The Day It all Ends [Sign ups]

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  1. Hey everyone so ,I really want to do a group Mature Role play. But I'm not into just sex. I like plot so its the zombie apocalypse and nobody is prepared. You are all just living your life's then some ,sickly person stumbles into it. Then next thing you know there's more sickly people and some more. You get the idea ,we all have seen the cheesy movies. I've added a twist so we all play immuned surviviors only thing is no one knows there immuned they just know what happens when you get bit. More will be explained as I think it up alright here's the Cs.

    Appearance: (I'd prefer it not be realistic but if you can find anything else I understand.)
    Race: (Humen, Neko-(can be any kind of neko not just cat. Its just I don't know what the race is called.) ,Elf and finally Dwarf.)
    Age: (let's stick to Humen messurments of age.)
    Personality: (optional)
    Bio:( Optipnal)​