The Darkness Within Them(The Gates of Maron)

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  1. The walls of the most dangerous prison have been breached and now dangerous demons run amok in Charris, a world of magic users, demons and swordsmen. This prison had been sealed for the past one-thousand and three-hundred years but those locked inside were put there for the mere concept of them being demons. There are Shylian's, the common people that are in deep chaos and fear caused by the outbreak and there are the Veroth's that are supposed to be demonic creatures. And now that this catastrophe has occurred, demons like vampires and lycanthrope, sirens and cyclops, golems and witches, Fenrir and so many more roam this land. The only thing standing in their way of escaping successfully is the hunters that devote their life to catching them.

    But now that there are more around than ever, the hunters must be careful and do whatever it takes to return the demons to the prison. They must capture all of the escapees and return them to where they belong. And hopefully the Gates of Maron won't be open for long.

    You can be a Veroth, a hunter or a plain old Shylian.

    Veroth: Probably not going to be too happy about being in the prison and will not be too kind to the people outside of the prison, especially the hunters since they are the ones who put them there.

    Hunter: If you are a hunter you might be a very strong capable person that has been doing this sort of thing since you were a child but some other's might be very inexperienced and were hired on short notice due to the outbreak.

    Shylian: These people are in fear and chaos so they will be doing whatever they can to take away the stress whether that be drinking or doing self training, or just hiding in your home and hoping for the best.

    You are not required to follow everything said in the three descriptions they were just guides in case you wanted help. Also, try not to make an over abundance of one type of thing, its good to at least have more than one hunter or more than one veroth. Shylians are there just in case they fit your fancy. Veroths can be hunters but they are hated more than anything.

    Mildriana (open)
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    Type of Creature:Witch
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    So yeah, if everyone could make a basic chara sheet.
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  2. Mildriana took graceful steps through the forest as she searched for a place of shelter. Whilst most of the creatures caged in that awful prison made a heavy effort to leave and rush out, Mildriana stayed in her cell and waited. Once the crowd was gone she walked out, killing whoever tried to stop her. She was very happy to be free but that made no difference to her calm nature. She needed to find a large tree branch that she could turn into a staff and a veroth that she could steal it's magic from. Without a staff she only had hand magic which wasn't nearly as powerful... After a long while of walking, she found a large tree and she crushed a suitable branch and fixing it into a staff like shape. She took it into her hands and continued walking, using it as a walking stick for the time being.

    Soon enough she came across what she was looking for, a veroth. He looked weak but she felt power emanating from his skin as he lay sleeping beside an oak tree. She sat beside him and rested her hand on his cheek before leaning in to his face. Her lips were an inch from his and soon enough all of his power... His soul... Emerged from his mouth. It appeared as a bluish mist, licking at her lips as she took his power into her. She did that for a long while, and he only awoke about halfway through but this would feel euphoric and by now, he would be too weak to stop her. Once she finished up she pulled up and grinned, "Mmm... That feels refreshing..." With a dark stare at the lifeless Veroth befor e her she sighed... "Quite sorry I had to do that Sweetie but revenge comes at a cost. We live in a world where the strong triumph over the weak... Guess I was the strong in this scenario. Now all I need is a stone to transfer your magic power into, goodbye fellow Veroth. And don't worry, once I'm finished with the transfer you will return, but then again you will just be a staff... Isn't that interesting a talking staff... My last staff was made from a shape shifter... Wonder what you are..." With that final comment she left him and went on her way.

    Before she knew it, morning had come and she could hear birds chirping. God the sounds of birds had been abstract for the longest time. She came across a large boulder and Mildriana grinned before approaching the solid two tons of rock in front of her. She pressed her palms to the cold rock and began chanting softly until all of the veroths soul entered it. She stepped back and watched as it shrunk down into a glowing gem the size of her head. She lifted it from the ground using both hands and dropped it next to her staff. She made another chant and the gem connected to the staff.

    Mildriana's Staff(Tareth) (open)
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