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  1. The town of Inaba was a small place, not many things tended to change. It was telling when a major store chain being built there turned out to be the most momentous occasion in quite some time. So getting anything new was worth the conversation. “You hear about the new transfer student?” one of the girls in the class asked. That piqued her interest. She raised her head off the desk, lightly brushing her bowl-cut, dark brown strands of hair out her face. Man, maybe she should not have stayed up watching all those old martial arts flicks…

    People had begun to flood into the classroom, and there was a little bit more commotion than normal. A transfer student… From the day she entered school up to what was now her second year of high school, she was used to having people move away from Inaba, not moving in. When Yosuke had transferred in not even a year prior, the sighting of a transfer student to Inaba was about as likely as seeing Bigfoot. Even now, the students were almost talking about it with some disbelief, in a tone of: ‘Really? Who would willingly move out to the sticks?’

    Chie cast a glance over to her best friend, Yukiko. “I wonder what he’s like…” she wondered aloud. Yukiko only gave a confirmation of her own wonders, but didn’t add much else to the conversation outside of that. “Well, just as long as he’s not another Yosuke, I think we’ll be fine.” She put on a childish grin as she took a jab at the young male sitting nearby. The two of them had grown into friendly acquaintances or something like that, so she felt comfortable just giving him a little jab in his direction. “Still though… another guy from the city.”

    Leaving it at that, class was called into session and Chie could already feel her attention slipping as soon as Mr. Morooka stepped into the room. Man, she certainly must have run out of luck for her to get dropped into his class…
  2. He had slept like a log last night, exhausted as he had been by the move from the great city of Tokyo to the small town of Inaba, in the countryside... From his parent's glitzy penthouse to the ragged yet strangely charming house where lived his maternal uncle and his daughter, Nanako. It was the sticks, alright, but maybe that would be what he needed, the disappointment he saw in his parent's eyes at his lack of motivation every day starting to weight on his moods. Honestly, couldn't they see that he didn't want to live their lives? Being forced to move every month was not one Yu Narukami's idea of fun.

    What he wanted, he didn't know, but he hoped to find it in Inaba that year. Who knows, he may try out for the school's clubs, for once? So that was with a stern warning to behave from his uncle Ryotaro and a shy yet still cheerful goodbye his cousin Nanako that he was off that day, a store brought Bento in one hand and his still empty school bag in the other. The view was nice, he had to admit, and the air was far better than Tokyo's, or even Kyoto, where he had passed the first five years of his life.

    Passing a nervous hand in his steel gray hair, though the stoic youth did not show such nervousness openly, Yu passed the gates of school, promptly ignoring a student that had somehow ended up head first in a garbage bin. He was going to be late, after all, and there was no time to waste to find the Staff Room, where he was due to meet his new Homeroom Teacher.


    It ended up that he was stuck with a crotchety old man with an attitude problem for the rest of the year and he could already hear the gossips about him in the classroom beyond the door, great. Ignoring the glare his standoffish attitude earned him from Morooka, Yu awaited the man's entrance into the classroom before entering himself, making his way to the blackboard and writing his name neatly in white chalk, as he had done countless times prior.

    The following lecture was one of the most insulting yet boring things he had ever heard, and he soon noted that the moron who called himself a teacher was not to be taken seriously. That’s when salvation came to him with the lifted hand of a girl in a green jacket...
  3. As the new transfer student stepped in, Chie began to assess him- like every other girl in the room. But unlike the other girls, who seemed to be more focused about his face, Chie almost frowned at his body. He was scrawny, and looked more as if he should be part of a boy band than doing a sport. 'Man, do they get ANY exercise in the city?' It was also a slight to Yosuke, but at least he could get exercise from carrying boxes or something like that. She kept that comment to herself however and did manage to memorize the name that was on the board. Yu Narukami. That certainly was a name that she had never heard before... and his face really did not look that bad.

