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  1. This now my 10,000th post.
    And I haven't been on Iwaku for a year yet... o_o

    P.S Oh, and Red Alert 2 is free on Origin too.
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  2. Man, I wish I have your skills.
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  3. Jesus Christ, man, I've been here for longer than you and I've only just barely broken 1,000.

    Although, to be fair, I wasn't active for the first few months after I join; plus I've been mostly avoiding taking part in any RP's for almost the entire time I've been on this forum.

    But still, that's insane.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Calm down, bro. You're gonna blow a gasket at this rate - humans weren't meant to handle that level of shitposting.
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  6. I thought this was going to be about Red Alert 2 being free on Origin right now.

    I need to reinstall Red Alert 2. It's been too long since I Zerg-rushed a base with a dozen flak tracks filled with Crazy Ivans.
  7. That was just crazy coincidence.
    Since I had planned to use the Hell March song for this even before that give away was a thing.
  8. Omedetou, Senpai!

    Also, I may have to get that, Red Alert 2 was the shit.
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  9. But how many of them are roleplay posts? Or cool content post? NOT MANY!

    Therefore your victory is meaningless!
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  10. ^ Totally jelly
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  11. Anyone could go around making nearly empty posts to inflate our post count. We've just better things to do.

    Congrats, yo'.

    Think I'm just over 3k. Been off for a few months though.
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  12. Subjectiveness is meaningless in the world of facts. :P
    Thanks. :P

    Glad to see you back here now too! :3
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