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    Taking an oath with a demon is a binding deal. You cannot break that deal, even in death. For some reason, whether it is to win over the girl, gain wealth, glory, fame, or to cure sickness, you have made a pact with The Darkness itself. These are the Damned, and can never seek their previous life again, cursed to serve under the rule of The Darkness. Slowly, they turn into those creatures that go ‘bump’ in the night; though what you turn into depends on what kind of deal you struck, as there are eight:
    -The Fallen
    Soon after the pieces are in place, and there is one for every one of these curses, the battle for Earth begins. Bringing on carnage and death onto the world, some of their souls slowly begin to bend to the evil that now possess the world itself. But some are able to resist the temptations of the darkness, the call that their masters are ignored with great pain. In a devastated world already brought down by the first wave of The Darkness, the survivors walk the world after escaping, seeking human survivors. Their mission; bring back their humanity, break the chains, and fight. To simply survive is to accomplish a great feat; to defeat The Darkness is a goal that seems so far. But they face fighting off hordes of demons and other nasty creatures of the night, and each other. In a world filled with so much dark thoughts, ill wills and cruel thoughts, finding the light might be their only hope in warding off the shadows that threaten to ruin them.Two sides of evil are set up against one another, one side fighting the moral-less. The armada is set out after the escaped Damned, setting the table for the greatest battle this dimension has ever seen.


    The Damned
    These are former humans that have given an oath to The darkness for some reason or another. They are souls that have been given the black mark, and will forever live out their lives as outcasts to the afterlife. Once you have become one of the Damned, you are forever one.

    The Darkness
    This is a being that everyone has seen but not to their eyes. It is a simple feeling they get within them, and anybody who sees the raw being is erased from existence. The Darkness is the reason children are afraid of the dark, why humans fear the night. The Darkness is the Abyss, 'it' is your worst fears. The Darkness has the power to rule thousands, and the power to spread through the very souls of beings.

    The hunger for everything, greed wants everything in the world. Greed is that feeling you get when you can't get enough, and when you will do anything to get it...even if that means killing for it. They'll strike deals with mortals to gain what they want, but stealing from them will be the very last thing that you do.
    Demon Form (open)

    Wrath is that murderous anger. They will stop at absolutely nothing for vengeance, and they are a serious force to be reckoned with. It is that blind anger, and that that overtakes your life. So if you wrong this demon, they will come after you for it.
    Demon Form (open)

    This is the feeling that you get when you are too scared to do something, and you turn to do what is easiest. If anything, that who gets this curse is even more hated than Wrath, because they'd watch their friends die and do nothing about it. But beware; if you do anything to provoke them, they will reign down on you.
    Demon Form (open)


    They feel that they can do no wrong. Everything they do is perfect, and they can do anything better than anyone else. To down them and tell them that they are wrong, to belittle them, would be a mistake you might never make again. They are very happy with themselves.
    Demon Form (open)

    They are the beings that are high in the romance business, but unfortunately, they are also the beings responsible for obstructing their own relationships. They are narcissists, and love means nothing to them as much as physical contact does. They will trick you into doing whatever they want.
    Demon Form (open)


    They devour everything. From food to souls, they are always hungry, and will never stop their quest to continue to feast.
    Demon Form (open)


    Envy hates everyone for what they have or what they are. They will try to do everything within their power to foil anything good you have, and will always build themselves up to look bigger than they actually are. Envy hates being insulted, and will go on the attack.
    Demon Form (open)

    The Fallen
    These are the Damned souls that have given an oath to save another, or for some other reason like trying to find something better. They are nailed as any of the sins because it wasn't something they asked for directly, but have to pay the price anyways. And all the Seven Sins hate them.
    Form (open)
    [​IMG] (Can be an angel with BLACK wings)

    (Credit goes to the artists)


    1. No god modding. It is alright if you choose to be one of the seven Deadly Sins, but do not over do it for fucks sake. Nobody likes that guy/gal/other that can one up everybody out there; Pride may very well believe it but that is the character, not you.

