The Darkness

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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]Its the year 2033 and Earth has been divided into divisions. The poor are lower than low and the rich currently have way too much power in their hands. They practically rule the world at this point. The poor struggle just to survive the night while the rich are rolling around in their money. Earth is in pieces but everyone is too busy worrying about theirselves to care. This has nothing to do about the division between the poor and the rich however. This story takes place in a small town in what used to be called England but now its just known as Division IV along with half of Europe. In this town, there lives demons, angels, vampires, lycanthropes and any other race you can think of, as well as humans. This is during World War III and the town is in complete ruins after a nuclear bomb hit but people still continue to live in their shattered remains they call home. Recently, there have been a series of murders however and the reason this is strange is, murder doesn't happen in these days. People are two busy worrying about whether or not their going to live the next day or is Division VI going to bomb them that day? Who knows? These murders are brutal, the victim having been cut open after being raped by an unknown being. The way the murders are, the murderer can't be human. Not only that, civilians have started to act strangely. The murders just started in this town but have started to spread like a plague and now every Division is dealing with the murders and cowarding in the corner, hoping their not next. The council(Rulers of all 20 Districts) has called upon a select few heroes to set off on a quest to save their destroyed world from further destruction. Can you save the world? Can you save the world from the darkness it faces?[/BCOLOR]​
  2. Selena Wildfire
    Cry from the past
    Out of the ruble and up from the ashes rises a clear and uninterrupted string of notes that break the sounds of chaos and cries of agony. They silence the mayhem and slow the world around on its axis for a brief moment of peace and relief. Perhaps not many are left, with all the warfare, monsters, murder, and atrocities but brave fingers still stroke the neck of a violin into a vibrato while a bow drags along tight strings. Old crumbled walls hearing a song that did not echo off them for more then centuries ago, when things were just as mysterious yet simple in their ancient ways. The ancient folk songs played masterfully on a red violin by a member of a supposed dead clan, sparking new hope in a city all but demolished and demoralized. This was not something from district IV this was a memento of England. Something that pulsed through its streams and green trees, when the land was alive with mysticism and magics and the natives ran swiftly with light hearts. The world now has now seen enough, perhaps it is time to listen again.
    Her long hair flowed down her shoulders and down her back. Her dress tattered and torn creating a slit on the side exposing her left leg, her feet bare and chalky with ashes and her sleeves ragged and in ribbons but still she played, she played for them with no hope. She stood as a beacon of hope and defiance for her people from IV, for England.

    Her name was Selene Wildfire last descendant of an ancient clan of nature worshiping mystics who used music to tame the wild beasts, grow the plants into rich crops, heal the sick, and much more. Now the ancient magic is alive again through her and perhaps without better timing as the world is coming apart at the seams. "I am not your savior. But if I could I'd make you remember what the sunrise was like over the ocean on a clear day. Those times when you told yourself tomorrow will come, and so will the sun to chase away the darkness." She'd say to those who came to her or the children that clung to the edges of her skirt. No she is no saint, she is human, that race considered wrenched to so many and beautiful to others.

    When asked to take up the task by the council, she was reluctant, she would rather be with her suffering people and soothing their sadness with hope, and their apathy with compulsion. But perhaps this group of heros do not need more muscle, but a little nudge for better moral. (And who knows, her mind manipulating spells might come in handy, if not every good horror with heros could also use the distress in a damsel..or wait..uhh got that wrong anyway hope this character is fitting.)
  3. Phoenix walked through the ruined streets, his footsteps echoing through the city. He remembered when Division IV was England and people were actually happy. Well happier then they are now. They were so absorbed in theirselves that they didnt care much about anything else. At the time, they all prayed for the future but nowadays, they only prayed for restoration and peace. They wanted to go back theough time and stop World War III from happening. He let out a sigh.

    Suddenly, he heard the sound of a violin. It was beautiful yet it sounded.... Sad? It made him remember England. He followed the sound of the violin, curiously. He finally stopped to stare at the beautiful women who played so delicately on the violin. He closed his eyes. The sound was so familiar to him yet he couldnt put a finger on it. He breathed in.
  4. A note was skipped and the song ended shorter then it should have. The cause of it was her emerald eyes were tearing up and the emotions stressing at her from her own sound were making her loose her composure. "But don't stop, play another one." She heard some of the children say to her and noticed some more faces beginning to appear as she drew their attention like cold hands to a fire. Fire..warm and gentle tongues of flame came to her mind and made her smile softly while thinking back to a time when people might gather around one and join hands for celebration.

