The Decido System (w/ Victor Markov)

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  1. Prologue


    “Subject is heading towards the finance district! Trevance National Bank has been confirmed as the target!”

    Rushing footsteps reverberated against the concrete below, seemingly in protest to the rain that tried to drown them out. “Roger that!” A turn, and then another one.

    “The subject is 100 feet ahead of you!”

    “Alright, team!” The short female leading the quartet ceased her charge, turning towards the aforementioned team that was behind her. “Our subject is just ahead of us. It’s confirmed that he’s targeting the bank in the finance district. Leon, Mason. You two head around the long way and stop him at the bank. Me and Emilia will follow him up from the rear.” Fue motioned for the two to move into action, followed by a motion for Emilia to follow her.

    “Gotcha, Cap’n.”

    “Sure, sure.”

    “Decio?” Fue asked, referring to the small spherical droid that was floating nearby.

    “Your current method has an 87.5% chance of succeeding with no casualities.”

    “That’s all I needed to hear.” The two who stayed behind waited a few moments, taking cover behind a booth on the side of the street. ‘Why would he go after the bank on foot? Does he think drawing less attention to himself will keep DECIF away?’ He wasn’t graced with such luck. In this day and age, where each individual’s conscious decisions are recorded and registered within the Decido System, it was almost impossible to get away with crime. Nowadays, it was almost impossible to even commit one.
  2. "Copy that, Boss." Leon said as he cocked his AA12 shotgun. His weapon of choice was loaded with taser rounds he fondly called shock dogs. "Ready to get this bastard, Mason?" The Romanian agent asked as he gave him a light pat on the shoulder. "Oh, Boss, we hitting the bar after this and are you buying. Or is it still whoever asks buys?" The dragon asked as he looked over his shoulder at the team leader with a slight smile on his face. Some would call him the devil with that big gun he carried, but he knew how to play it safe with his weapon. The team weapons master was working on a way to make their weapons a bit more efficient, but he was not making much headway with that project.

    Agent Mason was standing next to the Romanian when the orders came down. "You got it." The Scotsman said before Leon snagged his attention with his three questions. Two of which were directed at Fue, but that didn't hesitate to answer Leo's questions about the drinks "Hey, don't jinx this. Even with the chips, things could still end badly for us." He snapped "your buying no matter what for the next two years just for what you just said."

    "Mason, relax. You're wearing a Dracul special for body armor. They already made dragoon mail, I made dragon hide. A thousand times better than dragon mail. Everywhere your armor covers, you're bulletproof." Leon said before he took off for their destination. "Hurry up, Mason. You're slower than a snail at rush hour." The man said into his mic.

    "How can he run in all that?" Mason muttered as he took off after his partner for this job. Moments later, they were in position and Leon had his shotgun leveled at the general direction the perp was coming from. Mason has his AR-15 at the ready just in case things got hairy.

    "Hey, Mason. If this guy pulls a weapon, shoot the weapon. I'll shoot the would be robber. I got the shock dogs. You have the deadly rounds. Deadly rounds go to the deadly weapons. We want him alive." Victor said as he flipped the safety off and set the weapon to where it fired one shot per trigger pull. The chip implanted in his neck said this would conserve ammo and reduce the chances of death by electrocution from multiple hits. "But once he goes down, put your gun in his face to keep him from going for his weapon." He was still on the team secure line, so he knew everyone else heard his plan from their respective positions. "personally, I'd rather not have to fire a single shell. But I won't hesitate if he does pull a weapon." He added. The agent was prior special forces, so everyone knew what he was capable of. One of the reasons why he suck to shock dogs or other non lethal ammo. Put a weapon with live ammo in his hand and all bets were off. His training kicked in and he would go for the kill shot without thinking about it. In order to keep that from happening, he practiced at the range with live ammo, but carried non lethal in the field.
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