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  1. This was not a normal town not by any means. It was a town where the dead and departed roamed. It is a town where the souls wait for their time to be judged and to move on wait. They all from all walks of life and to pass on one must rember their deeds in their past life they must find out what is holding them back some times it is as simple as how a person died or what they failed to do while they lived. In this town their are many and sometimes their are none. This town can not be seen by the living for they have forgtton about this place. or they chose to ignore the forgotton town. It was a dismal town, fog hanging over the town some parts it was not fog but snow or some times it will be ash. A lone man was walking down the road it seemed to be mid day yet their was no sun and no other souls walking about right now. He has been in this town longer then anyone can rember he has failed many times to move on from this town to the next life. He is a lonely soul he will keep to himself and many times he has tryed to break from the town to roam the planet. But he has only managed to stay out of the town for a few days at most before he blinks back to the town for where he roamed. This time he was roaming once more he was in a large town passing through other humans, no one took any knowlage of him but a simple shiver he gave them. The man had dark bags under his eyes, and cold blue eyes. He has a soft sandy brown hair. He was walking slowly down the side walk obsvering many of the living smirking they had no idea of his existance none what so ever. The man took his seat on a bench many passing by the man giving him no notice what so ever. He smirks he loved his time away from that town.
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  2. A young girl with long hair that had lost it's color, had a pale and ghostly complexion with empty and void, dull colored eyes. It had been at least a month when she had awoken with no memories of who she was and she had wandered around enough, to realize that her existance did not matter to the people that walked right through her obliviously. No voice came out, when she had tried to speak and no contact had been made, for she would only go through them. She was afraid, but as time went on, she lost track and had completely given up. Only to wander aimlessly and observe the surrounding crowds of people that continue on with their daily lives.

    No, she had not seen anyone who had resembled her situation. In fact, she wasn't even sure what her situation was. She just wandered as the time passed continuously, lost and unsure of who she was. She didn't know what her purpose was and she was nothing more than that of an empty shell.

    On an early mid afternoon, the girl had taken her usual walk following behind crowds of people mischeiviously as if she were one of them. What more was there to do besides finding things to do if she didn't know what her purpose was. Though she was getting tired of the constant routine, the girl stopped for once, letting everyone walk through her as she looked up at the sky blankly. There was no longing or hope in her eyes. It was long lost and all that was left was a void that left her feeling nothing but empty. Though a part of her did somehow remember something. A memory that she didn't want to recall... And that, she was fine with. If it was something that was forgotten. Maybe it was meant to be forgotten after all.
  3. The man with cold blue eyes looked around and smirked at people passing by when he saw one that seemed to catch his eyes. He could feel the calling pulling him back to the town but this girl she seemed to no be affected by it. He stands for a moment and looks at the girl with pale skin meeting her eyes for a moment he walks through the people as if they were nothing and stops right in front of the girl for a moment meeting her eyes he smirks again. And he lays his hand on her sholder his skin was ice cold the feeling of a dead man as he looks down at her." you are amoung the dead, you can not affect them nor can you speak with them tis a sad fate but you, do not seem to be affected by the town drawn back as others are please tell me why that is" He asks her. He had a thick accent seeming to show where he was once from when he looks around him and sighs for a moment his body beging to flicker." I will soon return to the town where i am drawn back to please if you are able to speak to me then do so"He asks her and closes his eyes his body beging to fade and flicker as he feels his essancets being drawn back to the town. His sandy brown hair growing pale and the bags under his eyes growing bigger. If a spirt begins to lose power their wounds of the mortal plane will begin to show once more his own wounds beging to show his eyes vanishing showing a bloody hole, his throat showing a deep gash and a wound to his chest massive blood ozzing out
  4. As the girl was looking up, she noticed that amid the figures of people, was one that was approaching her. It seemed to be a man that was looking straight at her. She was in confusion and passed it off, only to stare at the man blankly until his hand reached out and made contact with her. The girl flinched as a look of confusion crossed her face as she analyzed the man with cold blue eyes. She watched as he began to speak and saw his body flicker. To her, he seemed to be someone who knew what was going on and he was the only person who had ever talked to or made contact with her. She wanted to ask him something. She wanted answers. Opening her mouth, she hesitantly spoke. Her voice soft, yet haunting. "Dead....?" She questioned, hearing her own voice for the first time in awhile that she barely recognized it as her own. "I... Don't understand...." She said, as she tilted her head.

