The Deep Dark

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  1. A group of scientists have accidentally opened a portal to another world. They gathered a group to explore this newly discovered world.

    Welcome to Aleron Research facility. We have your survival packs for this voluntary excursion to the place named 'The Deep Dark' . Please step through the portal to where our researchers have set up a base camp. You will receive weapons there.

    Jacob puts on his pack and walks into the portal room in front of the black void in front of him and takes a deep breath before stepping through into the camp.
  2. Payne wasnt sure about all this , it wasnt like she didnt have enough problems. Now she was signed up for this crazy adventure.

    her black spikey hair was hanging over her face as she took her pack and stepped through. Being a cryptozoologist meant she had studied odd species and was recruited for this job.

    "You as excited about this as i am?" She asked the male in a sarcastic tone.
  3. He looks at the girl, with a curious glance. "I wouldn't say excited." The boy wore a thick coat to fight away the cold, as he was pretty scrawny. "Did they explain to you how they managed to find this on accident?"

    His eyes are a startling blue and his hair is short, fluffy and black and his skin is fairly pale.
  4. "Not exactly. I was told it was some super secret goverment ops that found it and that they needed someone who could research new species for them. I got a feeling i was the only choice. who else would be nuts enough to sign up for this? No offence. i mean my collages werent exactly bursting at the seams to talk to these guys. i was their last choice."

    She sighed and pulled her avator jacket closer to her as she looked around the camp

    " so what do you think this place is?"
  5. "Not a clue." he looked up at the high canopy of trees. The trees block out any light that may be coming from above, so it was hard to tell if it was day or night. Jacob walks to the large tent set up for the researchers to keep equipment in and sets his equipment down and takes a large case to take samples with that he was to carry with. He extends a hand to the girl "I am Jacob Kendrick. I am a geologist."
  6. She followed him and set her pack down as she looked around. hearing his introduction she nodded "names payne black, im a cryptozoologist. i was sent here to study the new species of animals or creatures that might be here. Though now as i look around i may have gotten in over my head"
  7. Quinn watched quietly as the two scientists interacted with each other, a slight smirk on his face. Nerds.
    He continued to run the cloth over his pistol though it was just for show as he had cleaned all his weapons long before coming here.
    Quinn Peck was a hired gun, paid to protect the overzealous scientists and researchers as they explored this 'deep dark world'. He was told the job would be fairly easy, didn't expect much by the way of danger. Still a man in his field knew better than to be caught with his pants down. He probably overpacked for the trip but Quinn was the sort of man who'd much rather be safe then sorry.
    He wasn't sure just how many more people were coming along as he had not received the itinerary for the excursion just yet but he hoped it wasn't too large of a group.
  8. Quinn's dog sat on his haunches beside him, ears perked from all the bustle and activity. He knew from his vest that it was time for work, but he wasn't sure what the task was yet. He stayed calm though and awaited his master's command. This was not the time to go sniffing around the camp like an eager pup. He would wait until the group moved before running around. For now he could observe his master and learn to distinguish the cluster of new smells from the old. He could easily smell the oil his master used to clean his weapons. That smell also told him there would be action soon. As experienced as he was, he couldn't keep his tail from wagging in excitement.
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  9. There was an excitement in the air as the lead scienetist explained to them where they were going and gave each scientist a map of the explored area. When the group is dismissed, they almost immediately set out onto the path cleared out of the thick trees and vines that they were told leads out of the forest. As they hike, Jacob hangs back to talk with their escort, Quinn. "Expecting some danger, are you?" he asks as he leans down to scratch the dog's head.
  10. Mandy was going to get her ass handed to her for this.

    Soldiers weren't late. Soldiers didn't sleep in. Soldiers didn't miss the most important mission of their lives. That shouldn't even be possible! Mind you, with Mandy's record, maybe they just hoped she didn't notice they'd sent the team without her.

    Well, she could hardly blame them. Girl might have been good but she had some problems with authority. How she'd got signed up here, she didn't know. She grinned to herself. One thing she did know; she had darn good luck.

    Mandy made her way through security and was through the portal, quick as a flash. Had she missed the briefing? Her eyes searched the emcampment. She equipted herself and joined the nearest group. They were handing out maps and just heading out. Phew! Lucky break.

    Well, thought the recruit, a bad first impression. But she could redeem herself later. Heck, maybe they wouldn't even notice. Everyone was so excited about this exploration malarky... and secretly, Mandy was too.
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  11. Arriving fashionably late, a smirk spread across his face as Fey looked around his new surroundings. Showing a natural gift for molecular physics from quite a young age, he was one of the only people on the expedition who actually worked for Aleron. He didn't look like many people would expect a "scientist" to look - for a start, he was a little young - he looked to be in his mid-20s. He was quite short and slim with tan skin and shoulder-length black hair and it looked like he spent a little too much time on his appearance than on his science. Only a pair of goggles sticking out of the pocket of his thick, fur-lined white coat and the lab coat he wore underneath it betrayed his profession.

    "You're late" the head scientist yelled as the newcomer approached. An assistant attempted to shove various briefs and manuals. "Yeah, yeah, I know already. I'll catch up if you just spare me the brief." he said as he pushed them away, dismissing them. As he began to leave, the head scientist grabbed his arm and looked at him sternly. "I hope you don't think you have some kind of special privilege just because you work at Aleron, Fey. Everyone's equal here. Remember that." Fey nodded in acknowledgement.

    "Having said that, he continued. "I concede that someone involved so closely in the creation of the portal probably does not need a brief. I do, however, recommend you take one of those." He gestures to the gun cabinet. With that, Fey hurriedly grabs his supplies and rushes off to catch up to the recently departed party.
  12. More began to arrive and she nodded to them , making her way over she pushed her glasses up and knelt to scratch Quinns dogs head then stood.

