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    IC Roleplay thread is here:
    The Civil War in Skyrim, between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks, has been escalating.

    At first it only affected the armed forces between the two, those of the Legion and those who already backed Ulfric Stormcloak in his beliefs that Skyrim belongs only to the Nords.

    Then, the common folk of the land; the warriors, farmers, peasants, mercenaries and anyone else with a good sword arm to join rank and fight, leaving their villages, wives, and children to fuel the wages of war.

    But it didn't stop there.

    With the toll of battle and the constant need for more soldiers to turn the tides, both sides sought reinforcements. When not fighting each other, they raided old forts and encampments, and declared upon the unlawful - the bandits, thieves, maruaders, prisoners, and even hostile tribes like the Forsworn who had no ties to the Empire - that they had a choice; to join rank and fight their war, or to be executed on the spot.

    Some resisted and were killed, the threats made real by both Legion and Stormcloaks.
    For others, the threat worked, and they joined forces to fight.
    Others tried, and some succeeded, in fleeing Skyrim entirely past it's borders.

    Many others yet, against what effect either side of the war predicted they would have, flocked to the four major guilds scattered across Skyrim for security, who had not yet been targetted by the warring sides;
    The Companions, College of Winterhold, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood.

    Though the four guilds were always prominent figures in Tamriel, before, the Legion and Stormcloaks disregarded them as factions which had no interest to become involved, as it did not suit the purpose of these groups.

    However, with the member count of all of these groups quickly expanding, the Legion and Stormcloak Rebellion began to grow nervous.
    What if the four factions, with such greater amount of force and many more voices all harking for their own personal gain, became another threat to contend with besides the enemy that each already had?

    Both Legion and Stormcloak leaders grew restless, wanting to claim the guilds as their allies in war to turn the tables, before the opposing side could come to the same conclusion and defeat them.

    It was with that in mind that the Legion and Stormcloak both called for a meeting in the nuetral territory of Whiterun, with the leaders and representatives of the four guilds, in the hopes of allying their forces and defeating their enemies.
    Unknowingly, both sides requested the meeting upon the same front, same day, and same time.

    Or perhaps darker forces are pulling the strings, beyond the knowledge of the Mortal men who spill their blood for a believed cause.

    Regardless, the day approaches.
    The leaders and representatives of the warring forces, and of the four guilds, converge upon Whiterun.


    Imperial Legion:
    Leader/General: Tulius{NPC - Played by: State of Bedlam}
    Chief Lieutenant: Legate Rikke{NPC - Played by: State of Bedlam}

    Stormcloak Rebellion:
    Leader: Ulfric Stormcoak{NPC - Played by: Raitoningu}
    General/HouseCarl: Galmar Stone-Fist{NPC - Open to anyone}

    Harbinger: Kari Vidkin{Player: Naruka-Chan}
    Second-in-Command/Representative: ?

    College of Winterhold:
    Arch-Mage: Adelacia Xion{Player: Venomarrah}
    Representative: Ambrose Boaz{Player: Nadrojo}

    Dark Brotherhood:
    Leader: Nazir{NPC - Mostly played by The Great Me}
    Listener: Faulklin{Player: The Great Me}

    Thieves Guild:
    Leader/Nightingale: Nphyie Orelious{Player: Nyxie}
    Second-in-Command/Representative: ?

    Unallied/Other alliances:
    Alkroz{Snow-Elf Vampiric Leader - Player: Raitoningu}
    Dakiin{Snow Elf - Player: Raimei}
    Sophia{Private Investor - Player: State of Bedlam}
    Tayla{Ancient Lycantrhope Altmer/Nod - Player: Tanzinite}

    Important Notes about the Roleplay:

    >>Please try to fit your character into one of the four guilds(Companions, College of Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood, or Thieves Guild), who are going to eventually form an alliance together against the Legion and Stormcloaks as a third side of the war.
    It's not required, but it will make things much easier to get and keep your character involved in the plot.

    >>Your character can be a part of any of the four guilds. You don't have to be a part of one or another, any one of them will do. Regardless of whichever one you choose, your character will be involved, so don't hesitate to make whatever class or race of character you want and place them in whatever group most fits to you!