    Being dead, didn't come as a surprise. Considering her situation, she could already put together the pieces that she didn't exist in the same world as the people that couldn't see her. What she didn't understand, was what the man was speaking about. As she looked at him, her eyes widened slightly as she was taken off guard as the appearance of the man began to change. The wounds that began to appear on his body caused the girl to take a step back. Though more than fear, her eyes had slight concern shown in them for a only a moment before the emotions in her eyes disappeared. She was in more confusion then ever as she looked at the man intently, looking for answers.
  5. He looks down at her and nodds sadly" I see you do not know who you were ether for that i am sorry" He tells her and looks down his one eye flickering in sadness he looks down and closes his eye concentrating. He looked like he was in a great amount of pain when his wounds began to vanish he looks down at her for a moment." You are dead and as far as i can see you do not know how you have died. It seeems for us to move on to the next world we must compleat business we have had in life but that is the key most do not know what they wanted in life and now have lost in death"He tells her and looks down at his hands."YA ne znayu, moye proshloye" He tells her and shakes his head he seemed to know some of his old toung but what he spoke he did not know. H sighs for a momemnt and looks at her" Come i will show you where more of us dwell maybe you will find someone you know and they can tell you how you died" he tells her and holds out his hand when he flicked back to the town he would take her back with him. He looks down at her for a moment" What do you call your self" He asks her he was asking for her name."I have long since forgotton my name so i go By Nicholai" He tells her and smirks" call me Nick most do" he tells her and lays his hand on her sholder." Do not worry most figuer out who they are within the year some dont but that is up to you follow your gut" He offers her some advice
  6. "Death..." She repeated to herself quietly as she listened to his explanation very carefully. From what he had said, the girl had heard enough of what her situation was. She didn't really need any more details. Although a part of her continued to feel like something was missing, she ignored it and began to wonder who she was when she was alive. As she was in thought, she noticed that the man's wounds had disappeared and looks at him with confusion when he spoke in a language she could not comprehend. When he shook his head afterwards, the girl didn't question him about it and looked at his outstretched hands. After a moment, she took his hand and answered him,"Miyuki.... Yuki". "Yuki," she repeated, implying that he call her Yuki. "Nick?" She said, trying to remember his name as he put a hand on her shoulder for some kind of reassurance.