    "Wait..I know hold on." She replied to them and took a moment to dry her eyes and fix her hair so it doesn't obstruct her face. When she lifted the bow to the bridge she rubbed it lightly to give out a few stray tones while tightening knobs on the scroll. Fire and folk tales of old dances taking place deep in the woods gave her the sudden inspiration for a new song. Suddenly her arms and fingers came to life as bow bounced and danced along the strings, her vibrato hand a fury of movement and her feet began to flow with it. She commanded it while letting it govern her. The light hearted tune brought a smile to her lips as she danced with it. It was fast, up beat, and soon had the others doing the same though awkwardly since it's been long since anyone had danced and for the time being it seemed as though there was no war, no monsters or killers, and no poverty. Selene herself allowed herself to become lost in it, and danced in and out among them.

    As she came through the small audience she leapt up right beside pheonix, and with a smile looked right at him. Her feet moved her in a short circle around him, trying to tell him without words to join in and come dance with her. Her arms were busy providing music but her legs still bounced her around and yet didn't skip one beat or scratch up one note.
  5. Phoenix watched the scene unfold before him. It had been a long time since he saw smiling faces. Its been a while since he had seen people dancing around like the war was nonexistant. When the young girl approached him, he snickered in pure amusement. He said "why would I dance when watching you is so much more fun?" He ran a hand through his bright red hair that proved his heritage. He was the son of Lilith, the goddess of night. He was her only son and yet she was so willing to abandon him. He hated her. He vowed to end her life once and for all, even if it meant traversing the depths of Hell himself. While these people were dancing around and laughing, the end of the world was coming. They were so oblivious. In a way, it disgusted him. He was the son of man and the son of darkness but he didnt come with no tricks up his sleeve. He smirked as he stared at a little boy, influencing his emotion. He smirked in amusement, letting his dark thoughts take over. The boy hit his sister and soon people were all attacking each other. He hated their happiness. This was war. He let the civilians fight as he walked away. He refused to let their happiness influence him.
  6. Out of the chaos and violence the soloist managed to slip away as she had for so many years. She felt a pang of guilt and loss for having to abandon them but there comes a time when one must consider their own survival first. Running with one hand grasping the instrument and the other scooping up its metal rectangular case she's make her escape through an alley way. There having found her breath again would put away her precious violin. Something was not right, those people did not feel as though they were in control, something strong and evil had come over them and it made her shiver to think it had even began to encrouch on herself. What was that? and why did the man with the red hair give her such an eerie feeling? Did she really just come face to face with that which tore her home apart? Questions that perhaps would have to be answered latter. For now her mind was finding a safe refuge from the eruption of violence.

    Meeerrow! An angry and scruffy old cat gave her an unpleasant greeting as she nearly stepped on him when entering an abandoned hotel that she used as her safe zone. Didn't particularly care for this animal, cats in these days were not pets like they once were, they ate scraps, rats, and sometimes even corpse remains. She kicked a rock at him which resulted a growl before retreating through a hole in the wall. "Uhh. I'll cook you one day." She muttered to herself and almost meant it. Cat soup would be so much better now then moldy bread or old freeze dried packets that rarely could be found. Her stomach growled and she groaned having the strange craving for carrots. She laid on an old deteriorating mattress on the floor. It was in the corner close to the door and a window that had a pile of rubble outside she could climb down to the first floor should she ever have an unwanted visitor. "Always consider escape." Was a short but sweet motto she went by and it served her well in these harsh times. The council came to her mind. What would she say to them? what would they think of her? and...should she even go? Because it didn't seem a very appealing offer to help their tyrannical bureaucratic order. Her mind wen't to the little boy who was plowing his fist into his sisters head and slowly combed a set of calised fingers through her hair. No, she would not be doing this for a government, not for a section of land or a district. She'd be doing it for those still alive. "For them..I hope." She'd say to herself. "Am so tired." She spoke to the empty side of the bed as if someone might be there. It helped to talk to herself, especially when no one was listening to create an awkward moment. She fell asleep on her side, the hunger went away as it always did, but her dreams were not pleasant.
  7. Phoenix was walking down the street when he was jumped by a group of filthy children. He stared at the group blankly. They threw punches and kicks at him but he easily dodged. "Is that the best you've got kids? I don't know why you even jumped me. I don't have any food or shelter." One of the kids tried to spin kick him but he grabbed his leg and slammed the kid to the ground. One of the kid shouted "you bastard... of course you have food, aristocrat!" Phoenix raised an eyebrow at the kids and started to laugh in amusement. "Aristocrat? No. I'm just like you. No home. No food. I just know how to care of myself and I also know how to steal money from this people you call aristocrats." He smirked as he kicked a kid to the ground and easily snapped his arm. The kid screamed in agony and before the kids could fight back, Phoenix was gone.

