The Death Plague: Part I (IC)

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    Hi there! If you haven't seen the plot and you haven't given a character sheet and been accepted, you need to go here: The Death Plague OOC before you can post on this thread! Thanks!

    Ailley 'Zen' Carev yawned, sitting up and stretching. She hit the button on her headset, the lights flashing on. Glancing around, she stood, grabbing her weapons. Her quiver and arrows were tied to her waist, her bow clipped to the holster on her backpack, and her sword in hand, the sheath on her other side opposite the quiver. Pulling the bandanna over her nose, she silently walked around her group of people, doing a quick sweep of the room. Clear, no infected. "Good." She whispered quietly. She returned to her place, quickly packing her sleeping bag, water, and extra flashlight into the small pack with her name written on it. Sliding the pack over her shoulder, she knelt beside James and John.
    "Aye, James, Wake up." She said, gently shaking James' shoulder. "You're on morning patrol with me. We need to get moving in less than an hour." Ailley 'Zen' stood, looking around again. Still clear. She adjusted the backpack. She looked over her sleeping group...all so peaceful. Hopefully she could keep them like this, and they could keep growing as well. That would make rounds easier on everyone...but now they would just have to stick with what they had. She turned, going to Canary's side. She did the same, kneeling down and gently shaking the sleeping shoulder. "Canary, c'mon. Get Lilly and Dana up please, and start packing up. We need to get moving in under an hour." She said before straightening again.
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  2. Lillian awoke immediately when she heard voices, she opened her eyes and sighed. She couldn't remember the last time she'd gotten a really good nights sleep, she supposed it had been a year at least. She sat up and watched as Ailley moved around the room, waking everyone up. She didn't know what she thought of Ailley yet, or anyone else for that matter. She'd only been with the group for a few days now, and she was still wary of them. She hadn't spoken to them much, though she wanted to. She was afraid to trust them, she'd had far too many bad experiences with others lately.

    After she had lost Dean, she had tried to continue on her own. About a week before she met this group, she had stumbled upon an injured man. She had seen him lying in the road, calling out weakly. She had stayed back at first, trying to be cautious. He wasn't infected and seemed really hurt, so her kind nature had taken over. She had approached him and had leaned down to help him up, and first he had been grateful and normal. Once he was on his feet however, he tried to slit her throat. She had been quick enough to avoid his strike, but he'd still managed to cut her arm. He had been screaming about human sacrifice, that it was the only way to appease the gods and restore the earth.

    She hadn't wanted to kill him, he was insane but still a human being. She had prepared herself to do whatever it took to survive though, even if it meant his death. For whatever reason he simply left, laughing like a lunatic. She had been enormously relieved, she didn't know if she could have killed him and still lived with herself. She had bandaged and disinfected the wound, the last thing she needed was an infection. After that she had avoided any hint of other people, until she had met this group. At first she hadn't wanted to join them, she didn't trust them. She had reluctantly admitted to herself that she couldn't go on alone anymore, it was too dangerous and to be honest she was starting to go a little mad being all by herself. She had started to talk to herself and hallucinate, she didn't want to end up going insane from isolation. So she had asked to travel with them to Paris, thankfully they had accepted her.

    She stood up and stretched, readjusting the dagger on her right hip. She had removed her swords but left her dagger on, she felt too vulnerable without some kind of weapon on her at all times. She picked up her swords and crossed them over her back, then she packed up her sleeping bag. She put it into her backpack, and then slung it over her left shoulder. The pack was fairly big and a bit heavy, but she couldn't bear to part with it. She straightened up, looking around the room. Ailley had woken up pretty much everyone, she didn't know what to do so she approached Canary. "Is there anything i can help with?" She asked a little shyly, she felt really awkward around everyone. She wanted to get to know them though, and she felt like she had to earn her keep.
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  3. John Dalton was walking through the woods, his axe held in one hand, ready for any unexpected threats. It was a good week since he was separated from his family on the way to Paris, and he was worried. On the outside, he looked confident, whistling a tune (quietly) and having a little smile on his face, but on the inside, he was overwhelmed and anxious... his shotgun had broken, and all he had left was a small pistol, with all the bullets spent but one. Other than that, he had an axe and a knife, good weapons against the slow moving undead... but if somebody with any kind of ranged weapon wanted anything they thought he had... he was a big target.