    >>Members of the Companions DO NOT have to be werewolves. They can simply be warriors.

    >>Preferable you join a group to be leader/second-in-command of one not already taken/filled, but not required. Your character also does NOT have to be a leader/second to be involed. A regular member of the guild or be chosen as representative by their guild for the plot. They also do not have to have been a part of the guild for very long.

    >>Dragonborn are allowed, but the number of shouts you can learn is limited. The first word in a shout can only be learned after an equivalent of 5 levels. The two additional words that make up the same shout cost another equivalent 5 levels together. So to learn all three words of one shout would have to be equivalent to a level 10 character. Or to learn the first words to two different shouts would also have to be equivalent level 10.
    This is simply to ensure no one character is massively OP over others, but you can still have Thu'um Dragon Shouts.

    >>Be reasonable about characters age and skills. A 12 year old character isn't going to have the equivalent of a level 50 in-game character with four or five mastered skills and a bunch more leveled skills and Deadric armor they crafted themself(and probably couldn't afford to buy), and so-forth.

    Character Form:

    (a title or alternative name your character has, sometimes that they give instead of their name to protect their identity)
    Race: (One of the main Elven, Human, Khajiit, or Argonian races)
    Sub-Race: (Things such as Vampire or Werewolf)

    (if any)
    (Having to do specifically with their alliance, not necessarily personal "friends")
    Enemies: (Having to do specifically with their alliance, not necessarily personal "enemies")
    Reason for Alliance/Joining: (Why did they join the group they are allied to, and for how long have they been a part of it?)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Romantic Relations:
    Familial Relations:
    Pets/Animal Followers:

    Mastered Skills/Specialties:
    (Learned skills, not sub-race abilities such as granted by Vampirism, Lycanthropy, Dragonborn, etc)
    Proficient Skills: (Skills which have been leveled/practiced but not mastered)
    Main Weapon(s):
    Secondary Weapon(s)/Tools:
    (any clothing that isn't protective armor)
    Other Inventory:

    Powers/Special Abilities/Curses:
    (anything which would fall under things such as Vampirism, Lycanthropy, Dragonborn; any unusual or unique abilities that can't simply be "learned" like skills. Example; Lycanthropy would grant the ability to shapeshift into a large werewolf, enhance smell, hearing, and possibly other senses, and greatly increased physical strength when transformed, and call upon wolves to assist them)
    Power Drawbacks/Limitations: (Can include both weaknesses/drawbacks and limitations. Example of a weakness might be that a Lycanthrope isn't protected by armor anymore when transformed, or might have trouble controlling themselves, especially on a full moon. A Limitation might be that they can only transform every so often, such as once per day, and only for a limited amount of time)
    Fighting Style:
    (General weaknesses, not necessarily having to do with their special abilities, if they have any at all)


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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Faulklin Joel Foster
    Alias: "Listener"
    Race: Nord/Forsworn
    Sub-Race: Avianthrope(curse; read further down)
    Age: 19 years
    Gender: Male

    The Reach
    Residence: Dawnstar Sanctuary

    Alliance/Faction: Dark Brotherhood
    Superiors?: Nazir
    Rank: Listener

    Nazir, Babette, Thieves Guild
    Enemies: Hates all people, but especially Forsworn more than any other
    Reason for Alliance/Joining: Four or so years earlier(when he was fifteen), he killed a brutal and abusive man he lived under quite gruesomely in the large avianthrope(monster bird) form that is unique to him. Astrid happened to take notice of this, and his "handiwork", and took him in to the Brotherhood, thinking she could make good work of him for them. He's since worked hard and stayed, and greatly enjoys his job as an assassin.

