The Day I fell in Love with a Ghost

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  1. Mel sighed and she jogged up to her new school,. She stopped in front of the entrance and took a good look at the old looking building. It was a 3 story building made entirely out of bricks from the outside. According to her mom it was built 130 years ago. Great, and apparently both her parents thought this would be an excellent school for her, why, she will never know what goes on through their heads. She sighed then walked in, as she walked down the hall she looked at her schedule. First hour, English with Mrs. Riley room 203. She jogged up the stairs and was able to find the room easily. As soon as she walked in the bell rang and the entire class was looking at her. Mrs. Riley turned and smiled, "Ah, so you must be the new student."
  2. Mason stood, as if on ceremony, at the window overlooking the field. So much had changed, so much. His hand held the windowsill, feeling the new material. Everything was shifting around in this world, everything was changing. Yet he was stuck here, left behind as he ascended. He was doomed to watch the world grow old while he Nevr aged. He turned at the first out of ordinary thing and saw the girl, but did not speak. She would not hear him if he tried.
  3. Melanie smiled slightly and nodded at her then at the students, the first person she noticed was a handsome young man by the window. She looked at him with her beautiful crystal blue eyes and smiled at him, then she quickly looked at the others then said, "Hi, I am Melanie, but you can call me Mel." then she took the seat that was closest to the mysterious young man and smiled at him again and gave a litttle wave. Ever since she was little she has had a special ability to see ghosts. She not only saw them but she even knew it to. Whenever a ghost was around she heard a faiint sound of bells. And thesound was leading right to him.
  4. Mason was puzzled, but not surprised. An arou surrounded her, letting him tell her apart. It was queer, though, to be signaled so rudimentary. But he spoke, knowing no one else would hear, "Mason," his brown eyes flashed. His body seemed to shimmer and glow in the light. It was a side effect of being a ghost; he couldn't control his density.
  5. She smiled and leaned forward a little and whispered, "Nice to meet you Manson.-"
    Suddenly Mrs. Riley Ssshed, not really knowing or either bothered looking to see who was talking. Mel looked at her then bite her lip then pulled out a notebook and a pen. She wrote in beautiful handwriting that said:
    " Nice to meet you. You can just call me Mel." then she casually showed him whatshe wrote.
  6. Mason watched her with growing interest, for most mortals who could see ghosts scared him, not puzzled him. He simply one else down beside her, not having anything else to do with his existence. He curiously watched her write, still confused.
  7. She smiled as she wrote. Ghosts obviously didnt scare her. She basically spent her entire life around ghosts. She has even helped them move on. When she finished writing she showed him what he wrote:
    "Sorry, writing notes is the only way I can talk to you without getting in trouble. And as far as I know no one else can hear you so you can simply speak in response of my messages to you."
  8. Mason nodded. "It is fine." He didn't know what else to say. He hadn't dealt with people like her often, and she was the first not to scream. He watched her with interest.
  9. She smiled sweetly at him then started writing again. Truthfully she was interested in getting to know him. Once she was done she showed it to him, it said:
    "So are you stuck inside this room or in this school? Or do you have the ability to go anywhere you want?Because I have known a couple of ghost that can only stay in the place they uh... you know." she thought about using the word 'died' but then decided not to. She thought that wpuld be rude for spme reason.
  10. Mason shook his head, "I died a death by drowning in the lake, I am free to roam the area. I am just not able to leave the town. It is both a blessing and a curse. I may move, but I may not leave. I may run, but only so far."
  11. She pouted adorably then wrote, "Oh, I am sorry to hear that. I mean it is cool that you can go wherever you want can only go so far. So... how long have you been... you know?" she knew that must have been a touchy subject but she really wanted to know more about him.
  12. Mason frowned a small bit and spoke again in a monotonous tone, "I died back in 1976 on April 2nd. Specifically at 3:46.14 pm. Doe that answer your question?"
  13. She frowned then quickly wrote, "I am soooo sorry. I shouldnt have asked that question it is just that... I dont know... I am just a little curious about you." she blushed slightly.
  14. The way she wrote that was a little offsetting. While she had normal curiosity she had a different kind, "why?"
  15. She looked at him then back at the noteboom then wrote, "I am a curious perzon?"intentionally writing it like it was a question. Truthfully she didnt know why.
  16. Smirking, Mason nodded, "you're very curious, very." He sat down beside her, "I only know so many of you. You're the first not to freak."
  17. Mel bite her lip to keep herself from laughing, then she wrote, " I have basically lived with ghosts for myentire life. They dont scare me one bite." she smiled sweetly.
  18. Mason nodded, "good. I wish not to have to watch this last hope to my existence run away."
  19. She was about to write something else when suddenly the bell rang. She looked at the time then at him, smiled and stood up.
  20. Mason simply followed her, not having anythign else to do with himself at this point. Living the life of a ghost meant he really had nothing to do, "I shall accompany you, if that is alright, okay?"
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