The Dead Girlfriend

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  1. Miley has just moved to a new town! And there is one guy that has certainly been making her feel welcomed... but she doesnt know a damn thing about his old girlfriend...
    As Miley dropped the last into room she looked around her room one more time before she decided to go on her little adventure. She was a beautiful 17 year old girl, she had dark features: Dark curly black hair, bright blue eyes, and high cheek bones. She will be turning 18 soon... She was excited!
    She was wearing her favorite outfit: A bright blue shirt that really made her eyes pop, black skinny jeans that had a chain attatched to two of the belt loops, bright blue converses and blue gloves that were fingerless. She ran out to the front, grabbed her blue bike (in case you havent noticed blue was her favortie color) and rode around the town. It didnt take long for her to tour the entire town... it was a small town. But she did save the best for last. The waterfall. The real estate lady said that there was a beautiful water fall. She heard the waterfall before she saw it, and it got louder and louder as she got closer. Once she made it through the woods she saw it . It nearly took her breath away because it was so goregeous. The white water fell straight down, sparkling like a million diamonds, splashing back up in a shimmery white mist. The bike path ended abruptly so I put up the kick stand and set it by a tree. She moved a little closer to the edge to watch the waterfall go down. It was amazing. The sun practically tried blinding her so she covered her eyes and stepped back a little so she was in the shade that the trees were creating. She still stared at the waterfall in awe.
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  2. A hand was placed gently against her back preventing Miley from stepping any farther back. "You should be more careful," A voice followed, it came from behind her. the voice belonged to a boy there was not mistaking it, even if it sounded kinda high for a guy. The boy had forest green eyes, but in the shade they were really dark. He was sitting on his purple and black bike leaning forward to hold Miley from running up against his front tire. His chin length dark brown hair looked black in the shadow of the trees.
  3. Miley jumped a little and turned to see the boy. He is cute! She thought. She looked at him, "Oh! You scared me!" she laughed a little embarrssed.
  4. The boy smiled alittle, "Well, I didn't want to walk up behind you were looking over the edge, so I waited back here." The boy took notice of Miley's blue eyes, shirt and bike. "You don't look familiar, are you new?" He asked, putting his forearms across his handle bars.
  5. She nodded and smiled more, "Yup. Just moved here. I am Miley."
  6. He smiled, and held out his hand. "Well Miley, I'm Lunic, nice to meet you, He said softly.
  7. She smiled and shook his hand. She wasnt called Smiley Miley for nothing. Then she looked at the waterfall, "Its so pretty up here."
  8. She is pretty, he thought as he let go of her hand and got off his bike. "Yeah, this is actually a good spot for couples, a lot of boys will take the girl they like up here to ask them out." He paused briefly as he put his bike up against a tree and walked past Miley towards the waterfall. "and it is so well known, that the girl knows it's coming if they come up here." He brushed away a branch as his 6 foot plus frame and broke through the clearing.
  9. Miley smiled, "Oh really?"
  10. "Yeah like you said, it is beautiful," He replied, stepping towards the edge. His steps slows as he gets closer. The thought of her entered his mind. He closed his eyes and stopped, trying to stop her image from forming behind the back of his eyelids.
  11. She looked at him, "You ok?"
  12. Lunic sighed, "yeah....Im just thinking" he said turning to Miley.
  13. Her smile faded and she looked up at him her eyes filled with concern. She eventually decided to shake it off.
    She smiled again, "So would you like to hang out tomorrow?"
  14. Lunic shrugged, "Sure, meet me at the high school. From there we can do whatever....You do know where the high school right?" He questioned as his forest green eyes seemed to mock Miley.
  15. She nodded and looked at him with her bright blue eyes, "Yeah I passed by it on the way here."
  16. Lunic smiled, "good," he repled, turning his glaze and looking out past the waterfall. "What time do you want to meet?" he questioned.
  17. She shrugged, "Your choice."
  18. Lunic turned and looked at Miley, "12 o'clock sound good?" he asked as he stepped away from the edge and watched the water flow over the falls.
  19. She watched him for a second the turned around to face her bike. She was completly shocked by what she saw.
    "What the..." she jogged up to the bike. The front tire was slashed to ribbons.
  20. Lunic turned his head in Miley's direction. "What's up Miley?" he replied as he began to walk up to her.