    "What if... I don't remember who I am?" She asked suddenly, after a moment of staying silent. "What happens if I move on?" She questioned, though she wasn't sure if Nick knew himself what happens if the dead moved on. Yuki had grown curious to find out how she ended up the way she was, but she was also concerned as to how it happened. There were many possibilities of so many different deaths, that she wasn't sure if she wanted to find out. If she ever did, she wasn't sure if her current self would change after finding out the truth. Though, she was curious to ask about Nick's injuries, she didn't think it was the time for such personal question that could cause unbalance. By that, she usually called one person's uncontrolled or darker emotion unbalance based on observing the living. Feeling frustrated with the decisions and choices she had to make, slight fear showed in her eyes, knowing that the nagging feeling in the back of her mind, was the forgotten suppressed memory. Yuki then looked down at the ground and unconsciously held Nick's hand tighter.
  7. He nodds and in shock when he heard her name" How strange that you rember your own name" he tells her and looks at her for a moment He was unsure of what to make of this girl. " When you pass on i do not know i have never been able to find out. Once a soul has passed on to the next realm they are never seen from again. It seems to me you may already be close to finding a clue wonderfull, the sooner you can finesh your business on this plane the sooner you will move to the next realm miss yuki" He tells her and bows his head to her. He took her hand gently in his own his skin was rough and his grip strong showing that in his life he was one who worked hard but what he did was shrowded in mystery he looks at her and lets the pull take them the scene around them shifting in an instant. He looks around a bit and nodds there were others here some old some very young. But they all looked the same pale with defeated eyes. They looked at nick and then to the new girl he had brought with him. He looks around the town was a silent one a thick mist hung around no sunlight could ever be seen through the thickness of the fog. He sighs for a moment" come there will be a place for you to stay soon enough, you may not need food or water or sleep but it does help the mind to think you do belive i know" he tells her for a moment and lets go of her hand as an elderly man approches them His head full of white hair and very deep wrinkels he looks at the girl sadly" Ahh another passed before their time, for that i am sorry child" He tells her his voice was soft and kind he held a kind smile to her. It was a smile a grandfather would give to a child."I see nick here has brought you do not fear him he has been here longer then anyone can rember, i assume he has explained the situation to you" he asks her and holds out his hand to show her not to be afriad." all souls of the dead reside here good and bad, but we all have the same goal to move on to the next life wheter it be our punishment for what we did in life or a reward we do not know all we know is we must find out who we were in our past life and then finesh the business we had back then" he tells her
  8. Yuki shrugged and silently disagreed to what Nick had said. She wasn't sure what it was, but she felt as if there was something in a part of her memory that she had purposefully forgotten on her own accord before she had died. Yuki then frowned when Nick had called her miss and had somehow remembered another feeling of dislike toward the way it was said to her. "Miss..." She said more to herself with distaste by the way it sounded. Shaking her head slightly, she let what he had said go and looked around at her surroundings when they had arrived to the place that he had told her about. Yuki observed the people who were partially like her. In a sense, dead. As she looked around she saw an elder man approach them and stepped back, slightly behind Nick when he had let go of her hand. But when the elder man spoke with a smile she looked at him with confusion, not knowing what the feeling was. She didn't recall a anything nostalgic about the way he had spoken to her. In fact, there was nothing she felt that was familiar about the way Nick and the elderly man had spoken to her. It was foreign and unfamiliar. Yet, it didn't leave her feeling uncomfortable.

    Yuki then looked at up at Nick when the elderly man had mentioned that Nick had been around for a while and nodded her head slightly at the elder man to indicate that she was listening. Seeing that he had shown no harm, Yuki no longer stood behind Nick and looked at the man with curiosity. "What business?" She asked quietly, unsure of what he meant by finishing their business.
  9. Nick sighs for a moment" In life there was the one thing we were all ment to do in that world some of us died before finehsing that one thing it is what holds us back. It could be out of rage grief love or guilt but it is always something that holds us back from moving on we all have that unfineshed buisness to tend to in this life but what that is most of us are never sure. Some have to travle the world to find out or simply rember who they are, It may come to you it may not it all depends on you" he tells her and sighs rubbing his eyes and looking to the elderly man."Dont worry child you will know when it comes to you": he tell her and looks at her for a moment before smiling and walking away leaving the two alone where they stood. Nick Grabs her hand once more and leads her away from some of the people. he looks around some of the homes looked hollowed out some burnt down but when they got to the edge of town he comes to a small cabin like home sitting at the edge" this is my home" He tell her and looks at her for a moment smirking and leading her inside the house it was not much in the way of a home but there was a small fire burning to take the chill off and a well furnished home he looks around and point to a door near the kitchen" You can sleep in there if you wish tommrow i will help you find a place you can take up residents in" he informs her. Nick walks over to the kitchen and pulls out a bottle of whiskey pouring himself a drink looking at yuki" Would you like something to drink" He asks her and looks into her eyes his blue eyes still cold and deep much like a soilders eyes
  10. Yuki let what Nick had said to sink in and nodded slightly in understanding. Though what he had said somehow triggered something that made Yuki feel a sense of fear, making her tremble slightly. "What if I... Don't want to know?" Yuki said in an inaudible voice as the elder man began to walk away. Suddenly, Nick grabbed her hand and she followed him as he led her passed several burnt houses to lead her into a small cabin, saying that it was his home. "Home..." She said, her voice sounding distant as she followed him inside. Yuki then shook her head in response to Nick and watched as he drank out of a bottle of what seemed to be alcohol. Turning away from him, Yuki looked at the crackling fire and wondered why they seemed to live as if they were humans when they were dead. She continued to stare at the dancing flames when she saw an image flash in her head and her hand as if by memory, touched the back of her neck when she began to feel a burning sensation of something like a glass shard penetrating into her skin and tracing some sort of symbol that she should know really well.

