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The Deadliest Warrior

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Inane Nihilist, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Anyone ever seen the show?
    Link to episodes
    Link to wikisource

    So basically this will be taken into RP form.

    A trio will direct the RP and give commentary. They will also judge and vote on certain things as well can the audience(possibility...).

    Two teams of up to 2 - 3 people will represent and introduce their warrior(s) within the OOC and IC. The warrior selected could comprise of a group or a single heroic figure.

    The chosen warrior(s) must be well enough known across the planet, full background of everything needed, 100% fact filled sources(no BS).
    These warriors must also be balanced in some way.

    Each team brings a total of 5 weapons from the particular group they are associated with.
    They will present the strengths, and weaknesses of each weapon, including written tests of the weapons. (chopping shit in half or obliterating things =P )

    After turns have been taken and votes counted, the winner is determined.
    From there a mock battle takes place to showcase how each weapon is used in a 'real' battle situation, and to determine which combatant is the "deadliest warrior".

    After that episode has passed, another will be created that features new warrior teams.

    So... any ideas on helping this along or questions? Or you think this baby is ready to be cast out into the OOC?
  2. I'd love to see this happen! Hopefully people are interested. I wanna see RP characters all set up against one another. =P
  3. I doubt it will happen with as much preparation and real life info as is required. But it would be awesome to just have RP characters of similar powerlevels be evaluated this way.
  4. I was hoping people would gather such warriors as Halo's Spartan forces or Warhammer peeps or Star Wars or whatever well enough known stuff there would be out there. Like Chuck Norris even coming into the picture vs Captain Kirk.


    Warp spider?
  6. Welp I'm thinking we could vote on a set few to have and have some people back the fighters for support and tell us about them and their skillz. ^^

  8. Waaaaaaaait. Chief against Space Marines?

    That's like Mario against Sin.

    EDIT: Oh, and this is perfect for Tyranid's versus Zerg.

  9. 'nids win... end of story
  10. In straight combat, but Zerg corruptibility is more active and much faster than 'Nid terraforming. Which seems to effect only earth(Death by spores produced by terraforming, and Genestealer absorption nonwithstanding) anyway. Besides, they might end up on the same side. The Hive Mind is older but the Overmind reproduces quicker.

    Besides, Ultralisk(s, lol) versus Tervigon? Epic!
  11. I think the 'nids have the clear advantage... with the hive mind the larger the swarm the more intelligent it becomes, while the overmind is i single entity. Also the Tyranid ability to collect the dead and spawn ever increasing numbers and LEARN from their enemies rather than simple infecting them would mean that any 'nid swarm that manages to defeat a zerg swarm will have the best of both.
  12. Old Award Show Post 2017

    Train Heartnet had showed up late to the Awards Show. The teen didn't bother with social interactions afterwards either. Besides, he hadn't really become close with anyone in particular during his murder game who was here except for maybe Mason. But the young man seemed... preoccupied at the moment. So, the black cat simply made his way for the food and pigged out on whatever he could get his hands on--occasionally stopping to wash down meals with a tall glass of milk. Sometime later, he would feel a tap on his shoulder, jumping up with surprise when he would see the individual standing behind him.


    "Hi Train."

    "PRINCESS!?" the teen spat out in shock, reaching down to grab her by the shoulders at first. "Are you really here? You're not a fake this time?" he questioned, moving his hand onto her face so he could pinch her nose.

    "Let go," she grumbled, pushing his hand away forcefully. "It really is me. Although, I'd like you to take into account that this event is non-canon. After its over, we won't remember any of this. I'm only here to help present some awards tonight."

    "Are you kidding me? Ugh, what a pain in the ass," he replied, putting his hands behind his head with a sigh. "Are you presenting awards by yourself?"

    Eve smirked. "No."

    "Oh, well, who's helping you then?"

    Eve simply stared at him.


    "Huh, wait, me?! No way! I didn't come here to present some lame-ass awards!"

    "You'll be paid," the blonde stated flatly, causing the male in front of her to change his tune.

    "Paid, you say? Well, I guess it's okay if I'm going to get money out of this..."

    "Good, come with me," she said, gesturing for Train to follow her to the stage.

    Shoveling another bite of food in his mouth first, Train would then began walking to the spot Eve showed him.

    After arriving on the stage, Eve would begin to speak first. "We're here to present more awards," she softly said.

    Train sighed. "Princess, you're too soft-spoken. They're not going to hear you. This is how you do it." Clearing his throat, the ex-assassin would add, "Yo, everyone, listen up. Princess and I are here to hand out awards for the Civil War Murder Game. And, first, we're going to talk about the nominations for Best Chapter."

    "Nicely done, but I can do better," Eve replied. "The nominations for Best Chapter are Civil Blood in Civil Hands (First Chapter), Self-Realization (Fourth Chapter), Divided We Stand (Final Chapter), and In Accordance... (Prologue)."

    "Yeah, yeah, I still don't think you're loud enough, Princess. We're talking to an audience, not whispering to try and prevent someone from waking up. Anyhow..."

    "Our winner for Best Chapter is Divided We Stand (Final Chapter). Oh hey, Princess, did you know that you were a boss fight in that chapter? That hair of yours really hurts, you know, and you almost killed that princess everyone worked so hard to save..."

    Eve shrugged nonchalant. "It's in the past."

    OOC (open)

    The final chapter of Civl War was epic indeed! It was filled to the brim with exciting boss fights and was just an overall exciting, action-packed, and fun way to end the game. Great work, guys! :)

    @Atomyk @Verite

    "Let's talk about Best Epilogue next," Eve began to say, only for Train to cut her off shortly afterwards.

