The Day Hell Walked Upon The Earth.

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  1. The night was dark, howls cried from the outer corners of the city district. The streets swarmed with rotten figures who once knew themselves to be of the same kin as Ella. But no more. It was dark, the shadow of the church walls. The shadows stealthily crept around her, laughing and sneering with great joy as they knew that those who were living had died but still walked this forsaken earth. Watching her every move and hoping to drag her into oblivion. Between two chairs she stood, ever still daring to move. Ella could feel the sweat fall down her face as she knew that the man she once knew as a Vicar roamed this church ever hungry, his growls were loud and echoing through the church as he walked slowly, his body rotten to the core and his arms flopped. A chunk of flesh torn off from his side, a mouth agape and drooling down onto the red carpet. With only a ceremonial dagger in her hand, Ella shook in fear. Waiting for the creature to pass her.

    This had broken out all over the city. Nobody knew why but there were few survivors. For it had seemed the church was right. Today was the day that hell did fill up and that hell walked the earth. There wasn't a chance that Ella would be able to survive on her own. Slowly and quietly on her knees, Ella made her way out from the rows of chairs and hid herself behind a pillar. Although the Vicar hadn't noticed her yet. The girl would not be able to stay there for long. For eventually something would find her. Then she would be dead. Quietly she made her way up the stairs. Much to her relief it seemed empty. She could rest here for a little while. But sooner or later she would need food. There she was, eighteen years old and in a Zombie Apocalypse. Great, what am I going to do? she thought to herself.
  2. Jay was only young, he was eight and was the last of his family alive. His house was taken over a few hours earlier by a horde of scary shadows that is dad managed to barricade out for a while, he couldn't see what it was as his mum picked him up and took him up the stairs instead of seeing small drawings and a blue room it was all covered in red blotches he starred in horror as his mum fell to her knees as she opened the door wider a shadow from behind went to grab her, the zombies had got in his dad must of been killed in the fight to keep them away, his mum turned quickly to find a zombie with no jaw reaching for her head, she pushed her son Jay aside and shut his door fighting of the zombie for the protection of her only son.

    Jay had heard the screams and the claws against the wooden door the noise was unbearable he looked out his window and saw the church, his family was a Christian family and the priest was his grandfather, he looked out of his window that lead on to his conservatory he turned back in disbelieve of what he was having to do only to find his mums corpse dragging her self towards him her eyes pale and filled with no emotion, He jumped of his window ledge and made a runner for the church it was only a few blocks away.

    He ran crying to the church dodging the screams and the blood filled ally-ways he finally made it, he heard screams and pushed the door open "Granddad, Granddad!!" he was panicking he couldn't breathe he was shaking like a mini earthquake he saw a shadow on the stairs "Hello....?" he walked to the side of the building and saw a passage way of scary monsters luckily it didn't seam like any noticed him he decided to crawl along the side of the benches hoping for an answer.
  3. Shit. From the top floor, Ella noticed a little boy shouting inside the church. She noticed the zombies running toward the little boy at the sound of his voice. Crap. Ella couldn't just leave a little boy alone. As she stared at the young man, he looked no more than eight years old...crap a little kid would just slow her down. But for god sake. Ella pulled at her hair as she hacked her brain to get the courage to go and save him. Finally with a great amount of resolution, she did as such. Slowly walking down the hallway as the Zombie approached the door only to walk into one another and eat at the own flesh and blood. The sounds of their teeth crunching through the flesh was revolting, it made her want to throw up and the stench was as if they were in a landfill. But it probably wouldn't change any time soon so she figured they'd get used to it. But how sad for a child so young to be caught up in such a drama.

