The Dawn Will Come

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    Illustration by Roman Hodek


    June 15, 2107
    "The year is 2107. Most of the animals has died, the few that remain are the resilient ones. Stubborn, stupid and just plain unlucky. They should have died with the rest - but in the care of the few humans that remain, they have survived thus far.
    For a time, it seemed to work. The meat is bad - dog meat generally is, but you have to work with what you have. Pork is expensive these days and dogs are everywhere anyway.

    However, crops has begun to fail. Trees, some centuries old with deep roots, has begun withering and falling over. Forests are a thing of the past: These days, you will be lucky to see more than three trees still standing. Grass and flowers are a thing of the past - the dirt is everywhere instead. What once used to be beautiful landscapes full of colour, is now a grey and desolate world. The uniform colour is only broken by a few patches of yellow - a petty excuse for what was once called crops.

    Even so, life still flourish. Or.. Hobble along, more like. They always said humans were great at adapting - either to the world or forcing the world to adapt to them. Many argue about this, but it is certain that the earth might have still been colourfull without the humans polluting it.
    Regretting it and trying to make it better is too late now. It was too late fifty years ago and it is too late now. You just have to live with what you have.

    Not all hope is lost, though. Rumour has it that a planet has been discovered - one capable of sustaining the life. The details change every time the story is told, but the baseline is always the same: It has water, it has a sun and it is exactly what we needed.
    Soon, we will begin the journey - across the country, far into No Man's Land. We will face dangers none of us has seen before, but I'm sure that we will be able to work it out. Hopefully, some of us will make it there alive."

    - Journal entry, found in an abandoned backpack.


    So. Awesome introduction out of the way: This is a dystopian roleplay. In case you didn't gather it from the intro, it takes place in 2107, in a world no longer capable of sustaining life. Most animals are dead and crops are now an unreliable food-source as the lack of nutrition in the ground makes it nearly impossible to produce food.
    There is hope - a new planet has been found and preparations to leave Earth has begun. The only obstacle? In order to reach the shuttle, you will have to cross what has now become No Man's Land. Ruled by cannibals, bandits and thieves, danger is everywhere.
    Not only that, but with the limited access to proper medication and doctors, sickness will flourish. A common cold could possibly wipe out an entire city; an unlucky, but common, situation, which might just benefit you. Unless the outlaws of No Man's Land got there first.

    It's a dog-eat-dog world and chances of survival on the journey are small. But chances of survival on earth are even smaller. What do you have to lose?


    This goes without saying, but be prepared for the fact that your characters might die.
    Sex, violence and unpleasant scenes might very well happen as well. Proceed with caution, okay? Those themes are not central points of this roleplay, but it is something to consider.


    I don't expect that you will need a lot of rules for this roleplay to go smoothly - follow the rules of Iwaku, and we should be good to go.
    As I am the GM, I will keep track of anything that happens in the roleplay. If you need help or have been gone and need to catch up, do not be afraid to PM me.

    If I missed anything, let me know and I will fix it.
    Content ratings is a mess, but better to include too much than forget something important.
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