    Dropping her hand, she looked down to see blood from where she had touched her neck and hid it behind her back. For awhile, she had noticed that her memories would often flash quickly, leaving her with a headache and also an injury. All she felt was fear and her hands felt cramped, yet it felt like there was something she was physically missing. Sighing quietly, she looked away from the fire and clenched her hand, hoping for the burning pain on her neck to end.
  11. He watches her seeing the blood running from her neck he sets down his glass. Nick stands up now and walks over to her" It will be painfull at first but that is the manifestation of your mortal wounds now." He says and lays his hand on her neck cooling the burning sensation he sighs and helps her up sitting her down in the chair when he looked down on her he shakes his head" everyone died in a certin way and sometimes your life could be told from your wounds" He expalines as he stands a few feet back from her now closing his eyes when the wounds began to appear again his eye vanishing his throat being slashed open but new wounds began to appear on him as well he was showing her the true horrer of the way he died. He looks down at her his fingers had been removed and so had his toes. He opens his mouth his toung missing from his skull patches of his hair seemed to be torn away. He looks down at her in sadness but it seemed there was more to it he was pale very pale hollow even his skin sunken in his body a shadow of its former self" I did not die from these wounds i know that when these were delt to me i was alive for a time afterward. I had died when i succumbed to dehydration and starvation but who did this to me and why i do not know" he tells her and looks down at his ruined hands in great sadness a lone tear slipping from his eye." I can tell you i fear i may not have been a good man when i was alive this way i was killed it was out of anger pure anger and revenge what i did who i did it to, such a fate no i desverd much worse i fear i held on so long was because i wanted more, more pain and suffering to atone for my sins. Now i do not even rember what sin i have wrot so i may atone for them, now i am destine for the inferno i can feel it deep in my heart" he tells her and moves the flap of a ruined what looked like amour away from his chest to show a deep gash almost as if someone tryed to carve out his own heart. He changes back now looking down in deep sadness for what he had became
  12. Yuki felt the pain on her neck dissipate when Nick put a hand on it and helped her sit down on a chair. "Is there... A symbol?" Yuki asked, lifting her discolored hair for him to see. How she knew it was a symbol was unknown, but she did feel something more rather than just pain. There was something that seemed to be purposefully and permanently marked on her to remind or of something. Something that she didn't quite remember.

    When Nick's wounds began to reappear again, she looked at him as he began to speak about it, also noticing that they were completely different wounds from before. Yuki then looked at him sadly, thinking about how she didn't feel anything but fear and hate whenever her she would see flashes of memories of two unknown people that were strangers, but were not at the same time. Their faces weren't visible as if they were unimportant, yet most of her memories revolved around them and many groups of people hording her with flashes of lights and voices that spoke all at once. As of now, she couldn't really remember much except for the random bits and pieces.

    Seeing a tear fall down Nick's eyes, she tugged on his hand gently with concern. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do in that situation and comfort seemed to be a vocab nonexistent to her own mind. Though she knew that asking if he was alright was a dumb question, considering how he obviously didn't look alright. She also figured that if she asked that, he would just say everything was fine. That was how she saw people respond when she observed the living for awhile. So it was pointless to say anything, so all she could do was say nothing.
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    Dolores Bellaire | 19 | Living
    *Able to speak to the dead and see them usually*
    Hope this is fine!

    ~ ~ ~

    Dolores was sitting in a public Cemetary, speaking to one of her friends--Whom.. Was a ghost. Recently she helped solve his death, causing him to gain his own memories back--Except for his name and she sighed."Well bod.. I'm not quite sure which stone belongs to you." She frowned sitting on something cold. One of the grave sites she figured, and 'Bod' joined her side, sitting beside her."Could.. This be it?" He asks pointing under her seat. The blonde blinked."It can't be. This is a very small cemetery, which is good. But your loved ones said its stone, not a platform." She said, doubting the ghost."Check.. Pleasee." Insisted bod.