    Sexual Orientation: Abstinent/Asexual(not attracted to any sex)
    Romantic Relations: None
    Familial Relations: None that he remembers
    Friends: "Friends" may be a strong word, but Nazir and Babette are about as close as it gets
    Enemies: Most everyone
    Servants/Followers/Housecarls/Underlings: Speakers/Brotherhood Initiates
    Pets/Animal Followers: Shadowmere; Crows

    Mastered Skills/Specialties:
    One-Handed Sword, Archery, Stealth, and Smithing
    Proficient Skills: Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Light Armor, Speechcraft, Destruction(basic fire spells), and Restoration(basic healing spells)
    Main Weapon(s): Custom-crafted Ebony One-Handed Sword; Ebony Bow and Arrows
    Secondary Weapon(s)/Tools: Glass Arrows
    Armor: Custom Hide Armor with some Steel Plating and fur/feather pelt additions.
    Clothing: Long-sleeved black shirt, black pants, and adventurer boots. Large black cloak lined in black fur and feathers.
    Accessories: Ring of Major Lockpicking, Amulet of Dibella(Speechcraft)
    Other Inventory: -

    Powers/Special Abilities/Curses:

    >>Similarly to Lycanthropy in his ability to transform into a beast, but it's more of a large crow-like beast rather than a wolf. About the same size as the average werewolf in body-mass(not including wings and tail) but much more light-weight. Looks like a crow slightly larger than most men, but with a long, thin tail that widens at the end into a fan-like shape of feathers.
    >>Cannot die, but still ages and can be wounded the same as anyone else in both forms.
    >>Sense of smell and hearing is sharpened, and his nose is especially keen to the scent of blood and death.
    >>Wild crows/ravens are attracted to him, and likewise he to them. He can gather a lot of information from a distance using them almost like a communication network, which helps greatly with his job as an assassin when trying to track or find targets.

    Power Drawbacks/Limitations:
    >>Even though he can't die, he still ages, and can be wounded or get sick the same as anyone else.
    >>Even though he can't die, he has no special/additional healing abilities, especially not if he were to lose any body parts. He still has to heal himself the old fashion way; through Restoration Spells, Potions, and by resting so his wounds have time to close and heal the same as anyone else.
    >>If he loses a lot of blood, his body will still be weakened and he'll collapse, but he doesn't numb pain at all or pass out from blood loss, so he'll be conscious but maybe not useful/unable to stand, et cetera, and can still take him quite a while to recover even if he manages to heal/close a wound if he's already lost the blood.

    Fighting Style: Light and quick on his feet, Faulklin is an agile, often times brilliant tactition and prefers to be sneaky, going after opponents when they don't even know he's there, which makes him perfect as an assassin. When in direct combat, his main strategy is to play defensive and evade most blows, never moving in to attack until just the right moment when he has a clear opening, and then striking with precision when he finally gets an opportunity. Though he's small in stature, he is no easy opponent, but his size can also be to his detriment depending on how a fight plays out or who/what his enemy is. He rarely resorts to his Avianthrope form, only when pushed to extremes or very, very pissed off/seething to the point of feeling acutely homicidal.
    Weaknesses: Small in stature and weight. Though it's true this is sometimes an advantage, he's pretty much guaranteed to be screwed if he gets pinned or grabbed by someone larger and stronger than him, at least in his human form. Had bad eye-sight; and a large blind-spot in his visual field because of missing his right eye.

    Personality: If you could sum up Faulklin’s personality into one word, you would probably think; unpleasant. A negativist and misanthropist, it’s probably a safe bet to guess you’re never going to hear or see him think of anything positive or “on the good side” of things, and that goes doubly when human interaction is involved; in short, he’s a shadow-skulking assassin for a reason.
    The only plus side you might find with him is some of his snarky or sarcastic comebacks to give you a laugh; when they’re directed at someone other than yourself anyway.
    He’s unyieldingly difficult and stubborn, and refuses to follow another’s lead if there’s no ulterior motive in it for him in most matters, especially not since the former head of the Brotherhood, Astrid’s, betrayal.
    That’s not to say he’s not the type of person one would want to have around, when he’s on their side, and he still does his jobs as the Brotherhood’s Listener without (much) question, still handling things professionally where and when he has to, and he’s very skilled at what he does; infiltration, going undetected, and assassination.
    Just don’t expect much in the way of friendly relations, beyond petulance and constant insults or belittling quips, and maybe watch your back a little if you manage to say something that sets him off, as he’s not completely against killing others who manage to get on his bad side, even if they are a contact or client paying big coin.
    He also hates Werewolves and Vampires, because they can smell/sense his cursed bestial side and attracts their attention, whereas most regular people can't tell there's anything different/inhuman about him.