    2. Abide by the Iwaku Rules; Lust can be flirty, but do not get filthy with them. Take all your shinatagins to the mature section.

    3. If I tell you no on a character, I mean it. Message me and I will tell you why that character can't be used, or why he/she/other needs to be tweeked up a bit.

    4. Two characters only, though you may be only one sin.
    5. To add to that, once that sin is claimed no more after that. 1 Wrath, 1 Greed, etc.

    6. Keep OOC here, I will report it in thread. Diana took a long time a while ago clearing all that up, she doesn't need to keep doing it.

    7. I reserve the right to kick you if you offend the rpers in this rp.

    8. No chatspeak please have mercy
    9. Romance can happen, but keep in mind that this is not a romance novel.
    10. I want you to use your creative mind in this roleplay. Feel free to throw in a few curve balls!
    11. You may add anything to Da Rules.

    Species that you can be

    Damned soul
    Dark Creatures

    Anything else that comes to mind feel free to bring up!

    CS Sheet (open)
    Sexual Orientation
    Previous Occupation
    Why are you Damned
    Role (Are you Fallen or Sin)
    Eye Colour
    5 Good traits
    5 Bad Traits



    The Fallen

  2. Can I play Wrath?

    (Do I need a Character Sheet for it?)
  3. Name: Urameshi Yuusuke
    Age: 259
    Gender/Sex: Male
    Sexual Orientation: both
    Race: Asian
    Kin: Dark Creature
    Previous Occupation: Warrior
    Why are you Damned: Saving my brothers
    Role (Are you Fallen or Sin): Servant of The Fallen himself
    Height: 1,71cm
    Weight: 32 Kg
    Eye Colour: Light Brown, with dark outlines
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    5 Good traits: -War Master: Through his life he has mastered the art of Kendo as well as most martial arts he has came across, and has trained his body to inhuman levels.
    -Vampire: as a vampire, he has a super velocity, super strenght, a mistyc magnetism, the ability to tell others to do what he wants and is extremely resilient.
    -Abyss Bending: He can channel and bend the energies of the abyss, what in fat gives him a smooth control over shadows and darkness.
    -Cattle: As humans are not so common, Yuusuke can't grant himself the liberty of running out of food, and he doesn't want to kill when feeding. AS things are, he has surrounded himself with a group of servants, friends and agents so he could feed at will, and so little tasks can be done by them. He has opened a big dojo-temple so they have a place and he can instruct them.
    5 Bad Traits -Ancestors: My ancestors speak to me through my blood, and i hear them as voices in my head that tell me what to do, what not to do, and they are always mad at me, so it makes me guilty.
    -Vampire's Curse: As a vampire, he needs to drink human blood, he can't resist sun light (this can be helped for a few moments using his abyss powers) and real faith can best him.
    -Enemies: As the war between mankind and the 8 sins unfold, Yuusuke has been the right hand of The Fallen. As a good vassal, he fights for him, and all other factions want him dead-er.
    -Oath-bound: He has taken The Fallen as his rightful liege and master, so he is it's right hand. As he is a samurai and upholds the 7 concepts of bushido, his lord and family are the more important things for him. In a word, he is bound to his brothers, his liege and bushido.
    -Someone to care about: He takes care of his brother and servants, so they're a weak spot.
    History: I'll make it appear throught the RP
  4. Accepted!

    And yes @ThatOnePasta
  5. I'll be making a CS later today, though can i be the darkness or no?
  6. No, sorry (the Darkness is kind of half the roleplay).

    You can be one of the sins though
  7. Ah okay, expected that but had to be sure ya know? ^^
  8. Oh yeah, have to always try ;)
  9. Reread everything as well and have 2 questions (sorry >.<).

    Is there just a single character for each sin or multiple?

    Generally what are the sins and do those characters know that their sins?
  10. when are we starting?
  11. Can I have Pride! I think I would be the best at that. The sins kin would be damn souls or the dark creatures?
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