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  1. Hey Jazz! I figured we'll put our characters up first, and then we'll start the RP, yeah? ♥

    Jennifer (open)

    Color Ref: 04bdbd


    "You could call me Jenna, if you want. Or, or, Jenny. Either one works."
    . Jennifer Maria Hart .

    "Well, I'm still a minor, if that's what you mean."
    . 17, almost 18 .

    Personality :
    "I'm just like everyone else."
    . If you could only use one word to describer Jennifer, it would likely be: Complicated. This girl puts on a brave front, and seems like a very outgoing person. She talks a lot, and it isn't an uncommon thing for her to ramble on about something pointless. Need a hand? Jenna's the first one to offer one. Having trouble with something? Don't worry, Ms Hart is more than happy to help. She's constantly trying to prove to others her worthiness, as a way to hide her insecurities. When she's all alone, Jenna finds herself hating almost all of her qualities. Which is why she puts so much effort into making sure people like her. She's just a girl who puts too much heart into everything she does, and gets too little in return. Oh, and, she's also a bit... boy crazy, for a loss of a better term. .

    "There's not really much else to know."
    ~ Sings a little, and is very good at it. ~
    ~ She used to do cheerleading, so she's not out of shape. ~
    ~ Has two older brothers, and a younger sister. ~
    ~ Her parents are the perfect example of a happy marriage. ~
    ~ Takes everything to the heart, but doesn't always show it when her feelings are hurt. ~
    ~ Has a soft spot for anything furry. ~

    Clarissa (open)

    Color Ref: ad20c9


    "Everyone tends to just call me Clary."
    . Clarissa Riley Scott .

    "Perfectly Legal."
    . Just turned 18 .

    Personality :
    "Can you say, "Every-day-bad-ass?""
    . Clary is a very involved individual. She likes every last minute of her time to be consumed with something. Yearbook Committee, Homecoming Committee, Student Council, Community Service. If there's an event going on, you bet your ass Clarissa is involved. She's a very busy girl, and she's also very high maintenance. Which is why, the Apocalypse is not exactly going to be the best time for her. In fact, it might be her wake up call. Unfortunately, Clary suffers from Clumsiness, which could make her a hazard to her friends during this time. But, she'll try her best, as she always does. Although you may not guess this from looking at her, Clarissa is a full on geek. She can also be a know-it-all when she's in the mood, but because she knows it's annoying she tries to keep that personality trait of hers as dormant as possible .

    "I think we've covered all the basics."
    ~ Took fighting classes when she was young, so she's pretty good at self defense. ~
    ~ Her father takes her shooting sometimes, and she can be a pretty good shot. ~
    ~ Clary is an only child, and her parents split up at a young age. ~
    ~ She only visits her mom every other weekend, if she's not busy. ~
    ~ Has never had a boyfriend, cause she doesn't have the time for one. ~
    ~ NEEDS coffee in the morning. ~
  2. Sure! You have the honors for the first post ;) Make it big!

    Zachary (open)

    Zachary Hammish Kingsley
    19 years old

    Zach is sarcastic, fun doing and the type of guy that doesn't take life so seriously. He will always find something to play around or to joke about it with. Also, Zach is the type of funny guy that will end up saying the most inappropriate things in certain situations. He will be amused about the zombie apocalypse since he always found life terribly boring.

    Model: Wesley Stromberg

    Zed (open)

    Zed Stryker
    18 years old

    Zed is a really caring guy, always there for his friends. He is like a big teddy bear that listens to them. He actually has a very strong paternal instinct. He is loyal, gentle and has a long fuss, but if you manage to get him angry, his humanity switch just turns off. Even so, he will feel remorse and guilt.

  3. [​IMG]

    The ticking on the clock was torturous. Each tick marked a second closer to lunch hour, and yet Jennifer found herself wishing it would just stop. In all truth, it was just an obnoxious reminder of how far away lunch actually was. She drew in a deep breath, blue eyes shifting around the room restlessly. They landed on the kid near the front, who was the only one still working on his test.