    But then it began: King Moron's lectures. Chie really had to wonder what exactly could have happened in his childhood for him to believe that all students cared about was their romances and sexuality. She visibly winced, and could not help but feel bad for the new transfer student who had to stand there as he waited for a seat to be assigned. Chie quickly raised her hand, noting the seat next to her as she did so. "He can sit here!" she informed her teacher. 'And you can stop ranting!' she continued in the back of her head as she waited for Morooka's response.

    Luckily, it was favorable. The whole class took a collective sigh, Chie felt, as Morooka demanded Yu to sit down next to her.
  4. Nodding his head silently in acceptance as he was gruffly ordered to go to his new seat, Yu made his way quickly but gracefully as he was wont to do in his new place beside his girl savior, as he now called her in his head. She was the gutsy type, he could see easily, and also looked both tomboyish and sporty. Not his usual type of girls, of course, but since she had helped him, he felt favorable enough to think that she was pretty in an unconventional way.

    Finally sitting down, he let out a quiet 'thanks' to Chie before starting to properly ignore the fool at the front of the class, taking his time instead to look around his new classroom, his classmates in particular. A girl in red was of course the first thing he noticed, with her being the classical beauty type and, of course, clad in red. Next came a snoring student behind him, his bleached hair eye catching enough. Mostly, his classmates were average, the girl savior, girl in red and bleached boy being the only exception.

  5. Chie gave Yu a small smile and an understanding nod to his expressed gratitude. But, then class went on like normal, almost as if Yu had never joined the class. The first day of school was supposed to be a short day anyways, just to get their feet wet if nothing else. But even knowing that, Morooka's lectures seemed to go on for days. Chie spent some of her time quietly passing notes around the classroom, sometimes to Yukiko, who would not answer her back in worries that they would get in trouble. She sighed softly, placing her chin in her hand as she tried to keep herself awake. At one point, she decided to try something new, so she began writing again.

    'Bored?' she scribbled, before passing it on to Yu when Morooka's back was turned. She gave him a knowing smile- Yosuke was bored as well when he spent his first day at Yasogami, and the first day of school never went over well with her too. Just the day prior, she was enjoying summer with her friends and being free. Just being at school again made her feel jittery and want to get up and do something with herself.
  6. As he was counting the number of trees visible outside for what seemed to be the thousandth time, Yu felt a piece of paper touching his hand discreetly as King Moron, as the teen soon learned was Morooka's student-given moniker, expounded once more about purity and chastity, like he expected anyone to listen to the like of him. Swiftly looking around to make sure no one was looking, the steel-haired youth unfolded the small piece of paper on his desk are read the short message, checking around to see that it was indeed Chie who was it's sender. That much, of course, he gathered by the mischievous smile the girl sent his way.

    Turning the paper over, he neatly wrote an answer, a small glint of amusement entering his light grey eyes.

    'I'm actually contemplating if getting my phone from my bag just to see King Moron's reaction would be worth it.' With the neat kanji imprinted on the scrap of paper, he subtly passed it back to the green clad girl.
  7. Chie was already satisfied with the response from Yu. At least he was not a wet blanket, she noted. But his response almost made her let out a resounding laugh, but she caught herself before the noise let out. The smile that was on her face curved into a small smirk as she contemplated her response, deftly twirling the pencil between her fingers. Her thinking phase did not take too long, and Morooka was too busy ranting about the 'good old days' that he wasn't even noticing that she was not even having her eyes on him. 'I wouldn't mind seeing your phone. Is it a flip phone?' She wrote down in scribbles once again, which she noticed looked even worse compared to the handwriting of Yu.

    'PS: Do you really think that girls back then were as pure as he's saying? I think he just didn't get any of them to notice him.' She could not help but laugh at her own writing, covering her mouth as she deftly passed it back to Yu before turning back to look at Morooka again.
  8. Snorting quietly at the postscript, Yu eyed the still ranting Morooka dubiosly before answering.

    'Yeah, a farewell gift of sorts, I can’t help but think they tried to buy my silence... As for King Moron, There's no other way than a serious lack of girlfriends for his rants. I doubt he even had enough guts to go to group dates back in the day... Sixty years ago.'

