The Deadly, Devastating, Danganronpa Group of 2K16!

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  1. "Upupupupupu!"

    As you slowly wake up from a hazy dream, you lift your body upwards, yawning and wondering how you got there. As soon as you start to look around the room, you notice that the windows are screwed shut. A sleepy, slow gaze to the corner of the room has you staring directly into the lenses of a security camera. The T.V. on the wall next to it suddenly flickers on before you even have a chance to finally get out of the bed. A man with black and white hair is on the screen, gracefully holding a martini glass. As he swivels the glass around in his grasp, the olive in it swirls in the alcohol. "Good morning, sleepy heads!" He exclaims loudly, grinning from ear to ear. "It is now nine fifty AM! You have exactly ten minutes to get to the gymnasium - If you don't light a fire under your asses and get there, I might just have to do it for you! LITERALLY!" His left eye twitched suddenly and he leaned forward towards the screen. If he came any closer, he might pop out of the T.V. on your wall. "So don't be late!" That last sentence was growled out in comparison to the other words that had seemed to fall from his lips. He took a swig of the martini before winking - That's when the T.V. clicked off.

    You decide that pissing off this man so soon wasn't a good idea...So you get out of bed and quickly scurry into the hallway. Now...How did you get here? You couldn't...Remember anything. As much as you tried to bring forth the memory, it just...Wouldn't come to mind. You can still remember staring up at the school in awe and amazement, your acceptance letter in one hand. This was the ruby slippers of shoes, the golden spatula of kitchen utensils, the super bowl ring of jewelry! Hopes Peak College! A wonderful, miraculous place that EVERYONE wanted to attend. Your family had been so proud to see that you were accepted! After all, you were a Super High School Level ( Artist, Dancer, Chef, etc. ) and was the best in your class - Of course!

    But now that you were on your way to the gym, ( the signs told you where to go ) you just couldn't recall how you got into that bed...

    But those thoughts quickly dissipated as you walked into the gym, pushing open the doors and looking at all of the other students that were standing around, mingling with each other.


    Something was off...

    This gymnasium was designed for HUNDREDS of people yet only 7...8...9...10 people, including yourself, were standing on the basketball court. And it seemed no one else was coming...

    All of a sudden, the stage in the back of the gym opened up and the man from the television was standing right in the middle of a platform that was moving upwards. A large grin was plastered on his face and four stuffed bears ( two on each side ) were with him. They were black and white, much like his hair - And the pattern on his jacket matched their eyes. The red, camera-like eye on all of them seemed to move a little on the inside - The lenses going in and out of focus. They...Sent a weird, chilling vibe through your body, but you tried to ignore it.

    "Well now! It's nice to see everyone here!" He chirped. All of your fellow students turned to face the stage, looking up at him. "Now, as y'all know, you are at Hopes Peak College in beautiful XXX, Japan!" No martini glass... "Well, I am your headmaster! Monokuma's the name and running this fine establishment is my game! You break it? Oh well! We're government funded, they'll buy it! All I do is put in the order, you get me?" That grin of his faded quickly as he spread his arms out wide, looking at the unamused faces of your 'friends'.

    "Tough crowd..." He muttered, sighing and shaking his head.

    His steps were slow, but he went from one side of the stage to the other, talking the whole time. "Now on to how long you will be attending Hope's Peak College! About...The rest of your natural lives!" His tone went from airy to stone cold and the whole gymnasium collectively gasped, half of them taking a step back in utter shock. "Oh wow! Would you look at that! That sure piqued your interests! Gahahaha!" He suddenly burst into maniacal laughter, throwing his head back as the sudden, jerky movements had him holding his stomach. "You should have seen your faces! It was P E R F E C T ! Gahahahaha! G-Gaha - GAHAHAHAHA!" Usually, laughter was contagious...And even though it was looking like the headmaster was having a good time with it all...The laughing was unsettling.

    As you looked around the room, you noticed some of your classmates tearing up - One actually had a tear roll down their cheek.

    After a minute of laughing, the man wiped an eye, seemingly out of breath. "Oh, goodness - Y'all looked like y'all gained about ten more years when I said that!" His arms slowly dropped to his sides and he turned his head back to face the small crowd. "Ah, yes! These walls will be your home for the rest of your life! Isn't that exciting!?"