    Faulklin was born of an unusual relation between a Nord man and Forsworn woman, and because of this he was not well-accepted by the rest of the Forsworn tribes for being “impure” and not a true Reachman, an abomination on their kind.
    As such he was often bullied or treated ill by the others, and ceased to see or know his parents at an early age, and so he doesn’t remember them at all.
    When he started to grow older this mistreatment led to attempts of suicide. While many Forsworn didn’t particularly care whether he lived or died, there were others that would rather see him suffer for his impurity, and so he was cursed by the Hagraven witches.
    The curse placed on him gave him a beastly form, as well as prevented him from being able to die.
    While most might’ve seen this as a gift, for him it became a curse that allowed for others to brutalize him more and prolong his suffering without death as a relief, and death is the thing that he yearned for the most.
    Eventually he fled, but things didn’t get any better for him.
    For a short time he moved from one place to another, being ill-treated for essentially being a “street-rat” or attacked by those who came into contact with his beastly form.
    He then came to live with a solitary blacksmith whose home was located hidden away into the woods. Because of this, he learned the art of smithing, and how to wield a sword by practicing with them whenever he could.
    The man was very violent and often drunk however, but the boy had become tired of running from one place to another, and figured he’d only be treated badly no matter where he went anyway, being of a very quiet and withdrawn nature.
    One night after a particularly violent episode from the man, losing his eye and getting his face and parts of his body severely wounded/scarred in the process, he brutally murdered and ripped apart the man in the form of his Beast, that last bit of brutality finally managing to push him over the edge and cause him to murder for the first time in his life.
    His “handiwork” was noticed by the Dark Brotherhood, despite being relatively young(mid-teens), and he was taken in as an initiate by Astrid.
    Despite that even then, he hated and feared most due to his experiences, he started to warm up to the idea of the Dark Brotherhood being like a family, however warped and twisted it was, and looked up to Astrid for taking him in, even if she did put him to work as a murderer, his hatred towards people making that part of it an easy transition and he worked dutifully for the Brotherhood for years.
    After being discovered as the Listener and taking on the assignment of trying to assassinate the Emperor in which Astrid betrayed the Brotherhood though, and all but destroying what he had begun to think of as a “family”, he grew more distant from everyone again and is reluctant to trust any, even Nazir and Babette despite that they weren’t the ones to betray, even if he doesn’t hate them like he does almost everyone else, and certainly doesn’t trust or care about any of the initiates or those that joined the Brotherhood afterwards.
    Most of the time now he spends wandering Skyrim and fulfilling contracts when he feels like it, only returning to the Sanctuary every now and again, and in the meantime seeking out how to bring an end to his curse so that he can die and be free of the suffering he feels in life.

    Other/Additional: Very short in stature(only 5 feet tall) and appears younger than he is, which is partially his genetics and partially stunted growth because of malnutrition and physical trauma his body suffered as a child. Has NOTHING to do with his curse.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Dakiin Reteck
    Alias: /
    Snow Elf
    Sub-Race: /
    Age: 19 (aka 1211)
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace/Hometown/city/region: Small island off the coast of Audrion
    Residence: Travelling
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Romantic Relations: None due to Tribe regulations
    Familial Relations: Two parents, an older brother, a younger sister. Assumed dead.
    Friends: /
    Enemies: /
    Servants/Followers/Housecarls/Underlings: /
    Pets/Animal Followers: /

    Mastered Skills/Specialties: Fishing/hunting, Swimming, Stealth
    Proficient Skills: Survival type crafting, such as some wooden tools (Smithing).
    Main Weapon(s): A small glass dagger
    Secondary Weapon(s)/Tools: /
    Armor: /
    Clothing: Blue Snow Elf robes (see picture)
    Accessories: Stone bracelet
    Other Inventory: /