    There's always that one student who has no idea what the fuck they're doing, and it really shows during exams. Now that Jennifer thought about it, this kid struggled during the last test too. One would think he would wise up and prepare for something that was worth so much towards your grade, but apparently this was not the case for him.

    She watched him as he finally rose from his seat, making the slow walk to the bin, where he finally placed his incomplete test. Almost immediately, the classroom erupted in conversation. She pulled her phone out, tucking a blonde stand of hair behind her ear. No messages, She thought, frowning to herself. Just before her test, her younger sister had been texting her nonstop. And now, there was suddenly nothing. Maybe she's busy in class, Jenna decided, tucking her phone away once more.

    She turned to face her friends, but just as she was about to say something she was interrupted by a horrible noise. The whole class fell painfully silent, turning in the direction of the noise. Seconds later, it happened once more, and that's when everyone simultaneously recognized what it was.

    Someone was screaming for help.

    All at once, everyone rose from their seats. She watched as a girl, who she only recognized as Clary, got out of her chair. She opened her door and peaked outside, but was pushed aside by the teacher. Jenna bit her lip in anticipation. She watched as the teacher made her hasty escape, but she apparently didn't get far.

    Clarissa was suddenly screaming, and slamming the door shut. But, she didn't shut it fast enough. Everyone in the classroom saw the horrible thing that was happening just outside the wooden door. Panic began to sweep the room, and everyone started talking all at once.


    The test had been a breeze, as expected. As soon as the final kid turned in his test, Clary turned around in her chair, facing one of her friends. "So, Clair," she said, pulling out her notebook. "I was thinking this year we should have prom at the aquarium. We've seriously got to step up our game from last year. Who's idea was it to have prom at a train station anyways?" She shook her head, blowing her brown bangs out of her face. "Anyways, I-"

    She never got to finish her sentence, however, because she was interrupted by an awful scream. She turned to search each of her classmates face, and all of them wore a confused expression. As the second wave of screaming came, Clary took it upon herself to check it out. Gotta do everything yourself, she thought as she pushed the door open. She didn't get a chance to see what was happening, though, because the teacher rudely pushed her out of the way.

    The first thing that told Clarissa things were horribly wrong was the way her teachers muscles tensed up. It was if the old women went pale before Clary's very eyes. When she turned to face her students, she mumbled something that only the students closet to her would hear. "Cannibals."

    "Cannibals?" Clary repeated loudly, but the teacher was already at her desk, gathering her thing. She looked around to see many of her peers rising out of their seats, alarm registering on their faces. And then the teacher was pushing past her once more.

    "We've all got to get out of here."

    "Mrs, I don't understa-" Clary began, but once again, this was a statement she'd never be able to finish.

    Another teacher ran full speed into their own, tacking her to floor. Clary reached out to help them up, but she pulled her hand back when she realized what was going on. Blood pooled onto the floor, and the new teacher looked up at her with flesh stuck in her teach. Now it was Clary's turn to scream, and she shoved the door closed.
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  4. Zackary was one of the very few that heard the teacher mumble cannibals. For some reason, his eyes were glimmering in anticipation for something new. The exam was terribly long and boring, especially since he didn't study. So, now that they could skip the rest of the day because of their teacher going crazy, he was almost jumping in joy.

    '' Ma'am, maybe you are... '' he trailed off moving his hand from side to side, '' going a bit crazy? '' he said to her muffling a giggle. Though, the teacher was then tackled to the ground before his eyes. He didn't understand at first and just looked at her practically laughing at the scene.

    Zed had a completely different approach. The moment he saw the beautiful Clarissa scream, he knew something was wrong. '' It's no time to laugh Zack! '' he told his friend with his deep voice. His eyes were a bit worried as he saw the door getting banged. Clarissa hadn't locked the door, but the cannibal seemed strong enough to smash through the door.

