The Day They Met

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  1. Coffee Chip ran about her new coffee shop, trying to give every customer what they needed. "I'll be right there, sugarcube! Hold on a minute, Ranch! Ranch where's my order for table 3?" She yelled to the kitchen. She was the only waitress, and the shop was surprisingly popular considering they had just opened.

    "Order for table 3, up and ready!" Ranch called, ringing the bell.

    Coffee Chip grabbed the plate and cup, running to the table and giving them their food before moving onto the next customer. She ran about, trying to satisfy each and every customer.
  2. Shadow Glacier heard about this new coffee shop that had opened up and was really popular but was short on staff. She needed or rather wanted another job and hoped that the new place would accept her as a new employee although she knew very little about coffee but she was working as a waitress at her old job that she recently quick because her boss was a jerk.

    She walked in and looked around and saw that the place was definitely packed to the brim since there wasn't a visible chair in the entire building. "Good grief. I knew they said it was popular but this is intense." she muttered under her breath.
  3. "Oh! I'll be with you in a minute, sugarcube!" Coffee chip called to Shadow Glacier as she rushed about the place.

    She gave a few more ponies their food and drinks before trotting up to Shadow. "Well howdy! I'm Coffee Chip! How can I help you?" She asked, her mane and tail disheveled from running around so much.
  4. "Hi there. I'm Shadow Glacier and from the looks of you and this packed mad house you could use and extra hoof around here." she says then fixes Chip's mane and even though she was blind she did a pretty good job of it.
  5. Chip smiled. "Oh, that would be wonderful! We could always use an extra hoof! Would you mind starting today?" She asked, her eyes sparkling.
  6. "Sure thing. Just give me an order boss mare." Shadow says then waits on her to give her something to do. She just silently hoped that her 'condition' won't be a problem.
  7. "If you could just help Ranch cook for now, that'd be great." Chip said. "Then once everypony's gone, I'll help you get the feel of the place." She led the mare to the kitchen and yelled, "Ranch Dressing! You have a new assistant!"

    A white stallion looked over at Shadow. He had green and black peppered mane and his tail and mane were cut short. "Great! Come over 'ere and I'll set you on drink makin' duty."
  8. Shadow gulped silently since the kitchen was the last place she needed to be with her disability. She's never burned anything but she always manages to mess something up in a recipe due to not being able to see the ingredients she's using. She just hoped that the drinks wouldn't be too hard to make then headed to the back to the area where the stallion's voice came from.
  9. "The drinks are simple to make. Coffee's got all of the ingredients laid out in alphabetical order. I noticed you got some vision problems so I'll read the recipes out to you since we don't have braille recipe books." Ranch led her around the kitchen and showed her where everything she would need was. "Alright, your first order is a simple cup off coffee. Grab the grinder and the coffee beans."
  10. Shadow was a bit surprised that he looked her in the eyes to see that she was vision impaired. She nodded regardless but then stopped and 'looked' around for the grinder then blushed from embarrassment when she obviously couldn't grab what she couldn't see regardless of the fact that she was led around and learned where everything was. This was her first day here after all.
  11. Ranch handed her the grinder and the beans. "Put the beans in the grinder than grind them into the cup right in front of you." He made sure she was directly in front of the cup full of milk.
  12. "Oh okay." she then holds the grinder over the cup after feeling where the cup was and proceeded to grind the beans over the cup until every last bean was gone. "Okay. Now what?"
  13. "There's a spoon on the left of the cup. Use that to stir it for two minutes then hand it to me. I'll heat it up and it'll be ready to go." Ranch said.
  14. "Okay." Shadow then picks up the spoon and starts to stir the mixture for two minutes exactly then brought it to him. "Done."
  15. "Thank ya, darlin'." Ranch said. He heated the coffee before handing it to Chip who handed it to the last customer of the day.

    "Thank you all for coming! Come back soon!" Chip called as the last customers trickled out. She closed the door and slumped to the ground, exhausted.
  16. "Has it always been that packed?" Shadow asked them both with a concerned look since Chip looked horribly exhausted.
  17. "Mmhmm. Chip's coffee and other drinks are extremely famous around here. They bring in quite a few customers." Ranch answered as he watched Chip close her eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  18. "Wow. That's actually really amazing, Most businesses would kill to be overpopulated like that. You two are obviously doing something right since you had all of those customers." Shadow says with a smile then went to check on Chip.
  19. Chip shook her head and stood up. She smiled tiredly at Shadow. "Hey, sorry for putting you in the kitchen, sugarcube. I just didn't want you to trip and fall with all of those ponies everywhere before learning the layout of the cafe." She said.
  20. "Oh it's alright. I just rather learn by doing it myself instead of being taught since it wouldn't help the fact that I can't see where anything is. I just wish I hadn't gotten this disability sometimes even though I've learned to work around it. Years and years of practice and mild tolerance due to others treating me so differently...."