    Powers/Special Abilities/Curses: Being a Snow Elf, Dakiin has some racial powers, only little perks, the main being able to slide into invisibility once a day for 20 seconds.
    Power Drawbacks/Limitations: ^Once a day
    Fighting Style: Being born and raised around a society dependent on hunters(/fishers) she and the other younger members of the tribe learnt hunting skills, such as being stealthy and creeping up on prey, along with how to take down many animals ranging from sabertooths to a variety of sea life. She can swim for long lengths, so her stamina is her strongest quality. She uses quick, agile moves in combat, and if it's too risky she'll most likely try to get away.
    Weaknesses: Well, I'm sure being frozen for 1000 years has weakened her, her skills will be weaker.

    Personality: Before I go any further into her character, I need to state that I won't be describing her personality because she's been frozen for 1000 years, it'll be a fresh start.
    (Gather round kids, it's lore time.)
    The Snow Elves we're peaceful, they stuck to their little tribes and kept to themselves. The tribe of Schaelfe'chur lived on a small, tiny, in fact, island just off the coast (a literal ten to twenty minute swim away) of Auridon. The tribe consisted of around twenty to thirty members, at that time almost a thousand years ago. Auridon was under a constant blizzard as the continents of Nirn shifted and changed. Many of these minute changes we're small enough to be left unrecorded, just tiny shifts in the earth. But with these came (occasionally drastic) weather changes. This one, for instance, was an eight month blast of coldness. Whilst the Altmer huddled inside their shelters, the Snow Elves, more primitive, remained in their tents with a mere campfire to keep them warm. Though many weren't bothered, as the Ancients could survive in temperatures below freezing for long periods of time. The Schaelfe'chur, as mentioned before, was one of the more civilized of the tribes, the other, larger tribes reverted to old, primitive ways, which in this context meant living in caves found along their pilgrimages. Some kept a bad reputation, rumors were often crossed back and forth between the Altmer of Daedric connections, even cannibalism. The Schaelfe'chur managed to overlook this, they occasionally suent someone to go into the small Altmer villages not too far from their island to observe any news or important happenings that may affect them, but other than that they remained distant and isolated. They preferred this, the Altmer weren't known for getting along with the Snow Elves. They had an education system where a small class of infants aged five years to fourteen learnt etiquette (extremely strict compared to any Altmer or Snow Elf alike) along with reading tomes written by the tribe Elders (the oldest and wisest who lead the tribe), learning how to channel their magika into spells, survival skills and religion. As for survival skills, this part consisted of learning how to weave things from clothes to ornate fishing hooks. (The Schaelfe'chur adapted well to the ocean, eating only fish they caught and cooked themselves, and taking to water with agility and precision in hunting and swimming) Their religion was awfully strict, if someone took a wrong turn, committed one petty crime, did anything of a criminal nature and they were sent to the Elders (who were often never seen) were dubbed as 'unpure' and often ended up banished from the tribe; never to return. Marriages we're only for the purpose of reproduction and any romance prior to marriage was forbidden.

    Dakiin was born on an island on the coast of Auridon, she lived in the Snow Elf tribe of Schaelfe'chur. A peaceful tribe, they earnt their money by selling fish and weaving fine threads, as a young child, Dakiin often wound up in trouble, and didn't keep to the rules. She often ventured to Summerset and into the towns there. But because of this, she was kidnapped, bandits saw her as an easy target and forced her to sink to petty thievery, they treated her like a dog, making her wear only rags, if that, and sit in a cage. After weeks, she managed to escape into the night. But the elders saw her as 'inpure', a great dishonour, and by rule of the Snow Elves, she was jailed. But not normal jail, she was bound trapped in ice, her sentence would end when the ice melted, 1000 years later.
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  4. That be a rather long app form. longest I dun seen in a while. (im gonna add the Dawnguard Vampires as a 5th faction, if you don't mind. If you do, they just wont get involved.)


