The Day We Caught the Train [Zombie Apocalypse]



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The Day We Caught the Train

It all started with some average scientists trying to find a cure for the common cold. They hired a few people to test the antidote on, and it began to turn them crazy. A quick-spreading sickness traveled straight to their mind, and they eventually lost their sanity. They were wild, fueled with violent rages and unstoppable power and energy. They began to attack, bite, and scratch anyone who came in vicinity of them, or dared to confront them, and soon, half of the population had been infected.

Some regular passengers were getting on a train one day, trying to travel to another part of the state where there was apparently no insane zombies. However, a couple of hours into the ride, the train starts to rattle and shake, and screams are following from the cars ahead. Everyone is scared, no one knows what's going on, and the tension is utterly frightening. Then, a couple of men bust through the car door. They were infected. They begin to go after people, biting and clawing with rage and quick swipes. Someone has to do something, and that's when a young lady gets the bright idea to jump. They had to jump off the train. And that's exactly what they did.

But now, after you've safely gotten away from any zombies, and the train has sped away, you realize something. You are in the middle of the wilderness, far away from any cities, and definitely away from any shelter. You will have to survive, together as a group. You have no food, no weapons, and definitely no shelter.

Can you survive the people around you, and more importantly, the raging sickness and harsh wilderness?




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