The Day the Dead Walked

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    It was just a regular day; business as normal as the Big Deal's Grocery in New York city. It was like any other Friday in January, nothing out of the ordinary. That is, however, until someone got sick and then curled over dead in the store. That is when things slowly start getting crazier and crazier. People are getting sick and dying all over in the streets. It's not until they get up and search for their next meal when everyone becomes alarmed.

    The Day The Dead Walked takes place one week after a plane crashed into Queens. Not much had been released about it, but everyone who lives in that area of Queens was put under house arrest and quarantine, and hazmat teams were called in. It was some sort of cargo plane, but nobody is truly sure what the cargo was. The main focus of the roleplay is about the employees of Big Deal's Grocery, and can feature one or two customers. Further down the road if you want to play a cop or a paramedic or anyone but the characters we have been playing, feel free to ask. You can play two characters, so long as you kill one of them off. There is no true plot line; these characters need to survive. Plots and sub plots will develop as we go along.

    As with everything that includes zombies other groups of survivors are going to be found, which gives new comers the chance to join in. I'm trying to avoid too many people being over powered characters such as soldiers and such, but hunters and cops will be allowed. Let's say your father was a cop or you like to go hunting, odds are you have a gun somewhere in your home. Remember: none of us are zombie killing experts, but odds are we have seen a zombie film or two. We all know the basics: shoot it in the head, don't get bit. Also, the title isn't a rip off of The Walking Dead...I got it from a Six Feet Under song. The grocery store has all the isles and stuff a normal grocery store has, but it also has a liquor store, a professional photo store, an electronics store, a coffee store, and is attached to a mattress king. This isn't a mall, it's more o a "superstore". The store is in a plaza with a Gas Station, a Home Depot across the parking lot, a Burger King, a store that sells underground rap and underground metal merchandise and albums, a concert hall and a West 49. There will be possibilities to find new characters when/if any of the main group members investigate the other stores. Janitors and security guards are allowed to be played, just PM me and ask me first. This is supposed to be more horror than action, meaning the strong silent type isn't exactly wanted in this cast of characters. Interesting ccharacters, such as characters with schizophrenia or characters who have PTSD. The more insanity and craziness you can bring to the table, the better the roleplay will be.

    " Hell is overflowing, and Satan is sending his dead to us"-Dawn of the Dead, 2004
    Send in a basic bio and a picture, then jump in.
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    Dewayne Sanders
    Aged 31
    Occupation: Janitor at Big Deal's GGrocery and every other store in the plaza
    Transportation: Big white van, so that he can easily drive his supplies around the plaza
    Education: College drop out


    Jared Ginzel
    Aged 43
    Occupation: Manager at Big Deal's Grocery
    Transportation: Ford F-150
    Education: University; business and entrepreneurship

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    Name: Jasmine Burr
    Age: 20
    Transportation: Takes public Transit/walks
    Occupation: Cashier
    Education: 2nd Year College student in Pre-Med, Taking a semester off to figure out life​
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    Name-Hugo Frend


    Transportation-an electric scooter,and to quote Hugo "It's a lean green speeding machine!"

    Occupation-Tech help at the electronics part of the store

    Education-high school education but is very "Tech savy" as he says when it comes to electronics

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    Name: Briar Rose Chadbury
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10

    Physical Description: Briar Rose dresses in an extra-tweedy version of British Schoolgirl Chic. Her hair, clothes, and whatever she's carrying are nearly always in a general state of disarray.

    Clothing: Tweed jacket, white dress shirt and tie, pleated wool skirt, white stockings, and black Mary Janes.

    Equipment: Canvas and leather hiker's backpack she uses as a book bag. Contains a ruggedized laptop computer, a seemingly random collection of notebooks and papers inscribed with oddly whimsical "technical" drawings of various inventions and ideas in different stages of completion, and notes written in neat feminine handwriting. Drafting tools, measuring tape, handheld microscope, tweezers, a set of sample boxes and small Pyrex vials, litmus paper, a Leatherman multi-tool, hand lens, compass, a textbook on ecology, and a "pocket" field guide to wildlife and plants in New York State.

    Transportation: A girl's bike with a handlebar basket and rear pannier and saddlebags containing a bike repair multi-tool, spare chain and tire tube, foot-powered tire pump, tire patch kit, bike lock, water bottle and lunch box.

    Occupation: Schoolgirl (customer)

    Personality: Briar Rose is highly intelligent, though she often seems to have the attention span of a gnat. Her mind is constantly leaping from one thing to another. Her notebooks and papers are always in a complete state of disarray, yet somehow she is able to actually find things (unless someone "tidies up" for her!). She quickly loses herself in reading, writing, and tinkering with inventions and research projects in varying stages of partial completion. She is easily intimidated, since most everyone is bigger, stronger, and meaner than she is.

    Skills/Education: Technical drawing, mathematics (algebra and geometry, plus a smattering of calculus and trigonometry), general biological investigation (sample collection, basic analysis using the tools she has, i.e., she can do a litmus test, a dissection, examine plant tissue under her microscope, but can't sequence a genome), a broad but not deep "general scientific knowledge." She knows more about biology and general mechanics (low-tech-ish machinery) than physics or astronomy, but she is familiar with an eclectic range of basic concepts. Her education is at a roughly "honors high school freshman" level (somewhat more advanced in areas that interest her most), the result of private tutoring for most of her life, until she was recently admitted into an elite prep high school.

    History: Briar Rose was conceived by her mother in an affair, and she does not know who her real father is. Her nominal father hates her, but keeps up appearances in public to protect the family from scandal. Her parents fight constantly, so she retreats into worlds of scholarship and invention. She raced ahead of children her own age in her schoolwork (which she views as an inconvenience to be dispensed with quickly so she can move on to more interesting things). Her "father," Theodoric Chadbury, has started sending her to Marshall Academy, an elitist school filled with privileged rich brats and social climbers, knowing full well that it would make Briar Rose--and by extension her mother--utterly miserable. Since she is constantly used as a reminder of her mother's infidelity, she blames herself for her parents' fighting, and is coming to the conclusion that they'd be happier without her.​
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