    Stealthily, Ella walked past the pillars, she had taken off her shoes in order to make as little noise as possible. It also made her faster on her feet. The ceremonial knife still in her hand. Sneaking over to the boy she put a hand on her lips to tell him not to make a sound, signalling him to follow her as the Zombies feasted upon themselves. Crouching down making, to remain out of sight. Gazing into the little boys eyes she then pointed a finger at the stairs to tell him that they were going to go back up. Quietly she made her way up the stares, begging to god that zombies didn't notice.
  4. With a waterfall of tears falling down his face he looked at the young woman who appeared beore him with a slightly scared look "are you a monster?"he then noticed she had her finger to her lips he nodded and crawled along the marble floor that was covered by shadows of the discongfigured creatures lit from the large stain glass windows, he followed the woman up the stairs and dogdged the scary monsters, he turned around to look at what was behind him he saw two of the beasts chewing on eachother he froze in fear in horror, his hearing started to fade with the sound of his mum fighting for her lif still on his mind, he couldnt move he was stuck, if he didnt move the beasts woul surely notice him, he wiped his sleeve aong his fce wiping his eyes and found the courage to move, he ran to the top of the stairs and found no monsters up there. He knew that the vicar his grandfather had his office at the end of the corridor he was only a few steps ahead of ella still crouched down, "psst... my granddads over here" he said in a quiet tone.
  5. As they finally reached the top of the stairs, she observed that the boy was crying. Poor thing. This young and only to see a bunch of Zombies mauling each other. The boy followed her with tears in his eyes. The boy explained how his grand-dad would be in the door toward the end of the corridor. With a shake of her she mouthed the words 'No'. There wasn't a chance. Even if the old man was still alive and was in there. What could he do? Embracing the child in a soft hug she softly comforted him and with a soft whisper said "Look...I know this is tough. But if you grand dad is in there and is still alive. What is going to do? if he isn't alive...we could be eaten and turn into one of them. I personally would rather shoot myself then become one of them." they were no longer human. All they were now was a reincarnation of rotten flesh that would tear this world apart as they knew it. The thought scarred Ella but there was no escaping it. If only she could find a gun. Shit. This was just going to get worse - more people would turn soon. They had to find a group where they could participate and survive in or they too would turn.
  6. Jay found himself embraced in a hug with a refusal from the woman to go see his granddad. But he knew that she was right even though it was hard to put his head around, he tried to pull away but it was no good, he saw Ella with a blank expression it was as if she was talking to herself in her head or thinking.
    "What’s your name?” he looked over the banister slowly and looked at the right wing of the church to a little wooden door that was where the exit was. “I know a back exit but we have to go back downstairs." It was hidden behind a pillar; he couldn’t see if there was any zombie blocking the path. Jay looked back at ella hoping for a reply but she was still lost in though. Wiping himself off and drying his eyes, Jay stayed close to Ella for comfort.
  7. Looking down at the boy Ella noticed him wiping himself off and drying the tears from his small face. The small child stayed close to her, almost as if he sought comfort from her. Which considering the situation really is no surprise. Looking over the banister she observed the zombies still dining among themselves, ripping and tearing into each others flesh. Monsters. Shrieks and screams of citizens everywhere. Looking at her surrounding, Ella saw candles on the wall. I wonder. If I throw a candle will they be smart enough to know where it came from? It would burn the corpses to the ground giving them some entrance which was good but it'd take a bit for the skin to actually burn off and for the zombies to die. They would also have to escape quickly before the church went on fire. Grabbing one of the candelabras off of the tables, it had three burning candles. Pulling the candle out of the slot she threw a candle into the pit of zombies - which caught the carpet on fire as well as the zombie's cloth and hair. Groaning, the zombies did not notice the fire. Only reacting to the fall of the candle onto the floor they moshed into each other again creating a large bonfire. Quickly nodding to the boy, she quickly took his small hand with the ceremonial dagger in the other "Lead the way." she whispered to him as she pulled the boy hastily down the stairs with her.
  8. He watched ella throw the candle on the floor the noise obviously attracted the zombies, he then noticed that she grabbed his hand. *whats happening* he thought to himself. *"Lead the way"* ella whispered to him. "what?..." by the time he managed to get a word in edge ways he was being dragged down the stairs, ella wanted him to lead the way to the wooden door, the hall was long but narrow, he got in front and walked as quick as possible but as quietly as possible.
    Before he turnt to look at the door he looked behind him still with ellas warm hand cuddling his, to see the zombie still occupied eating eachother burning the carpet spread like a bush ifre though the church was a-light on one side of the building he turnt his head to look at the door; luckly there was no zombie he pulled ella harder and pushed to the door pulling her throught the benched seating.