    Before Zed could say anything else, blood splashed on the doors window accompanied by screams and the noise of flesh being ripped. The big buffy guy immediately ran to the door to make sure it stayed closed. '' Guys, grab a weapon and let's reinforce this door, '' he said in his tremor voice as several hands smashed on the glass leaving fingerprints.

    Zackary still didn't lose the amused face. Maybe this was a very elaborated plan, '' Damn Zed... Chill it down. It's almost Halloween anyway. Probably some really good prank, '' he precise. But, Zed obviously did not agree.

    So, Zackary simply rolled his eyes as he looked around the classroom. There was barely anything worth being used as a weapon. He looked in his stuff, a scissor and his baseball bat for later practise. He grabbed both of this items as he looked at Zed, ''So? What next-'' he was cut off by Zed being pushed aside as Zombies bursted inside. Zachary was honestly confused and as an instinctive reaction, he stumbled backwards and pushed himself to the wall as some of his friends started getting eaten. Friends, if he could actually call them that.

    He immediately glanced at Zed that was slowly pushing himself up the floor after hitting his head in the corner of the desk. A zombie was going towards his best friend/cousin. Zack locked eyes with Zed that was now pushing off a zombie from on top of him by the neck as his teeth clashed at every attempted bite. Zackary grabbed the scissor and stabbed it in his brain with wide eyes, '' HOLY FUCK MAN! THIS IS THE DREAM! '' he shouted as Zed looked at the blood in his hands in horror. The zombie Zack had just killed was actually one of his teammates, which made it hard to believe.
  5. [​IMG] :zombie::zombies::zombie:[​IMG]

    Clarissa fought the door as hard as she could, but seeing as she isn't very strong, it was only a matter of time before the thing caved. People with terribly pale skin and blood stained clothing pooled into the room, and suddenly everyone was screaming. Clary was knocked to the floor by them, and she hastily pulled herself behind the door. The young girl hid her face in the corner, her breathing hard and fast.

    Jennifer was out of her chair by this time, with her backpack on her shoulders. She followed her friends to the edge of the room, biting the inside of her cheek to keep herself from screaming. If she let her emotions get the best of her, she would stand no chance of getting out of here, and she knew this. She and her friends ran around the perimeter of the room, and Jenna almost made it to the door. That was, until she tripped over someones feet. "Oof."

    The blonde propped herself on her elbows, and turned to look at who she had tripped over. She recognized him, because they had class together all year, but could quite place his name. Zed, maybe? That sounded right. By the look of horror he wore while staring at the blood on his hands, Jenna could tell that he was human. So, because she couldn't bring it upon herself to not help him, Jenna stood up and started pulling at his arms. "Get up, get up," she pleaded, wishing she was stronger. "We have to get out of here, get up."

    Clary let out another scream as the door squished her to the wall. She looked through the window on the door, which was now broken, to see most of her classmates getting... eaten. "Oh my god," Clary screamed out when her brown eyes landed on her friend, who was now being devoured by three zombies. "God, No, no please." That was when a group of people ran past her, and out of the room. This might be your only chance, she thought.

    And so, she carefully slipped around the door, looking around for something to use for self defense. Clary realized she was crying, and so she wiped at her tear-filled eyes, clearing her vision for a few moments. Her eyes landed on a pair of scissors, and although they weren't the most desirable weapon, they were the first thing she saw. So, she grabbed the scissors, and slipped out of the door, freezing at the sight that greeted her.

    The whole hallway was a panic, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to tell who was human, and who was a flesh-eating monster.
  6. Zed snapped out of this moment of horror when a girl started pulling his arm. He looked at her in the eyes recognizing concern and stood up following her out. The hallway was a disaster and it seemed like there was no exit. Luckily, most of the flesh eating monsters got preoccupied by the group of students that just rushed from a corner, an opportunity presented.

    On their right, there was one empty stairway to go towards the basement or the roof. The door seemed unlocked, or at least, he hoped it was. It was right there and they could run away from this catastrophe. He grabbed the girls wrist tightly not leaving her any chance of breaking free.