    Phoenix had managed to get out of that scuffle but he knew they would most likely hunt him down for what he did. He rolled his eyes in annoyance. It was then that he saw an abandoned hotel and he let out a loud yawn. He walked through the abandoned hotel, looking around. What was this place? Why hasn't he found this place before? He could easily sleep here. He then stepped on something. He looked down and when he saw the strange girl from before, he let out a yell and fell backwards, hitting his head against the wall. He rubbed the back of his head but then glanced at her and poked her curiously. He sighed. "She's alive." He ran a hand through his hair. It was then that he saw something chained to the wall of the second floor, hidden from view. He jumped up upon some of the rubble to get a closer look and screamed when he saw it was a naked women who was cut open, her innards removed. He looked around. He flicked a pebble at the girl to get her attention.
  8. At first she'd thought all this screaming and rushing around he was doing was part of her dream. She'd been so tired she hadn't woken up the first time he began yelling. It wasn't until the pebble bounced off her face just above her eyebrow that her eyes blinked open. Something was going on, it wasn't right, there was an intruder! She sat up quickly in the bed with her back to the wall and gazed up with wide surprised eyes. Surprised he had gotten in and up so close without her knowing. She felt a wave of defenselessness at the sight of him and didn't even have a weapon to use. It took some doing but she managed to calm her breathing but couldn't take her eyes off her visitor. "who are you? what do you want?..and what are you looking at?" The last question almost came out in a comical way, it didn't seem to fit but she couldn't help wonder why he was gawking at something just out of her line of sight. She still felt glued to the bed, like if she stood up or moved too suddenly he might do something to her. People in today were always so unpredictable you never knew.

    Her eyes blinked a few times as her mind began to register his face, and that hair. Red hair like the man she saw in the broken down town square. The one she tried to coax into dancing with her but refused so she let him be. The one that showed up and then..that happened. She had a bad feeling about him, like something dark lurked behind his face, an evil intent, anger, and malice. He almost put shivers down her spine to see him now standing there, in a place she thought was safe. "I don't have much...but if you don't hurt can have my food." She said, hoping that there might possibly be some reasoning with her guest or at least a means to stall him. at the same time she leaned to one side to get a better view of what he was looking at and when she did she screamed and stood up backing away. She didn't care if the whole town heard it, the sight was just gruesome and horrifying. That was outside her walls?! and for how long?! "Oh god.." She managed to utter as a tear rolled down her cheek. Not from sadness, the kind of tears that only gripping fear can squeeze out.
  9. Phoenix chuckled at her response but then he studied her face for the first time. He gave her a hard look as he studied every feature. He studied her long black hair that seem to shimmer in the moonlight, her gentle hands compared to his calloused ones, and even her bosom. She was absolutely stunning, especially in the lighting. He watched her carefully, like a cat stalking its prey. He then backed away and gave her a simple shrug. "Yeah. I found her. I've seen other bodies like this but none this close. Its remarkable isn't it?" He snickered. "Not even my mother could kill a women in such a way and yet... she's so beautiful." He touched the women's cheek, smiling at her with a hint of sadness in his eyes. He let the sadness, pain, misery, and hurt flood through her. "She's like an angel that has come to save us from this hell." He then pulled away, shutting away his emotions so tightly no one could pry inside. No one would know how much pain he felt each day he woke up. No one would understand. He pulled a strand of hair behind his ear before saying "come on, lets get out of here before the cops show up. I really don't want to speak to them." He shook his head in disapproval. "Plus you know how cops are these days. They just assume the person on the scene of the crime is the killer. Case closed." He hopped off the piles of rubble and asked "shall we?"
  10. Stood there shocked at his reaction to such a thing. A life ended in such a horrible way and then put on display to be viewed for the terror of others. As his hand touched her face she'd stare at him feeling a mix of his emotions trying to seep in. They were strength sapping and cold almost like him, yet he felt so..alone. For a moment she considered escape from both him and the building. But after feeling it couldn't help but feel like he was a victim of something also..not of the war, not of fear, something else haunting him and making him as mad as he is. She could kick herself for feeling this way. Why did she have to feel empathy for even the most insane and wicked? Maybe she was insane like that too. Wiping away the tears that fell from her eyes would begin to collect her case and pull the strap over her shoulder so it rested on her back and was about to follow him when "merrooww" She nearly jumped from the sound. That damn cat had come back and seemed like it was trying to inquire if she was leaving or something. "No..fine." After a sigh would pick up the stupid thing and hold it so it font paws were over her shoulder. It almost annoyed her to hear it purr. Perhaps it actually did rely on her somewhat but how she didn't know until now.

