The Days Of Friendship

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  1. Mio sat in AP Bio II, listening to the teacher drone on and on about various types of protozoans, it was pretty boring, even for her. Her classmates seemed equally bore, except for the guy that sits next to her and always seems interested in whatever the teacher says. She had a bad memory with names, but she believed that his name was Jayce, a guy from Australia, and a Senior to top it off. She stared at him through the corner of her right eye so she could look at his gorgeous features without him knowing. Mio was really hoping to talk to him after class, normally she never would just randomly talk to someone, but this cute boy was an exception.

    Erick sat in Trig, not even listening to a word the teacher said. He hardly ever understood math, so he didn't care to really try now. Whenever the teacher looked at him he smiled goofily and then looked away again, it was a game to him to see how many times he smiled that way. The rest of his classmates, save two or three of the boys, were listening attentively. He had no interest in the class whatsoever, he just kept thinking about the fun he'd have over the weekend, maybe get a girlfriend that actually likes video games.
  2. Fate quietly sat in the back of her AP Physics class while reading a book she had gotten the day before. Since the usual physics teacher was out sick today the class was being forced to watch a documentary that looked like it had been made in the late seventies and she felt that if she attempted to watch it she would most likely fall asleep soon after. Pausing from her reading, she looked up at the clock to see that the class wouldn't end for another hour and then resisted the need to bang her head against her desk in exasperation. 'One more hour. Just have to last one more hour and I'm out of here.' She thought to herself before returning to her book in order to drown out the sound of the educational movie.

    (I'll post for Erio tomorrow. I'm just to tired to think of anything to write for him right now.)
  3. Erio sighed as he listened to his English teacher drone on about the book they would have to read over the course of the next four weeks, which was the Lord of the Flies. He had already read the book over the summer when he had had nothing better to do because his sister had recommended he read it when she heard he would be taking the class. He mentally noted to thank her for doing so later since he would have less homework to do now.

    “Mr. Bannings, I would appreciate it if you did not day dream while in my class.” Mr. Lanster said as he brought Erio out of his thoughts.

    “Sorry.” He mumbled in apology as the rest of the class snickered at him for being singled out.

    “Now as I was saying…..” Mr. Lanster began speaking again, but Erio drowned out the rest of what he was saying, making sure to make it seem as though he was paying attention.

    ‘I hate this class.’ He thought to himself before sighing again, hoping the class would end soon.