The Death Tournament

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The year is 2060. For thirty years the world has been ruled by a steel fisted dictator. The economy's good, but there's no freedom or any kind of democracy. Religion is persecuted unless they teach what the Clark regime demands and allows. The Clark Regime has implemented population controls. A percentage counter of over population has been installed in the government framework. Once it reaches one hundred percent, a specific population center that has violated population laws has ten percent of it's population culled violently. The world population is one billion and two hundred million people. There are precisely thirty million soldiers in the Clark Regime. As far as anyone knows, there is no resistance. There is a Resistance, the Separatists have very few members, secretly hording technological secrets and advancing themselves beyond the government control. However, with less than a handful of million men at arms, the time to fight has not arrived.

The government holds it's Annual Tournament, lasting three months of the year. Contestants are criminals, suspected criminals, "lucky" individuals found in a population center under penalty for violating over population laws, political enemies or just people chosen for arbitrary reasons. President Clark has chosen three hundred men and women to participate in the Annual Tournament this year. The Annual Tournament is a death tournament, where people are spaced out between an arbitrary amount of space from each other, and set loose to survive three months of the death hunt. Once only one member remains, they are given freedom, wealth and "honors" to live the rest of their life without obligation.

Contestants are always nineteen or older. However, this year, many areas have violated population center laws. The President has been angered enough to declare the minimum age lowered to sixteen.

Combat Experience?: (A I means you are as good at fighting as security officers, policemen, etcetera. A II means you are good at fighting, possibly a war veteran. A III means you are VERY good at fighting, and is the highest starting level of combat experience and training. Perhaps you are a soldier, very good soldier.)
Weapon Proficiency: (Including unarmed)
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