The Darkness to Become

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  1. This Rp is going to be a Sci- Fi/ Fantasy and possibly a hint of mature portions(@ the discretion of players)
    • I will allow God modding/meta gaming but it will be limited to three characters and nothing to powerful.
    • i'm up for global, 1x1
    • The RP is an open sanbox style so jump ins are welcome.
    • players may create their own race and planet as well as their own caracters but must give a strong description of the planet/race/character and what they can do, players can feel free to use the races native language so long as a "translation" is provided.
    • Players may write as long as they wish so long as others are able to jump in on their turns.

    Other than that the rules are pretty
    and normal

    The Darkness to Become

    Intelligent races have managed to find a way to travel amongst the stars instantaneously and have come upon a planet inhabited by beings straight from mythology and one of them is threatening to destroy the universe. Players have a choice stop them or join them and rule the chaotic utopia as a god; however; things aren't as they seem when the gods themselves join in, granting few "immortality" so long as they find the well of prayers. Will the player fight for all the life of universe and their right to live or will they destroy any who get in their way?

    • Planet: Versalis- Inhabited by mythological beings and multiple dimensions
    • Antagonist: Deregvild Darkfur/ Snarekill Shadow-Crucher/ Void Father Patun- Ultimate evil who in habits all planes of existence, home plane is the void.
    • Vanilla Races: Apis Mellifera- Bee humanoids who have evolved on Earth and other planets; Chiropterans- Highly intelligent, telepathic bat-like beings;
      Dragonlings- People cursed with the ability to shift between man and half dragon forms, both dangerous and unpredictable, dragonlings are able to connect with dragons on a higher level than dragon riders; Implings- A small irritating race of demons smaller than imps; Ratlings- similar to implings however with certain magic can be changed into giant destructive beings but can be conversed with otherwise
    • Player Races: to be posted at Players Discretion
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  2. This sounds interesting mind if I join in on the fun?
  3. yeah mostly trying to work out any and all kinks, so i guess you can start with character and so on
  4. Alrighty, I'll have to think of a character though, I'll probably create my own race/ planet
  5. that's alright take your time and post when you're ready
  6. Species: Creets

    Home-World: Yalcis

    Home-world Description: Yalcis is a jungle planet, in a huge solar system filled with thirteen other planets. It is about 2.6 times bigger than Earth and its gravity is about 0.26 times that of Earth. A single day lasts 23.86 hours and a year lasts 459 days. The planet is made up of 1 continent, which make up 82% of the planet's land mass. 2 moons orbit the planet and Yalcis itself orbits a white sun in a fairly circular orbit.

    The plant-like organisms on this planet are mostly consist of large fungi and trees, with a few dozen flower species, but there are some species of shrubs and bushes as well. The trees, shrubs and bushes are fairly similar to what you'd find on Earth in the jungles, but the fungi are completely different. Most of them are huge and colorful. Despite their obvious differences, the fungi tend to mimic the overall shape of trees. Some even have branch-like tentacle growths, but with tiny hairs instead of leaves. The fungi that are smaller litter the ground underneath the trees, flowers and other large fungi. The flowers are huge as well, all though most of them are harmless there are a few that are carnivorous A few mountain or cliff like structures appear on the planet too.

    While most organisms don't have to fear being completely destroyed when eaten by animals, some have made sure they will survive either way. Some will prevent being eaten by tasting horrible, by growing thorns or by being poisonous. But there are a handful of species who, in a way, need to be eaten. When an animal has eaten these species, they will release the seeds around the eaten area, which are either swept away with the wind or get stuck on the animal to be taken away and thus ensure the species can continue to grow in other areas.

    If it weren't for the few dozen aquatic plants, the waters of this planet would be nearly lifeless. However, the few plant species that do exist have conquered every part covered in water. Many of them are highly specialized in surviving a specific depth, which gives every depth its own unique eco-system and all the beauty that comes with it.

    This planet has an abundance of life in all shapes and sizes. Birds, reptiles, insects, fish, mammals, you name it. The most intelligent species on this planet is called Creets- a highly intelligent race of bipedal humanoid insects.

    An example of part of the planet:
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    Species Description: Creets are a highly intelligent race of bipedal humanoid insects. And they are the dominant species on their planet. They do not speak normally to one another, they talk telepathic to one another and have psychic abilities. But once they hear the language of another race, they can speak it very well. They have no wings, but can levitate in the air. They have two legs and two arms. They live in hives or colonies with a council as the center of their government. There are three variations of this species. Depending on the variation, they either have four eyes or two. Each variation has a tail, but only two of the variations have entenai. Their skin is smooth, thick and strong. It's covered in strong scales. Their scale colors are mostly silver and grey But sometimes can be white. Which tend to become darker as they age.

    One variation's scales have grown spikes, while the other two's remain smooth. As well as the ends of their tails. Another variation has developed small tentacles that protrude out of their legs and arms. Their tails are made up of the same tentacles as well. While the last developed an extra casing over their hands with holds one long spike. Their toes have claws on them as well and their tail has developed to be whip like. There are two spikes, one on the back of each leg that protrudes upward as well.

    Male and female of this species looks exactly the same except females are a lot bigger than males, just like a lot of insect species on earth. They are about a size or two bigger. And females are usually more caring the males. And females are usually more caring the males. Male roles are usually the warriors, the hunters and the gathers, since they are tribal like. Female roles are taking care of the young.