    ''Over there! '' he shouted even if it might have sounded like a whisper with the amount of cries and screams. He pointed towards the door praying that it was unlocked.

    Zackary was grinning as he slammed his bat at the head of the teacher he hated the much. If someone was enjoying himself, it was definitely him. It was as if he didn't realize that people suddenly became cannibals and that it was probably not just in this school. For him, it felt like he was in the middle of some game and he had to accumulate the most amount of points by smashing their heads against his bat and the concrete walls. It amused him.

    Zack had pretty much killed the few zombies in the classroom except for one that was stuck between the glass window. He jogged towards the exit of the classroom to see the whole scene in front, his eyes were still glimmering, but he couldn't deny that his survival instinct told him ' find new weapons, '' and as if on cue, the moment he slammed his bat in one of the big football cannibals, his bat just broke in two. Luckily for him, the wooden bat was now pointy and he could stab it in its eye.

    No without weapon or refuge, Zack started panicking just a bit. It didn't take time for him to notice Zed leading a girl out. He locked eyes with his friends but then a zombie appeared in front of his eyes. It rushed at him throwing him to the ground. His back against the wall, he looked at the zombie straight it the eyes. it was bloodthirsty and eager to devour him. Only then did he realize that this could mean his end.
  7. [​IMG]

    Jennifer followed the boy out of the classroom, but when he grabbed her wrist she fought against his grip. "My sister," she pleaded, pulling at his hand, "She's at the end of this hall. I have to find my sister." At least Jenna now knew why her younger sister didn't answer her message again. "I can't leave her behind," she told Zed, meeting his eyes desperately. For the second time, Jenna wished she was stronger. Then it wouldn't take so much effort to break free from his grip.

    Finally, she pried herself from his grip, stumbling backwards as she did so. when she regained her balance she deliberately made eye contact with Zed, and smiled softly. "Good luck," she told him, before turning and running in the opposite direction. "Taylor!" She called out, searching the faces for her sister.

    She made it halfway down the hallway before she was attacked. "Shit," she muttered as she dodged the zombie heading right for her, only to be tackled by another one she hadn't seen. They were both knocked to the ground, and she pushed her hands up against his chest. She screamed when she realized he was trying to bite her, and as a panic response she tucked her legs into her chest, and kicked him off.

    She was running now, breathing heaving. "Taylor! Where are you?!" She yelled out, but she had yet to get a response.

    Clarissa was brought out of her haze as people began to push past her. She wiped at her eyes again, taking a deep breath. Her hand gripped the pair of scissors in her hand tightly, and she looked around for any of her friends. Anyone she could escape with. But, everyone was running by so fast, she doubted she'd be able to catch up with a friend if she saw one.

    She was about to give up and start following the crowd, when someone hit the wall to her left, just a few feet away. She recognized the male as Zachary Kinglsey. Clary had half a mind to leave the obnoxious boy to fend for himself, but she simply could bring herself to do it. It's just not humane.

    Silently and swiftly, Clary made her way to the zombie who was now practically on top of Zachary. With a scream, she drew the scissors high in the air, and then drove them down in it's head. Fortunately, she had seen enough Zombie Movies to know that it has to be a head shot if you want to really kill them.

    It occurred to her, then, that she had just killed someone. Sure, it was to defend someone else, and this person was likely already dead, but it still officially died at her hands. Her eyes grew wide at this realization, and she began to shake, crying just a tad bit harder right now. But, she kicked herself into survival mode, and focused on getting out alive.

    Her eyes landed on the boy she had just saved, and she pointed to the scissors wedged in the zombies skull with a shaky hand. "G-get that," she said, her voice uncertain. "And- and get up, Zachary. You-Your going to help-p me get out of here." She swallowed hard, turning around to see if they were being targeting again yet.​
  8. Zed looked at Jennifer in a pleading way. Why did she have to leave? He didn't want to be left alone. But, wasn't it idiotic of him to follow her when he had absolutely no weapon? He desperately wanted to follow her as she turned, but his muscles were stiff and ankered on the ground. His eyes glassy as he saw the white tiles crimson red and zombies eating and savouring the warm blood. He didn't even notice Zack being tackled even if it was just a few meters from him.