    He sat down for a moment, to inspect his weapons. His knife was still sharp... his axe was getting a little blunt... but could still hold it's job of cracking a skull.

    He stood still for a moment, taking in the forest scenery. For now, he was in his element. Once again he continued (quietly) whistling a tune and kept going on an old path that hasn't been used in a while.
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  4. Caelia groaned softly as she rolled over setting up looking at her still passed out brother. Frowning she picked up a rock and pelted the sleeping man who then proceeded to sit up in a rather comical way drawing out his tactical knife looking around with wild eyes. Caelia laughed silently falling backwards clutching her stomach. Her brother glared at her sheathing his knife before signing to her that was stupid and she shouldn't have done that. Caelia sat up whipping her eyes and signed back, that he was stupid for over sleeping. Her light green eyes were alight with playful mischief.

    Jaxon awoke with a start and immediately drew his knife jumping up waving around like a wild man. He turned looking at his sister who looked to be dying of silent laughter; when he had her attention he signed that she was stupid for doing that to him. He watched as she signed back that he was stupid for over sleeping. Jaxon ran a hand through his light brown hair and smiled at his sister. "We should be meeting up with that group at the rendezvous soon." he signed to her and she rolled her eyes replying with that is why she woke him up.
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  5. Rant sat on the roof of a Mazda dealership, looking at the destroyed car smashed into an apartment complex, holding 9 volt batteries with their opposite ends taped together. A string was tied around them so Rant could hold it after 5 minutes when it got too hot, he was holding seven of these contraptions. "It's been about ten." Rant turned around toward a guy behind him that was beat up and tied down with a bicycle lock in a rolling lounge chair. "So let's make this short and sweet." "Fuc-"Rant jabbed him in the gut with the baseball bat. "Man, you have a really dirty mouth you know that kid? I like those shades." Rant snatches the brown hued shades from the man's face and taunted him by continuing to prepare to put them on. "Now, while I clean these..." Rant walked behind him and dragged a chain from his bag and tied it around his legs "Your going for a little ride! Yahoo!" Rant looked to him whispering in his ear. "Don't fuck with my group. Pass it on." Rant then slipped the battery pairs in his pants pockets and kicked his chair toward the edge being quick to grab the other end of the chain and tie it around the door to ensure it is locked.

    Rant walks over to the window cleaner's machine and goes down slowly to stop right next to the guy swinging back and forth upside down. "I can use your bike right?" The man was about to speak, but then let out a shriek as the batteries started exploding. "Thanks!" Rant lowered and his eyes narrowed. "Jackass, who fires a missile at someone because they're in a nice car? Like seriously? Whatever I have to get back to the group before I have to deal with their complaints." Rant gets down and his stance gets low as he runs over to the bike and gets it started "They better be god damn ready I know that!" Rant jumped on the guy's bike and drove away ignoring the man who was dying a miserable death's voice. He then started humming a tune as he drove down the street back to the group.
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  6. A voice sounded from the makeshift kitchen, where a pot of oatmeal bubbled. "You may want to wait another ten minutes, guys," Felix said, poking his head through the doorway. "Breakfast is almost ready." Sure, he couldn't fight zombies worth a damn, but Felix Bergfalk was a kitchen MacGyver - for breakfast that morning was oatmeal, made from grain scrounged from a local granary. Bland on its own, but no one ever bothered taking the spices from the otherwise-barren grocery stores, so it was spiced oatmeal, technically. He even had some fruit preserves on standby to garnish it once it was out of the pot. Drinks were hard to come by, but wild herbs made for good tea, which was still boiling. An arsenal of china cups and bowls waited to receive the fruits of Felix's labors. "I wouldn't want it to get cold before you get back... or I could just put some tea in a thermos for you, if you're in a hurry."
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  7. Ailley 'Zen' sighed, looking at Felix. "I'd rather get going, but I'll leave the decision up to James." she said, gently nudging him with her foot before going to a nearby window, looking out. They were on the second floor and as she placed her elbows on the frame, her chin on her elbows, she sighed. It looked pretty clear from here, but all the hidden alleys and early-morning shadows could be hiding what took them all out. "Damn Apocalypse." she muttered, rubbing her face.
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