The Death Soldiers (Teen Titan RP)

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Looking over the roof tops is a group of hero's they may not have really worked together as long as the original Titan's or Titan's East. But they have been called to take on Jump City once more the city they are there proctors. How long they have been here well some villains know except for the Death Soldiers who seem to have a large reputation of acting without being caught but the police thought they could handle it. Now they call on the Titan's but the Death Soldiers last activity was a month ago. Another problem that seems to be in the city other than different villains is that sometimes those who do not seem to belong to a side get involved. What the team and others will run into and face tonight is still yet Unknown until now.

In the distance those the Team sees movement others might as well could that be an average villain or a Death Soldier making a new move?​
The man who calls himself the conjurer awkwardly slinks from shadow to shadow aware of the eyes watching him from the distance but he can't perceive where at exactly, the demon he had conjured keeps eluding him but he knows it's close and must stick to shadows or it will disappear again
Red Steel walked through the streets carefully in his home made suit that may have a bit too much red but all super hero costumes needed to be bright to act as symbols plus it was cheaper to buy the fabric in bulk. He looked over his worked happy with his needle work and the somewhat minimal mask that only covered his eyes and part of his face may not be the best way to hide his identity but he did want to look the part. As he thought it over in his head he did think he might make something more like batman's mask where it covered his hair to make himself a bit harder to recognise or he could go the superman rout and leave the mask idea behind and just wear something to hide my identity during the day, wait no that's a terrible idea, wait where was I oh right. Red Steel continued to patrol the streets looking for evildoers or something like that.
A cheery whistle echoed from beneath a car, as a mechanic rolled back from beneath it. Brushing off their blue jumpsuit, Jin stood in one swift motion. "That should do it for you, Red..." There was no one else in the garage, so it was clear that they were talking to the car. After sending the car safely back down to the ground, Jin got in and gunned the ignition. A bright grin spread over Jin's face. "Yes! That's it, listen to that engine sing." Money in the bank in the daylight, but for now, in the dark... something far more interesting.

Jin packed up their tools, and then made sure the garage was well locked. Once they were done, they hit the streets and pulled up the latest news on an advanced looking tablet.
Robin was back at the Titans Tower looking over a some files from the old team. It was hard to believe that so much time had passed, and now a lot has changed. The new team he was helping into place here at Jump City wasn't bad, but like Robin and the others they will need to learn to work together. While reminiscing, a small light began slowly flashing to indicate some form of abnormality within the city. Closing the files back up Robin opened the city map to see what was happening. At first it seemed like jotting more than a person seeking around areas that were common to gang activities, but when the computer finished it's analysis it showed that this person, in fact, had some hefty magical abilities. Picking up his communicator he called in the team that would be making rounds of the city. "Titans, there is a person of interest sneaking about the north side of the industrial district. He doesn't look like an immediate threat, but he is showing elevated magical aura. I want you to check him out... be safe. Robin out."
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The Omen, Blake Wolf heard his communicator go off. He lifted it and flipped it open. "Alright on it Robin" He replied after hearing of the activity must had been the shadow he had spotted just a few moments ago he turned to see those on the roof with him. The team he was given a group who may grow adding even a few more new Titan's for all he knew. "Alright I was just given a call not to far off from us is some suspicious activity we need to check out." He explained just skimming at the others not really seem to be particular speaking to just one.

(Okay so um let me know if I need to change font color. Also most hero's would be with the Titan's unless you said otherwise in the Sign Ups)​
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Chrome stood on top of a dark roof top, he saw a few heroes heading some place. Must be some villains making their move. He could aid them but he wants wait and see what happens before he jumps in. These new titans he doesn't have any record so he is not sure what he's getting into yet, he wants watch and obverse first before doing anything. Plus Robin is leading this new team so, he is known for his fighting and intelligence. He is bat man apprentice after all. Chrome had a black cloak that was button at the top but rest of them weren't so you could get a nice look at lower part of his body.
The conjurer felt the shift of the eyes but kept his mind on his task, he wasn't doing anything wrong so he thought they were after someone else
Red was continuing his patrol of the city he didn't have any fancy gadgets so he went with the classic wandering way of stopping crime that had worked a few times. He didn't seem to see anything at the moment but he had his power ready to go at a moments notice.
The figure which had been spotted seemed to be a man speaking with someone then one vanished and the other seemed to go into a store. It also was one of he abandoned shops so why they went in there was a bit hard to understand.


((MY GOD I GOT NO ALERTS FOR THE IC *Feels stupid*))


The silence was nice, as the young dream walker was walking around, and not in a a dream. Ironic right?

She was walking by the old, and abandoned store as she heard footprints, growing curious. Wow, she felt like some sort of spy or something.. Cool! Well, it beat wandering all the time, and she was easily able to collect energy.. Since there were a number of people sleeping at night, and yes, leaving out all that math stuff, she can recharge energy little by little. "I'd say I'm... Level 3?" She questioned herself, soon shrugging and walking slowly into the abandoned building. Hey, how was she suppose to know that she wasn't suppose to go in? A girl will do many things if she were curious.