    Letting blossom a tiny amused smile at the thought, the city boy passed the scrap of paper one more time before the bell rang, sounding their freedom from the odious little man's foul spiel. Taking the opportunity to show off his latest baby, Yu took his cell phone from his bag and passed it out to Chie, feeling strangely courageous as he said.

    “If you want, put in your number, I could use something to keep me from being bored.” He said casually, going with the flow as the girl seemed surprisingly friendly. Still not his type, he thought, but a potential friend, maybe?
  9. Chie could not help but smile at Yu's sense of humor. Now, she would not emulate some of the girls in the class and call him a keeper just yet. Guy certainly needed more... bulk. But he was certainly someone who would be a good time for him to be around. The bell soon rang, and Chie reached her hands up and stretched her back. Some of the people in the class had already begun moving towards Yu's desk as he reached out to her with his phone in his hand. His proposal was... forward, she would have to say. To some of the people in the class who had seen the two sending notes back and forth during the lecture, their minds had already begun with the rumors, not that Chie was paying attention to that in the moment.

    She gave a small shrug as she took the phone into her hand. After entering her number, she called her own phone, taking it out to show to him. "Just in case I get bored sometimes too," she replied with the same casual tone as Yu. Everyone else around them seemed to be reading into this act much more than the two of them were. "Anyways, Yu. Would you like to walk home with Yukiko and me?" Yukiko was one of the stunned students, so she almost yelped and jumped out of her seat when her name was mentioned.

    "You should," she tried to convince him. "What kind of opportunity will you get to spend time with us outside of school hours? And we can show you around a little bit too."
  10. Thinking that he had nothing to lose and much to gain from a guided tour of Inaba, Yu accepted with a small nod, the trio making their way outside the crowded classroom, dodging some curious student, either gaping at what they thought was a new couple forming or wanting to see 'the transfer student' from up close. Outside was even more crowded, and the three barely talked all the way to their shoe lockers, after which they finally got outside.

    “Not ones for Club activities, I take it?” He asked pleasantly as they were approaching the gates. Just as Chie was about to respond one of the creepiest wierdoes Yu had ever the misfortune of seeing interrupted, blatantly flirting with the black-haired Yukiko in the most awkward way possible, to the surrounding audience's bafflement.

    “I... I'm not going...” Was the answer, prompting the weird boy to flee in anger and the world to right itself again.

    “It... Happens often? I didn't know creeps were as present here as in the city.” Asked Yu with a frown, looking away to where the other boy had fled, an uneasy feeling taking hold of him.
  11. Chie had felt some kind of alarm go off in the back of her head. Essentially, what she was thinking was that the guy that had just approached Yukiko was bad news... And in the most creepiest way possible. Chills ran from head to toe as she managed to control herself until the boy began to run off. She felt proud of Yukiko! Her eyes remained on the road until the boy disappeared out of her sight line. "You mean getting asked out? Kind of often," Chie answered on Yukiko's behalf, giving Yu a rather wistful smile. "She's pretty popular here... But that kind of guy approaching her?"

    The chills went up her back once again as her hair stood on their ends and she shivered in place. "No, no one ever that creepy, I don't think," Chie denied as she shook her head for good measure. "He was even calling you 'Yuki'! Man, that was so creepy!"

    However, Yukiko looked more surprised that scared or startled. "Wait, what was he doing...?" Chie let out a small laugh as she waited for Yukiko's question to sit in the air for a few moments.

    She could retake the question at any time...

    She could, really.

    "Wow, Yukiko," spoke up Yosuke as he rode by on his bike. "Yet another guy who has failed the Yukiko Amagi Challenge! 0% success rate still. Man, you did the same thing to me too..." Yukiko, however, soon voiced that she did not even know that the guy was asking her out, and that she did not know that Yosuke had done it as well... and then proceeded to dump him when he got the chance to ask.

    'How am I not surprised?' Chie wondered as her head tilted to the ground. After Yosuke biked away, Chie finally spoke up. "So, lets continue on our walk home!" Chie raised her voice and pumped her fist into the air in order for her to get pumped up, not wondering why she needed to get re-pumped up in the first place...
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