    Name: Alkroz Volkihar
    Alias: none
    Snow Elf
    Sub-Race: Vampire Lord
    Age: 1222
    Gender: M
    Birthplace/Hometown/city/region: The capital of the snow elf kingdoms before they became extinct.
    Residence: Castle Volkihar and the Soul Cairn

    Alliance/Faction: The Volkihar Armies are ally to themselves and themselves alone and probably clavicus vile somewhere along the line.
    Rank: Count
    The numerous Witch, Werewolf and other abnormal creature covens.
    Enemies: the last remaining scraps of the Dawnguard (pfft they thought they could win), any religious zealots.
    Reason for Alliance/Joining: they are allied under one great flag to take tamriel for their own, bringing a hundred years of darkness. (lol clichés)
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Romantic Relations: none
    Familial Relations: 2 dead parents, 1 dead sibling, 1 sibling assumed dead, given the rediculous time gap.
    Friends: A vampire dwemer who he often enjoys drinks with.
    Enemies: the man named Skyjek.
    Servants/Followers/Housecarls/Underlings: 13 master vampires of the inner circle, 140 lesser vampires of the outer circle, any number of miscellaneous undead.
    Pets/Animal Followers: (Lydia.)

    Mastered Skills/Specialties:
    One-handed, Destruction, Conjuration
    Proficient Skills: Enchanting, Heavy Armour, Alteration, Illusion, Block, Two-Handed.
    Main Weapon(s): An ancient Snow-Elf relic infused with the blood of each of the 14 major vampires.
    Secondary Weapon(s)/Tools: A blessed crossbow. (who says vampires cant optimise their kit for killing other vampires?)
    Armor: A set of custom made heavy armour designed to be optimised for the muscle transformation caused by vampire form.
    Clothing: a rather nice greatcoat and a top hat.
    Accessories: two of those bullet things that you see in films, except one is filled with phials of blood and one is filled with black soul gems..
    Other Inventory: the Star of Azura (if this isn't too OP)

    Powers/Special Abilities/Curses:
    The most powerful of the vampires. Able to transform between states at will, adept with blood magic, also wields lightning to drastic effect. Can conjure up elementals and atronachs. Has mastered a dragon shout that he worked on with a dragon, "Soul Tear". Im sure you've heard of it.
    Power Drawbacks/Limitations: Is severely weakened in sunlight, and cannot change state into anything but mist while in it. His blood magic is also weaker, which is why he carries his sword.
    Fighting Style: Mainly with blood magic, inverted cleric spells, but can wield swords to deadly effect too.
    He isn't trained in blocking thrusting attacks without using some sort of shield.

    Personality: Cryptic and devious. Considers himself a demi-god, and has very little time for incompetents.
    History: Alkroz was born to a relatively young couple, in a small tribe of Snow Elves, whose name he has forgotten. When he was 25, his brother died, and when he was 30, he stumbled upon a daedra. Ultimately, he ended up as one of the first true vampires. He founded the Volkihar Clan shortly after, and replaced his last name with that of his castle. In his next 1000 years, he mastered swordsmanship, and several magical arts, and set about dominating Tamriel. His attempts were cut short, however, by an interfering underling under the name "Harkon" who imprisoned him in a pandimensional item known as the Elder Scroll of Blood. However, when the moth priest read the scroll, he was released upon the world once more, and guided a minion into defeating Harkon once and for all, then resumed his place as rightful king of vampires.

    Other/Additional: Im going to expand on the bio at some point but I cba now.
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  5. @Raimei Your form mostly looks okay, but there are some parts which could be added to and clarified a bit
    It's fine to have things like Fishing/Hunting and Swimming on there, though just in case you were confused, I was referring more to skills learned in the Elder Scrolls games(one-handed, two-handed, shield/block, alchemy, conjuration, restoration, smithing, et cetera)

    Also, "Crafting" is a very broad umbrella. "Crafting" what? Blacksmithing? Carpentry? Jewelry? Tools? Be more specific about what she crafts.

    Again, more specifics. "Natural hunters, fishermen, and swimmers" doesn't tell me anything(and the "natural" doesn't either, unless you mean the people she was raised by "were naturals at hunting, fishing, and swimming"? But even so, what one person is a natural at, doesn't mean someone else is as well simply by being around them).