    "Danger? Seriosly?! "

    She chuckled and pulled a set of thrpwing knives from her pack . she then inserted them into a wrist clip that attached to her right arm

    "No guns for me thanks. im not a fan"
  13. As he approached the back of the group the bespectacled woman with the spiky hair was the first person he met. He waved to her and she nodded back, proceeding to pull knives out of her pack.

    "Knives? How fancy." he commented, unconvinced her choice of armament was really the most effective choice. "I hope you know what you're doing with those. Speaking of which, are you expecting something? The dog looks pretty tense, too."
  14. It finally seemed it was time to get the show on the road as the lead scientist began to brief them on the objectives of the mission. He fanned away the assistant who tried to hand him a briefing packet. Whatever was in there, he likely couldn't make heads or tails of it anyways so he was better off not even trying.
    The briefing was done quickly and the group began to pack up and head out for the day. Quinn followed suit, neatly packing his belongings into a black backpack. He only carried a single pistol on his person but the rest of his arsenal was fully accessible should the need arise. From what he understood there would never be a need. He looked to his faithful companion, Duke, a German Shepherd who had been his assigned partner for the past three years. He had debated on whether to bring Duke along or not but decided it would be best to have him. Quinn found his odd jobs were a little less lonely with Duke by his side. He gave a low whistle, a signal for the dog to follow. Duke was well behaved and extremely well trained but Quinn could tell the newness of their surroundings excited him. When they were off the clock he'd let the dog sniff around and get better adjusted. But for now it was working time.

    Quinn opted to trail the group with Duke letting the hired soldiers led from the front. He wasn't sure why he was here when they had military but the pay was good so he did not ask questions.
    He was wondering the wisdom of that as they began their trek through the forest. It wasn't much different from the average forest but there were still abnormalities. He was sure the scientists were going apeshit over all the possible discoveries they could make.
    He was chuckling to himself when one of the guys he'd had a laugh at earlier approached him and Duke. He frowned as the man leaned down to pet Duke. "I'll ask that you don't pet him while he has the vest on. Duke takes his work very seriously." There was an unspoken And so do I, Quinn hoped the man could read his facial expression. It wasn't that he was unfriendly, he was just professional. Deciding that he might have been too harsh he quickly added, "He doesn't really need anyone else spoiling him." Hoping his lighter tone would ease any possible tension.
    They had attracted a female scientist as well and Quinn winced as she also petted Duke but he could see there was little point in repeating himself so he just shrugged it off. She too wondered about danger. "No I don't expect any danger but I was hired to protect you. I'm prepared to do that."
  15. Jacob nods and apologizes to the guard. Jacob loves animals as much as he loves dirt and rocks. The path clears and opens to a rocky tunnel with steep cliffs on the other side. Jacob immediately jogs to the wall of the tunnel with his equipment and chips away at some of the rock for a sample and looks around for inconsistancy in the minerals.

  16. Payne flicked her wrist a knife slide down into her downward turn palm, she pulled it up to the man whod questioned her and smiled
    "They havent failed me yet,"

    When she heard the soldier mention not petting the dog she nodded "sorry i have a thing for animals,"

    Glancing now at the arc she stepped into the path and made her way down . seeing a set of prints she bent and retracted her knife examining the print

    "We best keep our food hidden and a guard at night. i dont like the look of this,"
  17. Fey pulls a leaf off of a plant as he walks past it and examines it. "This is... blue." he says, walking over to Jacob who was busy collecting rock samples in bags. "I don't think there's any chlorophyll in these plants. Just anthocyanin, like in red cabbages. The leaves on these trees are purple like maple, too. That's not something you see very often in Earth plants, but this entire forest seems to be like this."
    Wherever we are, I don't think we're anywhere in Earth's past." As his train of thought continues his tone becomes a little more worried and frantic. "Has anyone checked the air composition? Clearly we aren't having any trouble breathing but there could be long-term consequences to this."
  18. Jacob turns to Fey. "Obviously, they checked it before sending people out here. The air is fine to breathe." he looks down and digs around in the mud for anything interesting. He turns to the right and stops. "What is this?" he picks up a stone from the ground. It is about the size of an egg. "this looks interesting." he uses a small bottle of water to wash the dirt and mud off of it. He slips it into his pocket for closer examination when they stop to rest. Suddenly, a brush starts to shake around. "Oh, fuck..."
  19. Quinn stuck to the back end of the group even as they began to spread out, becoming absorbed in the various oddities the forest had to offer. He didn't see what could be so damn interesting about rocks or plants. Then again he hadn't really taken a closer look yet, more focused on watching for potential dangers. One of the soldiers announced they were going to scout around a bit and chart the area. He didn't go with them since he'd just get in the way having no training with that sort of thing.
    When one of the scientists spoke up about hiding food, Quinn ventured closer to her to take a look. She was kneeling by a foot print. It wasn't like anything he'd ever seen before. "Any idea what made that?" His brow creased but otherwise he showed no signs of being worried. It could just be the average animal and perhaps the print got messed up by rain or something.
  20. Out of the brush came a small but rather angry looking creature about the size of a turkey comes out of the brush and proceeds to attempt to headbutt the startled geologist in the shins. The creature looks reptilian but is built more like a rhinoceros and has a large, armored forehead which is apparently very effective at ramming into thieving scientists' legs, if Jacob's yell of pain was of any indication. "I think you made it mad" Fey laughed. Fey was evidently finding the whole ordeal rather amusing until the creature decided that the other scientist must be a threat too and proceeded to attempt to headbutt Fey in the shins as well. "A little help over here?" he yelled to the others, whilst attempting to fend off the angry creature.