    "Wait a second, doesn't an Epilogue come after a Prologue? Why would we talk about the Best Epilogue first?"


    "It doesn't matter. We'll cover all of them eventually anyhow," she grumbled, shaking her head. "The nominees for Best Epilogue are ODMA formation, Genesis foreshadowing, Ruby, and Wanda Maximoff."

    "Huh, not bad choices," Train commented. "But, yeah, we only have one winner. And that winner is... ODMA formation."

    OOC (open)

    Ah, nothing like a good post full of lore. This post was especially interesting to read since it told us all about the ODM's founding and foreshadowed it for Time Squad and future events. Great job, Jason! This post, and even your other epilogues with Shiki and such, was very well done.


    "Okay, next we have--" Train began to say, cutting himself off as he would pat his stomach.

    "Something wrong?" Eve questioned.

    "Ah, it's nothing. Anyhow, next we hare our award for Best Prologue. The nominees for that are... Deoxys and Ilona. Only two for this one? Really?"

    "Hm, interesting. These two were believed in opposing viewpoints during this Murder Game, didn't they? So, the Civil War continues even into the awards..."

    Train shook his head. "Jeez, don't be so dramatic, Princess. It's an award show, not another war. Anyhow, the winner of this category is... Ilona. Congrats, Princess."


    "Excuse me?"

    "Oh, sorry, I meant Princess Ilona, not you, Princess."

    OOC (open)

    Wow, thanks, guys. Not an award I was expecting to win considering how many amazing prologues were written by everyone else. I'd also like to give a special shoutout to Crunchy's prologue as Deoxys because it was indeed very good. : )

    "Our next category is Best NPC," Eve began, "And our nominees include Junko Enoshima, Ritsuko Akagi, Kyoko Kirigiri, and Makoto Naegi."

    "You know, they're all pretty damn cool people. I bet this one was tough to vote for," Train commented, continuing to rub his stomach.

    "Indeed. Go ahead and tell the people who our winner is."



    The ex-assassin began to hunch over, his arms wrapped around his stomach. "Uggghhhh my stomach... oh god, it hurts. Everything's going fuzzy. I think I'm seeing a bright light..."

    "Now who is the one being dramatic?" Eve questioned, shooting Train a look. "You probably ate too much. Can you at least stand up straight and tell the others who won?"

    "Makoto Naegi-- oh god, I think I'm going to barf... err-- not because Makoto won! I-I just feel sick..."

    Eve sighed. "In case you didn't hear that, Makoto Naegi is the winner."

    OOC (open)

    Ah, Makoto is a wonderful NPC indeed. One of my absolute favorites! Mic, I can most certainly tell you put your heart and soul into playing him. He always shined, especially during his interactions with Kyoko and during your epilogue post with him. Great work!


    "Train, can you hang in there? We have one more award to present before break..."


    "Ugh, I-I'll try," he grumbled, struggling to stand straight up again. "N-Next our category is... ugh, no, I just can't do this right now. Eve, go on without me!" he exclaimed, slumping to the floor.

    "I thought you were tougher than this. Hm, fine. Up next, we have our Best Male Character category. The nominations are Shizuo, Makoto Naegi, Mason Moretti, and Qrow Branwen."

    "And the winner is... Mason Moretti. Congratulations."

    OOC (open)

    Congrats on this award, Mason! I know this character is special to you and I can tell you put your whole heart and soul into writing him. Mason will always be a part of murder history now, and it'll be nice seeing more of him in the future in The Secretariat. : )

    @Mason Moretti

    "Okay, we're done. Everyone, you may come up to the stage and collect your awards during our break." After addressing the audience, Eve would look down to check on Train. "How are you holding up? We can see if there's a doctor or some medicine for you to--"

    ...but Train wasn't there.


    The cheeky male had slipped off stage, rushing for the banquet tables as if he had never been sick in the first place. He grinned back at Eve, shrugging his shoulders. "Sorry about the whole sick act. I just really didn't feel like helping out with that award crap. You can't fool me. This even is non-canon and there's no way I'll be getting paid for this!"

    Popping a vein, Eve stomped off the stage and walked after Train.

    He's an idiot. If he wanted to get out of doing the awards, why didn't he just fake being sick from the start instead of partway through? But I guess he's not a complete idiot. He did figure out that he won't be getting paid for this...
  13. Protoss - Tau, Protoss - Eldar.

    A Titan vs. A Scarab Tank

    Cthulu vs. Sin, that one is a must. We all know Cthulu would win, but since they're both immortal... XD

    Humwawa against The Fourth Horseman, Pazuzu versus Nurgle.

    And a Power Ranger against Robocop.

    Fuck it. You're probably right, but I imagine there would be ways fight 'Nids. If puny Guard can, Zerg's can too. Besides, Cerebrate against a Lictor... *pulls out the Cerebrate character sheet for IW*

    Collectively, Zerg would be assimilated, but if it was one on one. Hey Vay, you do 'Nids and I'll do Zerg.
  14. Sin? Who is that exactly?

    BTW I'm likin' the matchup.

    Maybe the Tyranids could fight some other largscale bug force... or something around that. However I can't think of anything else! XD

    Anyway to include Samus somewhere in fighting someone? Who would you guys see fit in fighting her?
  15. [​IMG]

    That, Versus:


  16. Its on... then carnifex vs ultralisk?
  17. Laughable. I was thinking Mutalisk horde
  18. This shall be epic.
  19. Zerg vs. Nids.

    Against the Overmind and his Cerebrates... If it ain't Dark Templar, it ain't dead.


    I'd put the Beast in there somewhere, but they need both biological and mechanical components to thrive.
  20. So the beast hit the terans then the protos then use the mecnanics gained against the zerg.