    "No? Oh well! Bitch and moan as much as y'all damn well please, but don't be surprised if no one comes - The iron blocks on every piece of glass will make sure nobody on the outside hears you!"

    There was a sudden sob from somewhere in the group of people and his head snapped to it. "Aw, don't fret." His voice was...Unnerving...He was pretending to care. That much was obvious. "We have an amazing budget, darling. Your daily needs will be maintained and organized - You'll have three meals a day and snacks in between. Showers and sleep - Everything right here! All of the stuff a permanent home has! Gahahahaha!" He started to laugh once again.

    The notion that you were honest to God stuck here for the rest of your life started to dawn on you and that thought alone almost made you lose your lunch right there on the wooden floor.

    "OH - And I forgot to mention one more thing." His tone went from high to low in a matter of seconds. He was suddenly...Calm... "There is a loophole - Every set of rules has at least one..." That twisted, vicious smirk of his snarled back onto those pale features. "For the student that wishes to leave, they only have to do one thing..." Monokuma sucked in a breath.


    At that word, it almost seemed that the bears on stage started to tremble. Their gears were suddenly activated and excitement coursed through the oil in their tanks. "Yep! You heard me right, kiddos! Good ole fashioned murder!"

    "The classmate that offs another student ( and gets away with it, mind you ) will be able to leave this place forever!" This...This had to be a joke, right? Looking around with wide eyes, you noticed that you weren't the only one that thought this was a load of horse shit.

    "Gahahaha! Eviscerate, asphyxiate, pummel, stab, slice, dice, destroy! All of it! It doesn't matter - Just as long as there is no pulse!" With each disgusting word that dripped from his mouth, it seemed that the mono-bots were getting more and more riled up.

    All of a sudden there was a wriggling fish that was dripping wet - The tail was being held in the hands of Monokuma himself. "You know what you students and this salmon have in common? Neither of you have the faintest notion of how tingly the thought of you slaughtering each other makes me!" The fish was held in an iron tight grip, even though it squirmed for its life.

    "And don't even think about trying to hurt me, because if you do - " He stopped himself, stepping back and tossing the fish in front of him. All of a sudden, the mono-bots sprang into action, razor-sharp claws slicing through scales as sprays of blood shot upwards. In a few seconds, the fish was now a mushy pile of broken bones, shimmering scales, and dripping blood. That grin never faded.

    "Toodles, my bright, young pupils! Here's to a great first day at Hope's Peak College!" Once again he burst into laughter and the floor sank, just like your ever sagging heart.

    The Beginning of the End!

    Basics: So this is a group based off of the game Danganronpa. If you need me to explain how things in that game go, come and ask me! If you have never heard anything about Danganronpa, please come ask me - I need about 10 people for this group and so I am willing to teach people the basics if that means a lot of people will be able to join. Do you get me?

    So here is how things will go! I will get the list of names from all twenty of y'all - After that is done, I will use a website that picks y'all's names at random and, from those names, the first one picked will be the victim and the second one will be the murderer. The only three people that will know these things are me, the murderer, and the victim. Everyone will know who the victim is, but no one will know who the murderer is except for the murderer and I. Y'all's job is to collect evidence ( which will be given to y'all in the Monokuma File ) and then determine who the suspect is! Now, of course, Monokuma knows who the murderer is, so he might try and bump y'all in the right direction.

    All in all, I need to figure out where in the world the debates may take place...I'm thinking about either having a Discord chat for the class trials or a Skype chat for the class trials - Whichever will be easier for you. So, YES. You MUST have either Skype or Discord in order to participate in this group!

    I will also need some people to set up various google docs and things like that to keep things organized. Things like names and stuff like that - If they're alive, what their Super High School Level is and just - You know! Hahaha!

    So, in order for everything to run smoothly, we need two things - Cooperation and Communication!

    You have to be willing to message each other, start threads with each other, things like that! If you don't like socializing, then this won't be the group for you! I will, obviously, hold threads with those that wish to interact with the headmaster. He may give hints and stuff like that to characters he favors more than the other.