    "I don't know where you get your delusions but that defiled body is not a work of art. I know another place, you can share shelter with me, just please no more gross poetry." would say to him with a hint of annoyance in her voice. Already rattled her temper was starting to heat up as a reaction to being scared senceless. Before climbing down the pile of rubble would take one morbidly curious glance back at the corpse hanging by the wall and shiver. "Lets just go.."
  11. "This is why I don't like humans," he said to her. "They only see what's in front of them. They don't see the bigger picture." He let out a light sigh. He stopped and said "you should look at a different perspective. The perspective of a killer. Why would he put a women up on display like that if not for worship. He degrades them in such ways; forcing himself upon them before cutting them open and taking out their organs one by one. If the organs aren't in her body, then where are they?" He smirked as he looked at her. "the organs are never found. He eats them. Such cannibalism unless... the man isn't a man at all." He ran a hand through his bright red hair. "The fact that my humanity is still in tact means I could never dissect a human like that." He started walking again, remaining silent. He had so much on his mind. He ran a hand through his hair. He walked ahead of her keeping to himself. He wondered what kind of girl she was but then he realized he didn't care enough to find out. They only reason why he was with her was because of the body. He then asked "how many hide outs do you have?" He looked at her curiously.
  12. "Yes, I see your point. So the killer wants to be worshiped, he likes to be center stage, and have all the attention. He wants the world to marvel at his art. But you also have to look at it from the victims view too. That woman, she could have been a wife, a mother, sister, aunt, someone important to someone else. Years of love ruined because one selfish man wanted glory." Her voice darkens now as she walks with her head down. Her hair hangs over her face and makes a shadow over her eyes making them look dark, ghostly and sunken in as she trails only a few paces behind him. "Believe me when I say this...I hold my humanity dear like many others but you don't ever want to see me loose it." The air becomes heavier with her voice, the sound having some eerie affect to it. Perhaps her emotions were just that strong? or..was it a warning of some sort of witchcraft? Either way it didn't last more then a second. she sighed and allowed the silence to occupy the space between them and just focused now on keeping up.

    When he speaks up again she was deep in thought thinking about the next hide out, and wondering about something grim. Was wondering how long that body was there and why hadn't she smelled it? Also, did whoever put it there know she was inside? Or was that body left there for her to find? The idea of being watched made her feel cold and a shiver went down her spine. "what? how many? uhh wow geeze I gotta have at least twelve or so scattered around the district. I move around a lot sometimes I stay with people and alone much of the time too. My family is already gone."
  13. Rivrin sat on the edge of an old church steeple, her white wings spred out resting lazily at her sides and pooled around her legs which she was sitting slightly on with them to her right, her eyes scanning the old busy streets below she blew out a breath and agitated her hair in front of her face. She was watching for any suspicious activity, she had heard of the brutal murders and she looked to put an end to the unnecessary killings, life was already tough enough.
  14. "Better than my family," Phoenix snickered. He looked up at the sky and said "my mother hated me the moment I was born so she left me here in the human realm." He rolled his eyes. He then looked up at the roof top and stopped at the sight of a beautiful angel women watching the streets down below. He shook his head and looked at the girl walking with him. "Being half human has its advantages." He smirked before running off. "Race ya to safety." He laughed, pulling some hair behind his ear. He was like a child but what did he have to lose? He shrugged. He ran down an alley before making an abrupt turn. He finally stopped to wait for her to catch up but it was then that he was jumped by a group of street kids. He tried to fight against them but couldn't without killing them. He hated killing. He wasn't like mother Lilith. He wasn't cold and hateful like that witch. He was still human. Still capable of good. Suddenly, her voice rang through his ears. Your my son, now kill!!! He shook his head. He wouldn't kill regular humans like them. They still had so much good in them and they could achieve so much. He felt his mother's disappointment and he frowned. "Damn it," he muttered.
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