INTEREST CHECK The Dealer's Break

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    When Rebecca McUmber got her new roommate, she had no idea that this is what would come of it. Her roommate- an old OLD friend from elementary school (and now a hard-core pothead-) sets her up with a friend and Rebecca and this man hit it off. Rebecca feels very strongly towards him. He's sweet, funny, smart, and very good-looking (in a 'permanent 5 o'clock shadow' kind of way.) But just when Becca starts letting herself get close to this man, her roommate lets it slip- The guy is actually her drug dealer. Rebecca is sternly against drugs and when she finds out that her potential love interest is dealing, her heart breaks and she breaks it off with him. Later she moves on and finds another guy, but there is still that spark in their hearts that draw them to each other.

    A while later, Rebecca and her boyfriend are having problems; fighting, finding excuses to not be together. The dealer has a new girlfriend. The gang (Becca, the dealer, the roommate, and a couple other friends) go out to party and they end up getting drunk. One thing leads to another and, well... it goes from there.

    Additional details can be discussed. ​
  2. I like it, gives me an Enter The Void, Fear and Loathing kind of vibe with a romantic twist.
  3. Does this mean you're interested? -excited face-
  4. I think there's definitely some potential if we can get a dedicated group on board. :)
  5. Group...? I was just thinking a oneXone, maybe three people (one for the roommate). The "group" of friends won't show up much, and I can double-play...