    Also, due to the nature of Danganronpa, you must be willing to deal with gore and stuff.

    ESPECIALLY when it comes to the executions!

    Now, Monokuma will explain this to your characters in the initial thread, but I'll say this now. After a set amount of time, Monokuma will call for a class trial! This will, obviously, be held in one of the chat rooms. It will be so much easier for your characters to ALL interact and for Monokuma to butt in when he needs to. In the class trial, you will discuss the evidence, point fingers, and try your hardest to convict the one that is blackened! Then we will take a vote. After everyone has submitted their vote, I will tally them up! If you get the murderer correct, then I will execute the murderer!

    However, if you get it wrong - EVERYONE gets the chopping block and the murderer gets away Scott free! Don't worry, we can always restart and try again - This is a game after all. Hehe...

    OH - And one more thing! You may be confused on what Super High School Level is - It's what they're the best at. And by best, I mean BEST OF THE BEST! The Creme De La Creme - When You say that they are the Super High School Level Chef, that means that they pour their heart and soul into cooking. SHSL Art pours their heart and soul into art. There can be ANYTHING. From SHSL Witch, Doctor, Gamer, Reader, Princess, Breeder, Fortune-teller, Swimmer, etc.

    Since they are now in college, their SHSL will still apply - It'll just be what they were in High School.


    Super High School Level:
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    What's Most Important To Them:
    (Optional) A Little Bit About Their Backstory:
    Send in an Application to my PM and I will talk to you about it there! I hope to see y'all soon!

    One more thing! You'll need to have Discord to participate in this because a lot of shit will be going down in Discord! That's where a lot of individualized investigations will occur and it will also be where the trials are held! The reason for this is because of the fast-paced nature of the trials and how they need to have speedy replies to get the job done! Add me at Wren#8840 .
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  2. "Oh, you'll love this one! What did Johann's chicken say?
    Bach, Bach! Upupupu - Nyakyakyakyak! Boy, that's a knee slapper!"

    Name: Aoi Saito
    Age: 19
    Gender: M
    Sexuality: Questionably Straight
    Super High School Level: Composer
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair Color: Blue (dyed)
    Eye Color: Blue
    What's Most Important To Them: Their music being perfect
    A Little Bit About Their Backstory: A Famous Composer and Conductor that was touring around Japan before this. A child prodigy. There were rumors he was thinking about returning to school.
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  3. "Hm...Ever think about joining the dark side? I could use some extra monobots around here."

    Name: Kamiko Ueno
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Super High School Level: Robot Maker
    Height: 6' 0'
    Weight: 157 lbs
    Hair Color: Orange
    Eye Color: Amber
    What's Most Important To Them: Making something everyone likes.
    A Little Bit About Their Backstory: An auto mechanic's daughter who loved cats but was sadly allergic to them--So her dad encouraged her to just make her own! She took a shine to mechanics and began making her own simple robots, which blossomed into more advanced creations as she devoted her all into it. She mistakenly thought this college would help her become more skilled in computer programming for more advanced AI, but it seems there's...Other plans.​
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  4. Hello @Wren! How's this going? :D
  5. Name: James Wilson
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: bi
    Super high school level:programmer
    Height: 6'4
    Weight:210 lb
    Hair color: black
    What's important to them: His electronic devices
    A little bit about their backstory: James never really paid attention in classes, he would usually fail many of them, but there was one subject be excelled in and he found enjoyment from, his technology classes, anything to do with computers fascinated him, from how they work, to how he could use them, not just as information seekers but as tools with more purpose than the original creator would have imagined. He believed this Scholl would help him make the next super computer but how will murder help his programming progress?
  6. This thread was posted September 5th. I'd assume it's dead.
  7. @Wren replied to my PM actually. Not so long ago.
  8. Really? Was he still interested in hosting this?
  9. Seemed like it. I followed the instructions (PM then add in Discord) but no word from then.
  10. Hm, I guess I'll see if this will become active again or not then.
  11. I hope it does, it'll be fun to RP together here too :D
  12. Well if it was still alive I was gonna take a shot in the dark and hope for the best
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  13. I'd enjoy getting into an rp like this, i love the danganronpa series)
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