The Day I fell in Love with a Ghost OOC

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  1. Mel is the new girl in town. So once she moves you should expect a lot of things to change. However... Not change THIS much. She meets a guy in her homeroom, a guy who only she can see! It turns out he is a ghost! And it isn't long before she figures that out... And it isn't long until she begins to fall for him...

    *My Quick Character Info*
    Name: Melanie Ray Wilson (Mel is her nickname ^.^)
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8''
    Body Type: Slim
    Look: (Picture Below (:)
    She is absolutely beautiful! She has long shiny black hair, high cheek bone, full lips, gorgeous bright blue eyes. Her skin is flawless and she isn't tan but she isn't pale either. Her skin tone is more in the middle.

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  2. Is this one still open? I'm good with melochaly and more upset characters if that is what you are asking for!
  3. Yay! This is still opened and that would be great! Just put your Character sheet up on here! :D
  4. Ok cool. I will make the RP.
  5. Sounds like a plan! I'm glad I found this rp!
  6. Ok I made it! I am on my phone and I dont know how to paste the link but it shpuld be one of the first ones on the OnexOne RP forum :P
  7. I saw it!
  8. So how did he die? Lol
  9. It explains it in the rp...