    Dolores released a sigh and slid over to the grass. On the plaque was written:

    Skipping the paragraph, the birth and death was:
    JAN 2, 199x - MAR. 23 20xx"(fill in x's)

    The ghost nicknamed 'bod' grinned."Is this it?" Dolores blinked as she read the name aloud for him. The ghost male nodded."Yeah! I feel warm surprisingly and an odd yet familiar sensation. This is it! Thanks Blair!" Grinned the ghost happily. It was his resting place, not to mention he regained his memories and can officially be at peace."Of I could, I would hug you. But thanks a lot, really!" Bod, now recognizably Aleksander said before disappearing into the plaque, leaving a hiss like sound that was reassuring. Dolores smiled and nodded, saying a 'youre welcome' then walked out the small cemetery triumphantly. A smile plastered on her face.

    People of course took Dolores as odd... Insane mostly. Accusing her of possibly having schizophrenia or something along those lines and it had taught her as a child to ignore the ghosts, and merely talk to them when she's alone, in order to leave that 'strange' stage. She also didn't want to be known as a 'medium' or anything, so has kept quiet since. Dolores walked around the town quietly as she had her brown messenger bag on. Her blonde curly and wild hair all over the place.
  14. He nodds when he sees the symbol he couldent shake the feeling that he had seen that some where. He looks at her" I am alright do not worry the wounds do not hurt me but they are a remnider that i havent sufferd enough not nearyl enough for my sins" he tells her sadly and looks at her for a moment tracing his finger around the symbol so strange and yet he felt like he had seen such a symbol before" I do not know what it means but it is familer" he tells her and for the first time in many years he had a flash of memorys the symbol He yelps in pain for the first time he had felt something something human he holds his mind and the memorys burns into his very mind the symbol was something he couldent put his finger on but it was ment for something in the after life." this symbol something means something" he try to say through the pain as he kneels down" It means something of the after life something that was carved into you moments before your own death" He tells her and shakes his head for a moment he sighs deeply sitting down by the fire he holds his hand into it the flams licking his hand gentluy showing no pain from it no wound" the pain was the only thing i can feel anymore even then it is few and far between. He stands up for a moment" I need a moment to clear my head" Nick tells her and walks out of the home. He was walking down the road blinking out he was in a new town now looking around when he passes through a blond haired women letting out a long sigh he didnt care much right now for obsvering the humans
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    Dolores Bellaire | 19 | Living
    *Able to speak to the dead and see them usually*

    ~ ~ ~

    Dolores jolted, shivered, then froze. She hated that feeling of when ghosts would pass through her! She has yet adapted to that, and the blonde turned around as she huffed."Hey!" She called out to nick, seeing him. The blonde jogged to catch up to him, and got Infront of him--Walking backwards. He was of course taller then her and she looked up at him while walking backwards. Surely, few who saw, thought her as unusual.

    "If we ever meet again, please don't do that.." She said then stopped."Y'know.. Walk through me? I mean if it was unintentional, then sorry for being abrupt..!" She grinned scratching the back of her head.
  16. Nick thought that this women might have been calling out to someone else when he stopped dead in his tracks he saw that the human was talking to him he looks around for a moment and shakes his head he assumes she can not see him as he trys to walk through her again and this time stops he could feel the resistants" you see me then human how strange all my years no one has seen one of my kind" he tells her his voice strange and held the thick accent he stops and looks around some people looking at them he huffs for a moment" I see well then you must move on people are stearing at you, if they belive you are of a weak mind they will kill you burn you at the steak such is the fate of those who can see the undead" Nick informs her and steps around her he didnt mind that she could see him all though he had began to think it was very strange when he looks at her again he thinks for a moment." You see the undead yet you do not fear us how strange perhaps you can see the town as well. You may be of some use to us there go to the town there are many many more of us i can not stay here long miss i fear i am being drawn back" he tells her and starts to change his form taking on how he died. His hollowed out form his fingers missing his eye missing and a slit throat. He looks at her and says in a weazing voice before walking over to her"FInd me there if you truely belive what you see" he tells her and lays his hand on her head showing her the location of the town before vanishing compleatly he is back home breathing heavy looking around for yuki
  17. Yuki turns her head slightly to look at him and was right. She knew he would say he was alright. There was no need for her to do anything. Though she did begin to wonder what it was when Nick was living that caused him to think that way. She then looked at him with concern when he touched the symbol on her neck that probably looked like a scar. Her concern seemed to have came back when Nick yelped in pain and kneeled down on the floor. Yuki only silently nodded when he said he had to 'clear his head' and watched as stood up and left.