    Also, when I think of these groups, I don't think of "fighters". Hunters might be more into fighting, but mostly they're focused on just that: Hunting. So, taking things down with a bow that they're going to eat or use it's pelt for clothing and trade, like a deer. When I think of "Fishermen and swimmers", I definately don't think of them as being fighters, other than fishermen having to struggle to reel in a fish with a rod.

    Be more specific about how each of these trades contributed to her ability to fight and how the three different styles of fighting are different, rather than "SHe uses three different fighting styles" and leaving it open-ended.

    Also; Weaknesses. They don't have to be physical weaknesses, but do include more. She could be not very adept at fight, or she could be not very clever so a smarter opponent could easily gain the upper hand if tactic was involved rather than blindly trading blows, or easy to manipulate or intimidate by others? Something which others can take advantage of.

    For example, my character has a very narrow visual field since he only has one eye, so he has a large blind-spot which others can take advantage of in a fray, especially if he's fighting a group. Has to be something that another can take advantage of, otherwise it's not much of a weakness.
  6. Well it's always a possibility they could have found out about it, or even just been in the area, and dropped in uninvited too XD

    "Bullet things"? I don't follow? Bullets, as in guns? Or do you mean crossbow Bolts?(seemed unlikely, but never hurts to check). Or did you mean capsuls, like blood capsuls?

    I'm glad you still have that he becomes weakened in sunlight as your vampiric weaknesses, but it'd be nice to see at least one more regular weakness not having to do with his vampirism. Again - doesn't have to be a physical weakness, but it does have to be something that can be actively exploited, such as in battle.
  7. I meant this type of thing, only instead of bullets, on one he has black soul gems and on the other he has phials of blood (because after playing DG I realised just how much of a bloody pain in the neck it is to have to drink blood every 5 minutes.)
    Yeah I wasn't really sure what to put there. Most of the things I came up with battle-wise stem from vampiric-ness, namely running out of magicka.
  8. Got it. That's fine to have.

    Hmm, well his personality part of his bio did say that he considers himself like a demi-god, so arrogance and narcisism could be a weakness? Such as not taking his opponents very seriously and leaves himself more open/drops his guard around enemies and gets wounded - or maybe is easily risen to anger and becomes more reckless due to taunts which annoy him, and such? Most narcisists are pretty easily risen to anger when their self-image comes into question, after all.
  9. K, edited.
  10. Hmm. I had imagined him as basically Alucard from Hellsing if you've ever watched that. I expect 1200 years of being alive kinda teaches you to not underestimate your enemies. Perhaps his exploitable weakness could be a stabbing attack? Like he generally fights with his magic so hes not prepared too well to block a thrust attack?
  11. K. Accepted :)

    Funny you should mention that. I was watching Hellsing just this morning while waiting to leave for something XD

    That counts as an exploitable weakness, yes :3
  12. So, if I edit that in, im accepted? at some point Ill expand on the points I put in the bio but i kinda got myself addicted to Dead Island for now so I dont have time to think about a detailed backstory.
  13. Eh? I haven't put up the IC yet lol

    And that's fine, I totally understand XD It's hard to step away from a game you just got or think about much else for a while lol
  14. XD Oh. Then I'll get working on it n post it when it's up
  15. Just a quick note here, the in-game characters listed in the front post under the factions(such as Ulfric, and General Tulius) are NPC's that you guys are free to play or not play whenever(although it's preferable that if one person has started playing them, only they play them for that scene, in case the person has plans. Once we get to a different scene involving those characters, someone else is free to play them though!)

    I'll probably be taking over for playing Nazir mostly just because I know I can pull off his character pretty decently(as I've had to before), but others are free for you guys to play as the plot needs if you want :)

    Also, I submitted a banner so hopefully we can get a couple more people before starting, but I am working on getting the IC up very soon.
  16. yaay! I might not start for a day or so. Just got pokemon bank and i need to transfer all my stuff.
  17. Sure :3
  18. dammit i just finished Hellsing and now i get the feeling im going to unintentionally make my char really OP...
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