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  1. So I was thinking a bit today and I kind of thought up an interesting world. Basically the world is suddenly thrust in to darkness. At first things didnt change much since electricity was still working but a few people went missing, everyone assumed they just got lost in the blackness. The next day they found bits. Monsters and horrifying creatures live in the new darkness, they seem to fear light but are very powerful and few humans have survived contact with them. Things continued like normal, the governments of the world started to give out luimina rods (better name pending :P) which used very little energy but produced enough light to keep someone alive but being experimental some are finicky so everyone also took other lights.

    So for a while life continued and people thought they would soon solve this world issue, but a certain group had other ideas. A major cult terrorist group bombed the major of the power plants in the US effectively killing millions and cutting the US off from the rest of the world. Few humans survived those who where lucky enough to get some light before the beasts came lived and started to figure out ways to survive.

    Anyways basically the monsters *are* not immortal they can be killed, but most of them are very fast and very deadly. Light seems to harm them as well but bullets can also solve your problems. Every once in a while though the world does lighten up a bit, allowing people to move freely but such times are rare and tend to only last a day or two.

    I just wanted to post this to check if anyone else liked the idea. Thanks for reading and have a good day :D
  2. I'm interested. I like the idea you have going. :D
  3. I am also interested.

    Are there a lot of variations of these monsters? As far as ones that may fly or swim?
  4. Sounds interesting. What happens if they come into direct contact with a light source? Does something happen that explains their fear of light?
  5. I'm interested too and would like to know more.
  6. Alright, let me explain a little better. First off most of the monsters will start to burn when exposed to light but to varying degrees.
    Very Light Sensitive: Basically this kind of monster will burn violently in light, their eyes cant handle even dim lights which causes them to have trouble seeing. They also cant see in to pretty much any kind of light. These tend to be the weaker monsters.
    Light Sensitive: This kind of monster is the average. They take a more powerful light to burn and their eyes can better handle higher light levels. They cant see in to average light levels meaning a character can use bright light to hide from monsters. This is most monsters
    Light Resistant: This monsters can resist anything thing but the brightest light. Their eyes are well adapted for light and can handle most lights and can see in to most lights but very bright lights will still harm them. These monsters actually prefer to hunt other weaker monsters and tend to be bigger then most monsters. These kinds of monsters are rare and tend to have few in a given area.
    Light Immune: Only the rarest of monsters are this. Through mutation or luck these monsters shrug off light just like a human. They will not burn nor be blinded by light, but they also combine the power of the monsters with few weaknesses. (Note its possible that they could have some sort of weakness still to light but its hard to pull off. For example a certain kind of monster might have a hide that completely resists light but its insides are still unprotected so if you where to feed it a flash grenade...) These monsters shouldnt be used lightly (haha) as they are both extremely rare and extremely likely to murder who ever they come across.

    A few other notes, humans can still see about 15 feet with little light (otherwise we would all be bumbling in the darkness) this range increases when you have more powerful light. Also for about a day or 2 each weak the world lights up a bit allowing for safer travel and less monsters but be careful not to be caught out in the darkness when it returns. Monsters *do* have to track you as well if somehow your outside without a light and cant see, it would take about an half hour for you to be found. Hiding inside of a building is also a smart idea, as most monsters have trouble with interiors. Monsters also are killable by other means for example bullets or lasers. Other then that there is a good variety of monsters. I'll post a few later but if you have one feel free to post it here.
  7. Hey Nick! Gonna throw down my interest over here I 'spose.

    Quick question though, what's the deal with civilization? Is the government still functioning and doing its job (though with the whole monster thing), or is it closer to a post-apocalyptic deal where there are independent settlements and we might also have to deal with looters and bandits or something?
  8. The majority of the government died through battling the cult and their troops combined with the sudden darkness from powerplants being bombed. Some military still exists but mostly in small groups that are just trying to survive like most people. Also the cultists are still around too trying to remove all light from the world they are *extremely* aggressive to anyone not in their group.
  9. I'd be interested :D
  10. I'm interested as well!! c:
  11. Hmm seeing as a good amount of people are showing interest I could probably devote some time to seriously come up with some details and a character sheet. I should have one up sometime over the weekend.
  12. Oooooooh, this sounds like a good survival horror idea, count me as very interested to see what comes of this!
  13. @Nickboom If you need help, dont hesitate to ask :D
  14. Yea I wont lie, I'm a bit of a bad writer so if someone wants to come up with a little bit of a plot and post it here I wont stop ya. (I got the character sheet and some of the early monsters under control)
  15. It'd be my pleasure! Any idea's you want me to base it off of or?
  16. Just put something together from the existing details and have it take place in new york if at all possible. (I'll mention if anything directly wont fit)
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