    The corridor seemed to have emptied and the cries had quieted. Dead corpses everywhere and the few man eaters were having there meal and not looking like they were in their hunt. Zed eyes reflected pain and horror, he wasn't focusing on reality. This must be a dream of some sort. A very realistic dream.

    Zackary looked at Clarissa with wide eyes. '' Damn! Nice Stab '' he said snapping out of his little panic mode. He noticed the cries quieting down and far away voice screaming a name. He didn't bother wipping his bloody hands as he pushed himself up to his feet.

    ''Zachary. You? '' He introduced himself leaning his hand for a handshake to her even if a zombie was walking pretty rapidly from the opposite side of their only main exit. It was pretty much a bad situation to start having a casual conversation.
  9. [​IMG]

    When she reached the end of the hallway, the place was pretty much deserted. Just a few dead bodies lying around, and some zombies having a nice meal. She searched the place for any sign of her sister, but she wasn't anywhere to be seen. No even lying on the floor, dead. Maybe she got out, Jenna thought hopefully. I should do the same.

    So, she started back down the hallway, trying not to think about how this was a horrible and dangerous waste of time. When she got back to where she had left the boy, she was surprised to see he was still standing there, frozen. her eyes shifted around, and she saw that most everyone had cleared out, expect for her, another girl and the two boys. And, the people being munched on, of course.

    "What are you still doing here?" She asked, when she caught up to the three, slowing down to a halt. She reeled over to catch her breath. "We've gotta get out of here, now. Those things won't be preoccupied for much longer."


    The annoyance Clarissa felt from Zachary's choice to strike up a conversation momentarily distracted her from her other feelings. "Are you serious right now?" She asked, annoyance clear in her voice. Her eyes shifted down to his bloody hand, and then back up to his face. "You're out of your mind if you think I'm about to shake that."

    She turned around as another girl approached them, seeing that he hallways were pretty much cleared out now. And, that the zombies were distracted by their meals for the moment. But, who knew how long it would be before they felt the hunger for something fresh once again. Seconds? Minutes? Hours? She's rather not stick around to find out.

    "How do we know that it's even safe outside?" She asked, bending over to pull the scissors out of the Zombie herself, since Zach made it very clear he wasn't planning on doing it for her. Should've let him die, she thought bitterly. She shakily wiped the blood off onto the clothing of the Zombie, fearing it wasn't actually dead. Without turning back to look at them all, she said, "How do we know it's not worse outside?"

    "Well, we can't stay here," the other girl said, much to Clary's annoyance.

    "I know that," Clarissa responded, rolling her eyes. "I'm just saying the situation might not be any better."​
  10. Zed snapped out of it as he saw the zombie with his mouth full of darkened blood look up the people. Zombies usually heard right? So, now that those guys were talking pretty loudly, wouldn't that make the situation worse in this hallway?

    His breath heavened as he started waving at Zack and the girls, making motion for them to come towards him as he placed his hand on the handle. His eyes didn't leave the zombie that seemed to start standing up and looking around even if its eyes were blank like a blind men.

    ''Zed... Get your ass here... Don't.make.noise '' he whispered as he slowly backed up towards the door

    It didn't take time for Zack to notice the zombie standing up and slowly backed away from the girls not caring too much if they stayed behind. He wasn't the heroic type of guy. The zombie locked eyes with Zack and only then did a squeal come out of his mouth like a pissy he could be as the Zombie started running at very high speed, almost inhuman speed towards the spot the girls are standing

    Zack sprinted towards Zed which opened the door down to the basement. He stumbled on a dead zombie and kicked away his broken bat before rushing towards the staircase down to the basement. With no weapons, Zack knew he would be a free happy meal for those cannibals.
  11. [​IMG] :zombies: [​IMG]

    Both girls shut up as soon as Zed said something, and they turned around to see the zombie that was suddenly aware of their presence. For a moment it looked around, blindly, but then out of nowhere it started to sprint towards them. "Come on!" Jenna shouted, reaching out and grabbing Clarissa by the wrist, dragging her towards the basement door.

