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  1. There's an old tale about a house deep in the woods. From the outside you wouldn't think anything of it; "it's just a house," you might say, "nothing to fear..." You'd be wrong.
    Every decade people are rounded up and thrown into this house with one objective - to make it out live.

    The room is long, rather than wide, seemingly never ending. The only source of light is from a burning torch, though it is too hot to touch. Spider webs hang from the low ceiling and the faint sound of water dripping down onto the floor is heard. Plus, it doesn't smell too good. A rotten corpse is the source; maggots twist from under its skin and his flesh peels away to show golden teeth.
    The room is more like a cave; the floor damp and stone. The continuation of the room is a short, hole that is dug into the wall. It is very low, and small, but you must go through it to escape from the stinking body! The only way to get through is to crawl...
  2. I know they're all anime but hey ho XD
    They weren't suppose to be this big either....
    Character Quicky:

    1. Name: Pepper Spray
      Gender: Female.
      Age: She is 5 years old, but acts and looks like a 17 year old.
      Created/born: January 17th, 2010,
      Appearance: To start of, Pepper is an anthropomorphic skunk and wolf hybrid. She doesn't have to skin of a human. Instead, her body is covered in short fur that is a very dark grey, almost black. Two conjoined white stripes travel down her back from her head and covers her neck, stomach and back. Her hair is short, and has a wild and stormy, the ends being spiky which are white. Two of her most striking features are her ears and tail. She has large, caved wolf ears and a long skunk'is tail. Her ears are jet black in colour, the insides filled with fur which is an almost neon blue. Her tail is normally wrapped round her body, or clutched in her arms; this gives her an shy look.
      Her eyes are rather wide and seemed to be permanently shocked. They are outlined with a thick circle of black, which look like eyeliner that won't come off. The iris is, like the fur in her ears, are bright turquoise. She a short face that resembles a wolves, though it is shorter. It is white, and her nose is a pale pink. Her teeth are sharp and intimidating, when threatened or angered, she would normally show them off. One of her canines hang over the top of her lip. Pepper isn't very tall, She is around 5'4''.

      Attire: Pepper tried her best to fit in, wearing anything as mundane as she could find; clothes like a normal human teenager.
      Pepper would normally wear a white, zip up hoodie with turquoise stripes that outlined the edges; zip, round the hood. There was holes for her large ears, to stick out. Her shirt, underneath, would change daily, though normally with would be plain white. For her legs down, she would wear ripped skinny jeans and black and white converse. Having a tail, meant she needed a hole in her trousers for her tail to come through and curl around. Normally, she would wear a scarf to hide the dog collar that was permanently around her neck. She will wear one paper clip-style earring one her right ear, as well as a tag that couldn't come off. It read Pepper Spray. and some unreadable numbers.

      Additional information: She was created in a lab in the future for crowd control. She has a obnoxious odour that is produced from two scent glands under her tail (just like a feral skunk). It is created when she is embarrassed, shy, scared, sad angry or protective. Additional info: can cause boils/burns (contact with skin), temporary blindness (if in eyes), lasts for over three months. It can induce vomiting and illness. ---NOTE; she can only spray once every three days so she has to bear in mind when to use it.
      -When experiencing anger/embarrassment, her tail may begin to smell bad, though this isn't really considered 'spraying'.
  3. Name: Ellie,
    Age: 14 years old.
    Born: April 3rd, 2018.
    Gender: Female,
    Ethnicity: Caucasian,
    Early Life: She grew up and was born in an oppressive military zone quarantine in Boston, Massachusetts.

    Having been raised in an environment where modern standards and values have deteriorated, Ellie is considerably rash, impulsive, and temperamental, and isn't fazed by the notion of using violence as a means to an end or profanity as a way of expressing how she feels. However, she manages to maintain a particular innocence as she has yet to see the darkest sides of human nature and retains a palpable trust in people.
    Ellie is also perceptibly clever and witty, and will do whatever it takes to keep herself alive. She is willing to take orders, but all the while makes it clear she does not ''need any babysitting at all.''

