The deal

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  1. It was a cold and dark night, the world seem to know what would happen this night, It was a large city many faces many storys, but this is not the story of happyness but strife and horrer. How strange a world like this has began, that no one would care for another. It would be the perfect place for demons to hide amoung humans. They would feed off their pain and there misery. It was on this one silent cold night that it was all broken with an ear pericing scream. The sound of laughing and cruelty was filling the air as two men have broken into a home and began to rape a women. she had the time to hide her young daughter, but she had no time to hide her self, her husband had already been killed this night quick and painless now. The girl was hidden in her closet trying to be silent as she watched her mother murderd in cold blood as the men began to look for her laughing they had came to her room to look for her. A voice could be heard in her mind." Would you like to make a deal, these men will know great pain for what they have done your life will be spared and you will be safe but you will have to make a deal is this what you want" The cold voice asks the young girl.

    (Would someone play the girl)
  2. "What do I need to do?" The girl responded mentally, despite how badly she wanted to accept this offer, her mother had always warned her of deals like this, she called them "deals with the devil"...

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