    In the process of being dragged, Clarissa dropped her scissors, her only weapon. Still, she ran with Jennifer, deciding that it wasn't worth the risk to stop for the scissors. The two girls made it into the stairway safely, and only then did Jenna release Clary. Jenna stopped for Zed, but Clary continued to run halfway down the stairs.

    As the zombie neared them, Jenna reached out and grabbed Zed by the collar of his shirt, pulling him back behind the door. She then reached out and slammed the door shut, breathing heavily.

    "Great!" Clary said behind them, throwing her hands into the air. "What are we supposed to do now?" The basement door had locked from the outside, as it always did, but that left them almost no way to get out safely.​
  12. Zed had slammed the door shut with Jenna when the zombie was about to reach for them. His fingers were cut off in the process and just laid dead. Obviously, Zack bend and looked at the twitching muscles before it completly died and started poking it. It was obviously very cold and the nails were broken. He looked at Zed with curious eyes,

    ''Do you think that we can become like zombies if they scratch us? '' he asked at them ignoring Clary's question.

    Zed was a bit taken away from the question and shrugged, '' I don't know, '' he said with a pant. For a big guy, he seemed to not control very well his breath even if he kind of is the reason why at the moment they are safe. He trailed off as he looked at the two girls, '' We need to find weapons... and a safe place with food. Do you guys have anything?'' he asked as he checked in his jacket pocket. He had his wallet, a pack of chewing gum and his car keys. He played with the keys and looked back at the girls.

    Zack was honestly the only one without any stress but actually anticipation to go out there. He looked at the whole crew and then at the keys with a grin, '' That's perfect! My dad lives a few block down... Funny enough, we both planned out our zombie survival in case this happens. If you get me a ride there, I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind if you came with us! '' he said with a smirk
  13. [​IMG] :zombies: [​IMG]

    Jenna grimaced as she watched one of the boys poke the fingers. Gross. She bit her lip at his question about being scratched, and quietly said, "I hope not." It was hard enough to avoid getting bitten. As soon as Zed asked what they had, she began to look through her backpack. "A pair of scissors."

    While everyone seemed to be thinking of plans to stay together, Clary just wanted to get away from all of them. "I can't stay with you guys," she told them, shaking her head stubbornly. "I have to get back to my family. My parent's are going to be worried!" The idea of staying with Zachary and his crazy father just baffled the brunette. As if!

    Jennifer looked over to Zachary as he began to talk about how he and his father were prepared for this. "You actually planned ahead for this kind of thing?" She asked. Her voice wasn't snotty, but actually showed how surprised she was. Sure, she knew that some people really thought about this thing happening, but she never actually considered people preparing for it.

    "Hello!" Clarissa chimed in once more. "Are you guys even listening!? We have to get home to our families! How do you even expect to get out of this basement?"​
  14. Zack looked at Jennifer, '' Yeah! You never saw those shows where people bought huge bunkers and stuff, tons of guns and survival stuff in them? My dad was one of those crazy army guys that went coucou after becoming a veteran. So he believed in that stuff. It was fun shopping for those bunkers. There was so many types,'' Zack said actually very enthusiastic.

    Zed nodded and kind of jumped as a zombie smashed his teeth and broke them on the door. At least, for now they were safe. Zed looked at Clarissa, '' I understand... I have family to. But, we won't be able to get to them if we die here because we don't have weapons. Let's go check out the stuff in here and grab essential things. '' he finished as he slowly started walking down the basement.

