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  1. Greetings everyone! I just got done playing Alan Wake, and while I hate the cliffhanger ending that happened, I really love the story and the game itself!

    I was hoping that I could maybe snag one or more people who might be interested in doing some RP's inside the Alan Wake universe, or more specifically, allow me to RP as Alan getting out of the Darkness... somehow. :D

    However, before I say anymore, I'd like to say a few things that need to be said (AKA boring rule stuff)

    I don't have an issue playing either gender, though I prefer to play as a male in a CanonxOC or CanonxCanon.

    ◊ I would prefer to work with a partner over the age of 18, as my mouth and among other things might make it a bit much for some younger people.

    ◊Grammar and spelling is a must. I'm not expecting top-tier writing, but I will not tolerate having to decipher posts. Simple things like capitalization, periods and other things are to be expected as well. I know that seems elitist, but I've had too many RP's die out really quickly because of terrible looking posts.

    ◊I only really RP through PM, but I can be convinced to RP in a thread as well.

    ◊I don't RP MxM, or Furries/Anthro.

    ◊I work, so posting speeds are varied due to my work schedule. If you're expecting a post a day, I'm sorry. D: I do try to reply almost every other day, though!

    ◊ You do NOT have to meet me in length! I write 3+ paragraph's constantly. All I ask is 2 paragraphs minimum.
    ◊ I am looking for Romance in this, so if you don't wanna do that... sorry. :C

    ◊ The original story might be changed to fit the RP, so AU stuff is welcome! Give me ideas!

    Alright, done with that. Now...


    Main Plot: Alan x OC or Alan x Alice, depending on what you wanna do.

    Five years have passed since the events of the game, and Alan is still a prisoner of the Darkness. However, something unexplained happens and Alan is set free, during which he washes up on shore where a yearly memorial was taking place where many of his fans and those of the town. Many are confused, but happy to have Alan alive and seemingly well.

    However, something else had been released once again with Alan, something latched on to the writers very being. Now with the Darkness once again reeking havoc in not only Bright Falls, but wherever Alan goes, Alan must figure out a new way in defeating the Darkness!*

    *This idea can be changed if you want something different and or tweaked. I don't mind!

    So... there you have it! PM me if you're interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.