The Dead Are Here



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The dead are walking through the streets of the world eating the raw flesh off of what was one of there own at a point.They are the worst things earth has ever known.Most people have been infected by biting but some by scratching.Zombies are taking over some survivors are forming a gang to try to overtake these mutilated dead people.Trying to save the world and rid it of these things aren't as easy as it may sound.These things are faster then humans and can catch on to things humans dismiss.Their smell is unbelievably strong but one thing is stronger then most,their taste for the human flesh and blood.Surviving this over run city would mean having lots of weapons and group members,the more there is the more the chance of you surviving.Looking at a zombie you might think it may be easy to kill one of the walking dead but it's not unless you have worked all your life on moving targets.The only way one of these could be killed is by a shot or arrow or something to the head which kills the brain making them shut down.Even if the head is stuck on just a little it could still be functional and even do as much as run or bite you.The world is in this groups hands if they don't survive no one will we take it one day at a time.There are the more 'do anything for flesh even run faster' kind of like zombies who sprint at you,if you act fast they won't kill you.

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Wizard Secretary Doxa

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Name: Rain Loyd

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Skill: Good shooter and experienced with swords.

Rank In The Group: ???