    Zack looked at Zed and rolled his eyes, '' Look who's taking the lead... I wouldn't have expected that, '' he said as he shoved his hands in his pocket and walked down the stairs following Zed to the basement. There was still light and the heater was at full blast today. Zed started sweating as he walked towards the concierge supplies and all of the useless junk the school stored here.
  15. [​IMG]:zombies: [​IMG]

    With a huff, Clarissa followed Zed down the stairs. Oh yes, she thought bitterly, like we're going to find any good weapons down here. I'm sure the school stored four AR-15's down here in the basement! So, as soon as they reached the ground, she started looking around for a window instead. If I can just get out of here I can run home. It's only a few blocks, and daddy will know what to do.

    Jennifer couldn't help but raise her eyebrow at Zack. Oh great, she thought, looking around for something to use as a weapon. The last thing we need right now is two teenage boys fighting over dominance. She moved a blonde strand of hair out of her face, running her fingers over a stack of yard sticks. Her eyes then landed on a pile in the corner, and as she crept closer she realized what they were. "Do you guys think shovels will do us any good?" She asked.

    Clary rolled her eyes at this. "Waste your time trying to dig a tunnel," she said, hoisting herself onto the ledge of a window, and started unlocking it. "I'm going to get out of here."​
  16. Zed looked at Zack before shrugging, '' You dig that kind of stuff. I'm sure you've been praying for something like this to happen, '' he told Zack with a kind of disgusted voice. The baseballer looked at him with narrow eyes, '' So? Me and my dad were prepared for this! I mean, did you not see hollywood going all zombie and shit. They always make movies before it happens. Same thing with 9/11. To add up, high school life was such a bore! '' he said almost dramatically.

    Zed stopped mid-track before clenching his hands, '' You know something Zack. You are heartless and cold. People are getting eaten alive by those thing and you don't even show sympathy to the dead! '' he shouted getting mad. '' How could you even enjoy this? '' he said looking at him with angry tears remembering how he so easily killed one with a grin. Zed hid the tears before looking away. Zack shut up not wanting to make a commotion. He somehow felt like his friend was right, but he couldn't admit after he embarrassed him in front of the girls. Instead, he started looking around the basement.

    Zed found a few costumes from the drama club with paint brushes, some old sports gear and deflated balls. Many useless stuff. He was too pissed to notice what Clarissa was saying and continued searching. At some point, he found the janitors closet with many different stuff in them. Zack on the other hand just looked at Clarissa, '' You are stupid thinking you will survive there a day without weapon. If you think you can run home, you will die. Alone. '' he said. Walking towards her, he looked at her in the eyes. '' If you want to leave, go. But don't expect a shining armor saving you. Zombies aren't stupid. They might not have a... functioning frontal lobe but their cerebellum are highly active. Instinct is what drives them. It surpasses yours. '' he said knowing his shit obviously.

    Zack then huffed and shrug waving at the window as he walked away, '' Bt whatever~ Leave if you want.. you were kind of annoying to listen to anyway. '' he said as he gave her a small smile.
  17. [​IMG]:zombies: [​IMG]

    Both the girls exchanged a look at the little episode the two boys had, but neither said anything, it was better that way. However, when Zack spoke to Clary, she couldn't keep her mouth shut. "Listen here, you arrogant bastard," Clary said, jumping down from the window. "All those so-called facts of yours are completely hypothetical. There has never been a zombie invasion, and so there is no way to determine for sure what a zombie is capable of, and how they are chemically made up."

    "Um, guys..."

    By now she was standing in front of him, with their chests almost touching. She had to look up to see his face, but she was too angry to care about such a minor thing.

    "Seriously, this is silly..."

    "Furthermore," she continued, "You will do well to remember that those are Hollywood Movies you've been watching. They aren't really known for their accuracy."

    "I really think our time isn't best spent fighting..."