No really, she will.

Well, any who, these types of dark and scary places were usually a hero's job to take care of these, and bluntly honest here, she didn't really care about what they did, as long as it didn't result in no slumber what-so-ever. Day dreams weren't tasty. Too bland. Yuck. Not to mention empty calories. Ugh. Plus, if she weren't lazy, she would be able to go do something productive... Like write, or read, or try finishing up her resume for a part time job. But no, that stuff was boring. She grew ill of it. Seriously, it was like she was gonna vomit.

Can't hand in a resume with vomit all over now can you? Nah.. Oh god, that's gross.

The girl shook a little bit at the thought, trying to get it out of her head. Gods, it made her sick just thinking about it.

But what was she gonna do? It was night time, yes. There were people sleeping, yes. She could haunt people's dreams? She lived in an apartment after all, so she was never short from energy at night. Stalking people's dreams weren't the best though, they would get from cute cute cliche to M for mature dreams. The thought of that caused her to show an expression of disgust.

Though, haunting and going 'boo' in other people's dreams weren't too bad. People would say 'Hey! I saw you in a dream last night!' and others would look at them like they were some sort of pedophile.

Oh she loved her life.

And she wasn't about to risk it in some place like this. For now, she leaned on the wall outside, twirling her thumbs together and humming.
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The figure seemed to be near a box when those who could get a glimpse of the inside might see. The other had left perhaps they were originally who brought the box. What might be in it. Plutoniam? Weapons? Drugs? Stole or missing Jewels. They turned thinking maybe they had been followed and that the other man was wrong but seemed to not spot anything. So they opened to box to see what was inside. A grin could be seen on there face as though whatever was in it was defiantly something they were after.


The Omen jumped off the building him and his team of Titans stood to head near the figure then used a hookshot to catch himself and seem to slow down soon landing where he was hidden in the shadows. Then he waited for the rest of his team to follow so they could search the strange activity.​
Red began to head up toward the industrial district since it was one of the spots he never checked before so it's better late than never. While wandering through the city as he approached the industrial district he spotted a figue hopping off a building. He began to move up towards him, he lessened his power to not be so bright and he headed towards it. Sneaking as best as he could watching the figue as best he could seeing there was more than one.
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--"damn lost it again, I thought it went this way"-- Conjurer thought to himself as he rounded a corner, nearly running into the back of a guy surrounded by red *gasp* " is that the much eluded red barrier magic?" He asks himself as he examines the guy, before noticing the figures ahead " I take it those were the eyes I felt earlier, damn titans they'll scare it off before I can catch it again"
Red heard a voice behind him, he turned quickly to face a man in a robe and skull mask, he quickly jumped back reading his fists and increasing the power of his aura, "Who are you?" He asked confused to who was behind him, he readied himself to fight as he watched the person's movements closely. "I wouldn't recommend attacking I might not look like much but I pack a mean punch," Red said waiting for an answer.

Conjurer just laughed "if I wanted to hurt you, I'd have done so, besides I can bind your body so you couldn't move. I am ; however; interested in studying your Fragma Magiko in hopes of bringing it back into the realm arcanae, because that is some great magic which will eventually lead to much older magic." he inspected the man closer "but it wont be immediate since i have more important matters to attend"

The man felt as if someone was watching him and turned slightly to see. If he was wrong then for once he felt the shadows must have lied to him. Now however who may be in there with him could see his face.


Could this be a member of the Death Soldiers? If so what are they doing here. Who was speaking to him and why are they gone now. Maybe there is some kind of gain you could gather to find out? Or are the Titans around and about to put a stop to whatever he may had been up to. Which ever the case may be one thing is for sure for now he just seems aware something made some sound maybe or that he isn't necessarily alone. But he doesn't seem to have actually spotted a threat which may be good for anyone near by.

The demon knew the young man couldn't see him but it knew that he knew of its' presence his grayish white hair was alluring to the demon almost as if he was born with the moon in his heart, it felt the shadows pulsate around itself felt them trying to constrict it, it too watched the duo more specifically the hooded one the one who brought it from the infernal realm to the lands of these disgusting creatures known as humans
The man closed his eyes then opened them. "Whoever is here. Show yourself. I may not be able to see you but I am aware of your presence" He commented. He wasn't sure why he would be followed unless one of the idiots his brother calls valuable allies tripped some alarm or was followed. He just hoped they weren't aware of what he had within the create. He simply let the shadows swiftly open it and hand the small box within to himself.​
"If I wanted your trinkets, you would have been dead" the demon replied turning visible, its hideous teeth barely contained behind pale translucent lips its eyes darker than pitch seemed to glow with a sickly red tinge in the dark, its skin dirt brown and cracked like a dry riverbed shimmered with slime. "No I'm more intrigued in what you and your acquaintances can do as mortals" its smile seemed as sickening to look at as the rest of it
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