    Putting her hand on her neck again, she tried to trace the symbol to guess the visual image of it. She recalled Nick saying that it looked familiar, but there was something about it that made Yuki want to escape. Deciding to take a walk, she left Nick's house only to walk a few distance away briefly as she looked around, thinking about the symbol on her neck. It was something in her language, that seemed to be tied to the two people she had seen quite often in her memory. As she walked upon a broken glass shard, her eyes widened slightly as she stepped back, only to pick it up and examine it.

    The symbol on her neck, it had something to do with a shard glass. Clenching the shard in her hand tightly, she stared blankly into space as she saw scenes of shattered glass and heard shouting that seemed to be directed to her. Dropping the glass, she clutched her head and covered her ears, strangely able to understand the profanity in her home language shouted at her. She was unsure of what it was that made the man and woman angry, but she was sure she didn't like it. The glass that had made her recall a fragment of her life, made her finally understand what the symbol had meant. Shaking her head from the memory, she couldn't help but hear the echoing voices calling her useless.
  18. Nick was back home and he was breathing heavy looking around for yuki he sucks in a deep breath his form changing back to normal he sits down on his chair and rubs his eyes he could see the eyes in his mind such anger such rage hatred and madness where they his own eyes or the eyes of the one who killed him. He couldent be sure he didnt know anything about who he was in life all he knew was he had such guilt hanging over him in his heart he felt like this was not enough not enough he needed more more suffering and more penance. But in this state nick couldent do a thing he could not harm himself or try to kill himself again he sat there his anger growing even more his mind clouding as he finaly shot up and looked to the cealing." Why dammit why cant i move on why cant i accept my fate and take my place in hell who was i what did i do" He roars out to the cealing trying to get some kind of awnser he drops to the floor and smashes his hand into the floor hard enough to spliter the floor bordes he crys out in agony he keeps demanding why over and over again he felt th guilt grow larger and larger he wanted to know who he was and wha he had down in his life why he was such a torcherd soul who did he hurt and why did he desver such a fate much worse then this he needed to know who he was. But he couldent even rember his own name. All he rembers about himself if those eyes such hatred and anger filled them madness poured from them who he was and what he did will forever allude him
  19. Yuki finally realized what it was she wanted to forget, but that wasn't the only thing that seemed to have bothered her. What bothered her was that she didn't know how she died and there was something more than just having her life revolved around just two people that she couldn't seem to recognize. Having the memory replay in her head, she had begun to walk back to the house, not knowing that Nick was home and walked in to see him on the floor shouting. "Nick?" Yuki asked as she stood by the door. Slowly approaching him she looked at him sadly. "Did something happen?" She asked, her voice wavering slightly as she stood by him. It was only a moment that he had left the house and to come back in his current condition, made Yuki forget about her flashback and look at him carefully, to see his wounds again.
  20. He looks at her for a moment and wipes his eyes for a moment his eyes showing how sad he was now he looks down for a moment": I guess i cant say that i am alright, can i" He says for a moment and sits down now on the floor for a moment and sighs deeply shaking his head" I dont know why all i rember is those eyes those eyes, such anger hatred for me or am i those eyes" He says for a moment confused" I cant rember anything but those dam eyes. I want to know who i am not this dam name that was give to me i want to know who i really was the monster in fleash" He curses loudly now looking down at the broken floor" Why cant i rember anything about who i was, was i really such a monster, who did i harm who did i break what did i do dammit" He wails again out in pain and regret. Nick wanted to know who he was and he was tired of being a blank slate he was tired of not being able to move on anymore he was tired of it all
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