    The door was made of wood and was old and rotting away just like the zombie but not infectous he grabbed the handle that was made of copper but painted gold he twisted the handle but where it was so old it snapped as the door hinged away the handle was left in his hand and the door swinging open creeking like a coffin in a horror movie. "Quick..."

  9. sad-emo-anime-girl.jpg With a quick nod Ella followed the boy down the passage way. She knew it wouldn't be long before the fire would torch the church in flames. With a loud creek the door opened. Turning behind her quickly she watched in horror as the zombies were attracted to the noise. Shit! Without turning to shut the god forsaken door she ran, beckoning the boy with her. The knife still in her hand. It wasn't much good it might keep her alive one or twice but she wouldn't get too lucky after that. The whole city stunk of vile rotting corpses. Looking at it, she couldn't cry. Her mother was most likely among the walking dead by now along with the rest of those creatures as well as her father. Apart from this little boy. Ella had nothing left. Nothing to go back to, nothing to really live for. Life would get hard from now on. They had to find a safe hold. Somewhere - where? shit. There had to be somewhere to go. There was no use trying to find a phone...who did she know who could possibly have held a stronghold against these creatures?


    From within her school just before the attack Catarina came prepared, the students at her school would not be harmed. For the Felkuren Academy Elite stood before a horde of zombies with guns fully loaded. Prepared and shooting on targets. Barricades of spikes set up by a computer system specifically designed by one of her scientists. Catarina had known long before that this would happen. For she knew how the zombies had come to pass - with this she had preparation installed for she knew that nobody would believe her even if they told her. Inside of the school she had set up a computer system that run as a defensive system outside of it. Having a lot of money helped her after all. The girl was a genius, hard working and diligent. There was even an underground that none of the students nor staff knew about that contained bedrooms, supplies of food. Which was all run by a power generator that she paid workers to run. Much to Catarina's annoyance it was tough being somewhat intellectual in this world without people yelling at you. Fortunately Catarina managed to keep up appearances. Along with being one of the elite helped. One of her friends, Mark gave her a slight grin and an appreciative nod as she sent the school into a metal lock down. The students inside would not be able to see out of a temporary amount of time. Some parents had even been called in at the mercy of Catarina. However she was unable to save all of them. In this mess; Catarina found herself the leader of a barricaded city made out of the base grounds of a school. With a lot of money and persuasion she even issued the army to come into the school and stay there as a 'training of self defense' for the pupils. Yeah right. These soldiers now found themselves in her debt for dragging them in. Food and water was temporarily available. Catarina had also made sure to secure a water source near by so that they could still have drink. Food however was a different matter. They would have to get it from the city. With a select amount of students. For the moments, Catarina found herself showing students that obeyed her like dogs how to use a gun, in awe they watched their leader as she lead a small school from chaos into a hope of victory.

  10. 8af13962f46980_full.jpg Jay widened his eyes to see the small town that he ran through went from a tiny amount of monsters to a living grave yard, there was no life within the small radius of the town; well there was but the remaining live was the undead. From this point on Jay didnt know where to go he only knew where his house was and where his school was. seem as the zombie was aware of where they were,; they had to either find away out of the city or away to fight them of and as a 8 year old it wasnt something he really wanted to face "where are we going to go now? i only know where my school is, do you not know how to drive?" Jay spotted his granddads car it was a small yellow automatic and it wasn't used that often but he knew that his granddad left keys in the glove box as he had a bad memory. Jay ran at the car and tugged the small oval shaped handle up , luckily his granddad had left it unlocked; Why he did not know but who cares when the earth was now had decomposing bodies wandering it. "Quick get in" jay got in the car and threw the keys at Ella gesturing that she was driving.