The days after hell (private RP)

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  1. image.jpg Leon was at the raccoon city police department when the infection first hit, he watched as people became infected with the t-virus and began eating each other; infecting each other. Raccoon city was over run with undead corpses and the government decided that the best way to contain the virus was to bomb raccoon city right off the map. Little did they know, the virus had already spread to all corners of the globe. Some places were safer than others, but no place was completely free of infection. That is... Except the place that started the infection.

    Leon joined an organization, tasked with bringing down the people who started the t-virus and finding a way to bring an end to the hell that has taken form of a corpse.
  2. Nina had always been a fan of zombies and the zombie apocalypse.
    She had a book on survival and a few games.
    Dead island, and dead island riptide to name a few.
    It all started for her the day, she decided to take off work to have a gaming day.
    She stayed all night, eyes glued to the screen. bashing virtual zombies brains in, and made her way around the island.

    It was 6:00 am when everything went down.
    A control her, hand soda bottles surrounded the floor
    of her bedroom.
    Ice cream, chips, pizza on her table.
    Her body was sprawled out on her bed as she awoke to the sound of bagging.
    Not being a morning person she tiredly approached the door.
    as her hand touched the knob the door flew open.
    what looked like her mother jumped on her growling, she pushed her off and manage to escape.
    Ever since then she stayed with one group,
    of survivors but was quickly thrown out now she travels alone.
    trying to keep her sanity with each passing day.
  3. Leon made his way into a large city, thought to home of a girl named Nina. Her father worked with the same organization as Leon, but he doubted that she knew about seeing as they were top secret. Nina's father had sent Leon to find her and take her back to a safe zone so she could be extracted. His next objective was to find any information on the organization known as "umbrella". They were the ones behind all of this, and the raccoon city bombing.

    Leon walked past one of those large "welcome" signs that indicated that you were entering the city. The place looked horrible, the city was littered with bodies and small fires, the buildings looked very decayed and worn down. The growth of the city's nature covered buildings and sidewalks coating many structures in different shades of green and brown.

    Leon pulled his pistol from its holster and moved into the city. The search had begun.
  4. Ninja jumped into a tree when she spotted Someone entering the town.
    " why would anyone come here? There's nothing here.."
    Her curiosity lured her to follow the stranger from distance.
    Maby If she was lucky she could loot his corps once he dies.
  5. Leon heard something in a building close by. He aimed his pistol in the direction of the noise and began moving toward it. He kept his eyes trained down his pistol sights and his ears on his surroundings. He moved inside through a broken window, the glass crunching under his boots as he moved into the darkness.

    Leon's eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness of the building and he switched on the red laser pointer attached to the barrel of his gun. He looked around for any signs of a corpse lurking in the shadows. He heard the sound of rustling behind him and quickly did a 180 degree turn, his finger on the trigger.

    He let out a sigh as he saw a crow perched on an old desk rustling through papers. He then left the building and continued moving further down the road.
  6. Nina eyed the stranger like a hawk.

    " the hell? why is this dude here?....there is nothing here, no water, electric,...."

    she thought to herself for awhile, as she trailed silently behind the stranger.
    silencer in hand hunting knife in the other, waiting for a moment to strike.
    she was hoping this body, will be carrying some food at least.

    she almost yelp when a mouse ran across the street, catching her off guard.

    she said softly, as she turned back to follow he was out of her sight.

    " where the fuck did he go?"
    she said aloud before placing her silencer in its holster, but keeping hold of her knife.
  7. Leon watched the girl from behind the wall of a building. He was surprised that she had gotten as close as she did, but he wouldn't make that mistake again. He waited for her to move up, then he came out behind her. He put his red laser on the back of her head and readied himself.

    "You move, you die" he said in a serious tone. "Turn toward me slowly, any sudden movement and you'll lose your head."

    He waited for her to turn to him then he began putting the laser in her eyes to disorientate her. If she couldn't see, she couldn't attack. "What's your name?" He asked her keeping his finger on the trigger
  8. letting out a sigh Nina reluctantly turned around.
    with the face of a rebel teenager, spotted by the po po plastered on her face.
    " what the fuck do you want!?"

    she thought about saying but, any chance of acting like a badass was quickly faded as she faced the stranger.
    " that's a lot to ask somebody now a days, whats yours?"
    she glared at him trying to by herself some time to think of a plan to escape.
  9. Leon watched her body language and saw that she was looking for a place to run. "Leon Kennedy, your turn" he faced her but looked around for potential escape routes that she might use, there wasn't much but she knew this place better than he did.

