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The Dead Girlfriend OOC

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Soul Breaker Sam, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Miley has just moved to a new town! And there is one guy that has certainly been making her feel welcomed... but she doesnt know a damn thing about his old girlfriend...
    This is the OOC!
    If you want to play a different character then go ahead! I let anyone join in! They just need to tell me who they are going to play!
    I will need:
    Boyfriend- Taken by Pendulum Ghost
    Miley's new friend:
    Boyfriend's friend:
    Girl who is friends with Bofriend but is jealous of Miley:
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  2. I will play the boyfriend ^^
  3. SWEET! OK you can comment on the RP. I have already done that! :3
    Btw it will turn out that the boyfriend didnt kill her. Just saying :P
  4. where is the r.p at? I am interesting in finding out what happened to her.
  5. Just look up, "The Deead Girlfriend'. Basically the old girlfriend was pushed of the top of a waterfall XD.
  6. so is he aware of his dead ex or has he yet to find out about her?
  7. so she haunts him? if I am not mistaken?
  8. She is going to haunt Miley.
  9. I replied btw, just incase you didn't notice.