    Clary raised her heels off the ground to be closer to his face before making her final statement, "And, I do not need a night in shining armor to save me. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

    Just then, there was a loud crashing noise. Clarissa jumped back, and turned to see that it was Jennifer throwing the pile of shovels on the floor. "Now that I have your attention," Jennifer said, moving her bangs from her eyes, "I would like to point out that the door up there isn't going to hold forever. So, we should really be looking for something to defend ourselves, and not fighting about something so petty." She picked up a shovel, holding it in both her hands. "Now, when I suggested the shovels, a tunnel wasn't exactly the idea I had. I was thinking we could hit them over the head with the metal part..."​
  18. Zed at the same time came out with a bat of baseball, a crowbar and pitchfork from the janitor closet. '' And, we also have this babies. You Zack get the baseball bat since you are the best at it... I'll take the crowbar and... well, I think there is more stuff in the back.... So one of you can have the pitchfork... Oh wait, do you think there is still some alcohol from .. you know what? '' he asked him. Zack looked at him with smirk, '' Yo... I know what you mean. Molotov cocktail!'' he said excitedly as he ran under the metallic stairs. He pulled out a carriage with three unfinished vodka, '' And.. Just a final touch. '' he said as he search for three cloths. He shoved them in the bottle. '' Now we only need a fire source, '' he said
  19. Jenna and Clary

    With a grin, Clarissa stepped forward and took the pitchfork from Zed. "Thank you," she said, looking it up and down. She then looked over at Jennifer, her brown hair flipping over her shoulder. "You don't mind that I take this, do you?" She asked innocently, "I mean, you've got your shovels soo."

    Jenna only rolled her eyes. "All yours," she said,walking into the area where Zed had found all the stuff. She didn't want to use a shovel if there were other things available. It was just too big and heavy. The room was filled with stuff they could use. Her fingertips brushed over some knives that were surly used in the kitchen at some point, and after a moment of thought she shoved them into her combat boots. Couldn't have chosen a better day to wear these, she thought with a smile. She then found a sledgehammer, but passed it up because it was too heavy. Instead she went with a crowbar of her own, deciding it was light enough to swing around.

    When Jenna returned to the group, Zack was returning with vodka. "You've got to be kidding me," both girls said at the same time.

    After exchanging glances, Clary said, "It's not wise to be drinking in such a situation. So, I'm not going to stick around with you idiots getting drunk." She walked over tot he window, and pulled it open with some difficulty. She then climbed into the window well, and pulled on the fire escape latch so that the gate overhead would move. "Good luck guys," she said, pushing it up.

    The blonde took a deep breath, eyeing the boys for a moment, before saying, "Wait up Clary, I'm coming too." As much as she hated to admit it, Clarissa was right. Jenna would only be putting herself in unnecessary danger if she stuck around with two drunk teenage boys- possibly in more way than one.​


  20. Zach looked at the girls. Ignorantes he mumbled in his head. Zed knew what the guy was doing and immediately searched for a lighter. Once he found it, which was after the girls left, he looked up at Zack. '' Ya sure know how to throw this things?'' he asked him. Zack nodded with a grin, '' Hell ya.'' he shouted. Zed laughed, both ready to go out in the battlefield.

    Zed came out first from the window, a few slaughtered zombies, probably from the girl and then a few on the right while the girls ran on the opposite side. '' Molotov Zack! My car is just straight forward. If we can distract towards the bus down there, it will be a perfect escape. '' he said. Zack nodded. He light up the cloth and he knew that if he didn't throw it right this second, they were dead. So with a strong throw, the molotov cocktail was propulsed in the air enflammed before smashing to the ground creating a huge fire.

    '' Holy shit!'' they both said seeing the zombies running, very fast towards the fire source. The road was cleared. So both sprinted towards Zed's car, hitting any zombies on their way. Zed was the first at the car with years of football training finally paying off with speed. He opened his car, when suddenly, a zombie ran towards both tackling Zed on the ground. Both hands were blocking the zombie's aggressive bites before Zack swung his baseball bat breaking the neck of the now recognizable french teacher.

    They didn't have much times left as the zombies started walking away from the fire they created. Both boys entered the car with less than half a tank full before taking off. Hoping the girls were alive.
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