    "I don't have time for games, if you're not going to cooperate I will kill you. What is your name" Leon pulled the hammer back on his gun and aimed the laser right between her eyes. "Believe me, my bullets are faster than your sprinting"
  10. sshe wasn't a very active person, she could run if she had to but she was to tired to start.
    " name is....Nina...."

    she let out a annoyed sigh and slowly lowered her knife.
    " bro you need to chill, you came on MY territory"
  11. Leon lowered his pistol but kept it in hand. "Nina, your father sent me to get you and bring you to a safe zone for extraction. We need to get the hell out of here." He could already get a very negative vibe from the girl and if it were up to him he would have left Nina here... But he had orders
  12. when she heard this she got on the defense.
    "....i lied im jen......Nina was a friend of mine so i used her name"
    she look over trying her best to sell her bluff.
  13. Leon read her features easily, this was Nina but why she lied about being someone else he didn't know. He pulled his pistol and shot dangerously close to her left ear.

    "Next time I will not miss. I wouldn't recommend lying again Nina. Your father wants you back and I intend to fulfill that order"

    He had to admit, the shot was unnecessary but she wasn't cooperating and he needed her cooperation.
  14. nina froze in place, the sound of the bullet made her hearing numb for a bit.
    ".....why the fuck......just tell him im dead."

    nina felt annoyed it was hard to believe in the end of times, her farther would want her safty.
    he never liked her before, he always treated her like dirt so what was his motive?
  15. Leon gave up on this encounter, and lowered his pistol and turned away from her without saying another word. He'd come back for her once he got the other information he needed. His thoughts were interrupted by a series of growling and some shambling noises. The shot must have attracted the corpses.

    He looked around but didn't see any corpses yet, that didn't make him feel any better. He started moving backward away from the source of the noise, keeping his finger on the trigger of his gun.

    "You're obviously not gonna cooperate with me, at least get somewhere safe so I can tell him that I think you're alive but just well hidden." Said Leon not taking his eyes away from the direction of the noise. He was going to say something else, but a corpse came running out of the darkness of a garage. Leon quickly lifted his pistol and shot the creature in the face
  16. at the noise of the growling Nina jumped back with a face of fear and rage
    " YOU FUCKING IDIOT! your freaking "badass" attitude with your gun attracted those things!"

    she let out a huge sigh before pulling herself up a fire escape
    " your on your own bro."
  17. Leon watched as more corpses came rushing at him. He pulled a long combat knife from his belt and readied his pistol. He could hear Nina yelling at him but he didn't care, he had bigger things to deal with.

    He shot two corpses in the face then stabbed a third one as it ran past him. He put his pistol back in its holster seeing as it would only bring more to his location. He flipped a corpse over his shoulder then stomped on its skull.

    He looked up and saw that there were allot more coming his way, Leon was good but numbers were not on his side
  18. Nina scurried up the latter, reaching the top she peered down at the stranger.
    She felt a bit of remorse for him, but it was quickly erased from her mind when she remembered the bullet inches away from her.

    " that's right.....this dumb ass caused this...."
    She sighed, part of her wanted to help, but the other just wanted to get as far away from this guy as possible.
    Staying in place she just watched from the building conflicted with her choices.
  19. Leon did a spinning back kick, knocking a corpse into the group behind it. As they were scrambling to regain themselves, Leon quickly walked down an alleyway away from the chaos. He put his hand on his earpiece. "Em, it's Leon. I've located Nina, but I can't get to her due to high infection rates. Requesting an recon team for her immediate extraction."

    "Recon is already deployed elsewhere Leon, but I'll send Jill in as soon as I can."

    Leon kept moving down the alleyway and heading toward the inner parts of the city
  20. Nina slumped down to think about a good escape route.
    " i am not going with him, fuck dad!"

    she never liked her father, and she certainly didn't trust him.
    especially not now with all this crap going down.
    she stood up and walked across the building roof, to the door leading inside the building.
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