    An example of what Creets look like:
    Show Spoiler
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  7. Aside from mispellings here and there and one repeated sentence they sound awesome, i've got a few questions since you've piqued my interest if you don't mind
  8. Oops sorry about the misspellings xD I thought I fixed them. xD And sure go a head. I'll fix the mis spellings.
  9. no need to fix them so long as i get what you're saying
    1. the fungi plants they sound similar to dandelions where did you get the idea?
    2. The tentacles on the fungi do those actually grab things or are they to represent limbs on such an alien planet?
    3. and your Creets what were your inspirations for them?
  10. Well dandelions as well as some research was my inspiration for the description of the fungi, since I can see a lot of things out my window and thought I should look up some plant species. Which gave me a lot of inspiration. Most of the time the just represent limbs, but there are some carnivorous fungi which the limbs have a sticky residue on the hairs, which catches a prey item, like birds and other flying creatures. And well the Creets, they were a combination of ideas that I had brainstormed together.
  11. awesome they[Creets] sound a tiny bit like dragonflies, but none of those are a problem just curiosity, shall we start and hope others jump in or shall we wait and see if others join up?
  12. Could we wait and see and if not start possibly tomorrow? Because I have to go now.
  13. alright i shall see you tomorrow
  14. Care if I join in? Or will you be limiting this to 1x1?
    If I may, I can start a CS right now. I've already got something in mind.
  15. as posted above if i can it'll be global/ group and jump ins are welcome so feel free to post
  16. Species: Azeliehv (Aze-lee-ev)

    Homeworld: Qe'apeu (Ke-op-u)

    Homeworld description: Qu'apeu, an unusually small planet in the Alpha Centauri system, initially thought to have no habital planets around the small red dwarf sun known as Proxima Centauri. These are the recorded names by other races which have discovered the few inhabitants of the planet Qe'apeu. A low oxygen planet with high amounts of methane and argon in the atmosphere, plus a high number of other gases present. No ships have ever made a landing on this small planet considering a high amount of radioactivity on the planets surface which the local populace and its unusual wildlife have adapted and evolved with over many millennium. The ground a dark shade of purple and its active plant-life ranging from small blue strands of material similar to grass covering the planet to large, tree like protrusions across the planet. The animal life just as varied, many creatures having vivid hides of cool colors and various sizes, save for a handful herbivore like creatures which resembled a praying mantis with leathery skin and no arms but grew to be nearly forty feet in height.
    Though no bodies of liquid covered the planet, it was a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and methane, leaving the bodies of water even more toxic to foreign races and clouds that would normally devour most space ship hulls. Few creatures live in the water, only a high amount of carnivorous, cannibalistic and very bad tempered fish which is estimated to be over 10 billion. These creatures behave as feral rats would, but they creature manages to continuously breed and survive. The only other organism which thrives in these waters is an unnamed serpent like species that have developed a symbiotic relationship with the cannibal fish. A buildup of concentrated methane based algae forms on the creatures thick skin, in which the a-sexual fish plants its eggs, in turn the serpent creature seems to act as a governing force among the creatures, never attacked but the serpent may feed on any whenever it desires.

    Species description: The Azeliehv are not so much a creature, but an anomaly which formed after a satellite from a long lost species crashed onto the planet. Its body has a dark blue tint with splotches of dark purples, greens and sometimes red within the creatures translucent mesh like body. Most have taken the form of a bipedal being roughly seven feet in height, long and lanky limbs and a long neck leading to the silhouette of something which resembles a head. Around the satellite many of these anomalous creatures gather, listening to the bank of data which had been stored within as if it were natural to the Azeliehv. It was after first contact, they were believed to be ghosts of a dead planet after many star faring species detected radiation and other deadly poisons on the planet. But when the first ship appeared in the high skies of Qu'apeu, the Azeliehv, seemingly unbound by gravity, drifted up toward the ship to observe the data, information and living beings aboard.
    It wasn't until after three-hundred plus years after first contact that other species began attempting to hail the planet, some believing this may actually be an intelligent species. The more the Azeliehv were in contact with other species, the more they were able to comprehend their ways. Some were able to mimic the way other species communicated through a series of trials and errors. Though to many, they start sounding like a series of clicks and wails, but eventually begin forming words they to may understand. They began calling themselves Azeliehv.
    Many of the Aeliehv alive now are the original which took form just over four hundred years ago. Though many more have appeared, its estimated there are no more than eight-hundred thousand on the entire planet.
    During recent years as other species have observed the Azeliehv, it has been found that they do have a life expectancy. The "death" of one has been reported before, but the figure simply became misshapen for a time and morphed into a bipedal form again. However, features would change such as present colors, height and other factors. It has been in what is known as the 'second generation' of Azeliehv, that an obvious evolution has taken place in this lightly radioactive creature. They speak other languages more clearly, depending on what the previous generation had experienced, it seems to effect the physical and mental aspects of the second generation as well. Even the Azeliehv who have been examined by other races do not fully comprehend the transition. Though it is after this "death and rebirth" each one goes into a comatose like state for a matter of hours to days, in some cases, never awakening but the energy of the Azeliehv still functioning. They are left where they sleep on the world, for the creature has not created any real infrastructure due to a lack in need for it. Many seem to feed off the radioactive methane-water draw small amounts of energy from living creatures around them.

    EDIT: I may go back over this shortly to fix punctuation's and such.
  17. from what i read which was most of the planet description it sounds like a place i'd like to visit
  18. Thank you.
    I almost don't want to admit it, but I'm basing some of the characteristics of the planet and its inhabitants off of a game of Spore I played some time back.
  19. the Azeliehv sound somewhat similar to amoeba no one's ideas are bad i'm just stating what sound like similarities again not a bad thing
  20. that isn't a bad thing either it was your idea to create it that way in spore so it's your idea still
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