the unknown vampire and none of the staff besides James knows he pretends to be part of the help.)
  16. Seraphine glanced around only briefly at the three staff members before her eyes fell on Isadora. She couldn't help the small frown that appeared on her face at the woman's strictness, though she had decided to not say a word about it. Finally pulling her eyes away from the woman, she skimmed over two of the staff members before they fell on the green-eyed one quietly.

    Curling one of her tails around her waist as she always did when she was nervous, she perked her ears up though refused to say a word. Noticing how uncomfortable Isadora was about the whole situation, she knew better than to speak, but she was also always taught to speak if spoken to. She gave a small curtsy to return his bow and took a deep breath. "Well the thing about meat is that if it's tough enough, eventually the person will stop chewing," she said softly, a slight smile coming across her lips as her golden eyes looked up at him. She looked away when she heard the snickering of the other two and rolled her eyes slightly as she laid one ear down and uncurled her tail from her waist. "I'm Seraphine," she said quietly, forgetting about anyone else being there as she returned her gaze to the misfit. "The so-called 'new meat,'" she added with a wider smile, her two sharp teeth protruding further than the rest of her teeth.
  17. Unlike the rest he wasn't so tame as to fall in line, the statement from the kitsune drew earnest amusement from the likes of this one. She was witty that much was for certain and he had no fail in his mind that she would provide a very interesting twist to those who worked with Isadora. Poor old woman, didn't know what she was getting but he liked her spunk already. "I suppose you are correct,"

    A turn of his eye considered that of the quite angry looking Isadora - Lucy and Gus attempting to keep face with little response- "Seraphine, well I hope you enjoy your time here. If you haven't guessed they call me Archie." A hooked thumb came to acknowledge the others, "I'm sure they will retell stories about me and my mischievous ways, keep a grain of salt about those stories, not all of them are true." Lips curled into a wily grin side stepping the girl only to mock salute the elder woman. "I know when I am not needed,"

    "A thousand times over." Archie laughed nonetheless giving Seraphine a final look over. "Get out."

    "Maybe catch you later there Seraphine, if old grumplenose here allows it." The woman looked fit to burst at the seams with this one, him taking a direct leave to disappear before she threw something at him.

    Lips moved in mumbles that were easily that of a curse or three; "Don't you get infected by him, he is nothing but trouble!" The warning was not light, "And you two, get back to work!" Like mice they were gone in an instant leaving only the kitsune and the dragon woman behind.
  18. Seraphine listened to him talk, nodding slightly as he said his name. She gave a firm nod when he said that not all stories were true and smiled ever so slightly. However, her smile turned upside down at the woman telling him to get out. Clenching her jaw, she held her tongue before returning her gaze to Archie. She giggled softly at his namecalling, a light blush coming across her face as she watched him disappear as she sighed softly.

    When Isadora told her not to get infected by him, Seraphine balled her fists up. "Look. I don't care if you tell me what to do when it comes to the job but you aren't going to tell me who I'm allowed to 'get infected by'," she said angrily before crossing her arms. "Now I would like to meet te rest of the staff," she said through clenched teeth and crossed arms. She slowly calmed down, allowing herself to relax quietly.
  19. "Watch your tongue child, it would be in your best interest to know wisdom when it presents itself. You have not been in this house longer than ten minutes and you think you know better. He will get you into trouble and I am certain the Master of the house would not appreciate to know one of his newest employees is so easily influenced." The pointed look came before her lips pursed into a thin line. "If you want to lolligag around, then do on your own time." Picking up a stack of clothing from the counter top within the room, Isadora dropped them into Seraphine's arms.

    "I will not deal with two sassy brats in one day, find your own way around then." Evidently she had her fill of mouthy sorts though it was mostly to blame on Archie, the woman stormed out of the room without another word.

    Though it seemed to be an opening that the lurking one was waiting for. Peeking around the corner, a grin spread offering a charming lull, "She's a stuffy one, though I didn't expect her to get that snippy that quickly. You have a knack," Archie swung himself all the way back inside and gave the girl a wink. "I think a good bit of sass back is always a good thing, you've got a lot of vinegar in you. It's nice to know someone else is willing to stand up. So," Taking a step back so he could flop into an empty chair, arms displayed wide. "What sort of position did they hire you for? I can never keep track now a days."
  20. Seraphine met her cold gaze as she crossed her arms and tilted her head slightly. "Maybe...just maybe, a bit of change is good and frankly, I think that as long as things get done, there shouldn't be a problem," she said as she gladly took the clothes. "Maybe if you would quit trying to make my life a living hell within my first day then I'll get things done," she added angrily, the fur on her tails starting to stand and prickle with anger. Letting out a small sigh when the lady left. "Old hag," she whispered under her breath as she shook her head a bit.

    When she heard a familiar voice, she turned, her ears perking up almost immediately. "She thinks I used my looks to get the job when frankly I only cared about proving the others wrong which I did so I can't complain. She just doesn't like that I speak my mind so she can get over herself. Like I told her, I'll let her tell me what to do when it comes to my job but that's it. She's not going to control my entire life," Seraphine said as she set the clothes in a chair before beginning to fold them carefully. When Archie mentioned never being able to keep track nowadays, Seraphine froze, putting tow and two together. Without a word, she gave a low curtsy towards him and straightening up before continuing to fold the clothes. "You must be the elusive Archemidies," she said before silently thinking. She wasn't sure why no one else could figure it out unless they just weren't that smart, but she was taught to see the little things so it didn't take much.