    Ellie is enthusiastic about the outside world, given her confinement to her quarantine zone during her childhood. She is obsessed with things she collects from others, illustrated through her interest in music, movies, books, and video games. She frequently remarks her amusement upon finding interesting collectibles.
    Ellie seems to adhere to no religion, as seen when she claims that she goes "back and forth" not sure if she believes in an afterlife. She says that she would like to believe it, but admits 'I... guess not.'
    Ellie also suffers from a case of monophobia (fear of being alone) and states that she fears losing others she cares about. The cause of this case is possibly related to her estranged parents and the deaths of her best friend.
    Ellie showed difficulties in positioning herself as a young kid in an adults' eyes, and sometimes even tends to 'supervise' adults. She also takes 'justice' into her own hands on her relationship with anyone, and does not think she requires any adults' consent. This self-parenting trait is related to her time spent in an orphanage, where she had learned to fend for herself.

    Ellie has a sharp tongue and is feisty at times, as well as incredibly stubborn. She will not do as she is told, though as stated earlier, she will follow orders; butler only from her closest friends. Ellie has a good sense of humour, always telling jokes and pulling pranks. Her favourite jokes are from her precious book; No Pun Intended. Right now, Ellie only has two volumes, (not including her other joke book Get to the Other Side!)) though intends to find the third some day. She will read aloud during downtime in the hopes of lightening the mood. Ellie'is favourite animal is a dinosaur. Ellie has a bad mouth and will curse spontaneously, or in context. Ellie has a habit of rubbing her nose and wringing her hands together, especially in situations that could be seen as stressful. This implies towards a nervous tick. Overall, Ellie is extremely loyal and caring towards people she trusts, a good friend.

    Appearance (draft): Auburn hair, freckles on the bridge of her nose as well as cheeks. Heart shaped head A small nose with a roundish tip, slightly curved upward. Bright green eyes. Hair is tied back, side fringe that is tucked behind one ear. Thin, pale pink flips. A scar on her right eyebrow. Five feet 3 inches high. The slightest gap between her front teeth.

    --It's okay ;)
    1. Pepper walked into a small room. It was dark, claustrophobic and pretty dank. She sniffed, her wolf senses picking up something in the corner of the room. She reeled away in disgust when she realised it was a human body.
      ''Ahh!'' She covered her nose with her hands and gagged, she hated bad smells; coming from her, she is part skunk. She continued to conceal her nose from the nasty smell and turned around only to be blocked by a wall. The door was gone. She knocked of the wall, it replied with an echo. Hollow. The door must be one way, once you walk in, you cannot walk out. Pepper Spray was one of the many unfortunate people to be trapped in the room, she hoped she didn't end up like that poor dude in the corner.
  4. Eris's first instinct was the call hello out into the room. It was a pretty stupid instinct when she came to think about it. The room was dark, cold, and stank as if something had died - something had.
    She held her hand over her mouth, suppressing the urge to vomit as she saw the decaying body of a man laying on the floor. His mouth and eyes were wide open in terror as if he had been screaming as he died.
    "What the hell is this?" a voice demanded coming from somewhere behind her although she couldn't tell where the voice came from.
  5. Pepper blinked twice, her round blue eyes adjusting to the darkness. She couldn't stand the smell! Her sensitive nose picked it up more so than a human could.
    She grabbed her tail, clutching it in her arms, there was hardly room to move it around, it was a tight squeeze in here. Over the over-powering scent, she could hear something- another voice! Great. More people, less room. She thought negatively, Oh well, maybe they know the way out of here!
    "Is anybody there?" Pepper asked. That was the most human thing to say; she had to admit, she was pretty scared alone in here.
  6. "Hello! I'm here! Who's there?" Annabelle shouted. She'd dropped her glasses as shed entered and could hardly see in front of her. What made it worse was the almost complete darkness of the room. "Hello! Hello? I lost my glasses! Is someone there? I can't see!" She yelled almost becoming frantic.
  7. Pepper heard the frantic pleas of somebody in the distance. She narrowed her eyes, just to make out some girl frantically looking around for something.
    ''Uh,'' she began, not really sure how to help and handle the situation, she took a step closer, "I'm here, don't-um-worry, I'll try and help you find your glasses!" Pepper paced forward carefully before hearing a crunch under her shoe. Shit. Good thing it was too dark to see. She slowly crouched down to feel what she stepped on. She felt it, only to find that it was part of a glasses frame, the glass smashed. Great, now she was stuck in here with a woman who was half blind.
  8. Annabelle heard the crunch and gave out a high pitched squeak. "What was that?" she demanded.
    Eris who'd also heard the commotion had began making her way over to the other voices. "Hey, dos anyone know how we got here?" she asked.
    "All I know is it was like a door slammed shut behind me and then when I turned around to look at it there was... no door," a boy answered coming at her right. Too many people, too little space.
  9. "I think it was a leaf...'' grumbled Pepper guiltily, biting her lip with her slightly canine teeth, she turned her attention to the other voices. She agreed, "Yeah, that happened to me too! One moment, walking into house, the next moment trapped in here. There must be some where to escape, like, in all those movies... Secret passage ways..." Pepper looked around, scanning the damp walls of the inside. From the fire light, she noticed some floor boards nailed to the wall. They looked loose, and aged, the nails where loosely knocked in. Maybe it hid an exit? "Hey, look at this!"
  10. "I reckon this is some guys idea of a joke," Annabelle admitted grinding her teeth together. "And if it is it's not funny!"
    Eris followed Pepper's line of site to the bordered up hole. "You think it could be a way out?" she asked crouching down next to it.
  11. Pepper nodded in agreement, whoever made this dump, they are sick. Answering Eris' question, Pepper shrugged, rapping the wooden boards with her knuckles. It replied with an echo.
    "Well, it definitely is hollow, maybe we can try and tear them away?"
    ''Urgh! What the fuck?!'' A young voice was heard from the entrance. There was a sound of winding then a flicker of bright, white light shone from a torch. The light danced as the girl coughed, regaining her senses.

