The Decido System

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  1. The Decido System
    In the year 2112, a system known as the Decido System was implemented on the experimental island city called Trevance. Through a simple and virtually painless procedure, volunteers had a chip implanted in the back of their necks that connected to the parts of their prefrontal cortex associated with decision making. Once chipped, any decisions that an individual made were registered and recorded in the Decido System. Under the Decido System, whenever someone entered the decision making process, the system sent appropriate information to the individual in order to help them in making decisions. If someone pondered if eating an extra piece of toast would make them late for the bus, they were sent information regarding how fast the bus driver had decided to drive that day, a decision that had been registered and recorded earlier. To account for room for error, the system always gave possible outcomes in percentages. 75% chance they’d be late, 25% chance they wouldn’t.

    Along with aiding in decision making, the Decido System also displayed a number of other uses, including in crime management. Anyone who decided not to get chipped were not permitted to live on Trevance, so only those who were chipped (outside of children not ready to decide whether or not they want to) lived there. Thanks to this, every time anyone made a decision to commit a crime, it was recorded, and law enforcement would be sent out to bring the individual in before they could commit their crimes, almost completely eradicating all crime in Trevance. In order to maintain this, the Decido Enforcement Control and Investigation Force (DECIF) was established. Members of DECIF were given permission to carry firearms, which Decido would grant permission to use depending on the case. DECIF members were also given tracker maps (the chips also act as tracking devices) to aid in finding people who made criminal decisions.

    Shortly after the Decido System was implemented, personal helper bots known as Decio were made publicly available. They aid in the decision making process and transmit information sent by the Decido System verbally. Decio bots are small, spherical droids that float around the individual they're registered to. They also come equipped with the ability to paralyze individuals, which is only used in extreme cases when a criminal decision is made and DECIF won’t arrive in time to stop the crime from being committed. Decio will also alert an individual when the Decido System advises against their choices, and that detainment will be inevitable if they continue making such choices.

    With such a system, some precautions obviously need to be made. It wouldn’t be good if a driver was constantly distracted because of the Decido System offering information for their decisions. While engaging in activities that require more focus, Decio bots can block Decido System signals, allowing the individual to focus on the task at hand. Decisions made while the signals are blocked are still registered, however. Likewise, activities such as cheating on tests and the like are now futile efforts, as teachers will be notified during grading that a particular individual decided to cheat. The same goes for similar situations.

    All that said, the system is voluntary. Any individual that does not wish to participate can refuse to be chipped and be relocated to another city outside of Trevance, all traveling expenses paid. A lot of people, however, agree to join the system, due to its convenience, and the safety from criminal activity that it offers.

    I’ll add questions here as they’re asked. I highly encourage you to ask any questions you may have about the system, the setting, or the premise, as it will make things easier to understand for everyone.

    Roleplay Premise
    For this roleplay, I’m looking for four people, excluding myself, who will all play DECIF members on the same squad. This will make it easier for all of our characters to immediately interact in such a large city. As this is set in the future, some things will naturally be more advanced. We don’t have flying cars yet, but they can drive themselves, and almost anything can be done via cell phone. The main focus in this roleplay will be not on the system itself, but on our characters’ thoughts of it. There will, of course, be action, and I already have some interesting plot points planned, but keep in mind that there’s a heavy bearing on the philosophical aspect of it all.

    Side Plots
    If you would like a side plot for your character, that would require you to have control of multiple secondary characters, please PM me your ideas. I’ll be happy to hear them and, if I find they don’t interfere with the main story, approve them. In fact, I encourage you to come up with side plots, as they’ll add more to the development of both our characters, and the plot as a whole.

    1. Follow all Iwaku rules, policies, etc.
    2. No OOC drama. If you have a problem with another player, keep it to PM. If you feel it will interfere with the roleplay, let me know so I can adjust the roleplay accordingly so as not to ruin it for everyone else.
    3. Posting level is advanced / adept, and I’m looking for people who can post preferably at least twice a week. I don’t mind if you can only reply once a week, but I’d prefer you do so twice when possible. If you don’t reply within a week, I’ll do your turn for you.
    4. No godmodding, Gary Stu-ing, power playing, etc. Keep your control to your character(s), and yours alone.
    5. Don’t prioritize side plots over the main plot. I’ll alert everyone when a major event in the main story is approaching, so don’t rush your side plots in. If you feel one of your side plots would fit in appropriately with where the main plot is going, let me know and I’ll approve it if I agree.
    6. Have fun. This is probably the most important rule of all. I want everyone to enjoy this roleplay. If anything is ever happening that’s stripping you of enjoyment, let me know and I’ll do what I can to try and fix it.
    Character Sheet
    [Image of Character – preferably anime/art]
    Full Name:
    Appearance: (Explain looks that differ from the provided image, or provide a written description in lieu of an image)
    DECIF ID#: (Between 2 and 5)
    Squad Role: (Assistant Captain, Operator, Medic, Arms Manager)
    Personality: (Be brief)
    History: (Be brief)
    Thoughts on Decido: (Be brief)
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  4. Character Sheet


    Full Name:

    Fue Pier




    Her eyes, not visible in the image, are a forest green. Her face seems to hold a certain charm of innocence to it, but she's more than capable of maintaining a serious expression where appropriate. Being a member of DECIF, she's usually wearing the standard issue outfit for members of DECIF, that being a police vest with the DECIF insignia on it, with matching pants. A belt providing a holster for a small knife, for close range combat, and an issued pistol is also worn. Outside of wearing her uniform, her outfits are most always formal wear, which belies the nature of the individual she usually hangs out with.

    DECIF ID#:

    Squad Role:



    Fue likes settling things without resorting to violence, but not enough to be considered excessively naive. She knows, for the most part, when the trigger needs to be pulled. One to always look for the good in people, she tries to talk people out of their criminal decisions, so as to save them from a harsher punishment later on. Outside of work, she's a friendly person that gets along well with others, though certain personality types are bound to clash with her own. She tries to make up for this through adaptation, but she's still not very proficient in doing so.

    Fue was raised by her grandmother for the most part, her parents usually being busy working closely with the Decido System. She was never left to want for anything. In school, she managed to maintain excellent grades and had plenty of friends. Once she grew up, she decided she wanted a job close to her parents that allowed her to help people. Because of her exceptional decision making skills, outside of receiving aid from the Decido System, she was offered a job as a member of DECIF as an assistant captain. When the captain of her unit was transferred to a new one, she took over as the captain of Unit One.

    Thoughts on Decido:
    Currently, Fue views the Decido System as one necessary for the society she lives in to function properly. She has faith in the decisions it makes, as well as the convenience that it offers the average citizen. She does, however, believe that even the Decido System has room for improvement, and hopes that it will evolve into something even greater in the future.
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  7. I'm interested.

    I loved Pyscho Pass and I'm reminded of it here as well. :)
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  8. I'd love to have you on board! All we'd need in that case is one more (if @Victor Markov enjoys the 1x1 test he requested well enough).
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  9. I actually have a friend who may be interested in the lovely RP set-up you've got here. He's actually the one who was courteous enough to link me to it in the first place lol. Hopefully he gets enough time to sign up himself ^^
  10. I'll reserve a spot for him if you'd think he'd be interested.~
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  11. I appreciate it and I'm sure he does as well!

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  19. Yeah, same. You seem like you really know what you're doing/came up with this really creative idea so I'm pretty hype myself ^^

    Oh, I also shot you a PM btw if you get a chance :0
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