    Role-play note: Ellie is a character that will swear a lot. XD.
  12. "I hail to that," Eris agreed, then, "let's try pulling them out."
  13. Pepper nodded, grabbing a board and ripping it with ease from the wall. It was rather slimy and slippery, due to the wood being slightly rotten from the damp. Pepper wiped her hands on her jeans before ripping another one out.
    ''Hey, keep pulling them off,'' Pepper insisted. As they tore them off the wall, an opening was revealed. It was a very dark tunnel, moss growing on the stone ground. It was very small, about 0.75m x 0.75m. A very tight squeeze.
  14. "I hope no one here is claustrophobic," the guy commented crouching down inbetween Pepper and Eris. "I'm Darren by the way," he announced.
  15. Pepper was probably one of the most claustrophobic people in the world. Though, she was extremely good at hiding it,
    "How, hmm, rude of me... I'm Pepper," she said, introducing herself to the others. Pepper eyed the tunnel, pushing herself up against the wall. She wiped her slightly damp forehead, she was beginning to sweat slightly. ''I don't think it's appropriate for me to go first, I think I'll go last.'' Pepper replied, she remained as calm as possible, though it was hard. She did not want to go through the horrible, dirty tunnel, she hated even being squished in this tiny disgusting room. She grabbed her tail tightly in her hands, and picked at her fur nervously,
  16. "I'll go," Eris said as she began to squeeze herself into the tunnel. She first made sure to tie her hair back so it wouldn't scrape along the ground.
    Annabelle made her way over to them stumbling a little along the way.
  17. Phew! Pepper exhaled in relief. She found the small, tight space totally off putting; watching Eris squeeze through made her heart pound in terror. ONE: She would only do it if somebody else did, TWO: She didn't think she would fit with her tail and all, and THREE: Even though she was cynical, and rather sadistic, she would never want these poor people to suffer if she accidentally sprayed. She was embarrassed by the thought! Inside the tunnel, it looked like it was covered in spider webs. She also hated spiders. Pepper hated a lot of things. At least, I hope, there isn't any children on the other side. she thought, worriedly.
    The tunnel exit opened into a much large room, though this time is was all white. It was almost blinding, due to the fact that they where stuck in a disgusting dark room for so long. It seemed almost perfectly so, despite the fact there was a dark red liquid splattered against the wall. A paint can lay on the floor, empty, the remains of the liquid inside. It was too thick to be paint, plus, the label on the can read Yellow. So somebody must have filled it up, but with what?
  18. "Guys," Eris called finally squeezing herself out at the other end of the tunnel. "You need to see this..." she announced as she began to look at her surroundings. Her first thought as she saw the liquid was that it was blood but without a body or drip mark or even skid marks it made it seem a little impossible but she couldn't be too sure. Her second analysis was of the paint can which read 'yellow'. The gooey mixture didn't not resemble paint but what else could it be?

    Anna-Beth (I decided to change it...) was the next to go through the tunnel. She was only very slight and didn't have much trouble making her way through into the sharp light of the other room. She blinked her sight still blurry and unfocused.
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